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This one takes place a few weeks after Chapter 1.

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WARNINGS: PWP, Incest (parent), Gangbang, Anal, Photo/Video Kink

"Yes! OH …y-yes…yes—!"

The sound of Lily's rapid, keening moaning fills the Potter living room, echoing off the high ceilings and the plush furnishing…

…all while the woman herself is perched submissively on her knees in front of the sofa, shoulders caught between her son's splayed thighs, head buried in his lap, her mouth full of cock.


Spit dribbles messily from her lips as her son's fingers curl in her hair, forcing her down on his prick over and over, a brutal piston down her throat. Her pussy pulses in time with her own cries.

"Agh—fuck me, fuck memmm—" pants the Lily on the television screen. A much younger Lily, caught on a grainy, ancient film recording. She is framed at the front of the shot on her hands and knees, her pretty young face flushed, her large tits swaying with every swift fuck stroke an unidentified man pounds into her from behind. Her pale skin glistens in the off-colour lighting of the old video, but even the poor quality cannot dull the wanton greed with which she is clearly embracing the lurid scene, willingly letting the camera capture her preening perversions.

She is a needy slut in action, past and present.

"Fuck," Harry breathes, eyes riveted on the screen, even as his fingers grip harder in his mother's hair and his hips begin to lift to meet Lily's head. The sloppy, wet sounds of his cock plowing down her throat compete with the recorded Lily's filthy pleas for more fucking. "Mum. Yeah…agh. Fucking slut…"

Lily is not certain which version of herself Harry is talking to—the one presently immortalized on the television, having allowed herself to be filmed while being fucked doggy-style by a rotating group of men, taking cock after cock like a needy cumdump, or the Lily presently sucking off her son in the middle of the family living room as he watches this filthy video she'd dug up in the attic for him, hoping it would lead to something exactly like this.

Honestly, she doesn't care which it is. She just wants more.

Lily regrets every day she'd waited before propositioning her son, offering herself up to him like the willing, eager submissive she is. To think of all the opportunities missed where they could've been doing this—exploring every lurid incestuous fantasy Lily's ever had, indulging in Harry's, of having yet another man about to deliciously use her for his own pleasure.

It's been mere weeks since that day when she'd first discovered her son had been pleasuring himself to pictures of her, and the two had come together in glorious sex and salacious taboo. Only weeks, but she's already allowed her son to take her in every hole, at nearly any time, wherever and whenever he wants.

And Harry wants. Oh, how he wants.

He's made love to her tenderly in Lily and James's martial bed; fucked her brutally up the arse against the back garden gate with neighbours perfectly able to stroll past; brought her to a seedy Muggle adult cinema and watched her fuck and suck any cock or pussy that was put on offer to her; spent hours taking pictures and video of her as she lay naked on his bed, fingering herself to completion or jerkily riding numerous giant toys, begging him to spray her heated skin down with his delicious cum.

Harry's been happy to oblige.

And today, a little family movie afternoon. Lily would laugh in giddy joy if she wasn't so busy sucking her son off.

Harry's breath hitches, and though she can't see to confirm, Lily thinks she knows what bit of the movie they've reached—the part where the view of Lily's sex-glistened body is momentarily blocked as two of the men who've been taking turns with her step in front of the camera to begin beating their dicks in her face. It takes a few seconds, and you can only partially see Lily's eager, waiting countenance between the bodies, but with muffled curses, the two men eventually cum, and the young Lily's fresh, flushed skin is hit with stream after stream of dripping white jizz. It hits her hair, stripes down her cheeks, paints her pretty mouth especially, which had been open and waiting, even knowing the men didn't want her swallowing. They wanted to make a mess of her. Mark her. Capture on camera her best look: cum-covered and still begging for more.

Lily lifts her head off her son's glossy cock as he lets out a long moan. She wraps her hand around the wet member, jerking quickly, then angles her head down to begin lapping leisurely at his heavy balls.

"Look here, luv," a gruff voice calls from the screen. Lily glances quickly over her shoulder and sees that one of the men has grabbed the camera, and is moving it closer to zoom in on her face. "Love that cum, don't you, luvvy? That's it. Lick it. Fuck, what a slut you are. Wrap those whore lips around my dick. Suck until I dump another load on that cumdump face of yours."

Harry makes a noise halfway between a groan and a whimper as Lily on the camera smiles, and Lily in the living room pumps his cock faster. His hot, hard penis pulses under her fingertips, and a dribble of precum slips out, which Lily licks up eagerly.

There's more movement and talking on the video. The man who'd grabbed the camera didn't get what he wants for long—Lily is only sucking him for a few seconds before someone else demands a hole, and the group starts to scramble. The man fucking her from behind pulls out of her pussy with a wet pop, yanking her body back and sideways until he's lying on the bed with Lily sitting atop him, her side now to the camera. That Lily rubs herself like a greedy kitten on the man below her, top half still crusting with semen, and the man below her gives her plush arse a slap as he reaches between them and sticks his cock back into her waiting quim. Almost immediately, a second man comes up behind Lily and unceremoniously shoves his dick into her bum.

"FUCK!" the Lily on the screen cries, but she's already meeting the two men's every thrust, riding both cocks like a pro. "Fuck, fuck, fuck—so good. So full—ugh, fuck my ass, yes, yes, fuck my ass—mmm—"

The filthy words are stemmed when another cock is shoved in her mouth, and immediately begins to roughly face-fuck her.

James's cock, if Lily is not mistaken, though the men's faces are never the focal point of the video.

"Mum," Harry says suddenly, and Lily glances up to see his face flushed and a telling glint in his eyes. "Get on the couch."

Grinning, Lily gives Harry's cock one last lick before she readily rises to her knees, then slides down onto the couch next to her son. She curls up beside him, rubbing her big, sensitive tits against his arm, her fingers still leisurely wanking his thick prick. She gives his cheek a wet kiss, then whispers in his ear, "How do you want me, baby?"

He jerks his head to the left.

"Lay down," he orders.

Lily reluctantly parts from her son's prick to do as she's told, and temptingly rolls back until she's lying out on the couch, on her back, knees splayed as much as possible so her son can enjoy the view of her now sopping wet pussy.

His emerald eyes heat as he looks at her, and as the sounds of a growing gangbang continue to play from the telly. With a small grin, he reaches over to grab something off the side table.

His phone.

Lily smiles seductively, one hand going to her tit to begin plucking at a pebbled nipple, the other reaching down to her shaved cunt to begin frigging her wet clit.

"Slut," Harry says, though it's a praise, and his finger clicks the camera over and over. He pauses, presses the phone one last time, then waves at it briefly. With wandless magic, the phone begins to hover above them. Lily knows it's recording.

"Are you going to fuck mummy with your big, hard cock, baby?" Lily purrs, licking her lips. "Are you going to plow mummy's pussy until Daddy comes home?"

Harry grins, not answering, playing along, as they both know that if James arrived home right now, all he'd do is take a seat on the nearby chair and pull himself off as he watched them fuck. Maybe he'd even join, or even ring up the lads to come over and play.

The thought makes Lily's pussy pulse even harder.

Except for the Muggle cinema that time, so far Harry has been content to keep Lily for himself. Lily can't say she minds—she's never experienced anything so delicious as serving her son's every sexual whim—but she admits she has considered some other scenarios. If she plays her cards right, she is almost certain the days aren't far off when she'll be engaged in an endless array of threesomes and gangbangs with all her very favourite men.

Maybe that's why she'd chosen this video, rather than one of the dozens of others up in the attic, to show Harry today.

Lily loves her son's cock, but she'd love it even more surrounded by two or three more.

She's still smiling dreamily at the thought when Harry shifts, then quickly plows his cock into her waiting pussy.

"OH GOD!" Lily shouts, finally filled. "Oh fuck oh god oh—HARRY!"

Harry hoists her legs over his shoulders, hips bouncing against Lily's thighs as he begins to pound her pussy with quick, deep strokes.

"Fuck, Mum!" he cries.

Lily whimpers. "Yes, baby, yes—"

"Clamp that sloppy cunt around my cock," he orders gruffly, fingers digging into her skin. "Let me see how much you want it, slut."

Lily moans, and clenches her pussy.

"I want it!" she cries. "Fuck Mummy, Harry! Fuck Mummy so good! Fuck her with your big, hot cock—"

Her tits jiggle as Harry grits his teeth and jackhammers into her body, the fleshy globes still large and heavy and one of Lily's best features, even after two children. She knows Harry loves them, so she reaches up to play with them as he slams into her, molding them in her hands and pinching at her pink nipples.

As the camera continues to record above them, Lily takes her son's punishing dicking with screams of pleading and pleasure. He is so worked up from the video and the blowjob, he does not seem interested in being elegant about this. He takes her messy and rough, the couch creaking and moaning beneath them, and is clearly unconcerned with her pleasure. Lucky for her, the fact that he feels free to use her as his own willing fuckdoll is enough to send her into her own state of sexual rapture anyway. She begs for it.

"Fuck me, baby!" she moans, lifting herself up to meet his thrusts. "Use mummy's pussy! It's all for you, baby. Oohh, yes, pound it. Pound me so good. I love your cock, baby. Ruin me with that big, thick fuckstick. Fill me with cum. You love to fill Mummy with your cum, don't you, darling?"

"I'm going to cover your pretty tits," Harry grunts, rolling his hips, then ramming deep into her again. "I'm going to pull out and put those whore tits to work until you've got so much jizz on you, your skin is painted white. Then everyone can see whose slut you are."

"Your slut!" she whimpered, close to orgasm. "I'm your slut!"

Harry curses, and plunges even harder into her, his rhythm growing wilder.

"Fuck, Mum." He's panting. "How can you still be so bloody tight after taking so much cock?"

Lily can only grin.

The sounds of Harry and Lily fucking continue to play over the sounds of Lily being gangbanged on the screen—a quick glance over shows they're now stuffing a second cock into her pussy, and the younger Lily is taking it like a seasoned whore—and Lily feels her orgasm quickly approaching.

"I'm cumming!" she cries, reaching down to frig her clit with one hand while the other still pinches her nipple until it hurts. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming—"

The spasms have barely hit her, bringing forth a loud shout from her, when Harry suddenly pulls out of her pulsating pussy. She moans in protest, but in nearly the same movement, her son climbs over her, spits with dirty pride down into the gaping valley between her giant tits, then slips his cock—still wet with her juices—between the plush mounds.

"Fuck yeah," he pants, grabbing her tits and squeezing them together around his prick. His muscles are straining and his breathing is growing more erratic. He begins to tittyfuck her with slick but swift ease.

"Cream Mummy's tits, baby," Lily croons, even as she is still reeling from the residual tremors of her orgasm. She still has a mind to watch her son's gorgeous prick slipping through her breasts, even reaching down to give the bulbous head a few quick licks every time it nudges against her chin. Her skin tingles, her nerves crackling, and the only thing that can quell the restless feeling is her son's spunk, a slut's favourite cleanse. "Cover your slut in your cream. Bust that beautiful cock all over me, baby. All over—"

Harry's movements become sharper, sloppier. His hands mold her tits with careless pressure, trying to get the friction to reach the end, and Lily waits with bated breath for the moment he does.

"Fuck!" Harry suddenly shouts, and Lily opens her mouth as the gorgeous prick that owns her body begins to sputter and spurt ropes of thick white. Harry takes his prick in hand as he continues to blow, wanking his weeping cock, cumming like a bloody fire hose. So much cum. Stream after stream of jizz lands wet and heavy against the heaving mounds of Lily's big tits, then her face, as Harry directs his last sputters upward.

Harry falls back on the sofa with a satisfied sigh, and Lily glances up at the phone still recording her. She leisurely runs her fingers over her tits, rubbing the cum into her skin.

Then she grins.