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"Come on Hinata, you have to do this! We've got to stick together." Ino said pulling at the arm of her reluctant teammate.

"Ino. If Hinata doesn't want to go, we can't force her." Came the reply of Sakura Haruno as she made sure she didn't have any wrinkles in her skirt.

"I…It's not that." Hinata Hyuga, ever the shy one, replied in an embarrassed sputter and blush as she looked at herself in the reflection of a nearby store window. "I…I'm just not sure about going out in such an outfit." The beauty said, eyeing the low-cut dress that Ino picked out for her. The neckline, if you could call it that, fell all the way to her belly button, showing off large breasts that usual sixteen-year-old girls don't have, as well as her flawless white flesh. Sakura was also showing off a lot of skin in her short skirt and tight top but wasn't embarrassed in the least.

"That's the whole point! We're Genin now; adults. We need to show off and have fun." Ino said twirling around and showing off her own dress. The fabric seeming to have been painted on for how it clung to her. It also seemed like the designer of the dress didn't have enough fabric to finish the dress as it ran barely below her hips, giving anyone a show of her panties if she wanted.

"Ha…Have any of you been to a club before?" She asked her friends. While Sakura shook her head, Ino smirked.

"A few times. I like to sneak in and dance from time to time." The platinum haired blonde revealed as they were now in front of the club. What she didn't tell her friend is the reason she picked this club. This club is the one the Hokage's twenty-one-year-old son usually frequents. How did she know this? Whenever she came by, she usually saw the handsome ninja. She had tried to 'accidentally' bump into him, but he was usually surrounded by women.

The three made it inside easily, the bouncer not even wanting to see their ID as they entered. Upon entering, they were hit by a wall of light and sound that would irritate anyone who wasn't used to it. Case in point Hinata and Sakura. "Damn Ino, it's so loud!" Sakura yelled, even though she wasn't completely sure her wild friend heard her.

"I know. It's great!" She was wrong as Ino easily replied with a bright smile on her lovely face, oblivious of her companion's discomfort. "I'm going to go dance. Why don't you two find us a booth and get some drinks?" Before she could reply, she was already moving through the sea of people.

Sakura's eyebrow twitched. She was thinking about turning around and leaving with the shy Hyuuga but decided not to. She wouldn't abandon Ino. Taking a breath, she decided to try and enjoy the fist night out as adults. Turning to her friend, she gave her a reassuring smile. using hand signs, she spoke to her.

The lights and sounds were getting too much for Hinata. Even though she looked like she wanted to leave, she wouldn't do that to her friends. Looked at her pink-haired friend she saw her signing something. "I'm going to get us something to drink. Do you want to come?" The beauty shook her head and went through her own hand signs, "I'm going to go find the bathroom and meet you later."

Giving the okay sign, Sakura made her way through the floor to the bar. Only problem…she realized the problem the second she got there. She had no clue what any kind were. What she saw had all kinds of strange names she's never seen before and she wouldn't just ask for something that might cause trouble. What's worse was how awkwardly she was standing without ordering anything.

"She'll have a Konoha Blast. It's graduation day after all." A saving voice said as a strong arm wrapped its self around her waist. Sakura spun in the man's arm, her right fist heading straight for his face. The hand never got there as the man quite easily blocked it with his palm. The dense chakra from her punch being absorbed into his skin seconds before her hit landed. Sakura was halfway through sending her knee into the man's testicles when she locked eyes with a pair of beautiful blue orbs that rested below bright spiky blond hair.

Realizing who it was, she instantly stopped her assault. "Uzumaki-dono! My apologies." She said in embarrassment at having attacked the prince of the village.

Naruto just chuckled a little. "No need. It was my fault for startling you." He waved it off with a genuine smile on his face. Sakura took note that his body language was while and his eyes twinkled with amusement and admiration as he looked at her. "I'm glad to know you can defend yourself, and that the Academy is still keeping up its standards." He complimented as the punch actually numbed his hand a little.

Naruto didn't move his arm from Sakura's waist and she wasn't about to ask him to. What were the chances she would run into the prince of Konoha? Everyone knew who the blonde hunk was.

Like his father, he had easily made a name for himself as a Ninja and for taking and claiming multiple enemy Kunoichi for his clan. Yet, the younger blonde never officially took a girlfriend or claim any woman as his betrothed, making him the target of every woman in their class and even older females.

"Well that's what happens when you change the graduation age to twelve to sixteen." She said in a snappy tone making Naruto's smile grow even wider. Naruto liked this girl. Her unique hair had been what had gotten his attention as he came down for a drink, but now even while being in his arms she wasn't afraid of assaulting him or smarting off. Except for the girls' rather lacking bust size, she reminded him a lot of his mother causing his dick to start to get hard.

He wasn't about to let this beautiful young lady out of his sights. "Can I help you find a table?" Naruto asked reaching behind her to get the glasses. He noticed that there were three of them meaning she came in with two more remembered the purple haired Hyuga who had went off towards the bathrooms in the back and the blond-haired Yamanaka who had quickly made her way to the dance floor.

If each of them was as awkward as this girl was, Naruto was afraid that someone could seriously trick and take advantage of them. That was what caused him to secretly produce two shadow clones and send them after the girls. His honest good nature and desire to protect showed. And totally not the idea of getting to fuck three hot young freshly minted genin.

As Naruto walked with Sakura over to the table he let his hand drop lower down onto her waist seeing just how far the girl would let him go. In response Sakura wrapped her arm around his waist and sending him a small smile. The warm aura surrounding him just made her want to be as close as possible to him.

As they talked, Sakura told him her full name. "So you're that Haruno, training under Mikoto-oba-san?" Naruto asked in honest amazement. He knew that his Aunt had taken on a student while he had been out on a mission and that it was the daughter of some traders. But he didn't know it was this smart, funny, and seriously attractive girl sitting beside him.

"The one and only." Sakura said in pride of being the student of such a powerful woman. She was also hoping that was something someone who was flirting would say. Ino and Hinata were totally forgotten as she sat hip to hip with Naruto in the booth, talking to him. Even though he was five years older than her and on the front page of every bingo book he didn't seem scary or frankly that different than any of the guys in her class.

She was just about to say something when she felt a pair of lips against hers. It was so sudden that her entire body froze. The lips pulled back and Naruto's smile turned into a worried frown as he looked at her. "Sakura are you ok? I apologize, I had thought you were wanting me to kiss you." He said, genuinely concerned as he truly thought the young woman was hoping for a kiss.

Sakura blushed and looked down at the table. "N…No it's not that. It's just that, well that was my first kiss." She said making Naruto smile and his cock ached. If that was her first kiss then there were a lot of other firsts she hadn't had yet. Firsts he wanted to be the one to give her. Naruto placed a hand on her cheek and moved her head to look at him.

"Then why don't we try again and this time I will warn you. Sakura Haruno I'm going to kiss you." This time Sakura was much more responsive to the kiss, and the next one, and the one after that and in a few minutes she was breathing heavy and was half in his lap as their tongues explored each others mouths. Naruto had more experience, so he led and dominated the kiss, leaving her more that wet. She didn't care if this was faster than she had ever thought of going with a guy, along with it being in a public place. She was sitting in the lap of the prince of Konoha who turned out to be smarter, funnier, and kinder than she ever would have imagined.

As she melted into another long kiss she jerked suddenly and let out a small eek as she felt something rubbing up against her through her panties. Looking down she saw Naruto's hand under her skirt, one finger gently brushing over the split of her lips though the fabric. "Naruto-Dono" She squeaked as his finger gently slid up the length of her slit. Her green eyes going around the room to see if anyone noticed what was going on. She was glad to see no one really looking at them.

"I'm going to give you another first, Sakura-chan" Naruto informed and refused to give her a chance to respond by smashing his lips to hers. She would have ended the kiss and asked what he meant if his hand hadn't suddenly cupped her barely covered pussy. Sakura squirmed in his lap as he played with her though the thin fabric. Her panties started to grow damp as he pressed inward against her lips. Slowly his fingers slid off and under her panties to glide over her wet core.

She tried to put up a front of not liking it, but it didn't last long. The prince too skilled. "Naruto-dono" Sakura cried though a moan as Naruto's fingers invaded her core. Sakura's eyes drooped down in lust as she started grinding herself against his hand as he touched her.

Ending the kiss, but still keeping their lips close together, a bridge of saliva connecting them, "Is this the first time anyone has touched you down there?" Naruto asked in a husky whisper. He took great joy and pride as the girls flushed face already gave him his answer. Sakura bit her lip to keep from moaning as Naruto's fingers probed and petting. The experienced ninja easily saw this and responded. "Don't hold back your moan Sakura-chan. I want to hear that pretty voice of yours while I make you cum. Go ahead, no one is paying any attention to us." His voice turned a little harder while his blue bored into her green. Seeing her conflict in her eyes, he decided to end that.

"Ahh, ahh! Naruto-dono please! It feels so good!" Her inner conflict was gone and moaned as Naruto thumbed over her clit while his fingers raked down the inside of her pussy. It felt so much better than it did when she touched herself. She began to rock herself against his hand feeling how wet it was. Naruto's fingers were making her whole body ache with the need to cum; her small nipples standing hard atop her petite breasts. She wanted Naruto touch them to. To run his hands over her entire body and devour her with his lips while his large cock made her his and his alone.

Naruto silenced another one of her moans with his lips and tongue before pulling back and looked at her large trusting eyes. "Cum for me my little cherry blossom." He demanded sliding another finger inside of her tight cunt and sent a small blast of chakra though her system to heighten her emotions.

That did it for the young woman. Sakura shook as she came from her orgasm. The waves of pleasure shooting out though her body, causing her to fall forward onto Naruto, moaning and sobbing like a cheap whore.

'S…So fucking good!' She had never felt that good when she made herself cum, nowhere near it. it took a lot for her to recover her breath. She purred softly when she felt Naruto's hand start to run through her hair, giving her time to get settled.

He smiled gently at the girl still reeling from the first orgasm induced from a male. "Did that make you feel good, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked once Sakura raised back up to look at him.

"Ye…yes, Naruto-dono" She said swallowing a bit, trying to return some moisture to her lips. Naruto smiled at her. Sakura blushed hotly when she noticed where her hand was. Her thumb was rubbing up against something hard and long, and without looking down she knew what it was.

Feeling a sudden wave of confidence course through her, Sakura put on a playful smile and slid her hand over to where it was resting gently on top of Naruto's pants. Naruto took in a loud breath as she ran her hand up and down the lap of his pants and stared at him with a playful smile. "Would you like me to make you feel good Naruto-dono?" She whispered.

Before Naruto could answer a Anbu wearing a cat mask appeared near the table making Sakura jump into Naruto's arms in surprise. Holding Sakura tightly he shot the Anbu an annoyed glance. "What do you need Cat?" He asked. The loving and playful voice he had earlier replaced by a strong demanding tone that showed his great power. One that made Sakura remember why he was front and center in every bingo book. It was also one that made her feel safe and secure enough to curl up tighter against him.

"Your father requires your presence in his office." The ANBU said, holding back the small flinch at being at the front of that tone. While Sakura couldn't see the face behind the mask she knew that the ANBU was looking back and forth between her and Naruto.

Naruto knew better to argue with the ANBU. Not only wouldn't they budge on anything, but if it was something that could wait, then his father would have just waited until he got home to talk to him. Looking down at the cute pink haired girl in his arms he smiled and gave her one final kiss. There weren't many pink-haired girls in the village, so it wouldn't be too hard to find her later. Besides, absence was supposed to make the heart grow fonder.

"Fine, fine. I will be there in a moment. Would you do me the favor of making sure Sakura-chan makes it back to her house ok?" He said turning to look at Sakura. "I really wish we could have finished talking." He said meaning both their actual talk and their little heavy petting session.

Instead of looking sad or hurt Sakura smiled at him and gave him a small peck on the lips. "Then I guess I will just owe you one Naruto-dono." While she of course wasn't happy at being interrupted she knew that she wasn't being dismissed off hand. When the Hokage sends an ANBU after you, your only choice was to go see him. Besides this would give her more time to rub it in to Ino that she got to meet the Hokage's son and more.

Giving one last smile, Naruto stood up from the table and allowed his orbs to follow the ANBU and Sakura outside before groaning and falling back into the seat. His grip on the table almost flipping it and spilling the drinks on his lap. His two shadow clones had found the other two girls before an ANBU found them. The memories alone were enough to send him back in his seat and make him have to take a few deep breaths before he was ready to go again.

"Damn it, Tou-san." He silently cursed his father and ladies who had left him blue balls. Naruto left the club, hoping it better be important.

~~Earlier: Shadow Clone Naruto & Hinata~~

Naruto walked around the perimeter of the club looking for the lavender haired girl he had seen with the pinkette and the blonde. While he hadn't seen much of her, he had saw enough to know that she was a Hyuuga and blessed with the Hyuuga genes. People talked about their Kekkei Genkai but he thought it was their figure that was the true secret of the clan.

Getting towards the back of the club Naruto decided to check out the bathrooms before heading back to the center and seeing if she had slipped by him some way. Usually he was a pretty good tracker but the lights and sounds of the club made it hard to find her. Looking around he didn't notice the door opening and someone walking out of the bathroom until he tripped over them, pushing them to the wall. He landed with his hands on either side of the person's head, trapping them against the wall as his body pressed against theirs.

A small eek made him look down and he smiled. He had found the Hyuga he had been looking for. But upon close inspection it wasn't just any Hyuga but Hiashi's oldest daughter. He saw her beautiful large moon like eyes staring up at him from behind a curtain of lavender hair. Her beautiful hair flowed down the delicate pale skin of her neck to rest atop the two large breasts that begged to be taken out of the dress and played with. The girl probably hadn't even had her last growth spurt and already she filled the dress out better than many models with her wide thick hips and hourglass figure.

Naruto had seen the girl watching him many times when he had been over at the Hyuuga estate on clan business with his father and mother. He had even done some watching himself, especially on times when the Hyuuga princess had been heading to from sparring practice or to her clan's hot springs. It was an occurrence that seemed to happen often enough that Naruto started to wonder if the shy young princess was really putting on a show for his benefit. Just staring at her now, how the small light enhanced her beauty, made him want to claim her right now. He held himself back though, barely.

A small and deceptively gentle hand reached for the collar of his shirt and pulled him further down the wall until both bodies were hidden by the shadows of the small corner. Naruto smirked at what the woman was doing and went along with it. The moon like eyes were now sparkling with a mischievous beauty as she looked up at him and cooed his name. "Hello Naruto-sama" Her voice was a quiet yet sweet whisper that carried over the noise and music of the club. For all the two of them, the whole club disappeared. All that mattered to them were each other and the small corner they were in. "I passed my genin exam." She said, as if that told him everything he needed to know. It did. Naruto smiled. Apparently, she had been putting on a show for him. Pretending to be a shy demure little princess while teasing him with glimpses of her alabaster skin.

"I'm glad Hinata-chan." Naruto said placing a palm on one soft pale cheek. "That means I can give you the present I've been holding onto for a while." Leaning down Naruto kissed her plump lips tasting the sweet balm she had put on hours earlier. Hinata cooed appreciatively as Naruto gently kissed her. It was everything she dreamed about and more. His strong body pushing hers further back into the corner, trapping her between him and the wall. Instead of being scared, all the heiress could feel was arousal for the prince of Konoha.

Breathlessly Hinata broke away from the kiss and looked up at the blonde haired jonin. His eyes were hazy with emotions as he leaned in to kiss her again, her lips, her nose, her cheeks, and then back to her lips leaving her breathless and content. Sighing in happiness she grabbed onto Naruto's hands and moved them to her chest.

"Now that I've passed the exams Naruto-sama," She began, looking at him with a rather seductive smile and gleam in those beautiful eyes of hers. "You can do more than looking." Hinata moaned happily as his big strong hands expertly handled her massive titties. Her melons were always sensitive so it made her leak a little of her love juice. It was also the first time a man had ever touched her. She had saved that right for the man before her. "I also know how much you liked seeing me walk around in my training clothes and watching my sister and I play with each other in the pool." Hinata revealed her rather slutty side. She was aware of his blue eyes following her whenever he spotted her and always flaunted herself for his pleasure.

Naruto was shocked. Apparently, the shy little princess had been hiding a more adventurous side that no one was aware of. With skilled fingers Naruto freed Hinata's breasts from the dress. Naruto stared appreciatively at the two soft orbs as he massaged them.

Hinata smiled at how much her body seemed to please Naruto. She had spent so long showing herself off for Naruto, hoping that the prince of Konoha would make her his. So many days spent training just to show off her lithe sweaty body in the training gear as he walked by, bending over a little bit more than necessary when pouring his tea and letting him gaze at her porcelain breasts, her and her sister laying on the edge of the pool touching, kissing, and playing with each other, knowing that their future lord was watching them. Hinata had usually touched himself, getting off whenever he spied on her. She had wished for him to just sneak up behind her and fuck her like the honey teenager she was.

And it all worked! Now she had him here and all thought of her seduction training vanished as his hands seemed to melt her breasts. Each finger sending rays of pleasure through her huge tits. Hinata let out a lewd moan as Naruto's tongue licked at her lips demanding entrance as he massaged her breasts. Naruto absolutely loved sucking on these wonderful breasts of Hinata. He had wanted to play with them for so long and now he had them, and her, under his control. The moan was cut off as his lips clamped over hers, his tongue dominating her mouth as he let go of her breasts and pulled her towards him. The Hyuuga's lips and mouth tasted wonderful as well as he explored every inch of her throat.

Hinata was in paradise as his lips moved down her neck and over the tops of her breasts. Naruto's tongue lashing out to play with the small pink, rock hard, nipple. Naruto was amazed at Hinata's breasts. True, they weren't the biggest he had ever seen, but there was just something to right about them in his hands. Something so sweet about the sounds Hinata made when as he touched and kissed them. Naruto was in love with the two large pale orbs that rested in his hands and with the cute moon eyed princess that they belonged to. If he had it his way, he would never leave these succulent orbs of flesh.

While he was playing with her, Naruto had thought this was out of character for the quiet demure princess who was always there to greet him with a shy smile and blush when he was at the Hyuuga clan compound. Thinking about it he found it strategically brilliant. Hinata had spent the last few years showing Naruto what a great hostess and wife she would be, spending time learning about him; his wants and fears while sharing her own to create a deeper bond between them before she made her move. And now this was her showing him that she could be his lover as well as his partner, though a little sooner than she was probably planning on.

"What a devious little princess you are." Naruto said brining his lips back up to hers as his hands went to her waist, softly moving his hands around that doughy flesh of ass meat. His blue eyes pierced hers, making it impossible for the moaning woman to end the stare off.

"I…I had a…an ever be…be…better plan for invi…inviting you over to celebrate ohh!" She cried out as his fingers started to tease travel down her exposed stomach. The feel of his fingers were causing her to drench the fabric. Her lips and tongue engaged in another dance with Naruto's as he held her tight against him. She felt herself building up to a large orgasm until she heard Naruto say something she had been waiting for, for so long.

"Cum for me Hinata." Naruto commanded in a dark quiet voice. That was it for the busty heiress. Hinata's body obeyed the order and had the greatest orgasm of her life. Her white orbs rolled to the back of her head as her juices squirted out and ran down her legs to poll into the floor. The world started to tilt and go dark for Hinata as she fell into Naruto's arms, her muscles replaced with jelly as she drifted off to sleep.

Naruto smiled at the sight of the girl cumming all over herself before passing out. Before he could try and wake her up he got a single from the real Naruto that they were being summoned to the Hokage's tower. in a rush of wind and lighting the clone was at the gates of the Hyuuga compound with Hinata cradled in his arms. In a matter of minutes, the clone of Naruto had gotten her to her room before laying her down on her mattress. With a soft smile the clone kissed her on the forehead before proofing out of existence.

~With Shadow Clone Naruto 2 & Ino~

The final shadow clone went after the beautiful blonde in the tight dress. She was much easier to find than the Hyuga and Haruno. Ino was in the center of the dance floor, or really the center was wherever she was. Ino was like the eye of a tornado as she danced, everyone rotating around her, watching as she spun and twirled. Her shapely legs and toned stomach on full display as she danced, seeming to get off in showing off her body and the stares of the men and women that watched her. Naruto watched her as well. A part of his mind was thinking about that tight firm ass and grind them against his cock or watching those perky tanned breasts bounce up and down as she rode him. But another side of him also appreciated the skill and talent she showed with her dancing. Not all ninja were as graceful as the blond was being. And he doubted few could hold a rhythm while twirling like she did. It was obvious she was skilled in the art of seduction.

Ino danced, feeling the music flowing through her. Her body moving with the rhythm. As a child she had learned to use music to shield her mind against intrusion and eventually even to fuel her momentum and movements during a fight. But this, this was her favorite way to listen to it. Dancing, letting her body flow with the rhythm. And the stares of the men around her weren't that unpleasing either. She would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the way the guys, some of them old enough to be her teachers at the academy, were staring at her. She wondered if any of them would approach her and ask for a dance in one of the special curtained booths.

She would say no of course. She wasn't that kind of girl. There was one person she would say yes to if they asked and she hoped that man was here, watching her move seductively to the music. He was probably out rescuing some princess or taking down a group of bandits. Not dancing at a club, even if it was the one he went to the most. Just then Ino stumbled a bit as she thought she saw her dream crush in the crowd. A bright shade of blond hair, just much brighter than her own, came into her sight. Turning the stumble into something that resembled a dance step she looked again to see if she could spot the spiky blond hair and bright blue eyes that she fantasized about.

Completing a full turn, she wasn't able to find the man again. Disappointed, thinking it was her imagination, she gave up the hope by letting the music fill her only to have a pair of strong hands place themselves on her hips and pull her back to a broad, strong, chest. Ino tried to turn around and see who it was but the man just continued to dance behind her, not letting her see him. A strong confident voice whispered in her ear. "Just keep dancing." Ino tried not to stumble. She knew that voice. It was the one that played in her dreams every night when she went to bed. Ino had to force herself to not turn around in fear of breaking the spell and causing her partner to disappear back into the crowd.

Instead she decided to dance. Naruto wasn't half the dancer Ino was, but he made up for it in stamina and exuberance. Besides, at this point, what they were doing wasn't so much like dancing as it was making love standing up. Ino moved and turned in ways that seemed to tease him and promise him a night of magic as his hands roamed over her stomach and legs and arms and breasts. Finally, Ino couldn't take it anymore and spun around wrapping her arms and one leg around Naruto making sure he wouldn't disappear into the night. Naruto pulled her to him with one hand clasped in her hair crushing her lips against his as the crowd cheered for the couple.

All thoughts of Sakura and Hinata were lost as Ino stared into Naruto's eyes. Slim arms wrapped securely around his neck as she ended the kiss and started to plant small kisses on his neck. The older blonde let out soft growls of pleasure, letting her know he appreciated her ministrations. He also let his hands roam her ass, helping her grind that sexy body into his. She knew she was being very forward but there was no way she was going to let this moment escape her. "Would you like a private dance Naruto-sama?" She said whispering in his ear that she boldly licked.

Naruto groaned even harder as she pressed her body against him, her tight firm ass and perky breasts were separated from him by two thin pieces of cloth. "I would love that Yamanaka-chan" Naruto said, surprising Ino that he knew who she was. Or at least what clan she belonged to.

"It's Ino." She said correcting him, wanting him to know the name he would be screaming out as they fucked, as he led the way to one of the curtained tables. Against one wall set a dozen alcoves with curved booths and a large table with a metal bar running up to the celling. Naruto walked over and sat down, spreading his arms and legs out in a confidant manner as Ino closed the curtain, sealing them off from the rest of the club. Turning around Ino started to feel a little nervous and unsure as she stared at Naruto. His presence seeming to take up the entire space even while relaxing.

Sensing her hesitation Naruto smiled softly and motioned for her to come over. Ino felt herself drawn to him like a magnet and was soon sitting on one of his legs, her hands in his. "We can slow down a bit if you want, Ino-chan." Naruto said huskily, though he hopped that after tonight there would be a lot more chances to talk to the girl.

Ino smiled confidently as the fire built back up inside her. His offer to just talk if she wanted let her get rid of the fear of messing up and sending him away. "No." She said in the seductive voice. The girl had been practicing all those times she had dreamed of him sweeping her off her feet. "I promised you a dance. And a dance you'll get." She grabbed one of his hands as it moved towards her ass. "Uh huh. No more touching till I'm done." She cooed and backed away from him.

Naruto watched as Ino swung herself up onto the table. The dress not impeding her in the least. Like magic the middle of her dress was ripped away revealing her flat toned stomach and freeing her to bend more easily. Ino held onto the pole like it was her lover holding it close to her as she started to move her body like a fish though water. All her movements seemed second nature to her.

Ino didn't say anything to Naruto as she let the bar slide between her breasts. She just locked eyes with him and continued dancing. Her tongue seductively licking the bar as she wrapped her legs around it and made love to it. Reaching up as high as she could she spun herself around on the bar until she was facing Naruto. Without ever fully loosening the touch with the bar she started to dance for him again. Her hands running up and down her body loosening straps and undoing zippers. In a few agonizing seconds she was free of her dress.

Naruto ogled the girl freely. She had been able to wear panties under the dress but little else. Not that the panties hid anything. As she slid down the pole and spread his legs he was treated to the sight of her wet shaven cunt. He salivated at the way her perky tender tits bounced as she slid her ass up and down the pole.

Ino liked the way Naruto was looking at her and stretched her leg high up on the pole and leaned back until she was standing on her hands showing him just how flexible and acrobatic she could be. She could see the bulge in his pants from watching her, the large outline pressing up against his leg. Her pussy drooled at the idea of it being inside her, breaking her barrier and claiming it as his personal property.

Not being able to take it anymore she moved closer to him and dropped off the table. Her soft hands running over his legs as she came between them. Firmly between his legs, she began to palm her soft breasts in her hands while swaying side to side, letting him watch her play and suck on them before turning around and placing her ass against the large outline of his cock.

The blonde prince was growing tired of not touching the slutty body of hers. "You're touching me, so I get to touch you now." Naruto growled as she ground her ass against his cock while his hands replaced her own on her firm breasts. Ino moaned in need as his hands were all over her, running up and down her legs, over her stomach, squeezing and pinching at her tits. Naruto started to work down her panties, revealing the soft cheeks of her ass. He admired that there were no tan lines to be found as she stepped out of them.

Naruto slapped one of the perfectly round ass-cheeks and got a pleasing smack in return. Those bottom cheeks were just so firm to the touch and the way it rippled against his smacks… He wondered how much it would jiggle when he rammed his cock up her virgin holes.

"Ohh yes spank me daddy." Ino cooed as Naruto spanked her again. While a little surprised at how she addressed him, he wouldn't deny it aroused the hell out of him. Standing up, Naruto grabbed Ino and turned her around and started placing kisses on her lips and face. Ino moaned into the kisses, her eyes closing as she kissed him back, her hands working their way into his shirt to rub against his chest.

Leaning back the clone moved a bit of hair away from her face and gave her one more kiss before smiling at her. "I would love to stay and continue this with you. And to really get to set down and talk. But apparently my dad needs me at the Hokage tower."

Ino wondered how he knew that but her experience with reading people told her he wasn't lying and that he was sad to have to go. "Well you know…it's still dark outside right now. Who knows what could happen on the way back to my house? Maybe a strong brave ninja should at least escort me back." She said, sexily rubbing her hands over his chest, trying to memorize the feel before she had to part from him.

Naruto smiled at her. He was more than sure that she could handle anyone who tried to make trouble for her. In fact, since she was a Yamanaka he would really be more worried for any guys who tried anything. But any excuse to stay with her a second longer was a good one. "I would love to walk you home." The clone said and helped her gather her clothes. After a few more minutes of kissing and petting while she tried to get dressed the clone led her out of the club and to her house.

~~Present Time Hokage Tower~~

Naruto opened the door to the stairs that would take him to the reception area and hokage's office at the top of the tower. Each step causing him to wonder harder and harder what his father could have wanted this late at night.