Chapter 10:

"And suddenly you know… It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."


Shocking News!

Draco Malfoy was spotted yesterday evening with unidentified witch at the Burton Restaurant! Could this be his newest love interest? No comment was made from Miss Edwards and how she's handling the dreadful news. Don't worry readers! Rita will get down to the bottom of this!


The New IT Job!

What was once thought of as a boring, office job has come full circle due to one of our favorites, Eva Edwards. Folks know that she made quite the name for herself by teaming up with the Golden Trio to defeat You Know Who but more from her shocking testimony at Mrs. Malfoy and Draco Malfoy's trial following the end of the War; where her relationship with the young Malfoy came out into the open. Shocking as that was she disappointed avid readers when we learned that after the trial she went off to America.

Taking a job at Gringotts was never for the faint hearted- especially when having to work with Goblins! Well folks that's just what Miss. Edwards did when she finally came back to London and just recently scored the biggest investment contract along with her partner, Jacob Grant. She made investment work look hip and exciting! Shortly after the ink dried on the Desmarais contract she teamed up with none other…. DRACO MALFOY.

Yes! You heard that right! My reliable sources tell me that the young Malfoy sought her out specifically when he shocked his Board by dismantling the investment side and replaced it with Miss. Edwards. Since the announcement of her new role for not only Gringotts but for the Malfoy Company the two, once past lovers have been spotted on and off. She's been on the list for up and coming stars to watch as her new career unfolds, making every young girl wonder if they too should look for a job at Gringotts. Still close friends with the Golden Trio, who are also on the top list of under 30 successes, Miss. Edwards is someone to watch out for and sources tell us that she's single. That's right guys, you may still have a chance of stealing her heart!


"What utter rubbish!" I exclaim, crumbling up the article in frustration, "did I mention how much I hate that woman?"

"What? Don't want all the single men lining up at your door?" Draco teases from his seat across from me, ducking as I throw the article at him.

"No! I don't! I have marriage proposals coming out the woodwork and now I know why!" I groan in frustration, annoyed that he was laughing at my predicament.

"Well, you can now officially join the party." Draco began smirking, "I'm sure the rest of your friends still get a lot of fan mail."

"Yes, but I never wanted to be part of it! Rita is just concocting all of this to make gossip headlines. Why else would she be stalking us?"

"You just need to ignore it and I'll have Kerry take care of getting your mail sorted prior to coming to you."

I nod in acceptance, still trying to calm myself so I don't do anything rash and say… hex Rita Skeeter to the next century. I wasn't even aware of the gossip until I was corned by some lackey of Rita's who started harassing me outside Gringotts, asking if I was holding up after Draco broke up with me. We weren't even dating!

"Ugh! I'm not sure I can handle dealing with her and her minions." I mutter as I tried to get comfortable again, "anyway I need to just let it go now and focus on what I really wanted to talk to you about before you distracted me with that mess."

I state while mentally adding how I didn't even want to talk about how the gossip pages tried to make it look like we were a couple and try not to dwell on who the mysterious woman was.

"All right then, what did you want to talk to me about?" Draco asked.

"I wanted us to go over where we are with the case." I began shuffling papers until I found the list I made. "Right. So now that we've been able to find similar MCH's (Magical Clearing House) we know it's not just an accident or a processing error."

"Well that's always a start."

"Yes, it's a very good start. So, we know it's planned and now that we have the list of anyone that has authority at Gringotts. Which is…"

Shuffling my parchment for another one I continue, "obviously you are first, Blaise and your father is still listed as well. After that we had Kerrie grab the HR papers that show who works in the investment part of the Company. With this and their HR backgrounds we'll be able to cross people off. My concern for the company and you is we need to make a game plan."

"I should technically file the paper work and have my father taken off. It's not like he'll ever see daylight again." Draco remarks with a touch of cynicism, "What do you mean by making a game plan?"

"We need a game plan for how we want to proceed. Obviously, we don't want this person or people to keep taking the money but we don't want to spook them before we can find out who they are. So how would you want to proceed? Do you want to still to let them pull money as we are still investigating?"

"I think that we should keep monitoring this account that they have been pulling from but not stop it yet. I'm afraid that they'll get spooked if all of the sudden the money doesn't come through and we'll lose our track of them." Draco replies thoughtfully, running a hand through his hair as he let his thoughts wander.

"Very true and it's your call at the end of the day. Another thought I had is, I would like to talk to Gringotts investment MCH department and see if they could tell me how the process works. If we're lucky we can see if they'd give us the information regarding where it's getting sent. That is, if you're okay with it." I remark pausing slightly to see how he feels about this.

He leaned back as he mulled over the idea, arms stretching up and going behind his head. I couldn't even stop myself as my eyes trailed down his arms, noting in the back of my head how they showed off his muscles as they pulled against the cloth. Lord help me…. This man was too attractive. It wasn't fair.

"Go ahead and ask them but try and make it seem like it's a general question; as if it's for some new investment. I want to find this son of a bitch."

"Okay. Also, another thought, we can create a fake account. Pull majority of the money out of that account and into a new one, so that way their small withdrawals still stream in but we don't have to worry about them pulling a large sum if they get spooked?" I explain leaning forward as I spoke.

"Maybe. I'm concerned about them just dropping off the face of the earth. Let's stick to the first plan for now and go from there."

"Sure, not a problem." I jotted down the notes of what our next steps were, mulling over how I would go about this, "I'm thinking I'll go to Gringotts tomorrow and maybe just run this through Claire and see if she knows anything as the secretary. I have to go in anyway and make sure everything is processing correctly for your companies' investments through Desmarais."

"Sounds like a plan. It seems like we're making some head way with this problem."

"Let's hope we are. It's still early in the game. Oh! I almost forgot." I remarked dropping the parchment to glance at him as the thought occurred, ignoring his amused face, "when I went to my office Jacob came in so we could catch up and he was hearing rumors about a firm in Bulgaria. According to the rumors, the firm had been keeping an eye on whether Gringotts would solidify the Desmarais account and now they are putting feeders out there now that your company has launched the first investment between Gringotts and Desmarais. Have you heard anything about this?"

"There are two big firms in Bulgaria that are able to keep up with the rest of the financial realm; in the wizarding community of course. I could look into it, and see if we are not already in some type of communication with them. Why ask?"

"Since the Desmarais account, Jacob got put on a small job and he was hoping that Grootpan was just buying time to start a collaboration between this Bulgaria firm and Gringotts; with the idea that Jacob might get the job. He doesn't want Grootpan to get suspicious that he's unhappy with the work he receives. In case it blows up in his face. I offered to bring it up to you to see if you've heard about any rumors."

"It's a good possibility that either firms were interested in how the Desmarais account would go and to see when and who would be interested in the joint venture. It's a more viable way to send investment money to other nations and it's a more secure link for the funds. If this is a real rumor I would tell Jacob that he should start getting the ball rolling; even if it means playing intern to the bloke who handles Bulgaria financial interests." Draco remarks as he glanced down at our work.

"Interesting. I'll relay the message, thanks."

I remark, going over to my desk to send a note to Jacob before I forgot. There was a lot of things going on around this and while I didn't mind helping Jacob I couldn't get too involved in research for him.

"Tell him to send me an owl."

I glance up from the desk at Draco as he continued, "It would better for him to just communicate with me and I'll send him any information I have. There's no reason for making you play messenger."

"You must have been reading my mind. I was just thinking about how I have enough on my plate already." I half joked, scrapping the paper and jotting down a simple note and handing it over to my owl.

"It's purely for selfish reasons of course. I want your attention on this project." Draco states nonchalantly as he examined a ledger.

I snorted as I watched my owl fly off before turning back to him, "Of course, how could the Malfoy ego not get involved when something nice is done. Wouldn't want people to think you're a good guy."

"Exactly." Draco remarks with a spark in his eye, "I can't ruin that bad boy image."

I rolled my eyes and took a seat next to him, "You are ridiculous."

"You wouldn't have me any other way." Draco teased, "If I remember correctly my bad boy antics worked on you."

"HA!" I laughed, ignoring his scowl, "I think you must have me confused with someone else."

"Take that back."

"No." I remarked stubbornly, grinning like crazy and he continued to scowl at me. "It doesn't really matter anyway, that was a long time ago."

He raised a single eyebrow as a devilish grin slowly appears. Dear lord…. he was always full of himself.

"If that's what you want to tell yourself."

He drawls in soft voice, leaning in close to me and for a split second he glances down at my lips and my god damn mind turns to putty! I'm screaming. Don't you dare lick your lips! Don't! Think of anything! Anything else…. Professors Snape's greasy hair…. Someone in love with Filch….! UGH.

Of course, my body decides to throw caution to the wind and I lick my lips and just like I knew it; Draco grins broadly before leaning back in his chair in victory. GODDAMNIT!

He continues to smile coyly at me, "If we really want to go there, I happen to have fond memories of hot…. sweet-"

"DRACO!" I yell ignoring the fact that my face turned slightly pink and it only made him chuckle.

"What?" Draco questions in fake innocence as he responds, "I was only talking about dessert. No reason for your mind to be in the gutter Eva."

"You're impossible!" I remark in frustration as he continues to laugh.

"I'm glad to know you're still easy to rile up as you were at Hogwarts." Draco remarks nonchalantly, getting up to pour a glass of water before turning back to me, "I always loved our heated arguments over nothing."

"Glad to know someone was enjoying themselves at my expense." I grumbled to myself, wishing I could just shove him out the door and go back to work in peace. All the while he continued to laugh to himself.

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