Cue. Q. Quentin. The name alone was enough to evoke a euphoric shudder within its current host. The pleasant tingly sensation travelled all over he's new body and gods, he wanted more. He wanted the warmth and the comfort that Quentin brings, the sense of companionship and trust. Everything. He wanted that man.

I did decide that one of my best friends wouldn't spend the rest of his life locked in a prison—

Best friends. Yes. He wanted to be Quentin's best friend. It's the only reason he resides in this body after all. It was fun, being inside Ora while it lasted, but he moved on to bigger and better things. Now he just had to find Quentin Coldwater.

But they hid him away. Warped his sense of being. Locked him up in a prison in his own mind. The tidal wave of hot, molten rage washed over him when he realized what they did. How dare they touch what was his?!

But it was fine. He was in this new body now. He'll protect Quentin just like his host always wanted.

This is why he was here. In this place…what was it called?

You're out of your element, child of Earth.

Right! Earth. Such a noisy, ugly place but there were so many people here to play with. So many people to entertain him until he finally finds Quentin.

It was only a matter of time now. He was close. He can feel it.

His body shook with the anticipation as he walked closer and closer to his destination. Just a small bookshop that recently opened. The memories within his host revolving his new friend led him to believe he'll be found within places like these. Unfortunately, memories of Quentin were hard to come by—his host keeping an ironclad grip on them and selfishly keeping them to himself. It's great, though. Such a good friend. Always protecting him, even when there wasn't any reason to.

He would never hurt Quentin. Afterall, they were best friends.

A ghost of a smile began to form on his lips as he viewed the bookstore across the street. The pulsing sensation of being near Quentin was positively orgasmic and his fingers itched to finally place themselves on the male.

Then, silence. Complete and utter silence as he finally laid eyes on the man.

So beautiful.

I guess that's "—my Q."

Purposely short. Sorry.