So Vampire Month is the gift that keeps on giving,

So about this story, Twilight fans, this is a complete rewrite of the series (Oh yeah!)

Starting from book 1. (We're in for the long haul)

Have fun ya crazy kids. ;)



[Sabotage by the Beastie Boys plays in the distance]

"Alex you are out of your mind!" Margaret Sanders said as Alexandra Noir laughed and dragged her to their destination

"Awe come on don't be a wuss Maggie, we only get to do this once, besides hottie number three is looking at you and while I know you're completely devoted to John that doesn't mean that we can't have fun, you're only twenty-seven once" Alexandra said with a huge grin, Margaret rolled her eyes as she allowed herself to be dragged.

"That's what you said about the Coachella disaster when we were twenty-four, pink elephants Al" Margaret said exasperated and Alexandra laughed again.

"That was once Maggie, and you know I can't do marihuana ever again in my life, not with my line of work anymore, I am a prosecutor now, but we're on vacation so I'm just Alex Noir, single and ready to mingle" Alexandra said getting Margaret to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah," Maggie said, "So, zip-lining, it looks dangerous Al" Margaret said as she watched another tourist go down.

São Paulo was wonderful at that time of the year, Alexandra and Margaret both in daisy dukes and bikini tops were waiting for their turns on the line for the zip-line, Alexandra brimming with excitement while Maggie watched in apprehension.

"Nonsense those cords look safe and reliable, besides I promise to behave once we go back to the beach if you go with me" Alexandra said, Maggie sighed and nodded.

"Fine, but next year I pick our vacation spot, away from anything dangerous" said Maggie, Alexandra laughed again.

"Fine" she said.

They waited in line as their turned approached, Margaret fiddling with her hands as Alexandra sweet-talked a guy on the line, Alexandra was never one to let a simple thing as a language barrier stop her. Margaret watched as the Portuguese language rolled off Alexandra's lips easily, an easy smile here a hand running through her hair and twirling the ends of it.

It had been a few months since Margaret had seen her best friend so happy and carefree, almost since the failed drug case, which had actually been a set up, with that jerk Jake Florent. But standing next to her smiling and actually flirting best friend, Margaret Sanders couldn't help but to smile.

"Okay, Mags, allow mister Tiago to strap you in" Alexandra said gaining Margaret's attention.

Margaret smiled at the Brazilian guy as he secured her in the harness, another guy was helping Alexandra and she seemed to be talking to him, a flirty smile on her face, Margaret shook her head smiling fondly.

"See you on the other side Mags" Alexandra said happily, Margaret nodded.

"Sure you will Al" she said.

"Pronto pra isso?" Asked the guy, Alexandra nodded and Margaret smiled at her friend, this was it, Margaret clutched the rope and took a deep breath and jumped.

She heard Alexandra's scream in delight and opened her eyes, she felt like flying, it was exhilarating, Alexandra let out a whoop and Margaret looked at her friend, Alexandra was staring at her in pure joy and winked at her before letting her body fall back as she laughed.

Now, in another universe, that might have been fine, just a girl having fun, Margaret and Alexandra might have reached the end of the line and they would have laughed about it as they walked back to the beach. In this universe, as Alexandra laid back the cord that was holding her harness snapped and Margaret's smile turned to a terrorized look as she watched her best friend plummet to her death, Alexandra's screams of joy turned to those of terror as she found herself falling.

She died on impact, Margaret rushing to her side as soon as she could, sobs escaping her as she watched the broken body of her best friend.

"Al please, don't do this to me" Margaret sobbed cradling the body close to her as the ambulance arrived, "Please Al, please"