Chapter 1: A Not So Normal Day.

It was a normal day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, a cat was chasing a mouse around the house. For Thomas Jasper Cat, racing after Jeremiah Jix Mouse was just a part of his day. He'd never known any different and grew up disliking the small brown mouse. The same could be said for Jerry, he enjoyed the thrill of outwitting Tom and thwarting his plan, usually coming out on top in the end.

The pair had spent hours, days, years playing the cat and mouse game. Though there were moments the pair teamed up, but it was only when there was no way for them to handle the situation on their own. It was in these brief times that one could assume they actually cared for one another. But how deep did their friendship go was the real question?

Tom swung the broom left to right, knocking over another lamp. He frowned and watched as Jerry scampered under the couch and to his hole along the wall. Down on all fours, Tom peered in the hole, knowing the mouse was close. He reached a paw in and felt around the space, feeling a chair, bed and other tiny objects.

From above, Jerry moved a picture aside and wacked Tom on the head with a hammer, knocking him. With a grin Jerry went back inside, knowing Tom was no longer a danger to him.

When Tom awoke he rubbed his tender head, feeling a small bump. He got to his feet and walked to the kitchen, only to find the food was gone and a trail of crumbs led to Jerry's mouse hole. With a gasp, he rushed to see if anything had been left, but to his utter horror, the fridge was bare.

"Thomas!" came the voice of his owner.

The feet of a woman came in the room, seeing the place was a mess and finding Tom standing by the opened fridge.

"Thomas! What have you done now!?" screamed the woman. "I leave for a few hours and now the food is gone, the house is a mess, and what happened to my lamp? I swear this is getting ridiculous, out of hand."

Tom could never explain how the disaster occurred, so his owners always thought he made the mess. He shrank as she went on, pointing a finger at his face.

"Tonight you sleep outside." said the woman.

She picked him up and carried him to the back door. All the while Jerry waved bye to him, only adding to Tom's anger. Before he could react, he was tossed out the door and sent tumbling off the porch and into the grass. After the door was slammed shut, Tom sat up and dug his claws into the ground, shaking one fist at the house.

He wasn't alone outside, for a dog house was in the corner of the yeard. Its occupant was a dog and pup by the name of Spike and Tyke.

Tyke yipped and tugged on Tom's tail, happy to have the cat around. Spike came out of his house and saw he and his son weren't alone.

"Well, what did ya do now, Tom?" asked Spike. "Ya can't seem to stay out of trouble, if it's not the house, it's my boy yer buggin'."

Hering his name, Tyke glanced up from Tom to his dad, giving a small yip. Tom rolled his eyes, knowing Spike was another Jerry had fooled into thinking he was always the victim. He folded his arms and went to walk away, dragging Tyke alone with him.

"Hey, ya wanna talk 'bout it? I might not like ya, but I'm at least willin' to hear ya out. Come on pussycat, sit." said Spike. "All right son, leave Tom alone, he's not in the mood to be yer chew toy."

Spike sat and patted for Tom to join him. With a sigh, Tom sat and saw Tyke sit by his father.

"Ah, that's my boy," said Spike. After he patted Tike he turned his attention to Tom. "Now, is there somethin' ya want to say? Somethin' ya want to get off yer chest?"

Tom pointed to the house and pulled his ears out, so he would look more mouse-like. Spike understood and nodded, knowing it was Jerry that had him so out of sorts.

"Look pussycat, I can't tell ya what to do, but if ya hate bein' thrown out like this, hate bein' around the mouse, the answer to yer problem is simple," said Spike.

Tom gave him a skeptical glance, not following him.

"What I'm sayin' is, leave," said Spike. "If things are so bad, if ya can't take it, go. I know ya got a group of pals ya hang around with, I'm sure they'd love for ya to join them. Life's too short to be miserable, so go live, have fun. When was the last time ya did somethin' for yerself, did somethin' just for the sake of it?"

Tom thought it over, he'd never left home and never even thought it was an option. He would once in a while pull an all-nighter, laughing and partying with Butch and the gang.

"Well till ya decide, yer welcome to sleep on my house, it's kinda cool tonight," said Spike.

Tom jumped up and nuzzled down, hearing Spike tuck Tike in. The stars were bright and the moon was full, leaving the shadows stretch across the ground. Tom saw the lights in the house shut off as his mistress went to bed. He too felt sleep overcome him and drifted off.

The next day he was allowed in but was warned to behave himself or he would be put outside again Once his owner left, Jerry was up to his old tricks, taunting and trying to bait Tom. Tome used to this, for once in his life, he had a plan and was two steps ahead of the mouse. With a wave of his paw, Tom walked over Jerry to get breakfast. He drank all his milk and ate his food, ignoring Jerry.

Jerry seeing his taunts had no effect, he went up and sat across from Tom. Tom simply lapped the milk and was lost in thought, leaving Jerry confused. No matter how hard Jerry tried, Tom paid him no attention, only leaving the room. Jerry scratched his head, seeing Tom gather a few things here and there. Curious he followed and had to move as Tom came back out of the room, holding a bag of stuff. Jerry tugged Tom's tail, wanting to know where he was going. Tom stopped and yanked his tail from Jerry's paws, frowning down at him.


"Last night I had time to think, about what happened yesterday, How I've been wasting my life, letting you ruin it, We've known each other since we were young, sometimes it feels forever, Why we hate each other I don't know, must be instinct, So I'm packing all my stuff, I've had enough, Don't try to stop me, get out of my way,"

"I case you and do my best, you put my nerves to the test, Should I say the rest or stop leave you here, I know I'm right you are so wrong, Why'd it take me so darn long, to figure it out, I just need some time to myself,"

"So you finally see, and now wanna talk to me, There was never a we, it was only you or me, Why don't you let it be, and scurry on home, I wanna be alone, so be gone,"

"I case you and do my best, you put my nerves to the test, Should I say the rest or stop leave you here, I know I'm right you are so wrong, Why'd it take me so darn long, to figure it out, I just need some time to myself."

Tom stood in the door and gave one last look. Jerry stood dumbfounded as Tom walked out and slammed the door shut. With wide eyes, Jerry ran after Tom, hoping through the mail slot. How funny was it, a mouse chasing after a cat, usually it was the other way around.

Jerry ran, seeing Tom's tail swept as he walked. Tom turned the corner of the street and was gone, leaving Jerry alone. Jerry went as fast and far as he could before it would be too dangerous to go any further. He stood for a moment, thinking, asking himself what had happened. Sure he and Tom had a rocky relationship, but that didn't mean he wanted him gone or out of his life. It was in that moment that he realized life without Tom was lonely, for apart from his family, he had very few friends.

"Tom.," whispered Jerry. "Come back."

He's waited too long to speak, and now all he could do was lower his head and go back home. He hoped it would be like the time when he tried to leave for the city. To which he ended up returning home, missing it and Tom. He waited and waited, listening for the sound of the door, but no sound was heard. As he lay in bed, the thought of Tom kept running through his head.


"It's amazing to me, how we lived life this way, Barely speaking a word, you were rarely heard, With just one look, that's all it took, For me to know what you felt,"

"Your yellow-green eyes, your facial expression, Your white blue fur, I need your attention, I was envious of the girls, now I must confess, It's so powerful, when you say nothing at all,"

"Patiently I wait in the wall for a call, or to hear your footsteps come down the hall, When I don't see you I want to ball, for life's not fun without you at all,"

"Your yellow-green eyes, your facial expression, Your white blue fur, I need your attention, I was envious of the girls, now I must confess, It's so powerful, when you say nothing at all,"

"I kept it all in, for I knew it was a sin, how could you and I have ever been, Why would you let me in, after what I've done, It's so powerful, when we say nothing at all."

The next morning Jerry woke and pocked his head out, seeing Yom's bed was bare. He heard footsteps and saw the woman set food out for Tom. She left shortly after going to work, assuming the cat was around the house. Jerry walked around and didn't know what to do with himself. He could raid the fridge, but there was so adventure in it, no cat to come and stop him. He spent the day listening to music or staring at Tom's bed, wishing for his cat to come home. Wait, his? Since when was that dimwitted cat his?

That evening the woman returned and found the food untouched.

"Thomas, where are you, I left your favorite," called the woman. "Thomas?"

She went outside and only found Spike playing with Tyke. She went back in and searched the house, checking under the furniture, the closets, everywhere she thought he might be. With no luck, she went back in and decided to wait. Jerry did the same as the woman, worried and wondered where Tom had gotten to.