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"Deliver Me"-a Songfic

"Ill be back in a few days!" said Kagome Higurashi while stuffing her big yellow bag in the old well. "BUT!" yelled Inuyasha only to be interuppted by Kagome. "if you let me go." said Kagome while looking InuYasha straight in the eye.. "ill bring you lots of ramen!" with that he pushed her in saying "hurry up, wench!"

When Kagome climbed out of the well she had a smile from ear to ear. She had spent what seemed like a long time in Inuyasha's time and was looking forward to spending some time with her family that she missed so dearly.

Her smile faded when she saw what was right in front of her..her family was dead.all of them.

All Kagome could do was fall to the ground.she was in such pain she didn't know what else to do.. She lied there for days.curled up in a little ball.


Deliver me.

Out of my sadness. Deliver me From all of the madness


Back in Inuyasha's time..

"I wonder what's taking Kagome so long.." thought Inuyasha from his tree. He had been up there since sunrise on the day that Kagome had promised to return.just staring at the well.

"She better come back soon.or ill have to go and get her.".. With that thought he decided to wait a little bit longer for her..

~*Kagome's time~*

Deliver me.. Courage to guide me Deliver me

Strength from inside me

Kagome hadn't moved from that spot for days.she couldn't even move.she didn't know if she would ever move.If she would just die there.until she heard something in the well house..

"KAGOME?" yelled Inuyasha. Before he could get mad at her for staying extra long he saw her curled up on the ground. He ran up to her and rolled her over to face him. The sight shocked him. He had never liked to see girls cry but this was almost too much. He could see such terrible pain in her eyes he almost couldn't look anymore.

Ignoring all of his feelings against it he scooped Kagome up into his arms into a comforting hug.

~*~*~*~ all of my life I've been in hiding Wishing there was someone just like you Now that you're here Now that I've found you I know that you're the one to pull me through ~*~*~*~
"My family." said Kagome in a shaky voice.

"What? What's wrong with your family?" asked Inuyasha while he pulled away from her.

"their dead.." she said before sobbing uncontrollably.

Kagome.she's just like me now.. Thought Inuyasha while comforting Kagome.

Both my parents are dead.I have no one.but.so are Kagome's parents.

"we still have eachother, Kagome.." said inuyasha, causing Kagome to pause and look up at him.

"do you really mean it Inuyasha? Can I say with you now? I don't really have anywhere to go now.." she trailed off..

"Of corse Kagome.I." he stopped there knowing what might come if he continued..

"You what?" asked Kagome curiously.

Inuyasha just smiled. "Ill tell you when we get home"

Then they started walking towards the well with Inuyasha's arm around Kagome