Groaning in frustration at the long flight of stairs Naruto opened the door leading into the top level of the Hokage's tower. His father had rearranged the entire top of the tower when he had taken over from the Third Hokage. Now the stairs entered directly into a reception area with a small broom closet. The rest of the upper part of the tower was split between the office and a small one room apartment for "reliving the stresses of work" Naruto huffed in amusement at that. The apartment was just so he could make sure no one would step in on him while he was fucking one of his numerous conquests.

Naruto smiled at one of the conquered kunoichi that was sitting behind a large oak desk in the reception area. Naruto had good memories of that mission. Kumo, having apparently forgotten its lesson in the last war had been making advances towards the land of fire and even attacking leaf ninja they met in passing on other missions. His father had waited until Jiraya's Intel reports said that both B and his squad was out of the city getting ready to attack another fire nation ally and had chosen Naruto to go along with him on the mission.

It wasn't the first of these types of missions Naruto been sent on and the father and son duo made a incredible team as flashes of orange and yellow light filled the forest as they took out B and his team. Onoi had not been a problem at all to get rid of for the young ninja and he held off both Samui and Karui as Minato dealt with B. By the end of the battle B was laying beside a tree with a large seal emblazoned on his chest that would seal the Eight tails powers away until it was given a new host leaving A the hard choice of losing his jinchuriki until his brother died or killing his own brother to get a new jinchuriki.

Not that that was likely to happen seeing as how Minato did plan on eventually telling A how to remove the seal. The hardest choice Minato and Naruto had to make was who got to claim which of the defeated kunoichi. Naruto ended up claiming Karui, her bright red hair reminding him of her mother. Minto took Samui, her bright yellow hair and large breasts reminding him of the only woman his adoptive father ever loved or claimed.

-Flashback: Forest near the land of fire border-

The battle was drawing to a close as two flashes of yellow light filled the small clearing. As the light dimmed Karui and Samui could see their teacher laying bound against a large rock, his huge body held in place by dozens of seals. Omoi, their other teammate lay in two or three pieces scattered in the forest behind them.

It had been a quick and deadly battle as the two blond haired ninja seemed to appear from nowhere and rush past the defenses of even the Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki. Karui and Samui had fared little better than their teammate, their clothing was ripped and torn like like something out of those Eromangas their teammate used to read. Karui knew that the only reason they had survived so easily was because the two blond haired ninjas were probably going to try and capture them and take them as prizes for their clan.

"I'll draw the tall one away." Samui said pulling out a kunai. "You see if you can deal with the shorter one. The first one to take their target will meet up and reinforce the other" With that Samui jumped backwards towards the forest and was quickly followed by the taller blond haired man.

As the man passed her Karui realized who they were and why even their teacher had went down so fast. Her heart started to flutter and she could feel her face heating up as she watched the Prince of Kohana slowly walk towards her. He didn't have a weapon in his hands but she didn't really believe a ninja of his skill would even need one. Knowing it was probably useless she brought her kunai up to a basic guard stance and tried to observe her new target.

Naruto smiled as Karui looked at him, white teeth flashing in a disarming grin under bright blue eyes. He didn't even look like he was tired as he slowly paced towards her with his hair blowing in the breeze. Karui knew she should fight. She was a ninja of the land of Lighting, she was never suppoused to give up. But a part of her said in a small voice that she should just drop the knife to the ground, that she was already defeated, already his.

Naruo's smile seemed to grow bigger as he scanned the warm caramel skin that was showing though the dozen rips and tears in her outfit. The earliest lessons a Kunoichi learns went through Karui's head. She knew what he was going to do now. He would use his godlike speed to rip off her clothing and throw her to the ground. His strong toned body holding her down as he raped her pussy again and again with his huge cock until she was screaming his name. She thought she could already hear Samui's screams reverberating throughout the forest.

Naruto flashed forward, his body suddenly in her personal space, inside the arc of her kunai. Karui reacted with speed just under that of a jonin but the blond haired ninja casually knocked the blade away with the back of his hand. Naruto smiled as he blocked or dodged each attack with little effort. It was better to let her fight and save face in his mind. Besides the struggle would make it all that much more enjoyable.

Karui was starting to get tired, her breaths coming in laboring heaves that made her chest rise and fall as the blond haired prince stood there staring at her with his attractive smirk. Karui pushed that thought out of her head and lunged forward aiming her kunai at his head only to have her wrist grabbed by one of Naruto's hands.

"Now now I don't want you to tire yourself out to much before I've gotten a chance to play with you." Naruto said in a dark voice that turned Karui into jelly from the waist down. Kauri gulped, not one bead of sweat was running down his well muscled body, not one hair out of place in his well kept hair. Here she had been fighting for her life and it hadn't even registered to him.

"You will never make me submit to you." She lied as he twisted her wrist around making her drop the knife onto the ground. Karui soon followed, her legs giving out under her and driving her to her knees. She gasped as she was now eye level with the cock that he was going to take her with, or at least the large bulge it made in his pants.

Naruto's hand left her arm to rest on her cheek. "I don't have to make you do anything. You will submit to me yourself." He said in a cocky voice as his other hand started to pull at the rips and tears in her suit allowing more and more skin to show before she was for all intents naked to the world. "I have you all to myself. You can scream and struggle if it makes you feel better but by the end you will submit to me and my clan."

Naruto looked over the dark skinned girls body and felt his cock twitch. Her rosy nipples stood out against the dark skin of her body and her long red hair fanned out behind her. Kauri didn't move as Naruto let go of her to undress. What was the point? He was so much faster than her. She knew that this was the fate of every captured kunoichi. To be taken and claimed as breeding stock.

Kauri blushed and turned her head as Naruto took off his shirt but she couldn't help sneak a peek as he tossed his shirt on the ground. Of course most ninja were in shape except for those whose clan techniques required more body-mass but Naruto's body seemed to have been sculpted from clay. Naruto smirked at the reaction Kauri gave as he let his pants drop to the ground. Stroking himself with one hand Naruto grabbed a handful of Kauri's hair and pressed her face against his cock.

Kauri felt the large rod press against her cheek. The huge phallus was larger than she thought was possible. Not that she had seen any in person to measure them to. "I..I'll never submit to you." Kauri squeaked causing Naruto to laugh and throw her back onto the ground. Catching herself on her elbows Kauri thought that Naruto was just going to take her right there on the ground causing her hips to open up in a primal instinct.

"You don't need to lie to me Kauri. I have you all to myself. Its just a matter of taking it and you seeing how much more pleasant this can be." He said leaning over her "You wont be the first kunoichi I've claimed." Naruto said with a smirk before moving down her body. Kauri closed her eyes expecting to feel his large cock slamming into her. Instead she felt his tongue slide over her already wet lips.

"Already wet." Naruto said as he kissed and teased her clit. "And surprisingly you taste better than you look. Not that you look bad at all. In fact I think you look great the way you are right now." Naruto said causing Kauri to blush as he went back to licking and playing with her pussy. A small thought flashed though her mind that with his head down there she could simply close her legs around his head and twist her hips. Before she could act on the thought a wave of pleasure shot though her as Naruto's tongue made her cum. "Mhmm what a delicious treat. But I think I want to taste the rest of this beautiful cinnamon skin" Naruto said working his way up her stomach ot her nipples.

By this time Kauri was letting out small moans, her kunoichi training leaving her as Naruto's mouth and hands went to work pleasuring her body. "You see, I want this to be good for you to." Naruto said gently moving some of the hair out of her face and kissing her large breasts before taking one of them in his mouth and sucking loudly on it. Kauri tried to resist but she had never had a man touch her like that before, the feeling was unlike when she did it herself. The pleasure was sharper, stronger, she found herself grinding her hips against his leg as she moaned weakly under him.

Before she could find climax Naruto's mouth was gone and he was running his hands down her toned body before settling them on the inside of her hips. Kauri knew what was coming next as she watched him line up his cock with her pussy. Naruto looked down at her with a smirk that she was learning to love "This is the part where you scream if you want to. But you should know your wetness has already told me the truth." Kauri didn't think she could scream except maybe out of pleasure as he slammed into her.

Naruto stopped for a second after the first thrust to let her get accustomed to his size before thrusting in again, his balls hitting her ass as he spread her hole with his cock. Kauri now had her hands above her head as her large dark breasts bounced back and forth as he thrust into her.

Naruto could feel the waved of pleasure coming off of her as he took her virginity. Leaning down he started whispering in her ear as she rubbed against him. "Don't worry even after I take you I will still keep you as my pet. I wouldn't let a wonderful little hole like this go to waste" He said licking at her ear as she let out another moan as she rode his cock.

The thought of being fucked by Naruto again and again caused Kauri to wrap her arms around his neck and start kissing him. Her plush lips leaving hickies on his neck. "Such a eager whore aren't you. You would beg me to breed you right now if I stopped wouldn't you?" Naruto asked darkly. Breeding her was exactly what he had planned. Karui just moaned and opened her mouth letting Naruto ravage it with his tongue.

Before long Naruto felt himself come close to the edge and with one final thrust Naruto came painting Karui's womb with his cum. Pulling out he eased himself up to her chest letting his cock fall between her large breasts. Karui not missing a beat leaned her head down and started sucking on the tip. "Mhmm that's good. Clean your masters cock. Get used to the taste because you will be tasting it a lot more."

Naruto was broken out of his memory as a delightful voice called for him.

"Good evening master" Samui beamed in delight at seeing Naruto come through the door. Her hungry ice blue eyes went to the large bulge in Naruto's pants. She knew the ANBU had retrieved him from a club and it looked like he had been enjoying himself. Or maybe it was just the site of her that was doing it. She sat there at the desk with her kimono top practically falling off her shoulders and her large milk filled tits on clear display under her fishnet shirt. Her bottom wasn't any better, her juices had soaked through her seat and panties leaving a large wet spot on the tight business pants of hers.

Samui leaned her head back and eagerly accepted the kiss from Naruto as he stuffed his tongue down her throat, his hand coming up to rest on her neck above the leather collar that marked her place. Naruto's hand slid down her neck to palm one of the massive tits under the fishnets and samui couldn't help but moan into the kiss as she started to get some long needed relief.

"Ohh yes master. Milk me please. My huge utters haven't been drained yet today." Samui begged as Naruto moved around behind her to play with her tits.

"Hmm" Naruto said in surprise at that statement. He had no problem whatsoever milking these beautiful pair of tits before going in to see his dad but the fact that his dad, who was an even bigger lover of tits than Naruto was (though growing up in a household with Tsunade it was no shock), hadn't done it yet was a bit surprising to him. "Now you wouldn't be trying to get out of something would you babe?" He said massaging her tits soft enough that it felt good but not enough to take the teetering woman over the edge into release.

" master I would never do that." Samui whimpered, wanting so badly to cum after so many hours of torture. The only thing keeping her from breaking was her long mastered ice cold persona.

"I think you are pet." Naruto said in a dark voice next to her ear that sent shivers of delight down her body. "Were you touching yourself on duty again?" He growled, his hot breath now brushing up against his cheek and his hands moving down towards her pants.

"No I've been ahhh" Samui cried as Naruto's hands brought relief to her punished pussy. But not the relief she had been hoping for. His hands pulled out a small pill shaped buzzer that that been keeping her on edge for the past four hours.

Now the dark voice was beside her ear again as Naruto held up the buzzer in front of her face. "You lied to me pet. Tell me what really happened and I may go easy on you."

Even with the buzzer gone her master's voice and the promise of what was to come kept her on edge. "I got really horny a few hours ago and started touching myself. I ended up cumming in my panties and a Jonin coming in for a meeting nearly saw me playing with myself. Because of that your father said that he wouldn't milk me this evening and placed that buzzer in my cunt to make sure I would learn from my mistake." She eked out.

Naruto leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek before pulling back. "Thank you for telling me the truth pet. Now I want you to go into that broom closet and strip down to your fishnets and sit and wait for me to come for you." He commanded. Samui got up slowly from her chair. Not from hesitation because of her impending punishment but from the feeling of arousal that was causing juices to leak down the inside of her pants leg ruining her best pair of pants.

Samui went into the broom closet and stripped before assuming the correct waiting posture on her knees with her hands clasped behind her back. She waited like that for ten or twelve agonizing minutes before one of Naruto's clones came into the room. The clone casually undid the orange tie it was wearing and moved behind Samui to bind her wrists with it, the soft silk biting into her flesh. Then the clone again walked in front of her and started to undo his pants. Before he let the pants fall to the floor he took off his belt and wrapped the buckle in his hand leaving the long leather belt dangling from his fist.

For the next half hour the sounds muffled screams and moans could be heard leaking out from behind the door. Thirty seven minutes later Samui happily walked out of the room, her breasts filling as light as her emotions and her heart filling as heavy with love as her breasts had been with milk. The clone also followed her out looking just as pleased before wrapping an arm around the blond haired woman and kissing her. The two stood for a second in the others arms before the clone, still holding on to Samui's waist started to lead her home for dinner and another round of milking.

A half hour earlier the real Naruto had entered the Hokage's office expecting to see his father sitting behind his desk surrounded by the papers he had been complaining about that morning. Or at least taking a break and using his adoptive sister, and permanent secretary, Shizune to relieve his stress. Instead the room was totally dark with the only light being the silvery rays of the moon that came in through the big pitcher windows illuminating the Hokage's chair and his mother. His mother stared at him with a large content smile, her beautiful form half hidden under the large kage robes she wore. Upon second look he noticed that the robes was all she was wearing.

The sight made his mind scream to go over there and pin his mother to the window and plow her large beautiful ass as he ran his hands though her long red hair. He started to take a step in her direction before he noticed a slight burst of chakra off to his side where a large couch was hidden in the dark shadows the moonlight cast. Looking over he saw a pair of beautiful glowing red eyes and instantly knew what must have happened to his father.

The eyes moved closer to him from inside the dark, their black tomes already spinning up as they approached. To those outside the village and even to some inside it they were the eyes of monsters. Blood-red eyes that could seek out any secret and command any mind. They were the things of nightmares of many. But to Naruto they were just the loving eyes of the woman he considered his second mother.

Deep red lips latched onto his and sharp black nails wound though his hair as he was pulled down into the dark where the couch lay hidden. Naruto sunk into the couch as strong delicate arms embraced him in a loving hug. The red lips never leaving his for more than a second as the older woman pulled him to her. The sound of deep panting emerged from the shadows as the woman licked her way up his neck to nip at his lips while her hands worked loose the buttons of his shirt.

Kushina sat in the Hokage's chair content to watch for the moment. One hand resting on her swollen pregnant belly and the other hand teasing her clit as she watched her best friend and lover grope and kiss her son. She started rubbing faster as she remembered when her husband had first claimed Mikoto Uchia as his own.

It had been revealed by Itachi, Mikoto's oldest child, that Fugaku and some of the leaders of the Uchia clan were planning a rebellion against the Hokage due to what they felt were slights agianst them. In truth most of the slights were either things the Uchia clan had done to theirself or were due to their actions. Itachi working as Minato's intermediary had been trying to get his father and elders to reconsider but it was clear they were on a all out warpath.

While she hadn't been there Mikoto had and had shared her memories of the event. Though they were a small bit biased with Fugaku appearing as a ugly monster and her husband as some golden god.

Minato had appeared just long enough to let Fugaku and the elders see him before dashing around the room, separating the heads from each of the elders before coming to stand in front of Fugaku. The next part Kushina was sure was just Mikoto's embellishment as Minato told Fugaku how he was going to fuck his wife before killing him.

The next part of the memories were a blur as Minato picked her up and rushed her to her marriage bed that she and Fugaku had slept in the night before. Minato had thrown her to the bed and torn off her clothes before fucking her holes again and again until she and the bed she had conceived her children were in were covered in his cum.

Killing the clan head and fucking his wife on in their bed wasn't enough for Minato so he called all of the leaders of the clan that were left and informed them that he would be taking Mikoto as one of his wives and that he would be appointing Itachi as head of the clan. However as a way to appease what was left of the leaders of the clan Mikoto had agreed to have a seal placed on her that would render any of her future children unable to access their dojutsu.

The seal had been laughably easy for Kushina to break and Mikoto had been more than eager to join her best friend in bed. Either alone or in the arms of Minato. Kushina looked back over at her friend, her bright red eyes focused on her sons huge throbbing cock as her eyes burned every movement into memory. Mikoto was as much in love with Naruto as Kushina was and seeing that Minato had given her to Naruto for his thirteenth birthday.

~~~~~Naruto's 13th birthday~~~~

Naruto laid back against the couch, his face resting between two large pair of bra clad breasts. Naruto blushed at the attention he was getting from his mothers. Minato had introduced him to the legacy of his clan as dominators and what that had meant a year before but it was only that morning that his mother had given him "the talk". And now he was laying on the couch nestled between a nearly naked Kushina and Mikoto watching a movie.

Kushina rested her hand on the base of his aching cock and started to rub his balls with her pinky and ring finger though the fabric of his pants as Mikoto's hand made slow circles over his chest. As his mind thought back to his mothers demonstrations that morning Mikoto lifted his chin up with her fingers before placing her lips on his and giving him a deep slow kiss.

"Come with me baby, we have one last present for you." She said in a dark pleasant tone. Naruto followed the two older beauties from the living room to his sleeping quarters. As they walked down the hall he passed one of his fathers slaves. He remembered what he had been told that morning. The one's with no collar he could fuck or do whatever he wanted to as long as he didn't get them pregnant and the ones with the black leather or lace collars were the ones meant for breeding.

Mikoto led Naruto into his room as Kushina shut the door behind them and turned the lights down to their lowest setting. Naruto looked around but didn't see anything new or different about the room.

As if she could read his mind Mikoto knelt down on his bed and removed her bra letting her breasts fall into her cupped hands. Mikoto stared at Naruto almost tasting his thick white cum again. "I'm your present Naruto-kun. I will be in here every night for you to use and will be teaching you how to pleasure and dominate a kunoichi." Kushina slid down behind him and spoke over his shoulder as her hands started undress him. "Thats right baby. Mommy Mikoto will be in here every night to sleep with you and teach you the proper way to please a kunoichi"

~~~Back in the hokage's office"

Kushina got up from the chair and ditched the cloak and hat on her way to the small but comfy couch. "Mhmm did you have a good night out baby?" Kushina asked as she squeezed her self beside naruto and started rubbing his chest. Mikoto was already stroking his bulging dick with her hand and was doing her best to leave hickies on his neck.

"I was until I got called back here. I had met these three really cute genin, did you know Hinata graduated already?" He said holding back a groan as Mikoto's hands brought him to the edge. The older woman's practiced hands knew just how far to go before making him cum and would at times torture him again and again by bringing him to the edge before letting him cum.

"Ohh really I didn't know that" Kushina said sending a sly wink to Mikoto.

"Yeah everything was going great ughh" Naruto stopped to groan as Kushina started to run her tongue over his earlobe. "Until dads ANBU showed up. Where is Dad anyways?" Naruto asked though pants.

"Your father got a little tired out. He may be a great lover but he just doesn't have that." Mikoto stopped as if thinking of her next words. "Uzumaki endurance." She said with a smile. Naruto smiled too at the joke. His mothers could be a lot to handle espically since their pregnancies had caused their libido's to go though the roof. His dad was probably in his bed room sleeping happily.

"Well what did he want. Or was this just a trap to get me here to get you two off?"

"Ohh honey it was definitely a trap" Kushina said in a loving tone as she turned around to kneel on the couch over his large cock. "But we also wanted to let you know something." Before Naruto could reply Kushina slid down his cock causing Naruto to let out a loud happy yell as he finally got some release. Embarrassingly for Naruto he didn't last very long with the red head uzumaki ridding up and down on his cock. But in his defense he had been blue balled three times in the last few minutes and had Mikoto constantly edging him since he got in.

"I think that means your turns over." Mikoto said laughing as Kushina pulled off of Naruto, his white cream flowing out of her cunt.

"No you cheated. You were teasing him so much he was about to blow if a light breeze hit him." Kushina laughed. Naruto however wasn't done yet and grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her back down on him.

"I think I will decide when your turn is up." HE growled before pressing his lips to hers and pulling her down with him as he leaned back on the couch. Mikoto got down on the ground and started to lick at the thick cream that was dripping out of Kushina's cunt as Naruto thrust into her again and again. This time Naruto lasted much longer before letting Kushina slide off of him with a pleased grin and holding his arms out for Mikoto.

Instead of going into his arms Mikoto walked over to one of the office chairs and placed her hands on the back of it before spreading her legs and wagging her ass at him. Naruto was surprised, Mikoto always liked to be where she could be facing him or his father so that her sharingan could capture every memory for her own personal pleasure later. Walking behind her Naruto saw what Mikoto had seen. With the way the light was he could just make out their reflections on the glass as he came behind her.

Mikoto let out a loud almost feline yell as Naruto plowed into her. The demure and proper Kunochi was a very vocal lover. One hand in her luxurious black hair and another on the small of her back Naruto started thrusting in and out to his own rhythm as Mikoto begged him on. Letting go of her hips and grabbing her hair he thrust in one last time before letting go slumping back to the couch.

Instead of coming to sit with him like Kushina was Mikoto first went to the large desk and pulled out three manila folders. "Like we said dear. While this was a trap their was also something your father needed to tell you." Mikoto gave him the files and then snuggled onto his other side.

"Is this a mission?" Naruto asked as he opened the first of the folders.

"Of a sort" Kushina said as Naruto's face lit with recognition. It was the pink haired girl he had met at the club. "We are giving you a genin team. Its time for you to train your own team."

"And beyond time for you to pick your first wife." Mikoto said. While both women were from large clans Mikoto was the one who took clan life much more seriously, this included things like Naruto picking a proper bride to take the position as head of the clan with him.

"This is one of the girls I met at the club tonight. She's the one you took on as your student." Naruto said holding the picture of Sakura up so that Mikoto could see it.

Mikoto smiled at the picture thinking of how much her student had grown in the last year of her tutoring. "Yes she was my pick. We and your father each chose one girl from the upcoming class that we thought would make a good wife for you. I of course had to choose my own student."

"I chose Hinata." Kushina said bringing out the picture of the usually shy Hyuuga heir. "Its always so cute how she tries to get your attention and I can already tell how devoted she would be as your wife."

"So that makes Ino Dad's pick?" Naruto said now looking though the blonde girls file.

"Yes, your dad thought that bringing a Yamanaka into the family would be good for the clans ninjutsu. He also mentioned something about blondcest but the three of us got distracted shortly after." Naruto didn't have to imagine very hard what had gotten the three ninja distracted, the pictures weren't the usual class graduation portraits. No they seemed more like the kind of pictures his grandfather liked to take on his off time.

Naruto felt his cock harden at the thought of spending just about every day with each of the three girls. "When do you want me to start their training?"

"Tomorrow" Kushina said in what started as a sulty voice before turning hard. "But they are not just there to be your personal fuck toys. We expect you to turn the three of them into the baddest group of bitches in this entire village.

~~The next morning training ground 7~~

Sakura, Hinata, and Ino all found their self standing in front of a large three. They had met up earlier that morning after an ANBU arrived at their doors telling them to report to the training ground. Ino had immediately ran over to Sakura's to tell her the good news before finding out that Sakura had gotten the same message. The two of them had ran into Hinata on the way and were surprised to find that she too had gotten the message.

"So you will never believe who I ran into last night!" Ino screamed as they sat under the tree. She couldn't wait to tell Sakura and brag about it. She had barely been able to contain it on the walk over but now that it seemed like they had some time it was just begging to come spilling out of her.

"Ohh yeah? Well I met someone as well. And I bet its cooler than what ever senior you ran into." Sakura said glad she had the chance to rub running into Uzumaki-sama in her face.

"Ok. On three lets say who it was and see whos was better." Ino said before starting to count. Getting to zero both girls yelled out the same thing

"The prince of kohana" "Naruto Uzumaki" The two blinked at each other in confusion for a second. "But wha..How?"

"I also ran into Uzumaki-Sama last night" Hinata squeeked causing them to look at her. "He..he must have used his shadow clones to talk to each of us at the party." The girl said reminding them of Naruto's prized technique.

"Does that mean Naruto-sama is interested in all three of us?" Sakura said thinking about what that meant. Instantly a image of her and Ino laying on a bed snuggled up to Naruto with Hinata laying between his legs flashed through her mind.

"I..I would be ok with sharing if its Naruto." Ino said hesitantly and Sakura found herself agreeing. While he had a lot of kunoichi that he had claimed he hadn't picked his official wife yet. And if being with Naruto meant sharing that position with her best friends she could easily do that.

"I will to." Hinata said in solidarity and soon all three girls were talking about what that would be like.