The beautiful planet called earth was like always filled with living beings going through the motions, everyone living their life expecting tomorrow to come and continue whatever was planned. But that was not to be as today was the day that the saiyans would arrive to destroy them all and there only hope were the Z fighters.

Piccolo and Gohan were meditating quietly in wasteland waiting for their enemies to arrive when they sensed Krillin approaching. He appeared above in the sky and landed nearby, and went towards Gohan to say his greeting but instead of the weak little child that he had seen before Gohan had turned out so different in just one year, that he had hard time recognizing him through the feeling he gave off other than his appearance. Gohan just replied short greeting and ignored him all together; Krillin picked up his courage and asked Piccolo what happened.

Piccolo didn't reply to him and just sat there meditating; Krillin got tired of yelling at him and just waited for the show to get on the road. In the vacuum of space two pods could be seen heading for earth and were about to enter towards a city but before that could happen the giant tree that had grown to outer space controlled the natural forces to change its direction towards the Z fighters. The saiyans inside did not see anything weird with the event as they had knowledge of the planet and landed safely in the wasteland.

The Trio had seen the space pods coming towards them and readied themselves for combat and witnessed two individuals coming out. One was buff and tall while the other was short and lithe, the enemy took to the sky and looked towards them and checked their scouters. They came to see the Namekian have power level of 4500 making him stronger than Nappa who had just 4000, with the child having a power level of 5000 and bald one who only had 1770. The result of checking the scouter had turned up unexpected as Vegeta had thought that they had trouble with Raditz who only had 1500 power but the weakest one was 1770 here.

He wanted to ask what the Fuck was going on here, but he didn't really worry as they were trash to him regardless of them being stronger then Nappa, as now he would have to dirty his hands on these lower life forms. While on the other hand Nappa was fuming with rage at being weaker than these trash and wanted nothing more to tear them limb by limb. On the other the Z fighter were feeling glad they take on the enemy but when they sensed Vegeta's power they felt like they were going to die soon, and the only they had left was Goku while Piccolo did think was a possibility that Madara could help as his power was unknown.

Vegeta calmed Nappa down and they introduced themselves while demanded them to hand over the dragon balls if they wanted to live. The Z fighter knew that he was lying and denied his demands, which angered the prince. The negotiations had broken down so Vegeta decided to kill some of them while taking the weak one prisoner and torture the answers out of him. Nappa was all up for it but before they could start two more weaklings joined them, two bald more bald trash to kill.

The Z fighter greeted each other and Krillin asked where Yamcha was but others had no idea, unexpectedly the answer came from Piccolo. He told them that their friend Yamcha doesn't exist anymore as his old self had awakened and taken over while absorbing all that was Yamcha. The answer surprised them but Krillin asked even then where is he, to which he got the reply that Madara had left the planet 7 months ago and he had know no idea other than that. Before Krillin could go continue asking pointless questions, Piccolo told him to concentrate on the situation as Madara might not even help them as he was a heartless monster and was the cause of Gohan's current personality. Krillin was shocked and conflicted what to feel about his friend's new personality but when he heard that Gohan had suffered 10 days within an illusionary world he had to keep on killing every minute, he felt disgust and anger surge through him which he directed towards the enemies of now.

Vegeta and Nappa decided on a plan to make this interesting, Vegeta would battle the half breed while Nappa would handle the Namekian and the humans along with his Saibaman to act his support. Vegeta wanted to let the half breed suffer so he charged him and took him in custody while crushing him into to ground so that he was unable to move and told him that he would kill him if he moved. The Z fighters were shocked as they hadn't even seen him move but before they could act they came to see something unbelievable. Nappa planted the seeds which became tiny green terrors that were called Saibaman, which Nappa said had the same power level as Raditz meaning they could grow Radishes at their leisure which had them alarmed as they would even have trouble fighting this opponent if he outnumbered them

As the 6 tiny cried out in there ugly voices ready for combat, suddenly large roots came from the ground and caught the Saibaman dragging them underneath the ground while they tried to struggle and screamed out in panic. The event surprised everyone present and they could fathom what just happened, they came out of the shock when they could hear the screams no more. Nappa was about to blow from the rage he felt and demanded them to answer what the fuck just happened but got nothing but silence in return. He could take it anymore and he charged an attack, and discharged it destroying 100 km's of the area around the wasteland creating a giant crater.

He calmed down after letting out some steam and looked at his handiwork, the humans had died without any remains unfortunately he could not take torture them leaving him with the Namekian who survived with just burns on him. Piccolo was not really caring of the health of his fellow fighter as they were too weak to be of any help in this situation. He knew he could take the big guy with some difficulty but the prince was impossible for him and he hoped that the unknown force would help more.

While he was wishing for his savior to arrive, the wasteland beneath started changing and within minutes it had turned into a forest filled with giant trees which had them fly higher to avoid. While they were wondering what was happening, at the tallest tree on its branch Piccolo saw Madara appearing from within the tree. He looked at everyone with an infuriating smile and greeted them with a happy tone. The saiyans looked at him warily and checked for his power level but it seemed to be not working on him as they only got question mark for trying. While they were they were doing this Madara had greeted Piccolo and Gohan while informing them that the others were safe underground. After that he turned to the saiyans and thanked them for the food that they were nice enough to donate, when Nappa realized what he meant he couldn't keep himself from charging and attacked Madara.