Hello, I might as well introduce myself, my names Kait and im obsessed with Moulin Rouge. I haven't ever written a story like this one before so i hope you guys like it. Its rather long and modern ;) Anyway. Disclaimer, all characters belong to Baz except the few i created, blah blah blah, and this story is dedicated to my best friend Abby. Enjoy


"Help!" Yelled the young girl, panic stricken. Flames crackled and rose high around her, causing the unbearable heat to worsen. Her eyes darted around the room, frantically looking for a way to escape, and she found a window not yet consumed by the blistering hell surrounding her. As she ran towards, the image of her mother briefly flashed across her mind and brought tears to her eyes. The outside air felt momentarily foreign, almost as if she forgot that the world wasn't constantly buried with smoke covered pain and anguish. Her spot cover cheeks had little river like streaks of which you could see her bare flesh, her face still damp. But she stood raw, numb and quite and she looked to the place she once called home, now reduced to a pile off as and ruble. She heard the familiar sound of horse hooves and carriage wheels on he gravel path, before her dark world turned to pure black


4 Months Later

Christian anxious taped his foot on the polished floor as he waited for his parents. He loved going out into the town, for he found its citizens to be quite intriguing. Every so often he'd stumble across a local painter or musician and would try to speak to them before his father dragged him away.

"He's a young boy, barely 15, he's just curious of the world around him," his mother would say. But his father always protested

"I don't want my one and only son to turn out to be a Bohemian!"

But as Christian idly and impatiently waited, his mind started to wander. He wanted so much more, all his father cared about was whether he joined the family business. But finances never once appealed to him, he preferred the fine arts. Particularly writing. He has dreams of being an author. He would write the greatest of plays for the greatest of actors. His books would be published and cherished around the world. He would live by the Bohemian ways, no matter what his father told him. But most importantly, he would finally fall in love. The simple idea made his heart leap. Love is what makes the whole world spin, isn't it? Of course it was, love is the most important factor in one's life.

"Christian! Lets go!" he was snapped out of his daze by his fathers voice and darted towards the door, excited to leave the stuffy house.


The late winter air was chilly but perfect for a day of exploring the town, and more importantly, the towns people. Christian had finally escaped his fathers watchful eye after the man decided to lecture this poor lady about her "distasteful lifestyle", and decided to see what he could find. As he looked through a store window, something caught his eye. There in the reflection, curled up in the corner of the street behind him, sat a tiny little girl. She looked to be maybe five years of age, and appeared very ill. From what he could see, she was clammy and pale, very thin and, most alarmingly, had the faintest trace of blood upon her lips. Her frail body was wrapped in a pitiful excuse for a blanket, of which her bony fingers grasped at for dear life.

Christian crossed the street and attempted to get close to the old child, when she noticed him, she fearfully scooted away and pressed herself back against the stone wall of a shop. He stopped in hid tracks and quickly scanned the area. Looking around, he spotted a café, and an idea popped into his mind.

No more than ten minutes later he walked out of the little coffee shop with two fresh cups of hot tea, and once again began to wander over towards the little girl still seated on the sidewalk. When her approached her once more, she nearly began to cower away, but then caught sight of the steaming beverage in his hand. Knowing she should take the drink, even if only for her own good, she let the boy sit dow beside so there the two sat, each calmly drinking their individual cups of tea.

Christian felt a strange surge of protectiveness and curiosity towards the tiny child. She appeared to be all alone, and not to mention possibly gravely ill. Maybe there was some way her could help her.

"Hey, my name is Christian James. Im gonna take you back to my family if you'd like. Im going to help you," he said with his signature naive yet kind smile.

"Estella", said the girl, looking up at him for the first time. And that's when her saw it, a pair of deep, dark violet eyes.


"We cannot just take in some little street rat!" yelled Mr. James

"Thomas! How dare you! Shes just a little girl and shes very ill", protested Elizabeth James.

"Exactly. She could infect us all. Do you want your own son to be ill too?" The man replied, raising his voice a little

But she matched his tone. "Now hush" she said, reprimandingly . "She's going to stay with us, were going to help her, and Christian will be just fine. And that's final", and with that Thomas left the room, knowing that there's was no way her would win this argument.

And Mrs. James was correct. Estella recovered from her illness, and was revealed to be an energetic and independent little girl. It was not uncommon to hear tiny bare feet quickly padding against the floor, followed by a flash of dark curls and a few high pitched giggles. Christian had become very fond of the child and the two were often seen together. He considered her to be his little sister and they would spend time with one another as often as possible. And much to the disappointment and disapproval of their father, Estella loved to hear Christians stories. He told her about the Bohemian revolution taking place inn France, and how one day he would leave to be a part of it. He watched as her wide, strange eyes lit up with joy at his tales pf painters, artists and musicians.

"Im gonna be a bohemian!" she had proudly proclaimed done day while in the mist of doing her daily routine of rampaging through the house and diving off he furniture.

"Absolutely not!" Thomas scolded. "where did you ever get such an atrocious idea like that?"

"Christian told me all about them and I said I wanna be one. So he bought me paint and brushes. Now I'm a real BOHEMIAN!" she squealed, leaping off the plush couch on the last word.

Christian sat upstairs in his bedroom, scribbling in his notebook, tryin to cure a very stubborn case of writers block, when he heard it

"Christian Arthur James!" his father yelled from the floor below

'What could I have possibly done now?' he thought a she marched down the stares. When he reached the bottom, he saw his father giving him a stern look, and his beloved baby sister giving him one that could be summed up in one phrase.

"Whoops" she spoke softly.

Before he could even get out a word to ask to what the young girl had done, his father went into one of his rants. He blocked the majority of it out. Only hearing a couple things like "Bohemian", "self respecting", "idiotic", "disgusting" as well as a few choice words he didn't dare repeat. Estella looked to him with large apologetic puppy dig eyes, but Christian merely ignored her and gave her slight glare, returning his attention to the wall ahead him. He only noticed her agin when he saw her dart up the stairs, presumably to her room.

After his father was finally finished with his draw out lecture, the boy sulkily dragged himself up the stairs sporting a bruised ego and 2 weeks of grounding. He was about to go back to his sad attempt at finishing his story, though he knew he would never finish it in his state, when there was a sharp but comparably quite knock on the hard wood of his door. He knew immediately who it was.

"Come on in Stell" he spoke nonchalantly. He turned around to face the girl, her wild hair was covering her face, but he could see the fain trace of tears in her lavender eyes. All anger that he had inside him for the child quickly melted away when he looked upon her. "Stella", he sighed "come here" he said holding his arms out. She quickly took his invitation and they sat together for a few moments of comfortable silence. But, like always, Estella spoke up.

"Am I still your sister?" she asked, trying to keep her voice strong."

Christain was taken back by her question, not sure how to answer, but then he realized how. By doing what he does best.

bonsoir mon ange, le temps de te fermer les yeux,

Et sauvegardez ces questions pour un autre jour

Je pense que je sais ce que tu me demandes

Je pense que tu sais ce que j'ai essayé de dire

J'ai promis de ne jamais te quitter

Et vous devriez toujours savoir

Où que vous alliez

Peu importe où vous êtes

Je ne serai jamais loin

"French! I like it" Estella said with a bright smile, but her smile faltered "Im sorry, I didn't mean to get you in trouble."

"I know, its okay, Im sorry too" Christian replied

"Oh wait! I just remembered, stay right here. I have something for you." She darted up and ran out off the room.

A few moments later she came back in with a heavy, messily wrapped box. She et it down on the bed. "I was gonna give it too you on your birthday, but I figured you'd need something to pass the time while you're grounded. I bought it with my allowance that I've been saving up".

Christian remover the poorly tied silk bow and lifted the top off the colorful container. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat when he saw its contents. Inside was a beautiful, shiny, solid black typewriter with little red roses cleverly painted on around the perimeter.

"I painted on the flowers myself, with the paint you gave me. And look here" right below the keys, a simple quote was written

'That which we call a rise by any other name would smell just as sweet'

Christian instantly recognized the line, " and who taught you that?" He asked with a smirk

"You did silly!" Estella replied with a giggle

"I know, I love you, it's beautiful". He wrapped his arms little girl as he squirmed and laughed

"I love you too Christian"



Did you guys like it?! I really hope so. Chapter 2 will be up soon i promise. And all of our beloved Bohemian friends will be in it, along with maybe some cuteness between Christain and Satine, as well as Stella causing chaos with some new friends. Oh and the song in here is "lullaby" by Billy Joel, one of my favorite songs from when i was little. Have a lovely day everyone333