And here we are, finally! My first chapter of the fans getting transported into rtte! So sorry I've been gone for awhile, I was just in a musical and I needed some rest and I've just been so busy, but I haven't forgotten about you guys! So as you know this is the story of 6 fans getting transported to rtte. It's gonna start off with the girl who gets to adventure with Hiccup and as the story progresses we get to study these characters more. I've introduced 4 out of 6 characters in the first chapter as the next two will be featured next chapter. Please enjoy, and sorry if it's short and choppy, after all, I have to start somewhere!



Hi. I'm Meylin. So, your probably wondering why we've brought you all here. Yes, we've. You see, the six of us, have a story to tell. One that involves courage, strength, and friendship. OKay, before you start asking questions, here's what you need to know. All six of us came from completely different backrounds. We had no idea what adventures were waiting for us. We did however, have one thing in common. We loved dragons. Before you go all crazy on me and tell me dragons aren't real, just stick with me. Because they are. Maybe not in this world, but in a world not much different from ours, they do. And that's what I'm going to tell you today. Because who knew all it took was six strangers to travel to a different universe. Who knew we were destined for a journey of a lifetime...


"Come on, single file please! Keep moving!"

Meylin gasped in awe, as she scanned the area, and quickly picked up the pace a little, quickly rushing over to the line that trailed out from the huge building, with huge posters of her favorite franchise

How to Train Your Dragon

She started to bounce up and down a little with excitement, as the line started to move a little more faster, as she gripped her hands tighter around her backpack straps

She was quickly caught off guard as a little boy rushed past her, nearly running into her, and she gasped with surprise as she watched the little boy shove his way through all the people

"Me first! Me first!" He shouted as he begged the security guard that stood outside of the entrance, and he eyed the little boy below him, and crossed his arms intimidatingly

Meylin huffed in annoyance, as she watched the little boy begging the security guard to get in, and yet again another shout was heard above all the other conversations

"Excuse me sorry. Jacob get back here!" A brown haired boy shouted trying to shove his way through the crowd. Meylin watched as a girl about the same age as him was following him

The boy scanned everywhere as he ran his hand through his hair nervously as the girl started to shout the boy's name

Meylin looked to the entrance and back to the stressed pair, and she quickly got out of line and rushed over to them

"Are you looking for that boy over there?" Meylin asked, as she pointed towards the security guard who was now holding the little boy's arm, trying to keep him under control

"Yes that's him! Thank you!" The boy shouted as the girl sighed in relief, and they quickly rushed to the entrance, shoving anyone in their way, and Meylin decided to follow them

"No, please! I wanna be the first to sign up to get a front row seat for the giveaway!" The little boy pleaded, as the security guard huffed and pulled him to the side

"You can wait like the rest of the people! Now where are you're parents?" He said sternly, as the little boy continued to whine

"He's my brother. I'm so sorry sir," The boy shouted as he rushed over to them, grabbing the little boy from the officer's arms

"Next time be sure to make sure you wait patiently young man. Understand?" The guard said, as he eyed the little boy, and he nodded sadly

"Oh he'll be patient sir. Come on Jacob let's go," The boy said as he dragged Jacob away with the girl next to him still, as she inspected Jacob all over

"Jacob, are you okay?" The girl asked as Jacob pouted and pushed her away, as she recoiled back from him

"I'm fine, I'm not a baby! I'm 11 years old!" He shouted as he crossed his arms and his older brother shot him a warning glance

"Jacob, you can't just run off like that! We have the premium passes, we can get in from the shorter line, but I'm reconsidering it now that you ran away," He said, as Jacob started to quiver

"No, no! Please, I promise not to run away again!" He pleaded, as the boy sighed and grabbed his arm

"Fine. Come on," He said as the girl noticed Meylin watching from afar, and she nudged the boy, gesturing towards Meylin, and the boy quickly handed Jacob's arm over to the girl and ran over to Meylin

"Hey, thank you for getting out of line just to help me find my brother. How can I repay you?" The boy asked as Meylin started to shift a little avoiding eye contact. This was the first person she had talked to since the plane flight

"Oh, nothing. Just glad you found him," She said with a smile, as the boy looked at the long line and back to her as he quickly reached into his back pocket and pulled out a ticket, offering it to her

"Oh no, I couldn't." She said declining the premium pass as he shrugged her off and held it out to her

"Please take it. As a repayment. You can stick with us if you're alone," He said with a smile, as she looked over to the girl and Jacob who were patiently waiting, and back to the boy

"Sure, thank you so much," She said as she took the ticket from him, and he smiled as he stuck out his hand to her, and she shook it

"I'm Blair," He said, as they both walked over to Jacob and the girl, and she smiled and waved at them

"I'm Meylin. Nice to meet you," She said as Blair gestured towards the girl and his little brother

"This is my girlfriend Elizabeth, and my little brother Jacob." He said as Meylin shook both of their hands

"Nice to meet you Meylin. You can call me Liz for short if you want," Elizabeth said, as Meylin nodded with a smile and Jacob kept glancing at Meylin's backpack

"Are you a fan of dragons too? I really like your backpack," Jacob asked, as Meylin took her backpack off to show it off to Jacob

"Yeah I am. And thank you, I made it myself." She said, as Jacob ran his hand over the print which resembled a Night Fury, and his hand stopped when it reached the big green curious eyes

"Cool!" He said enthusiastically, as Meylin chuckled, and swung it back on, and they all quickly rushed over to the line with the sign that read premium pass

The line was quickly moving, and Meylin smiled happily as she watched the other line slowly move an inch since she had been in it

She handed her ticket to the person who was collecting the tickets, and the person opened the little gate for her with a smile

"Welcome to Dragoncon. Have an amazing time!" The person said as Meylin walked in and slowly took it all in, never seeing so many dragon fans in one place before

Posters of Toothless were everywhere, as well as all the dragon riders. There were different stations for each character with dragon merch, and there was a wall for cosplay art. She looked up at the high ceiling and noticed a huge Night Fury chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

She looked over to Jacob who was bouncing up and down, and tugging on Blair's arm as Liz watched in amusement

"Come on, come on! I wanna go see the life size Toothless statue!" He shouted, as he ran away disappearing into the crowd and Liz quickly rushed after him, as Blair huffed and walked over to Meylin

"Well, the directors for the TV series are here, and they're gonna talk about the show and do some big giveaway. Everyone attends, it's in the big sanctuary at four o'clock. We can save you a seat if you want," Blair said

"Yeah sure that'd be nice. I'll meet you there," She said, as Blair nodded and disappeared into the crowd of people, and Meylin sighed as she looked all around

She cocked her head in confusion as she glanced at a poster not too far away from her. It had a picture of all the dragon riders that were in their Race to the Edge outfits with their dragons in the backround. But what caught her attention the most, was the dragon eye lense in Hiccup's hand that looked different from all the others in the show

It had six little symbols on it, each one being very detailed, and the edges of the lense were very sharp, and it was a dark purple color

She shrugged and quickly walked away from the huge poster, and rushed over to where the Hiccup station was, as she surveyed the area looking at all the little items with him on it

She especially liked the little pens with his full name on it, written in a very detailed font. She picked it up and inspected it as she was quickly caught off guard when someone rushed passed her, accidentally colliding with her causing them to both fall to the ground with a thud

"Ahhh! Oh I'm so sorry!" The frenzied girl stuttered as she stood up and offered a hand to Meylin, and Meylin brushed herself off and took the extended hand

"Um it's okay, you're certainly in a rush aren't you?" Meylin said with a little chuckle as she picked up her backpack and swung it back on her back. The girl tucked a piece of her blonde hair that fell to about her shoulders behind her ear, and looked a little embarressed

"I guess you could say that. I got separated from my best friend and I'm trying to find her," She said quite frantically and nervously as well. Meylin pursed her lips and studied the girl's expression as she could tell she was pretty distressed

"I can help you look for her," Meylin offered with a smile as the girl's face lit up a little

"Really, you will?!" She shouted excitedly, but quickly recoiled back as she noticed the people staring at her strangely, "Um sorry, it's just no one has offered to help me. Telling me that a 17 year old should be able to find her friend on her own," She said

"Oh, well I'll help you search. Where were you last together?" Meylin asked as they both walked out of the station and the girl stroked her chin and looked around the huge convention

"Ummm we were at the Astrid station I think, and when I turned around she was just...gone," She said as she continued to look at every person that walked by

"Then let's start there. What's your name?" Meylin asked as she looked towards her, as they were around the same height Meylin being a few centimeters taller

The girl was taken aback and chuckled nervously, "Oh my gosh, ha ha, my name is Helen. Probably should've introduced myself earlier," She said nervously as she stuck her hand out towards Meylin and she shook it

"I'm Meylin." She said with a smile as she let go of her hand

"Come on, if we hurry I'm sure we can get to the giveaway on time, I don't want you or my best friend to miss it," Helen said as she quickly rushed into the crowd and Meylin quickly followed

I have a feeling this is gonna be a long day


"Emma! Over here!" Helen shouted frantically, as she waved her arms in the air, trying to get the attention of the girl with jet black hair

Emma quickly whipped her head around and sighed in relief as she rushed over to Helen, shoving her way through the crowd and Helen smiled widely

"Helen!" Emma shouted as she threw her arms around her best friend and Meylin smiled at the two best friends as they embraced

"Where have you been?! I've been looking everywhere!" Helen said exasperated, as Emma chuckled and looked back over her shoulder towards a boy nearby sitting on a bench who waved to them

"Wait, who's that?" Helen asked in confusion as she looked at her best friend who was smiling stupidly towards the boy on the bench

"Oh him? Well when we got separated we ran into each other, and he tried to help me find you, and we got a little hungry so we sat down and had some food. That of course got us into a conversation, and who knew we had so much in common," Emma said as she looked a little flushed

Helen raised her brow at her friend, as the boy stood up and walked over to them and Emma quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him a little closer to them

"Helen, this is Javon. Javon this is my best friend, Helen," Emma said as Javon smiled and stuck his hand out towards Helen

Helen reluctantly shook his hand and looked to her friend with a look of disgust and confusion

Emma eyed her friend and turned back to Javon and smiled at him, "Would you excuse us for a second?" Emma said towards Javon as he nodded, and Emma quickly pulled Helen away from him

"Emma, what are you doing? This is a complete stranger, and your making lovey dovey eyes towards him!" Helen outbursted as Emma huffed and crossed her arms

"Oh so now your in charge of who I can be friends with? From where I see it, your jealous," Emma said, as Helen scoffed

"Jealous?! I'm not jealous! I'm just a little upset that you stopped to talk and hangout with him when we were both separated when we agreed that we'd stick together the whole time!" Helen said as Emma raised her brow at her as she noticed Meylin standing awkwardly near them

"Uh who's this?" Emma asked, gesturing towards Meylin as Helen turned around to face Meylin

"She's a friend. She was helping me try to to find you," Helen said as Meylin waved at Emma, and Emma smiled a little

"Oh hi. Sorry you had to see us fight like that. We usually just don't control each other's lives so," Emma said as Helen's jaw dropped

"I'm not trying to control your life!" Helen said as Emma turned her head away from her and looked back towards Javon who was nervously tapping his fingers against his knees

"Fine, but I'm gonna hang out with Javon and sit with him during the giveaway and your welcome to join us," Emma said as she turned away from Helen, and walked over to Javon as he stood up and they disappeared into the crowd

Meylin could've sworn that she saw Emma quickly glance sadly back at her friend, and she quickly looked to Helen who grimaced her face in anger

"Ugh, that boy! She's never acted like this around any other boy," Helen said, as Meylin came over

"I'm sure she'll come to eventually. You can come sit with me at the giveaway if you want," Meylin offered as Helen smiled weakly and nodded

"Thank you. I'm sorry you had to see us fight like that, we rarely fight. I know we'll make up again, I just need to let off some steam," Helen said as Meylin chuckled

They were quickly interrupted as a loud voice was heard over the intercom, "Giveaway begins in 5 minutes. Please make your way to the sanctuary. Thank you."

Meylin smiled as everyone started to chat away again after the intercom stopped, and the swarm of people started to file into the sanctuary

"Come on, I know some people who are saving me a seat and you can sit with us," Meylin said as Helen nodded and they both quickly rushed to the sanctuary, neither of them knowing what they were about to walk into


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