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Deliver me- chapter 3
Kagome's POV

It's been a couple years since I came into Inuyasha's time for good. I had mostly forgotten my family's deaths (much to Inuyasha's relief). But every once in a while I still had nightmares about that day. But lately I've been thinking that maybe their more than dreams.because instead of everything happening like I remembered ive begun to see things from different perspectives and I see new things..its been really freaking me out.

~*Kagome's nightmare*~

Mrs Higurashi is cooking in the kitchen when she hears a loud noise from outside. She remembered that Souta had asked to go outside to play and was a little worried that he could have gotten hurt. Obviously her father (kagome's grandfather) had heard it also because he too was rushing outside to see what the commotion was. What she saw made her jaw drop. A dog demon, very much like Inuyasha was standing right in front of them. But instead of dog ears he looked mostly human but with silver hair and a purple moon on the top of his forehead.

"who.who are you?" Mrs Higurashi managed to get out.which was pretty good considering how scared she was.

"it matters not who I am. It only matters who you are. Are you that wench kagome's family?" he said in an eerily cold and calm voice.

"y.y.yes we are. What of it?" said Mrs Higurashi.her voice shaky.

"that's all I needed to know.now die." He said before slashing them to pieces

~*end Kagome's nightmare*~

Kagome woke up screaming with beads of sweat dropping down her forehead. With Inuyasha's sensitive ears he woke up also and put his arm around her. "Did you have that dream again Kagome?" he asked in an comforting voice.

"yea Inuyasha..except it was different. Sesshomaru was there." I trailed off. "do you think that he could have murdered my family? Does he even know about the well?"

"Well.to tell you the truth.I don't know, Kagome. He's very tricky.maybe he saw you go to the well one time when you were going home." Inuyasha said.

"Wouldn't that mean that he'd have to have a piece of the jewel?" I asked curiously.

"Yea.he would. Do you remember ever detecting a piece of the jewel when you were about to go home?"

"Maybe.yea I think I did. But I think I just thought it was my own jewel since it was so close"

"let's find out" said Inuyasha jumping up. "let's find Sesshomaru"