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Kakashi Hatake Love Story

Hyohaku-sha (Wanderer) Clan

This clan is known to be "Cursed with vampirism" the clan does drink blood as it is the way the clan gains and replenishes their own chakra. Clan members must drink blood at least once a week to not eventually turn their own blood into chakra and become weak. When drinking a person's blood they know things such as blood type, the chemical makeup of the person's blood, and other health info.

The clan does not have fangs like "classic vampires" they have to cut and drink from the wound. The clan also has a connection with village hospitals to buy donated blood.

Kekkei Genkai is the Kogosei (Photosynthesis): meaning that with their own blood the clan can grow their own plants and herbs. This allows them to know and use Hanakotoba (the language of flowers), Doku no kenkyu (the study of poisons), and Kampo (Herbal medicine).

This clan is great with Taijutsu, good with Ninjutsu, very rarely uses Genjutsu, and because of what the clan learns from drinking the blood they know basic medical ninjutsu.

The clan wanders around the Seven lands as merchants and traders because they are seen as cursed. Being called Vampires is an insult to this clan. The world does not see them as a normal ninja. Once in a while, they leave a clan member in a village as a "liaison" to help the village and gain something in return.

Shinokane (Death Bell) Hyohaku-sha [Kane -nickname]

Is the Princess of the wandering merchant clan.

She is sent to Konoha to be the "liaison" of her clan and learn how to be a better kunoichi.

Is assigned to be a part of Team Kakashi (Seven) for learning.

Kane fights with Tessenjutsu (war fans) she has five different types of fans:

A Gunpai fan used as a shield also holds a Wakizashi.

Three different Tessen fans one made purely of Senbon needles which are usually poisoned, two completely bladed fans that connect into circle blades she can dual wield.

A Gunsen that has a thin razor blade on the edged but is concealed, it looks decorative and useless.


She is overprotective of her clan and one day hopes to be the best leader she can be.

She is very patient, loyal, and calm, but if angered she tends to overreact.

In her past time, she loves to grow plants and read up on nature.

She knows that she will have to one day pick a great male leader to help lead her clan but secretly yearns for real love.

Naruto Info Sheet: (Before the story begins)

Princess Shinokane Hyohaku-sha

Affiliation: Liaison for Konoha

Current Ninja Level: Chunin

Registration Number:

Date of Birth: Oct. 31st

Age: 15

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 162.56 cm

Weight: 51.3 kg

Blood type: O

Favorite Food: Ramen, Sweet Tea Dangos and Ice Cream

Least Favorite Food: Wasabi

Hobbies: Growing plants, studying, and reading.

Assignments: 15 D-rank, 7 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 0 A-rank, 0 S-rank

Sakura Haruno

Affiliation: Team 7

Current Ninja Level: Chunin

Registration Number: 012601

Date of Birth: March 28th

Age: 15

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Blood Type: O

Naruto Uzumaki

Affiliation: Team 7

Current Ninja Level: Genin

Registration Number: 012607

Date of Birth: Oct 10th

Age: 15

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type: B

Sasuke Uchiha

Affiliation: Former Team 7

Current Ninja Level: Chunin

Registration Number: 012606

Date of Birth: July 22nd

Age: 15

Zodiac Sign: Leo Blood Type: AB