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Around midafternoon, Chris was currently in her room. Once she had cleaned the dishes in the kitchen, she decided to head up and relax. She had offered to help with cleaning up the mess Burke and Murray left, but Jake and Chance assured her they could handle it. She didn't try to push it and here she was. She was lying on her bed while staring down at one of her favorite books. She wasn't even reading it, only skimming through it, because her mind was still boggling over that dream. Questions were going through her mind. What did that nightmare mean exactly? That Jake was going to die soon?

Chris sat up at that thought while her eyes met one of the posters she brought with her to hang up in order to decorate her room. For the first time since she got here, she worried about Jake going out as a SWAT Kat to save Megakat city. When he went on missions before, she didn't worry about his safety, because she could see that he knew what he was doing. His aim with missiles hardly ever failed, and with T-Bone's excellent flying, the two didn't get injured most of the time. She had been with them a couple of times to witness their incredible heroic acts.

And now, after that dream, she feared for the tom-kat she always liked the moment she met him. Chris wasn't sure what to do. Besides, why was this bothering her so much? She had known he had come close to losing his life many times. Heck, back in her world, he went through horrible experiments from Professor Bombard. The fact he was laughing and acting all normal despite going through such a painful experience months ago was an incredible feat in itself. She really did admire him for being able to get over it. She was once more curious if Jake was still bearing those scars. She wasn't about to ask him if she could see that's for sure. The thought alone made her feel a little flustered that she focused on her worries again.

She tried to think of how to put her nightmare as well as her uncertainties to a rest. Was there a way? Should she try to stop Jake from going on missions? She shook her head as she immediately dismissed the idea. No, T-Bone needed Razor. The two were like one mind when it came to flying the Turbokat. So without Razor, T-Bone would certainly end up losing the villains all by himself. Not to mention, how would she even stop him from going? Even if she told him about her nightmare, he would say it was just a dream and just go anyway. Perhaps she was being too much of a worrywart.

Chris started to laugh quietly, "What's wrong with me? I've had dreams before as well as nightmares. It's nothing new." She said as if to comfort herself.

Though, she never had any nightmares of seeing someone she knew being killed right before her. She shook her head. She had to stop this. She was acting like an overprotective mother who didn't want any harm to come to her children. Despite her qualms being natural, it was still a little silly since it was just a dream from her mind. Besides, she couldn't let some crud nightmare get to her…can she?

Suddenly, the familiar alarm went off in the distant, signaling that danger was calling. She jumped from the loud sound before she got up. Chris closed the book she wasn't even reading. Not bothering to put a bookmark within the reading material, she rushed downstairs.

"I had to jinx it." She muttered to herself.

Down below, Chance was the first down the hanger and he answered the call as he slammed his fist into the button, "Yes Miss Briggs?"

"Razor! T-Bone! We've got a problem! Dr. Viper is back, and he's causing chaos in Megakat City's Bio Lab!" Callie's urgent voice said, through the COM, "Feral, Felina, and the Enforcers are already informed but it would be wise if you could come and help out as well.

"Don't worry, Miss Briggs. We'll take care of it!" Jake said to reassure the Deputy Mayor, as Chris came sliding down the ladder into the hanger.

"Duty calls, boys?" She asked once she turned toward her two friends.

"Yeah, we'll be back as soon as we can!" Jake answered before he and Chance rushed to their lockers to get changed into their SWAT Kats gear.

Then, T-Bone and Razor jumped into the Turbokat and were off in a matter of seconds. Chris dashed back upstairs and watched in time as the black jet flew off towards the city.

"Please be careful, Razor…" She whispered, hoping with all her might that he would be.

Meanwhile in the Bio Lab, Viper laughed evilly as the poor citizens hung from the ceiling. Big globs of gooey green slime were holding onto them that left them completely helpless. They stared down in fear of what the evil snake/kat was going to do, "Sssssoon! I will take what issss mine!" The half-snake villain cackled, rubbing his claws together in glee.

He started heading towards the shelves that held beakers of antidotes and all sorts of potions. Everything he needed to start brewing his plan was before him and he was delighted. With this, he will put his plan into making Megakat City a swamp as he had always dreamed of.

"No more ugly sssssteel or botherssssssome machines. It will be a beautiful sssswamp ruled over by me; Dr. Viper!" He laughed menacingly once again.

He was just starting to grab what he wanted, when he heard the sound of the Enforcer choppers surrounding the building, "This is Feral! Dr. Viper! You are under arrest!" Feral's loud voice boomed that any kat from a few miles away can hear it.

"Jusssst try and ssssstop me, Feral! You are no match for my new beautiful bacteria!" Viper pointed one of his claws toward the hovering choppers that were in view through the window, "Attack, my beautiessss!"

The green globs, which were around Viper, started headed for the Enforcers at an incredible speed. The pilots barely had any time to react. Felina managed to dodge one of speedy bacterial slime, but her uncle wasn't so lucky. Once it hit, the bacteria started to spread on the helicopter that Feral and an enforcer was occupied. To Feral's shock, it started to eat away at the metal very quickly. At this rate, he will have no chopper to fly in a matter of minutes.

"The Enforcerssss are helplessssss!" Viper laughed evilly when he saw something black in the distant heading straight for him. He already knew what that was before it got any closer, "The SSSSWAT Katssss!" He hissed angrily.

Once the Turbokat came on the scene, T-Bone and Razor took one look at what was happening and knew immediately that whatever Viper was cooking up, it certainly was going to be a tough one to taste. "Looks like Viper already served out his drinks to his guests." T-Bone joked, steering the Turbokat towards the bio lab building.

"And to think he didn't even invite us to his party." Razor added his own quip, putting down his visor to get a better view of the whole scene.

"Then let's crash it!" T-Bone said before he had the jet go at full speed to their intended target.

Razor smirked at his partner's reply only to frown quickly at what he was seeing. He took noticed of the situation that Feral and his fellow officer were having. He made way to help save the commander and Enforcer. However, he didn't have to worry about lending a hand, for Felina flew up and saved her uncle just in time. Feral's helicopter was no more by the time Felina and Feral started to fly away back towards the building. The clever tom kat already figured that he and T-Bone were going to have to be careful to not let any of Viper's bacteria get on their jet.

"I see some poor citizens in there, Razor. Guess you'll have to be careful when aiming one of your missiles towards that creep." T-Bone pointed out with a frown set on his face. He trusted his partner of course and the fact he had an awesome aim. He still wasn't perfect. There was always a very slim chance that Razor could miss and hurt someone by accident.

"No problem, buddy. My aim has never once failed me," Razor answered with confidence as he took aim right where Viper was, "Let's see if he likes the taste of cement!"

Lowering the cement gun, Razor carefully maneuvered his target and shot out globs of cement right for the evil half snake and half kat villain. By the time Viper saw what was heading his way it was already too late. The cement globs met their mark and Viper let out a screech as he went flying back even further into the building.

"Bingo!" Razor gave a cry before adding, "If my calculations are correct, Viper should have at least hit the wall and is now cemented to it."

"Right. Let's get inside that building and save those poor kats." T-Bone replied and he lowered the Turbokat on top of the bio lab building.

Just as the SWAT Kats got out of their jet, Feral and his enforcers landed their helicopters beside them. The forceful tall tom kat jumped down and marched over toward the two vigilantes, "Now where do you think you two are going?" he demanded all the while he glared suspiciously at his rivals.

"Going to help out the poor citizens of that bio lab and take on Viper before he gets away again," T-Bone answered as he put his Glovatrix on his right paw and then he added with wide grin, "Why? You too afraid to go in yourself?"

"Me? Afraid?" Feral asked as he looked on the verge of giving the smirking tom kat a hard time when Felina rushed up,

"Please, Uncle not right now. We have to hurry before anything else happens. Besides, T-Bone is right. If Viber does escape, he will probably steal the chemicals inside that lab." The female enforcer said firmly as everyone else nodded in agreement. The past experiences with Viber did leave a big impact to the point that Feral couldn't argue.

"Agreed Lieutenant, let's move men!" Feral ordered and without another word to the SWAT Kats, the whole group took the stairs and rushed down to find the room the helpless kats were in.

Along the way, every one of them kept guard just in case Viper, if he did manage to escape, was either coming for them or in hiding. Luckily, the group found the room where the victims of Viper's ploy were still being held. Unfortunately, in the same room were more bacteria, which started for them as soon as Feral opened the door.

"Fire all weapons!" Feral ordered and his men obeyed.

Some of the bacteria obliterated under the firing of the Enforcers' guns. However, more were still coming and one Enforcer was unfortunate to get eaten. As he screamed, Felina and the others had to look away in horror. By the time he was gone, Feral, the remaining Enforcers, and the SWAT Kats fired upon the rest of the bacteria.

"That was very disturbing…" T-Bone said once they were done shooting. He had a grim expression on his face to indicate that even though he didn't know that Enforcer, seeing anyone get killed or in this case eaten was upsetting.

"I'll say…poor Private Litters. He was on the Force for just a couple of years." Felina whispered and she shook her head.

Feral sighed, "Let's just stay focused. There are probably more bacteria we don't know around the corners. We can mourn later." He said in his usual stern commanding voice. No one tried to argue and they all headed further inside.

Meanwhile outside the building in another helicopter were Ann Gora and her partner Johnny, who was recording the whole thing from his camera, "This is Ann Gora from Kat's Eye News, coming to you live in Megakat City's own bio lab. What you are viewing is Feral, his Enforcers, and the SWAT Kats battling what appears to be really disgusting bacteria that can eat anything that comes at it." Ann reported as she fixed her eyes upon the battle scene.

Watching the whole thing on a small TV far away in a Salvage Yard was Chris. She sat ridged on the couch as she watched the camera zoom in on the fighting. She held her breath when she saw a loose bacteria come for Razor. Luckily, T-Bone saw it and took it out before it got any closer.

Chris sighed in relief and continued to watch. She really hoped and prayed that nothing bad was going to happen to Razor. That nightmare was coming back and despite the Metalikats being the ones in the nightmare, it could mean any other villain will be Razor's maker. Thus, her worries will not be waned until he was back here safe and sound. She kept her eyes on the screen, her fingernails digging into the soft fabric of the couch she currently was sitting on.

Razor's keen amber eyes told him that Viper landed somewhere in the back of the room. After getting rid of the mutated bacteria and the Enforcers started to help the victims from their gooey prison, the smaller SWAT Kat took a look around. He deciphered that Viper had landed against the wall behind a few lab tables. And judging by the mess on the wall and on the floor, the evil snake kat had managed to escape. The cement hadn't dried in time to keep him contained. That was unfortunate.

Razor frowned and half thought that his cement would have been enough to at least keep Viper restrained and the other half of where the slimy villain was now, "Take these kats down to get medical attention." Feral ordered his men and the Enforcers obeyed before they led the dizzy kats out of the room.

"What's wrong, buddy?" T-Bone questioned when he noticed his partner staring at one part of the room.

"Trying to figure out where Viper could be. He escaped that's for sure, but we need to see if he is still in the building." Razor answered as he leaned down and put his gloved paw on the tile floor.

"Where do you think he went to?" Felina questioned as she joined the two SWAT Kats.

"Seeing the direction the cement is going, he went through this door." Razor replied as he stood up again and started for the door that was at the opposite end of the room.

"Hold on, Razor. Viper could still be in there and just waiting for us to come in. We better be careful." T-Bone put in as he cocked his Glovatrix ready.

"Roger that." Razor nodded and he got beside the door with his own Glovatrix ready.

Felina stood beside T-Bone as Feral came over to them. Noticing what they were doing, he took out his own blaster and aimed it toward the door. After nodding at each other in understanding of what they all were going to do, T-Bone kicked the door open and all four kats aimed inside. However, they saw to their dismay the place was a storage room and it was dark.

Feral immediately tried to turn on the lights, however, the room remained obscure, "Let's keep on our tails." The Commander stated in a hush voice.

Normally, T-Bone would retort, however, he felt slightly anxious and he could only nod. Besides, capturing Viber was more important than getting into a petty argument. The small group walked inside slowly and quietly. The place was outlandishly unobtrusive and the four kats split up to cover the room more.

Chris was starting to feel fear build up when she saw Razor, T-Bone, Felina, and Feral go inside that room. Ann couldn't have Johnny bring his camera closer and now there was no telling what was going to happen in there.

"Razor..." Chris whispered, her hands turning into fists and she silently prayed for her friend's safety. She was worried about T-Bone as well but the nightmare was making her more concerned for Razor. She really hoped he will be okay.

Razor kept his ears cocked and his eyes peered at every nook and cranny of everywhere he walked. He gave it time to allow his eyes to adjust to the dark. He could feel that something was in here and he wasn't about to let his guard down. He knew all too well that Viber was definitely in here. Question was: where was he right now? The cinnamon tom kat went around the corner of a large shelf that held a bunch of bottles of all kinds of chemicals. He was starting to get the feeling that someone was watching him.

He stopped as his tail tensed up. He frowned all the while listening hard. He heard the sound of scratching nails and it was coming from up above. Razor glanced up quickly and only managed to raise his Glovatrix a few inches when Viper pounced upon him. Both of them started to fight in a messy tangle. All the harsh movement they were doing caused one of the shelves to tip to the side somewhat and the chemicals upon it started to wobble from disturbance. Luckily nothing fell.

"Razor!" T-Bone cried when he heard the squabble going on and he started for the noise.

Felina and Feral were right behind him when they heard him cry out. Razor grunted in an effort to get Viper off of him. The half snake kat hissed in irritation as he tried everything to finally kill this pesky SWAT Kat. They started rolling around and finally out of the storage room. T-Bone and the Ferals followed close behind.

Chris gasped in alarm when she saw Razor struggling with Viper right there on the TV, "Unbelievable! One of the SWAT Kats is trying to take on Viper!" Ann put in her own comment.

T-Bone growled and tried to aim his Glovatrix at the struggling pair. However, Razor and Viper were moving so much, the bigger tom wouldn't dare fire for he may hit his own partner by mistake. The villain and hero slammed into a table and a beaker fell to the floor. Seeing a large broken glass near him, Viper grabbed it and used his free claw to finally grab a hold of Razor's throat and slammed him hard to the tile floor. This knocked Razor for a loop and he tried to stop the paining in the back of his head. But he had no time for that.

"End of the line for you, SSSSSSWAT Kat!" Viper cried out as he lifted his arm that held the sharp glass to fling it down upon the SWAT Kat.

"Razor!" Chris screamed along with T-Bone.

Luckily, Felina fired just in time and with her accuracy, the glass shot right out of Viper's claw. The angry half snake kat gave a cry of antagonism before T-Bone and Feral rushed over and dragged the evil villain off of Razor. While coughing, Razor sat up and massaged his neck. It felt good to breathe again.

"No! Thisssss can't be happening!" Viper shouted as he struggled to get free of T-Bone and Feral's grip.

"Oh shut up." T-Bone growled before he punched the villain out cold.

"Let's take this sicko away." Feral grunted as Felina came up.

"With pleasure, sir." The female Feral stated as she took T-Bone's place to keep a hold of Viper.

As the two Ferals headed out with Viber in tow, T-Bone walked over to Razor and helped his partner up, "You okay, pal?" the bigger tom questioned in concern.

"I'm fine." Razor shook his head a little.

"Are you sure?" T-Bone asked since he did go through a rough fight and his partner let out a sigh,

"Seriously I am. Besides, that sure was exciting." Razor answered with a grin.

"Exciting? That's all you can say?" Chris questioned as she was lecturing Jake and Chance.

After avoiding the press, the SWAT Kats took the jet and flew home. When they got back, a frantic Chris was waiting for them. As of now, Jake and Chance were out of their SWAT Kat gear and resting on the couch in the living room. Chris however wasn't ready to let the matter drop. She was pacing back and forth in front of them all the while ranting about the Viper incident. She even checked to make sure Jake's neck wasn't bruised or anything. Luckily, it wasn't but she still would not calm down.

"Relax, Chris, we're safe and sound, no need to get so worked up about it," Chance tried to calm the agitated young girl. He was also craning his neck back and forth to view the television because Chris was pacing in front of them, "Now do you mind? I'm trying to watch Scaredy Kat. It's one of the classic episodes. And I can't see it if you're standing in front of the television."

"So? I mean, I was watching the whole fight on TV. I can't believe this." Chris frowned as she rubbed her forehead.

"Chance is right, Chris. We're safe and thanks to Felina Feral, I didn't get hurt from Viper. We do this all the time anyway." Jake replied as he gave her a gentle smile in hopes of at least calming her down. He didn't like seeing her worked up.

"But Jake, you could have…" she couldn't continue and she backed away a little. She nearly talked about a certain nightmare, "Sorry, I need some air." She turned and rushed out of the room leaving the two toms staring after her in confusion.

"Sheesh, what's with her? She knows we do this all the time. Why is she suddenly so upset?" Chance asked with a frown.

"I don't know. I'll find out." Jake answered as he quickly got up and rushed out after Chris.

Chance simply shrugged and went back to watching his favorite cartoon. Chris, meanwhile, ran outside to the salvage yard. After a minute, she stopped and stared a pile of junk in front of her. She hated to admit it but Jake and Chance were right that she needed to settle down. Both did this daily and it was natural that the two came close to near death experiences. And they were both safe today so there was no need to fret. The dream Chris had that night was still hitting her hard, however. It reminded her that life could go out at any time, especially in certain situations and hobbies. She frowned as she stared up at the orange and yellow colored evening sky. She wished she could help out and stop Jake from having his life taken away. She couldn't halt him from going on his missions though. So what is she supposed to do in a situation like this?

For a long moment, while staring up at the sky Chris thought over the nightmare. She can once more see the Metalikats shooting at her beloved friend and it made her heart wrench. She wasn't going to let this nightmare come true. She didn't want anything to happen to Jake, not now not ever. Once again, she was back to the question of what she was supposed to do. She started thinking up ideas. Luckily, one idea popped inside her head that stood out. It was an indication that she herself would think is downright crazy. But desperate times call for desperate measures. It could work if she trained hard. Now the only thing she had to be concerned about is would Jake and Chance agree to it?

"Chris?" she heard a familiar male voice and she turned her head to see it was only Jake. He let out a sigh to catch his breath for a moment before he spoke once more, "You all right? I mean, sorry if what we do seems to scare you, but we honestly have no choice. This city needs us to protect it."

Chris blinked up at the handsome tom kat before she turned away and answered in a small voice, "I know. I'm sorry for freaking out."

"That's fine. It's understandable. Besides, being a SWAT Kat can be fun too." Jake tried to explain as he rubbed the back of his neck in slight embarrassment; he still felt a bit nervous around Chris. Especially when he is alone with her like right now.

"I know. That's why I was thinking…" Chris answered as Jake blinked at her.

"Thinking of what?"

Chris didn't reply for a while before she finally glanced up with her hazel eyes meeting Jake's own amber eyes, "I was thinking that maybe I could…" she paused as she laughed nervously, "I don't know." She was starting to feel irritated that she blurted out her next words very fast, "Maybe be a SWAT Kat like you and Chance?"

Chris turned away with her eyes close shut. She expected Jake to either laugh or scold her for such a lousy idea. However, she only heard silence. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, she opened her eyes and turned slowly to see Jake still staring at her with the funniest look on his face. She really couldn't tell of what he was thinking. She blinked back at him before the tom kat finally found his voice.

"Are you serious?" he questioned and gave her a staid look.

"Of course. I mean, why not? I always wanted to do it…sort of," Chris replied back with a frown. Just seeing how he was looking at her made her recall of when both he and Chance were against an idea of hers several months back.

She had offered to be bait so that they could find the one who had been responsible in bringing Jake and Chance into the human world she once lived in. However, her kat friends had grown to like her to the point that they couldn't bear to allow it. Maybe in this situation, it will be the same. This made her feel sad since it was the only idea she could think of that will help her protect Razor from meeting his doom in the near future.

"Do you hate the idea? If so, I'm sorry for mentioning it, because it was a stupid thing to even ask. I mean, can you imagine me even being a SWAT Kat?" She said and laughed humorlessly. However, what he said will shock her,

"Whoa Chris, hold it. I don't hate the idea." Jake waved his paws, which made Chris stare at him in surprise.


"Yeah. In fact, it could work. You do need training of course which will take time. But I think having you as a SWAT Kat will be a great addition to our team." Jake gave her a charming smile that always made Chris's stomach do a back flip.

He was okay with it. He was going to let her be a SWAT Kat. She felt happy that he wasn't going to decline her idea. And if he was okay with it, Chance probably will be too.

Trying to fight back a blush she asked with exhilaration, "Great? When do we get started?"