074. Alone



When she was eight, wandering by herself, Tiana discovered a forgotten, dusty book about Japanese origami in the La Bouff's study room.

Lotti got her measuring for her sixth new fairytale princess-esque dress. She whimpers about how long it was taking, while Tiana contently spent an hour on the floor, with the opened book, tucking the green, thin paper into the correct, folded lines.

"I did it! A frog!" she exclaimed, clapping her little, slender hands together and gleefully showing her best friend. Lotti's blue eyes stare in amazement.

"A frog prince!" Lotti yelled, puckering up her lips. Tiana giggled, tapping the paper frog to them.

They dissolved into more giggles, jumping up and shrieking.

Tiana wished frogs could have stayed in the pages of Lotti's fairytale pages, and only formed in green silk paper. She wished too much. It never gave her what she wanted in the end — Daddy didn't come back, and she and Lotti didn't marry.

It hurt just as much, knowing Lotti deserved her happy ending too — not caught on the outside, gazing at her and Naveen in brief, wistful peeks.

She would kiss Lotti a thousand times as frog.

Just to see their wish come true.



Disney's Princess and the Frog isn't mine. I can't explain how much I love these two so just take my dumb fic and my tears lmao any comments/thoughts welcomed!