Brian trembled as he stared at the gun. He wouldn't fail this time, He COULDN'T fail. This was one F too many. He was grounded for all summer, and since his friends had forgotten about him, he figured the easiest way out for everyone was for him to off himsef.
It didn't happen overnight, this conclusion. And the rest of the breakfast club gang surely didn't mean to ignore him. It was just, he was sure of this, he was so damned forgottable. Bender and Claire was together, and Claire was always with his friends,now. Allison was with Andrew, and they all just presumed he was off with his own life-trying to get into the best colleges. But this F ruined his shot into getting into Harved Law. He picked up his gun, and stared at it. After several deep breaths he finally raised it, and put it to forehead. Shots rang out.

Bender was smoking with Claire behind the school gym the next day. She had caught on, surprisingly quick, and was more than eager to ditch the popular crowd. He knew it was partly to make her parents angry at her, but he didn't care. She was way out of his league, and he manged to get her to date him. He paused as a cloud of smoke vanished and Andrew, and Allison appeared. Both he and Claire glanced at each other, clearly surprised. The two couples had gone their seperate ways since That Day. But one look on their faces told both John and Claire that something was wrong.
"Ally?' Claire was the first to speak. She was shocked to see the young girl with such fierce attitude, and expression, crying. "What's wrong?" Bender stared at Andrew's tear stained face.
"Yeah, come on, man, don't sugercoat it."
Andrew's voice wobbled when he tried to stare stoicly at Bender, and Claire.
"Brian is dead. He killed himself last night,"
Bender stared at him and Claire stifled a gasp.
Andrew shook his head, not wanting to believe it himself.
"It's true, man..."
"BullSHIT!" Bender felt like he was watching his own reactions. It was that surreal of a moment. Claire was silently crying, and repeating one word
"Why do you think?" Andrew looked angry. Angry at them, at the world, but mostly at himself. "Because we all fucking ignored him! Even you, Bender!" He added when John's mouth opened in protest. "Even you!" He stood there, his body trembling, and Ally trying to use him to steady herself.
"His blood..." Andrew's voice still shook. "Is on our hands." He looked at them, and could barely see them in the mist of the cloud of tears. "He...he needed us, and we failed him."
Claire openly, and loudly, started to convulse into tears. Bender just stood, as if frozen in time. Then he uttered one word before tossing his cigarette on the ground.
"FUCK!" He stalked off, leaving the three of them behind, knowing that this was the day that would change them for good.