Okay first of all, screw you fanfiction. I don't know how the heck it kept my last AN for my last story. But whatever...

I am finally starting the next story of my SWAT Kats trilogy. It follows directly from the last story Parallel Dimensions. As the story summary states, it's going to focus on Chris becoming and training as a SWAT Kat as well as her relationship with Jake. I am going to keep looking over the story to make edits because this story was made first. I have a feeling this one will be shorter. Anyway, please enjoy the start of this.

It was an empty dark hallway.

This is what met her hazel eyes as she scanned her whereabouts. It was downright creepy that it sent a shiver down her spine. She didn't recognize this place and what's more, it was really cold. She scanned the area in hopes she would see anything familiar. Maybe there will be something give her answers to her questions. Sadly, there was nothing. She felt a sense of dread at the bottom of her heart. Where am I? And how did I even get here in the first place? Was her first thought as she continued to stare around her?

Christina started to walk in one direction, hoping it will lead her somewhere. She could feel the freezing air around her start to get even colder, and it made her bare arms shiver. She shook her head, as her dark brown hair that was tied in a ponytail swish about. She was in her kat disguise since she didn't want anyone knowing she isn't what she appears to be. That much was a relief.

"Hello?" Chris called out all the while gripping her arms in an effort to warm herself.

She could only hear her own voice echo back, and this made her shiver even more. Either there was no one here or maybe there wasn't anyone around to hear her call out. Whatever the case was, it only was starting to make her worry more. She decided the best course action was to keep going in hopes of finding not just another soul but possibly an exit so she can get out of there.

Suddenly, Chris heard the sound of metal feet rushing in her direction from behind. She turned and gasped in alarm to see Mac and Molly Mange with bags of money in their metal arms. She wanted to run away as fast as her legs could carry her. She knew as well as anyone else that these two robot kats were evil and would probably kill her right then and there if given the chance. And yet she didn't make any attempt to run. She was probably too petrified to move her feet, despite her brain screaming at her to dash and find a place to hide. Her body had other ideas and she could only watch the villain couple come right at her.

However, much to her surprise, they rushed by as if she wasn't even there and rounded the corner of the hallway. Chris stared after them, when something or someone dressed in blue and red went by her at a fast pace. She had just enough time to see a cinnamon colored tail go around the corner. This was enough to snap her out of her daze when she knew who that was any day.

Thinking quickly, Chris followed Razor who was on pursuit of the Metalikats. But questions were buzzing in her head. Why was Razor alone? Why are the Metalikats running? Where did they get the money? Where was T-Bone? Where are they in the first place? And more importantly, how come they couldn't see her?

Chris gasped when she came around the corner to see Razor holding up his right paw which held the Glovatrix at Mac and Molly. Right now, the two villains appeared to have reached a dead end at the end of the hallway, "Where is Starlight, Metalikats?" Razor demanded, and Chris could hear anger and desperation in his voice.

Starlight? Who's Starlight? Chris wondered to herself. She had no time to dwell on this since the robot kats were cackling.

"She is alive, for now SWAT Kat," Mac answered, smirking evilly.

"Why so concerned for her?" Molly demanded.

"Because she is special to me, and unlike you two, we actually get along," Razor replied, with a serious look on his face.

"Who said we didn't?" Mac snapped.

"Shut up, Mac! Let's just kill him and get it over with!" Molly retorted.

The Metalikats dropped their bags of money and held up blasters that were attached to their arms. Chris tried to warn Razor, but it was pointless since he couldn't hear her. Still she had to try. And there was a sudden burst of light coming from the robots' guns.

"NO!" Chris screamed in horror.

Chris sat up in her bed, breathing hard. Her covers lay on the floor, and she was sweating…bad. She shook her head and played that scene over and over in her head. The young girl never had dreams like this. And that's what frightened her.

She hoped it was just some dumb nightmare. But it was hard for her to convince herself of that when all she can see currently is of Mac and Molly blasting Razor. The scene kept repeating to the point that she shook her head in an effort to stop it from replaying. She didn't want to think of what would happen if it actually came true. And who was Starlight they were talking about? From the sound of things and how he was reacting, it was someone Razor was close to. A girl she didn't know about? That she couldn't get since she had never seen him hang out with any other girls, except for herself. This was confusing.

Chris glanced over at her nightstand and saw on her alarm clock that it was 2 in the morning. Terrific; that means she was probably going to be really tired tomorrow. She turned her attention out the window to see a full moon shining down upon the quiet Salvage Yard. Seeing how peaceful it was, her heart stopped beating so fast and she began to calm down. She also paused to listen to any signs of her friends waking up. She did scream after all. Luckily, there was no sound of footsteps coming for her room. That indicated they were still sleeping. That was a relief.

Christina Major had been living with Razor, whose real name was Jake Clawson, and his buddy T-Bone, also known as Chance Furlong, for a couple of months now. She had enjoyed being here thus far, which was a good thing since she could never go back. The portal that had brought her here disappeared long ago. Not to mention there was nothing in her world that she wanted to go back to anyway. Truth be told, her life was a bore and she didn't exactly miss it. The only thing she did miss was her parents and brother. There were times she pondered of how they were faring. After all, only her younger brother knew of her coming here. Her parents would never know and she will forever remain curious if they were worried about her. They probably were but that was out of her control. She made her choice and she was sticking to it.

As for Jake and Chance themselves, they were happy to have her. She provided them great food to eat three times a day. There was also the fact that all three had become close like family. As much as Chris missed her parents and brother, she found the comfort and support from Jake and Chance than she ever thought possible.

The thing was, no one, but Jake and Chance knew that she was really a human girl. And she was the only one to know about the two mechanics being the SWAT Kats. She had found out about their heroics when they were stuck in her world. Maybe this is the reason on why all three became such good friends. When Chris came to live with her kat friends, it certainly did not take long that they had to work out some problems for her to be at home in Megakat City. If any of the kats found out about her not being their species, they would take her to the scientists and do horrible experiments on her. Despite of how strange most of the creatures that attacked the city were, most of them were at least cat like. Chris was far from looking like a kat.

Luckily, having Chris to blend in was the easy part. Thanks to Jake's high intelligence with technology, he managed to create a pair of earrings for Chris. The right earring allowed Chris to have the form of a kat, just by pressing on the tiny button. The left earring in which Jake made before Chris came to live with him and Chance was just a homing signal, just in case they needed to track her down if she ever got captured. And she went to a university of Megakat City to continue her studies. She even made up a last name called Scratkata and that she was from across the sea to make it less obvious. She also took it upon herself to work part time at the Salvage Yard by doing paperwork and sometimes working on cars though she had no experience with the machines whatsoever. Luckily Jake and Chance were both patient to teach her the basic mechanics of the cars and what problems to look out for.

Besides having getting a little home sick once and awhile, Chris loved living in Megakat City. The one thing she hated about it was all the villains coming and disturbing the peace. She would be lying if she didn't find it a little exciting, though. After all, back in her human world, there was nothing like monsters or villains trying to take over the world. There was also to some extent that she disliked Commander Feral. He did after all kick Chance and Jake off the Enforcers for something that wasn't even their faults. At least she didn't have to see him so much except on the television. It wasn't like she hated him as much as her tom kat friends did. She can tell he did care for the city and was trying his best to protect it. If only he would just let some of his stubborn pride go.

As for the other citizens, Chris was actually lucky to meet Callie Briggs, the Deputy Mayor of Megakat City. In all honesty, she didn't think she ever would since Callie is supposed to be an important figure right next to the mayor himself. Then again, she was the only one to know of the famous SWAT Kats true identities while the Deputy Mayor herself didn't.

The pretty blonde she kat had come over to the Salvage Yard for her car was probably having troubles once more. Chris was currently by herself since Jake and Chance had to go out and tow a car in need. While she was working on some paperwork, she heard the sound of a car come driving up. She looked up to see a bright green sedan and she blinked in surprise to see a she kat with long wavy blonde hair wearing a magenta business suit come walking out of her car.

"Hello?" The woman like kat called as she peered into the garage.

Chris recognized her voice. This was Callie Briggs, the one who calls the SWAT Kats whenever there's trouble brewing at Megakat City. The human girl never thought she would ever meet her like this. Jake and Chance told her about Callie and the fact she was a very good friend of theirs even though she didn't know about their identities. Knowing she was making this important figure waiting, Chris quickly got to her feet from the desk. She was also glad that she was in her kat disguise already. She didn't want to scare the nine lives out of this Deputy Mayor.

"Um hi." Chris walked over and waved awkwardly towards Callie.

The blonde she kat turned and her green eyes widen a little to see her, "Oh, I didn't know there was a new worker here." Callie said and Chris laughed nervously,

"Yeah, I just started. Um, I'm Christina Scratkata." She held out her hand and Callie smiled while taking it.

The two shook and Callie introduced herself, "Callico Briggs, the Deputy Mayor of Megakat City. It's nice to meet you, Christina."

Chris beamed. Callie was certainly nice enough. Jake and Chance did say so but Chris had always pictured Callie to be one of those sort of busy stuck up people since she is the Deputy Mayor, "You too, Deputy Mayor Briggs." She said and Callie laughed a little,

"Please, call me Callie. Deputy Mayor Briggs is too much of a mouth full."

Chris's smile increased, "Okay, then you can call me Chris if you want."

Callie laughed once more and the two began to talk. It wasn't long until the two became very good friends. Chris had no idea she was this lucky to meet and befriend one of Megakat City's most important people. While Callie did take her job seriously, she was just as friendly as she appeared. And Chris was very lucky to have met her as well as become friends with her.

While becoming friends with Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs was a very big deal, Chris never thought she would also meet and befriend the niece of Commander Feral. And yet, she got the chance. It was when she was in a hurry to get to the university that she was nearly caught speeding. She had no idea she was going so fast but she was really lucky that it was Felina Feral who had stopped her. Had it been any other Enforcer or Feral himself, she would probably have gotten a ticket.

At first, Chris was afraid that this stern looking black haired she kat was going to be just like her uncle. She did hear from Chance and Jake that she was much nicer than she let on. Still, when Felina came up and asked her while glaring down at her about her speeding, Chris was downright afraid. She managed to tell the older kat the truth of her speeding and that she would never do it again. For a couple of minutes, it seemed Felina was going to give her a ticket, however, much to Chris's surprise, the stern look she was giving her melted away to a kind smile. And she said nicely but firmly that she will let Chris off with a warning. Next time, she will have no choice but to give her a ticket. Chris felt relieved and thanked the Lieutenant over and over until the older she kat told her it was all right.

After that little run in, Chris managed to catch Felina at a café one day, along with Callie Briggs herself. It turned out both she kats were also very good friends. Neither had any problem allowing the younger girl to join in with them. Chris certainly felt glad to have good friends, even if Felina and Callie were super busy doing what they had to do. With such friendly faces and the like, Chris was really starting to feel at home in Megakat City. She no longer dreaded waking up every morning to go through such a boring routine like she did back in her world. She truly felt happy in this world, despite her being the only human in a kat dominated universe.

Now her current problem was having to deal with this nightmare that took away her precious hours of sleep. She hated feeling so irritated. Chris sighed before she stood up and she put on her bathrobe.

"I'm thirsty." She mumbled to herself and she hoped walking around and getting a nice cold drink of water will get her tired.

She peeked outside her door and looked down the hallway to her left. Her room was the very last door in this hallway. She would have to bypass Chance's room first and then Jake's before she got to the steps that led downstairs. This bunker was only two stories high yet large enough to have all three live comfortably. She pulled her robe closer before she very quietly started to make her way pass the rooms.

Chris had no problem getting by Chance's door but before she came to the steps, she paused at Jake's door. She looked and could see the door was cracked open. Remembering her nightmare, which caused her to frown deeply; she decided to check if he was all right. She opened the door wider and peeked in to see sure enough Jake sleeping peacefully. She really shouldn't since she was invading her friend's room but she was only making sure he was all right. And she wasn't going to go inside his room.

Chris couldn't help but smile as the dark-furred tom kat continued to purr gently in his sleep, with his bare torso showing. Like most human men back in her world, some tom-kats here apparently don't sleep with a shirt on. And she didn't mind, for she hardly ever got to see Jake's wirily muscles. Even though he was somewhat small at first glance, he actually had strong biceps. Not to mention he was taller than she was. He certainly managed to pull off the hottie list in her mind. She had a back thought that if he still bore the scars that had been inflicted upon him from that evil professor Bombard. He probably did even though his fur probably kept them covered. She wasn't going to ask him of course. The question itself would probably make Jake think she was downright weird. Scars or not he was still an attractive being.

It wasn't just his muscles that attracted Chris though. He also had a sweet, innocent, strong-smiling adorable face that always got to her. And he had a matching personality. He was certainly shy around her sometimes, but as Razor, he got cockier. Probably because he didn't want others to know he was also passive Jake Clawson. And his beautiful amber eyes that held intelligence. The list goes on. Chris recalled of how she was teased from both her brother and a man named Greg that she was developing feelings for this tom kat. This made her wonder if she was even allowed to.

For a moment, Chris forgot what she was doing up in the first place. Remembering swiftly and knowing that she was intruding on her sleeping friend, she nippily and quietly pulled the door closed. She didn't want to wake Jake up. She wouldn't know how to explain such a situation on why she was checking him out despite her doing it out of worry. She shook her head and turned to proceed to her destination. Once she was in the kitchen, she quietly got out a glass and took a bottle from the fridge to poor a drink of cold water. She sighed in satisfaction after she had her fill. She put the glass in the sink to clean tomorrow and started to go back up the stairs.

She walked by Jake's door and paused for a second. She shook her head. She did worry because of that nightmare but for now, he was perfectly safe. She let out a sigh and continued to make her way to her room. She passed by Chance's door and she could hear the larger tabby kat snoring loudly.

Chris rolled her eyes playfully. She didn't need to check on him to see if he was asleep. Besides, he wasn't in her nightmare. Though she did wonder why that was. A wave of drowsiness hit her and she decided to think about it tomorrow. She preceded the rest of the way to her bedroom. She hoped with all her might that the nightmare wouldn't come back. She carefully closed her door and walked to her bed. She hung up her bathrobe before getting back into her soft bed. She picked the covers back up and she lay down. She stared up at the ceiling with the moon shining through her window. After a few minutes, her eyes closed. Thankfully, as she drifted off to sleep the nightmare didn't return.