Here we go. Another chapter to read. XD Now this one focuses on Chris's training to becoming a SWAT Kat plus some other things. It also focuses more on Chris's relationship with both Jake and Chance. There's really not much else to say but I hope you all enjoy this next chapter. I have been rereading this whole thing over and over to make edits as well as more to it. After all, this story was much shorter when I finished it. Anyway, please enjoy and once again, I welcome reviews!

A few days later, down in the Hanger, Chris was in the middle of her training. Chance was at the moment helping her get in shape first. She was adorned in a gray tank top and green cargo pants. Chance was also in his white tank top and green cargo pants. Right now, he was urging the young girl to throw out punches and kicks against the sandbag he was currently holding.

"Come on, Chris, hit harder than that!"

"I'm trying!" Chris panted as she continued to give everything she can at the sandbag, "I'm not as strong as you! And you cannot except me to have super strength in a matter of a few days!"

"True. That doesn't mean you can't stop trying," Chance urged as he gave her a smirk, "But I think no matter how long or hard you train, you'll never be as strong as me."

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Chris questioned as she stopped hitting the sandbag to give the blond tiger kat a suspicious glare.

"No," Chance answered with a shrug before Chris went back to hitting again; the bigger kat then added slyly, "Just pointing out a fact."

Before Chris could even retort, Jake climbed down the ladder into the hanger, "How's it going?" he asked; he was dressed similar to Chris and Chance, only his tank top was black.

"Just fine, bud. Chris is on her way, even though her punches and kicks are not making me flinch in the slightest." Chance responded all the while chuckling and Chris let out a frustrated groan.

"Look, I'm a girl or better known as a she-kat in your terms. I'm probably never going to be as strong as either of you ok? There are certain limitations, especially since I'm so much smaller than both of you."

"Isn't that what I just said?" Chance questioned causing Chris to roll her eyes.

"Ease up, Chance. But don't be down on yourself, Chris. I'm sure you will get pretty strong if you keep exercising." Jake put in with a casual smile.

"Thanks for the support." Chris answered as she rubbed her brown hair.

"Besides, if you plan on being one of us, ya godda make sure to keep in shape. Not to mention you have to train on being able to take on any villain that comes up." Chance said as he let go of the sandbag.

"Train? As in hand to hand combat? Oh man, that's going to take me forever." Chris groaned as she shook her head. She already knew that she was going to work to get in shape but combat was really the last thing on her mind.

"Not really. Just trust us both on this," Jake laughed gently as he patted the disguised girl's shoulder, "Come on. I'll train with you on your next lesson."

Chris gazed at Jake with a slight look of disinclination. However, he looked sure of himself that she couldn't say no to him. After all, she felt that she wanted to show she could be just as good as him and T-Bone. She nodded and followed the cinnamon kat toward a more open part of the hanger.

"Just what do we do with this part of the training?" Chris questioned with a frown.

Jake didn't answer until he stopped walking and turned towards her, "How about we start off with you trying to hit me?"

Chris blinked at his question, "Hit you? No way! I don't want to hit you!" she said waving her hands back and forth.

"I say that to myself sometimes whenever he annoys me," Chance laughed as he started up the ladder, "I'm going to get myself something to eat."

Chris watched him go before looking back at Jake, "What if I hurt you?" She questioned concern clear in both her voice and eyes.

"You're not going to hurt me, Chris. This is part of the training. I just need to see if you can be fast enough. Remember, you have to make sure to expect the unexpected." Jake explained while he folded his arms and his tail moved slightly to the side.

"In other words, I won't always be…?" Chris began and Jake nodded,

"Bingo. If you run out of ammo for your weapons, you have to be ready to take on a villain at close quarters. I am really hoping that won't ever happen, but you never know. So for this part, I'm going to see if you can get better at trying to punch and kick. And I will show you of what to do when I take you down."

Chris stared at Jake. She blinked slowly all the while thinking over of what he just said, "Well, okay then. You sure this is safe?"

"Trust me, you won't hurt me and I won't hurt you," The gentle tomkat put in with one of his charming smiles that always made Chris's heart skip a beat, "Now let's get started."

Chris blinked once more as she watched Jake continue to stand before her in the same position. Apparently he wasn't going to move until she did. Knowing he was waiting patiently, the young girl sighed and started forward. She raised her fists and tried to punch him. Though, because of her doubts and worries, she didn't put too much effort into it. He dodged her feeble punch with ease and turned towards her.

"I hope you're not trying to go easy on me." He stated with a Razor smirk. It was perfectly obvious he was egging her on. And it worked.

Chris gave him a playful glare, "Oh, no way. I just wanted to make sure you will dodge." She put in as this time she went full force towards him.

However, Chris's results were the same as the first. Every punch and kick she tried to put on, Jake dodged them like he could see them coming before she even thought of making the move. Anyone could tell that Jake had been trained for this for years while Chris was a mere novice. After a good twenty minutes, Chris stopped trying to attack and leaned on her knees while panting heavily.

"Not bad, Chris. You're fast, but not fast enough. However, with practice you will get there." Jake said with a smile and he unfolded his arms.

"Somehow, that sounds like it will take a long time…" Chris huffed and she wiped her sweaty forehead.

Jake gave her another few minutes to catch her breath before saying, "Now the next step is to see if you can dodge any attacks."

Chris's hazel eyes widen as she glanced up into Jake's amber ones, "Seriously? I don't know…" She trailed off. Trying to attack was one thing, but actually dodging offensive moves was a whole new ballgame.

"I told you, Chris, I won't hurt you," The cinnamon tom assured his friend, "That's the last thing I ever want to do to you anyway. Now I'm going to come at you with swift attacks that you need to learn to dodge. And remember what I said, always expect the unexpected."

Chris stood up straight as she watched Jake get into a fighting position, "Um okay, but shouldn't we…?" She stopped short when she saw her friend come at her at an incredible speed.

Chris gave a slight yelp before she managed to dodge an oncoming punch from Jake. He wasn't going to hit her hard, but he had to show her that she had to be prepared. He was impressed of how fast she dodged the first one. She panted as she quickly dodged a swift kick from Jake. However, on the 3rd try, she wasn't so lucky. She gasped when he tapped her shoulder softly with his fist.

"Not bad, but you have to keep dodging. There is never any time for breaks when it comes to going up against a villain. You can trust me on that. Their main goal is to kill you and they will take any opening to accomplish that. If you let your guard down for even a second, they will come at you before you even know it." Jake explained as he continued to throw out punches and kicks.

Chris grunted and concentrated in an effort to dodge Jake's oncoming moves. She took his words to heart and tried to do everything to avoid the attacks her friend was throwing at her. She dodged some while she got hit other times. She was starting to get tired but she tried to picture that she was going against any of the villains instead of Jake. After all, if this had been a real fight, she probably would be severely injured or worse, dead. She was starting to do better at least that's what she thought. However, on the last move, the tom kat grabbed Chris by the arms and with a swift move, she found herself pinned to the hard concrete ground. Already exhausted, she started panting and could feel pain coursing through her back from the impact she had endured from being pinned down.

"You're making progress." Jake admitted with a smile as he stared down at her with his hands still on her arms.

"Really? I thought I was doing horrible." Chris groaned in response as she stared up into Jake's eyes.

Realizing of how close he was to her, she was once more aware of how attractive he was and of why almost all the she-kats would flirt with him. He had a handsome face with a smile that would possibly make any girl melt and his amber eyes sparkling with intelligence. Despite his small frame, he had hard packing muscles underneath his cinnamon colored fur and she can see that through his black tank top that he was wearing right now. And it wasn't just his looks that she found herself attracted to; his quiet, shy, and gentle nature was what always got him a peck on the cheek from any female kat.

Jake in the meantime too was finding himself having a hard time concentrating of why he and Chris were in this position to begin with. As Razor, he was never really nervous around any she-kats. However, as Jake, he always got tongue-tied and bashful around any pretty girl. Being with Chris over the last three months had made him more at ease and easier for him to talk to her. But he still couldn't help but feel flustered around the human girl disguised as a she-kat. He realized that he might like her more than just a friend after being with her for a while now. He can see why since she was pretty; despite her statements that she didn't think she was attractive. She also had a fun personality once you got her talking. Not to mention she was a kind and sweet girl who cared a lot about him and Chance. Though should he really be feeling this way?

As the two continued to stare at each other with thoughts on the other, Chance came down the ladder. Once he was at the bottom, he noticed the scene in front of him and he smirked playfully, "Hey! Are you two training or are you going to make out in the middle of the hanger?" he questioned loudly. As much as he wanted to see where this was going, he figured it was best to just say something. He nearly laughed when he saw both Jake and Chris jump from his calling out to them.

Jake quickly got to his feet as Chris slowly sat up, "Great timing, buddy." The cinnamon tom kat said with a playful glare.

"Yeah well, it's getting late. I think we've tortured Chris enough for today. It's better to let her rest up before she starts again tomorrow." Chance put in with a shrug.

"Gee thanks for looking out for me, Chance." Chris said while rolling her eyes and slowly got to her feet.

"Hey, it's what I do." The bigger tom kat replied with a warm laugh.

"Okay, I'm going to take a hot shower and then probably head to bed. Night you two. Thanks for the training for today." Chris yawned as she stretched her arms and started for the ladder. She anticipated that she will be crazy sore tomorrow, but she was going to have to live with it. After all, the old saying went no pain, no gain.

Once she was well out of earshot, Chance turned to Jake, who was rubbing the back of his head, "Just what were you doing down here?" He asked his best friend, an eyebrow raised.

"I was only training her to go on the offense and how to avoid being attacked." Jake responded so simply it nearly made Chance snort. Who was he trying to fool?

"Yeah sure. Let me rephrase my question: ya ever gonna tell her about your feelings?" the bigger tom questioned directly to his friend.

Jake snapped his head toward Chance; a look of alarm across his face before he said, "What are you talking about? Didn't you hear what I said? I was only helping her get in shape if she plans to be a SWAT Kat."

"Yeah I know. But when I came down here, I certainly didn't see you two training," Chance answered with a smirk as he folded his arms, "Come on, bud, fess up, you like her."

Jake can feel his cheeks flush red at the last statement and he shook his head, "No. I mean I do like her. But not what you think."

As Jake took a towel to wipe his face, Chance rolled his eyes, "Give me a break, Jake. I've seen how you look at her. Don't forget that kiss you gave her right before we came back home those couple of months ago. And how you can be so overprotective of her? When Burke and Murray were putting the moves on her, you looked ready to kill them both. And knowing you for years, I have never seen you that angry before. Those are signs that you like her," the stripped blond tom kat put in before he added with a sly grin, "And she is pretty so I wouldn't blame ya."

He almost laughed when he saw his friend give him a dirty look. He also thought there was a look of suspicion in Jake's eyes, "Seriously?" He asked and Chance could almost swear he heard jealousy in that tone he was giving him.

"Relax, bud, I don't look at her that way. Heck she's like a little sister to me and that's all I view her. I'm just saying I can see why Burke and Murray were hitting on her. She's a cutie. Even you have to admit that." Chance smirked, thinking he got this in the bag.

"Chance, please. First of all, that kiss you are referring to was really out of the spur of the moment. I mean I didn't think I was going to be seeing her again. I kissed her cheek to try to make her feel better." Jake said all the while he tried to keep his face from burning and his voice steady.

Chance gave him a dirty look when he heard about the pitiful excuse of why Jake kissed Chris right before they went through the portal to get back to their world. Did he truly think that or was it just an excuse to keep him from teasing him? Before he could even say anything, Jake continued,

"Second, Burke and Murray are both bullies and don't deserve to be with Chris. All I was doing is just making sure they don't hurt her. She is considered a dear friend to me. Who knows what would happen if those dipsticks ever came near her. Finally, even if I did like her, who I don't, at least not what you are trying to refer to," Jake retorted patiently before turning toward his bigger friend and then continued, "How will it be even possible for us to be together?"

Chance blinked at him, "What do you mean…?" his green eyes widen in realization, "Oh you mean…"

"Bingo. She's a human. I'm a kat. There's no way we can ever be together. It just won't be natural." Jake sighed as he stared off in the distance; despite his words, he didn't look too thrilled of what he just said.

Chance frowned. This conversation certainly went from light hearted to depressing within a matter of seconds. The bigger kat shrugged and said, "Heck buddy don't be such a downer. Despite your different species, that doesn't mean it won't happen. I mean seriously. I know you don't really care about that. There really is no law that says humans and kats can't be together. I think you're making up excuses to deny any of your feelings towards her."

Jake closed his amber eyes and shook his head before replying quietly, "Whatever you say, Chance. No matter how you look at it, it will never happen. Besides, what does she see in me anyway?"

This question caught Chance by revelation. He frowned as he answered with his own question, "What do you mean what she sees in you?"

"Seriously, I'm just a washed up Enforcer who lives a double life as a SWAT Kat. I'm really nothing. Chris deserves way better." Jake sighed as he started for the ladder; the most depressing look was seen on his face and Chance had never come across it before. And the bigger kat hated it.

"Whoa there, bud, that is not true at all," Chance suddenly said as he placed a firm paw upon Jake's shoulder and stopped the smaller tom before he could make it to the ladder, "Now you are just being ridiculous. Chris has a secret of her own that only you and I know about. That's her being a human. Not to mention, she is the only one to ever know who we really are. If I didn't know any better, you both have something in common than any other kats. I think you need to quit acting like a pansy and just flat out tell her how you truly feel about her. Otherwise, you're only going to drive yourself crazy."

Jake shrugged his shoulder away from Chance's paw, "Sorry, Chance, but I made up my mind." The cinnamon tom kat climbed the ladder and out of the hanger.

Chance stared after him and sighed with irritation, "Why does it have to be so hard for him?" he questioned as he soon followed.

Chris, meanwhile in the shower, was thinking her own thoughts. She knew for a fact that she really did like Jake more than just a friend. No, it wasn't just a simple feeling. She stared at the tile wall in front of her. Maybe she was actually in love with him. She wasn't sure as to how this came to be. Ever since she met him and Chance, she had found herself liking the quiet and gentle tom kat.

In all her years, she never felt anything like this before. She had several crushes on boys before but nothing ever went any further. It had to do with the fact she had been too shy to even say so. After all, she had always been afraid of being rejected. She didn't ever think someone as plain as her could ever get a boyfriend. And sometimes the boys in question were either already taken or fictional. This time however was different.

She recalled what Greg said to her couple of months ago. Apparently he had been right about the feelings she had for Jake even though she denied it the first time. She sighed as she turned off the shower. She felt a slight pang of sadness hit her when she realized two things:

One, does Jake even like her that way? And two, she is a human and he was a kat. Theoretically, it was impossible for them to be together. Even Greg made that perfectly clear of how abnormal it was; at first for the most part. However, Chris didn't honestly care about that. It wasn't like there haven't been any different species coming together before. She recalled of how a rabbit and a fox became a couple in that Disney movie Zootopia. Then again, that was fictional. She shook her head. This was starting to get under her skin.

After she had done her business in the bathroom, she walked into her room. She had her own bathroom that connected to her bedroom which she was grateful for. It gave her the privacy she needed since Jake and Chance share the one out in the hallway. She was looking forward to catching some sleep. The training she went through really made her very tired. She combed her damp hair, got dressed in her soft pink pajamas and went to her bed. As she lay in bed that night, she tried to think of what she was going to say how she felt for Jake. She knew if she didn't, it was going to bug her forever.

Jake in the meantime wasn't able to catch the sandman that night. He kept going over his head of what Chance had said. He hated to admit it but his friend was right. He couldn't deny the feelings he had for Chris. Over the past few months of spending time with her, he found himself falling for her. However, the fact that they were from different worlds was one of the reasons as to why he didn't think it was possible for him to be with her. And that he was a washed up Enforcer working like a grease monkey and having a hero double life. And now he was training Chris to be like him and Chance. Was this even the right thing to do?

Chris was going to college and had her own future to worry about. Maybe he should have refused her idea of being a SWAT Kat after all. If Feral ever did discover their identities, he will arrest all of them, even Chris. The thought of her going to jail made him nervous. But it was already too late. What's done is done. There's no going back. Besides, Chris seemed determined to train. If he told her to stop, she would be upset.

He moaned in frustration as he put his pillow over his head. He really wanted to get some sleep knowing that he had to get up early tomorrow morning. Finally, he managed to doze off despite his uneasy thoughts still plaguing his mind.

For the next couple of months, Chris's training as a SWAT Kat continued. She was getting better and was finding herself stronger, faster, and more agile every day. Not to mention this workout was very good for her health. She was never big on going to the gym but she was finding this training fun. Jake and Chance were always thinking of ways to make their training new and exciting so no one will get bored. During the time, there have been no villain sightings and this helped with the training too. This meant no interruptions. While Chance was helping out Chris, Jake got to work in modifying the Turbokat so that way Chris would have a place to sit inside.

Jake made an extra seat right behind his own and gave all the modifications for her to have; radar, navigation, and a few missiles for her to control. It was a lot of work and normally would take nearly a half-year to complete. Thanks to Jake's mechanic genius, however, he was able to complete the job in those short weeks of the two months. Due to all this work, he had to spend less time with Chris's training.

He was both disappointed and relieved at the same time. He missed helping Chris out in her exercises. But after the discussion he had with Chance, he felt with him working on the Turbokat gave him the silence and time to have him think over of his feelings towards Chris. As he was turning in the last screw into the chair, he thought of what Chance had said.

"You're just making up excuses to deny any feelings you have for her."

Jake closed his eyes as he rubbed his head. Even he had to admit that his best friend made a good point. He heard a grunt that caused him to open his eyes and glance over to see Chris had managed to kick Chance back. A smile formed on his face when he saw the look of triumph go over the young girl's face. Despite him working on the Turbokat, he can still watch the training going on with his friends.

"I did it!" Chris laughed as she started doing a silly victory dance.

"So you made me flinch a bit, that doesn't mean you are as strong as me," Chance said as he let go of the sandbag to dust off his paws, "Besides, I let you see me flinch."

"What do you mean you let me?" Chris playfully poked the large blond tabby kat's muscular arm.

"Just like I said, Chrissy, I let you. I was feeling a bit bad for you so I pretended to flinch when you made that last kick."

Jake began to laugh at the exchange going on between his best friend and the human girl. Chance had told Jake that he looked after Chris like a big brother. Despite the arguments Chance and Chris have, the two had a strong sister/brother bond that had developed over the time all three had met. If something were to happen to the young human girl, Chance would be visibly upset and do by any means to protect her.

"Don't give me that. I am getting stronger and you're just too proud to admit that I managed to make you fall back a bit." Chris's voice brought Jake away from his wandering mind.

"Sure, dream on," Chance laughed as he rubbed Chris's head, "You just keep thinking that and maybe someday it will come true."

"Hey!" Chris playfully swatted his paw away before she jumped on him and tried to push him to the ground.

"Nice try, Chris, but you will never pin me down." The blond tabby continued to laugh as he stood his place while Chris wrapped her arms around his thick neck and tried everything she can to make him fall. She was failing but she didn't care. This was fun.

After making sure everything was secured in the Turbokat, Jake jumped down and started walking towards a struggling Chris and laughing Chance, "Well, I think the Turbokat is ready for not two but three pilots now." The cinnamon tom kat announced as he took a rag and rubbed his greasy paws.

Chris stopped with her struggle and got off of Chance to peer over at Jake, "That's great! When do we get to practice in it?" she questioned the excitement clear in her voice.

"Right now if you want." Jake answered that caused Chris to stare at him in surprise.

"Now? Are you sure?" she questioned to make sure she heard right before she added, "What about an outfit for me?"

Chance answered her last question by walking toward a new locker installed right next to his and Jake's and opened it to show a box. He turned after taking it and walked back toward Jake and Chris.

"Jake and I have been working on your suit while you were either at school or sleeping. It took a little longer than expected, but here's your own SWAT Kat suit." Chance explained as he handed her the box.

Chris's hands started to shake as she held the box. Could it be true? She put it on the hard concrete ground and opened up the box. She gasped to see her very own blue and red flight suit. There was also a helmet that had a hole in the back for her ponytail and a black bandana for her disguise. She stared down at it in amazement before she glanced back up at Jake and Chance who were grinning from ear to ear.

"Are you sure I'm ready for this?" she questioned quietly.

"Ready to get started that's for sure. We already have the practice area set up to see if you are going to be a good pilot." Jake answered with a gentle smile.

"So, ready to test your skills, kid?" Chance asked with a smile of his own.

Chris glanced down at her suit and then back at her two closest friends. She slowly smiled as she grabbed her black bandana, stood up and put it on before she stated, "Let's do this."

It wasn't long before Chris was now disguised as the newest member of the SWAT Kats. Her suit was just like Razor and T-Bone's, only her black gloves went past her elbows and her suit was sleeveless. She couldn't believe this was actually happening and yet it was. After getting dressed up as their alter egos, Razor and T-Bone led their new member to the Turbokat and T-Bone started the black jet's three engines. Chris felt her stomach now turn into a knot as they flew into the air.

She had flown in the Turbokat several times before so it wasn't like this was a whole new experience for her. The only difference is, before she was merely a passenger and allowed her two friends to handle the dangerous situations. Now, she had an important job to do. And if she was going to be honest, this made her somewhat nervous.

"Don't worry, Chris, I made sure to keep your position simple. Your job is to navigate and tell us when there is an enemy nearby, how the enemy is doing, and what its weak point is," Razor explained, "I figure that will help you get settled in before you are ready for missile launching. When we get to the practice area, it will be up to you to tell us exactly of what we will be taking down."

"But what if I screw up?" Chris questioned nervously.

"If you do, I will eject you from your seat," T-Bone put in that he almost sounded serious. Chris's eyes widen in horror that the big kat laughed, "I'm kidding, Chris. Just relax, we're only practicing here."

Chris slowly smiled as she glanced out from her position down to the cliffs that were out of Megakat City below. This is where Razor and T-Bone always practiced with their jet and missiles. She was determined not to let either one down. She glanced down into her navigation radar and gasped as she saw the first target come to range. She was so surprised she gave a shout out,

"Missile heading our way!"

Taken aback from her outburst, T-Bone quickly steered the Turbokat to dodge and the missile slowly and harmlessly went past them. Chris panted slightly as Razor started laughing gently. The scenario was a little funny. T-Bone on the other hand wasn't too forgiving,

"Kat's alive, Chris, did you have to shout? This is a practice course, not like we are in pursuit of a villain right now." The blond tabby kat scolded as he went back on the right course.

Chris lowered her head, "Sorry, I'm just nervous about this," and she felt her stomach do a flip when the jet suddenly started to fly faster, "And I'm going to have to get used to this flying."

"You'll do fine, Chris. With more practice, you will be able to get it down. After all, we do need a good eye for spotting villains." Razor assured the girl right behind him.

Chris nodded slowly before the three kats went back to the task at hand. For the next couple of hours, Chris managed to do better with spotting things. She can even use her keen eye to spot something miles away without having to use her radar. Razor and even T-Bone were impressed when she saw a practice missile heading their way that it would take one minute for Razor to find on his radar.

By the end of the practice, Chris was feeling giddy that she managed to do pretty well. She still had some practice to do of course, but that was normal. After about an hour, T-Bone flew back to the hanger and landed the Turbokat inside once they were home. After all three got out of the jet, the two tom kats turned to their newest member.

"Nice work, Chris. Aside from the hiccup at the beginning of the practice, you did pretty well. With more practice, you'll be an excellent SWAT Kat." T-Bone congratulated with a wide smile.

"Speaking of, you do need a name to hide your identity." Razor added with his own smile.

Chris blinked before she thought it over. Finally after going over the names, she slowly smiled. She thought of one that probably will sound just as awesome as the ones her friends came up with. Due to her position, it sounded perfect to describe her. She looked at Razor and T-Bone and confirmed, "From now on, you can call me Starlight." Stating that name made Chris think that she had heard of it before. But the question was where?

She couldn't think of it much longer because both Razor and T-Bone nodded, "Welcome to the team, Starlight." Both greeted and she grinned. Oh well. Her start as a SWAT Kat had just begun.