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"If you know me based on who I was a year ago, you don't know me at all. My growth game is strong. Allow me to reintroduce myself."

Chapter 1

"Mr. Desmarais on behalf of Gringotts, I am happy to announce that they have approved your investment application. As of now we will be your advisors and any questions you should have please contact us directly. Now there are a few logistical items we must complete."

I remark motioning for him to focus on the paperwork laid out in front of him. His lawyer and him bent forward and began to examine the items. Mr. Desmarais was a client of Gringotts who was looking for new avenues for investment revenue. He was the largest investor in France and now that he was a business partner with Gringotts it meant large amounts of money would continue to run through Gringotts by some of the most powerful witches and wizards of England and around the World.

At first glance you would not have expected Mr. Desmarais to be of any influence. He has a long thin nose and a receding hairline that he kept short, close to his head. The only part of him that was distinguished was his dress. He had brand name wizarding robes that he wore with a pair of smart black dress shoes. Every meeting he always had a different styled wizarding robes and they were impeccable.

Once the legalities were settled and appointments were arranged for a next meeting I left the conference room in a euphoric high. This was huge. Not only for Gringotts but for my own personal triumphs. My heels clacked against the marble floor, echoing in the bare hallway with my partners steps a fraction behind mine. Reaching their floo network I kept my composure until I was safely back in my hotel suite awaiting my partners arrival.


He exclaims the minute our eyes meet as he steps out of the fireplace; pulling me into a bear hug. "Goddamn! I cannot believe we were able to pull this off!"

I laugh and cannot help but grin in pleasure. This was a long time coming for the both of us. Jacob Grant was my equal when it came to International Investment and for over three years we have been working side by side on this contract. To finally see it to the end was unbelievable!

"I know! I'm still trying to convince myself this wasn't a dream!" I exclaim laughing as he continued to pace around. He was three years older, but his personality almost made him 3 years younger. With sandy blond hair, and blue eyes he knew how to charm a room.

"Fuck! You what that means don't you?!".


"We are about to get the biggest fucking bonus of our lives! This calls for a drink!"

He heads for the wet bar and I cannot help but to laugh at his antics; following him as he sets out two glasses. We were in a temporary suite in Paris so that our new French Investment firm, Desmarais, would have 24-hour access to us. The suite had a shared common room where the floo connected fireplace was located and then it had two separate rooms on opposite sides. Where we could have our own bedroom, desk and bathroom for our own privacy.

"Here's to G & E for the win once again!" Jacob proposes, clinking glasses with me.

"Here, here."

Downing the glass of Firewhiskey I grimaced as the liqueur burned going down my throat. Jacob was already making himself another glass, humming some unidentifiable tune. Shaking my head, I collapsed into the leather chair that pointed towards the fireplace. I couldn't believe it! Closing my eyes briefly, feeling the flame of the liqueur starting to get absorbed into my body.

"I don't know about you but I want to go out and celebrate!"

Opening my eyes, I found Jacob grinning down at me, his glass in one hand and the bottle in the other. His once impeccable robes were slightly skewed as if remarking that business was done for the day. I couldn't help but grin back up at him. He was notorious for his drinking and how long his tolerance seemed to last.

"As much as I would enjoy going out. I would rather just lay around after all the stress and lack of sleep."

"You're no fun. You know you're going to be required to go out when we get back to London." Jacob states slowly walking away from me.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't splinch yourself trying to come back drunk!" I yell out to him as he almost shuts the door to his room.

I get a snort in response as his door clicks shut. Sighing I head past the small kitchen and dining area and open the door to my side of the suite. Just as luxurious as the living area my living quarters are just as big. Light cream walls with wood accents, I walk past the desk littered with paper work, ink and quills, passing the four-post bed and making a beeline for tub. Turning the nobs, I let the tub fill up as I place my wand on the counter and look at my reflection reminiscing of the past.

10 years had passed since the night Harry defeated Voldemort. I couldn't believe we only have a few more years left in our twenties and how it seemed like everyone was engaged or married with kids with my previous classmates. No longer was I sporting choppy red hair as a 17-year-old but had straight brown hair with bangs to match. Shrugging out of my work clothes I hissed as I lowered myself into the steaming tub. Eyes closed I couldn't help the old memories that came flooding to me.


"Please state your name for the court."

"My name is Evangeline Edwards."

"Do you understand why you have be summoned to court today?"


"Good. As you already know, you have been summoned for testimony in the trial against Draco Lucious Malfoy. After testimony from Mr. Potter it was requested you would have insight into Mr. Malfoy."

I sighed inwardly. Thank you, Harry Potter, for the mess you've brought me into. I couldn't help muttering in my head; still pretending to listen to the judge. I was standing in front of the Wizengamont to give testimony towards Draco's deeper intentions. Harry had announced that Draco should get pardoned from a life in Azkaban because of his role to not give them up at his house or follow through with killing Dumbledore. In his speech he also referenced conversations I had with him regarding Draco, thus landing me my own appointment here today.

"As such you must answer truthfully." The judged remarked giving me a firm look. When I nodded in understanding he launched into the interrogation.

"What is your current affiliations with the accused?"

"He is my ex-boyfriend and now…perhaps associates." I answer trying to ignore the whispers and looks from the court.

"Is it true that you helped convince Mr. Potter that a life in Azkaban would be the wrong thing to do? Is it also true that you firmly believe that Mr. Malfoy was only a victim of his environment and his concern for his mother's safety?"

"Yes. I believe that Draco Malfoy was only going along with becoming a Death Eater. Where he followed through with allowing Death Eaters into Hogwarts because of the safety of his Mother; which was threatened if he tried to go against Voldemort's direct command. I am not saying that he has not made bad choices or mistakes but I believe that his decisions are based purely on his environment. He grew up and was surrounded by people who all believe in the delusional teachings of a mad man. He knew no other life other than the one created and promoted to him by the adults in his life."

"I see." The judge remarks as his quill scratched along the parchment in the deathly silent room.

"Were you ever aware of Mr. Malfoy's task given to him to kill Dumbledore?"

"No, I was not."

The judge continued into their next question…..

[End of Flashback]

The questioning by the Wizengamont seemed to last forever and I was scared to death about answering wrong. At the end came the verdict I was praying for. They found Draco as well as his mother innocent of their part of the War, while Lucius Malfoy received a life sentence at Azkaban.

It felt like a lifetime ago. What was left of the Malfoy family was sentenced to one year of house arrest with guests having to be approved through the Ministry of Magic and the Auror's Department before they could have contact with the Malfoy's. They were also required to donate to a select list of charities approved by the Ministry of Magic for up to 3 years.

But this was in the past already. Sighing I got out of the now cold water and changed into a pair of black yoga pants and a Hogwarts hoodie. With a nonverbal spell the kitchen was bustling with noise as food was getting prepped. Humming softly, I fed both of our Owls and started to pull out all my correspondence that I had been putting off.

Where has my best friend been?! You need to snag this deal and come back to London!

P.S. I loved that dress you wore for your lunch meeting. So fetch. Rita has seemed to know what's going on with you somehow.


I couldn't help but laugh at Ginny's note. Leave it to her to always know how to make me laugh over something so silly. She was right, Rita Skeeter seemed to know I was in Paris on a high-stake deal for Gringotts. I missed seeing Ginny, Harry and their kids. Not to mention Ron and Hermione and everyone else.

"Laughing to yourself now. You should be careful no one else see's this."

Looking up I find Jacob dressed in Paris street clothes with a drink in one hand and his wand in the other. I scowled at his tease and threw paper at him, which he reflected.


"Don't do anything I wouldn't do tonight." I remark smirking at him.

"I'll try not to." Jacob states walking over to me curious to see what I was laughing at, "That girl Ginny. Too bad Harry Potter grabbed her up first."

"Hey! That's my friend that you're talking about!" I exclaim slapping him.

"Ouch! Now don't be like that. Come on out and celebrate our victory!"

"I dunno."

He pocketed his wand and dragged me out of the chair and handed me his drink. Shoving me across the room and through my bedroom door.

"Go put some clothes on and join me," Jacob remarks and then motioning me to finish the drink, "I'm not leaving until you're dressed."

Groaning I walk over to the closet wondering if I even brought the right going out clothes. Skimming through the clothes I down the drink and decide that maybe he was right. Going out and celebrating is not a crime. Ah. Here we go. Grabbing the outfit, I shove Jacob out of the room. After changing and casting a hair and makeup charm on I follow him out the door and into the night of haze.


"Oi! Edwards!"

I groan as the pounding on my door broke me out of my sleep along with Jacobs loud voice. Pulling the covers back I walked over and open the door, squinting at the light shining through from the living quarters. I glare up at him in annoyance.

"Grootpan is in the Floo asking for you."

I groan at Jacobs announcement and the pounding headache I had from a night of drinking, "All right tell him I'll be out in a moment." I remark shutting the door.

Rushing I threw on robes, casting a cleansing and hair spell as I opened the door a moment later. This must be serious if he was calling through the Floo network just to get an immediate response. I take a moment to glance at Jacob who lounged against the kitchen counter, sharing the same curious look I did.

Crossing the dimly lit living area I recognized the face of Gringott's Investment and Client Manager, Grootpan. Like almost 90% of Gringott's employees he was a Goblin. Intelligent, shrewd and took his job very seriously. He was an overseer of Jacob and me; we reported to him on our clients and progress.

"Hello Mr. Grootpan." I remark kneeling down to the fireplace.

"Ms. Edwards. I need you to come back to London right away." He remarks, straight to the point.

I blinked, confused on if I heard him correctly. "I'm sorry? Come back to London?"

He gave me a pointed look of annoyance, "Yes, Ms. Edwards. I have one of Gringott's wealthiest clients asking for you personally to handle their affairs. I understand everything is still getting finalized with Mr. Desmarais. I will be contacting him directly to update him on the importance of your absence earlier than expected."

This was not what I was expecting. Gringott's wealthiest clients? I tried racking my brain in those seconds trying to list our top clients but had to focus back to Grootpan before he yelled at me for being a silly witch.

"Of course, Sir." I remark with a nod in agreement. It would do nothing for me to start questioning him even if he was being vague.

"Good. I want you in my office by 9 a.m. Ms. Edwards. Do not keep me waiting." Grootpan remarks before his head disappeared from the flames.

I lean back and fall on my butt in shock. I feel someone walk up next to me and pause.

"London huh?" Jacob remarks confused.

"Yeah, London." I remark getting up and collapsing in a chair rubbing my temple, "Who is Gringotts wealthiest client?"

He paused for a moment before giving me a sly grin. Oh god. What was he about to tell me.

"This is great. Oh, I wish I was about to sit in on this meeting!" Jacob remarks chuckling slightly.

"Just tell me already!"

"The wealthiest client of Gringotts is… the Malfoy's, specifically a one Mr. Draco Malfoy." Jacob remarked chuckling as the color drained from my face, "Shall I make you a drink?"