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Chapter 1:

He'd been wandering for days. He didn't know where he was or what had happened. All he remembered was a man, a fat man, and then falling down something high and he'd been wandering since, starving and thirsty.

He staggered and then fell to his knees before he collapsed to the ground with a weak rattle. He heard running water and he weakly lifted his head, before he dug his fingers into the ground and dragged himself that direction.

His body was about to give out when he found a river and he pulled himself to the edge, reaching down and cupping water in his hands. He felt it trickle down his throat and he took more, sighing softly. Had water always tasted so refreshing?

He finished drinking and then tried to pull away from the water so that he could rest without getting wet. However, he slipped on a slick stone and fell in instead. He splashed and then sunk, too weak to really move, even with the water he'd drunk and it looked like he'd be drinking a hell of a lot more than two mouthfuls.

He hit the bottom of the riverbed and looked at the distant surface with a small inwards sigh as he closed his eyes. He didn't know who he was. He didn't know what his purpose was. He felt hollow and empty. He was too weak to move. He might as well just lay on the bottom of this cool river and let it sweep him away from what he felt was a terrible life.

Air trickled from his lips in a slow stream of bubbles as they parted and he strangely felt no pain, no terror, just calm acceptance and a sense of deja vu, like this had happened before, like he had given into death, fallen asleep and let it take him.

He accepted death and he felt something in him well up, like power, long forgotten power that he had no use for anymore. He didn't feel like he was drowning, but like he was suspended in absolute nothingness and it didn't even really scare him, though he knew deep down that it should bother him. He should be terrified, horror-struck, helpless, but he only felt calm, numb, peaceful.

He felt something cold and circular form in his hand and then it rose from is grip and rested on his chest and he felt beads form in a circular shape, wrapping around his throat, not tight but loose. He distantly felt his body tingling, changing, but it was lost to him as his consciousness drifted in and out, finally just blanking and sleeping.

However, his body changed around him. His short, messy, black hair lengthened and turned so that it was like silk, reaching his hips. The black streaked with red, starting at the roots and then spreading quickly until only red remained, flowing freely, thick and wavy. His canines shifted until they were small fangs. His eyelashes lengthened to sweep his suddenly high, aristocratic cheeks. His skin tanned slightly. His fingers lengthened until they were long and delicate like a pianist's, but calloused like a warrior's while his nails turned to glinting claws. His bone structure shifted and there were several loud cracks as his body jerked and spasmed, breaking and resetting bones that never properly healed. His body lengthened and aged to look about twenty three, slightly feminine, but obviously male. His back arched as scars on it healed and caused an uncomfortable sensation. Underneath his eyelids, his eyes turned slitted and went from bright green to a glowing purple with green specks.

He floated in silence and his eyes flickered under the lids as if he was watching something in his unconsciousness. His face pinched as emotions flickered across it and tears leaked from his closed eyes as he silently lamented, watching the scenes that had been hiding in his mind. His hand unconsciously rose to the golden medallion on his chest and a soft whisper left his lips, "My...Zeno."

Blue, green, yellow, white, and then finally red lights flew around him in a swirling tornado as roars echoed in the vast landscape of nothingness. They flashed and spun, like a dance, as their roars turned to a melody that, if one had been listening, would speak of rebirth, hope, happiness, and sadness all mixed into one. The lights faded away except for the red one, which instead swirled around the sleeping male like a light wind, lifting his hair and fluttering his simple white robe he was now wearing. It twirled around him and then stopped above his chest, where his heart was, and gathered itself up into a brightly glowing ball.

The ball floated silently and then dropped down, sinking into the man's chest. His mouth opened wide and his back arched as his head flew back and a piercing scream of agony ripped from his lips. His body bucked and sweat gathered on his brow as he screamed again and twitched, spasming and writhing as his breath came in sharp pants.

His body glowed brightly and he gasped and screamed louder than before as power blasted off of him in a wave of fire. He fell still after this, panting softly, still unconscious, and then whimpered softly, shifting a small amount.

The lights came back and then they suddenly exploded and he was gone.


Shu-Long was the monk in charge of Hiryuu castle, a historical place in Japan, the home of the very first Emperor of their lands, King Hiryuu. The castle was said to be guarded by the gods themselves and that was why it was in perfect condition still.

Currently, he was the only one that knew the deepest secret of the castle and that was the room he stood in front of right now. It was a room with a set of golden doors, the old room of the golden dragon, the Ouryou, and it was barred off. No one was allowed inside, but there was good reason.

Inside, in a deep sleep that he hadn't woken from in thousands of years was the Ouryou himself, a blonde boy that looked about fourteen, frozen in time, breathing softly and never moving. The head monk was always charged with keeping the Ouryou alive and in the same condition. This meant that he did not thin and go gaunt and sickly. They wanted him to be in perfect health if he ever woke. He was a god after all, just one on the mortal plain.

This was why, every day, twice, Shu-Long came to the great Ouryou's room and gave him water and nourishment potions that he made himself. He was here for his second visit, the one he made shortly before bed.

He unlocked the door with his monk's staff and then stepped inside, closing the door. In the middle of the room was a beautiful white bed covered in silken sheets with the softest of pillows. Resting on the white bed was a blonde boy, small looking, peaceful and silent, his tousled hair splayed around him and under his head and his hands crossed on his chest as he rested with closed eyes, his only movement the soft rise and fall of his chest under his hands. Over his body up to cover his chest was a silken white blanket of the softest material that money could buy or humans could make. The god only deserved the best after all.

To the side of the bed a sword was leaned on the wall, gleaming and always kept clean and sharpened, never rusty. Under his hands was a medallion that even in his sleep, he had never relinquished, clutching it with a death grip. Covering his body was a white robe that revealed part of his pale collarbone, a silken kimono for comfort.

When Shu-Long looked though, he gasped in shock and horror. What was this?! Someone had snuck into the mighty Ouryou's room?! On the bed next to the blonde was a taller body, laid out with his head tilted towards the Ouryou. His hair was the brightest of reds, like the dawning sky, long, thick, and wavy, resting below him. His face was peaceful and fallen into content like the Ouryou's and his hands also rested on his chest as he rested below the blankets next to the sleeping blonde, in the same position if not for the tilted head. Covering his body was a silken white kimono and around his neck was a beaded necklace that connected to a golden medallion that was under his hands. On the other side of the bed, the one the man now occupied, was a sword with a beautiful red and silver hilt and a black sheath carved with runes and designs. The two on the bed were positioned so that they each took up one side of the large bed now and their hair brushed each other's, blending to look like the sun rising in the dawn.

Shu-Long immediately rushed over to remove the intruder and he had bent down and put his arms under the redhead when a soft voice spoke, "You will take my Zeno from me?"

He gasped and looked to see the man's eyes open to reveal the vividest of purples with tears trickling down his cheeks and he stopped, "What do you mean?"

"You would take me from my precious Zeno?"

"Who is Zeno?"

"My precious golden dragon, my Zeno."

Shu-Long's eyes widened, "The Ouryou's name...is Zeno? You know him?"

"He is my precious Zeno. Please don't take me away from him."

"H-How do you know the Ouryou?"

The tears dripped to the bed and the man spoke, "I know my Zeno, my poor, precious Zeno, cursed with immortality. My poor, poor dragon, always so sad, but acting so happy. Don't take me away. Don't take my precious one from me. I beg of you." Shu-Long moved his arms from under the male and he got more tears as the man looked at him, "You-You won't take my Zeno from me?"

The monk sighed, "I should. He is our god, but...I cannot. Who are you?"

The man gasped, "I can stay near him?"


The man relaxed and blinked away the tears, letting what was left drip down his cheeks to the bed below, though he didn't move other than that. Shu-Long sighed and pulled out his handkerchief, gently wiping the tears from the man's tanned cheeks. The man smiled and let out a small sigh of relief, then, "I am Hiryuu."

Shu-Long's handkerchief dropped to the floor in shock and he staggered back a step, "You-You are Hiryuu, King Hiryuu? You are the golden dragon's master, his king?" He suddenly bowed low, "Your holiness, I am sorry for daring to touch you and making you shed tears. I will accept any punishment."

He heard slight movement and then a hand on his head and the redhead's voice, "No need for that. I will not punish you for something you did not know of. I love humans after all." Shu-Long gasped and Hiryuu spoke again, "Please rise up."

Shu-Long immediately did so, keeping his head bowed, and he felt fingers touch his chin and lift his head up to be met with kind, purple eyes, "You have done nothing wrong, young one. I am unharmed and content. As long as you will not take my precious Zeno, then I will not feel anger or hate towards you."

Shu-Long felt his heart lift, "Truly?"

"Yes." The red-haired god turned back to the bed and his hair swayed gently as he moved, laying back down on the bed, except that now he wrapped his arms around the Ouryou, bringing his slumbering form close and resting his clawed hand in the soft hair, bringing the blonde's face into his chest. He looked at Shu-Long, "Now what have you come to Zeno's room for?"

The monk grabbed the water and carried it over, "I keep him healthy as he slumbers, as have my ancestors ever since they can remember."

The king's face fell into despair, "My poor Zeno." He took the cup and gently moved the Ouryou, pouring the drink into his parted lips in a trickle until it was all gone. He handed the empty cup back and put the blonde back in the same position he'd had him in, "I will stay with my Zeno."

"Shall I leave then, your holiness?"

Hiryuu nodded as he petted the blonde's soft hair, "Yes please. I will surely see you tomorrow unless I sleep with my golden dragon and then I do not know when we will wake."

"I will care for you both if you sleep, your holiness."

"Thank you."

Shu-Long nodded and left them in the room alone. He closed the door and he saw Hiryuu wrap around the Ouryou and close his eyes with a content smile. He smiled and closed the door all the way, locking it once more.


His awakening was slow and groggy and unnoticed as his blue eyes cracked open. What year was it? How long had he slept? He'd hoped to forever stay on the spirit plain where dreams are because his heart ached and burned for his dragons, for his king, and in his dreams, he could have them.

What had woken him up? Was it the warm chest he rested against? Was something bad happening, forcing him to wake? Did his awakening mean that the dragons were needed again? No, he hoped not. He could not bear to separate from all his brothers for a third time, watching them age and die once more, never to rest.

He felt warm breath in his hair and he opened his eyes the rest of the way to see something dark in front of his face, like blood. No, not blood, hair the color of the dawn, thick and wavy, just like he remembered. Had the gods finally granted his wish? Had they let him die, go to the heavens?

He felt the arms around him tighten and then the person he was with moved gently. He felt the hand in his hair start brushing it softly and a hand rested on his back, holding him close to his partner. The person moved again and he saw a clawed hand grab a lock of blonde hair before his chin was gently grabbed and tilted up.

His eyes widened as he saw him, his precious king, his precious Hiryuu, his master, and he was...crying? Why? The clawed hand gently squeezed the hair and King Hiryuu spoke in a heartbroken voice, "I-I'm sorry, Zeno, that you were cursed with immortality because of me. I'm sorry for the pain you went through, my precious dragon, my Zeno. I'm so sorry."

Zeno's eyes widened, "K-King Hiryuu, are you-are you really here?"

"Yes, my precious Zeno, I am here." The king kissed his forehead softly and cupped his cheek, "I am truly here. I won't leave you again, my dragon."

Tears rose up, "Truly?"

"Yes, my precious."

Zeno hugged him tightly and he felt warmth and he felt a heartbeat and he rested against a living chest, firm and yet soft enough to rest on. Arms were wrapped around him and his king was here and he was alive and oh God, how he had missed his king. He cried against Hiryuu's chest and he heard soft soothing words as a hand gently stroked his hair and the other arm held him tight.

Finally, he looked up at Hiryuu, "How long...was Zeno sleeping?"

The redhead's face fell into sorrow, "Thousands of years. The monks of the castle have been keeping your body in good health since, passing it through the generations."

Zeno turned back to his chest, "Well, it's okay. Zeno is happy that you're here."

"Third person now?" Hiryuu smiled, "It suits you. I like it."

Zeno smiled happily, "Zeno is happy King Hiryuu is happy."

"Yes, precious one. I know. I am glad."

Zeno smiled and closed his eyes, simply enjoying the larger male wrapped around him. The door opened, but Zeno didn't move as Hiryuu's fingers kept stroking his hair calmly and he heard a male voice, "Your holiness! I didn't know you had awoken! I would have come much sooner!"

The Hiryuu spoke, "It's fine. I don't mind. How long was I asleep?"

"Two weeks, your holiness."

"Please don't be so formal. If you must, please call me King Hiryuu."

"But surely-"

"It would greatly please me."

There was silence and then the first voice again, "Yes, alright, King Hiryuu."

Hiryuu spoke, "Have you come with water and potions?"


"Might we get real food?"


Shu-Long looked at the the redheaded dragon and bowed, "Of course. What would you like to eat?"

The redhead looked down at the sleeping Ouryou, "What do you want to eat, Zeno?"

He didn't think that there was going to be an answer. The Ouryou had been sleeping as long as anyone could remember. However, the next thing he knew, the redhead was sitting up with a blonde head peering over his shoulder with bright blue eyes and he was shocked speechless as the blonde answered in a rather childish voice, "Zeno doesn't care. Zeno will eat whatever King Hiryuu gets."

Hiryuu nodded, "Hmm, then I think I will just have whatever you have in the kitchens and Zeno will have the same."

Shu-Long immediately bowed as he snapped from his shock, "Lord Ouryou, I am honored to speak with you. We have long been awaiting your awakening."

The Ouryou smiled, "Zeno was waiting for his King Hiryuu. Zeno is awake now."

Hiryuu nodded again and then looked at him, "Legends exist everywhere. Is there a legend of a mighty dragon slumbering at Hiryuu Castle?"

"Yes, King Hiryuu."

Hiryuu stood up and pulled the short blonde up, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as he smirked in amusement, "And how many believe the legends?"

"Everyone here, sire."

"Then shall we prove them right?"

Shu-Long's eyes widened, "Come out? Are you sure, King Hiryuu?"

"Yes. Just imagine how many people we can excite and I always loved humans."

The Ouryou smiled, "Zeno goes wherever his King goes. Zeno doesn't want to lose him again."

"But you aren't unpresentable, sire!"

"Why must I be? I needn't wear anything but the silk my brothers have clothed me in when they returned my life and Zeno never really cared about what he wore."

Shu-Long frowned, "But, King Hiryuu, you are a god. You deserve the best."

"I'm wearing the best silk available and I have my Zeno. I need nothing more."

Shu-Long sighed, "Alright. I have bamboo sandals if you wish for shoes."

"They are unnecessary. Come on, Zeno. We shall get some food. You haven't eaten in far too long." His eyes twinkled, "You'll never grow bigger if you don't."

Zeno smiled brightly and let out a soft laugh that was smooth like water over pebbles, but innocent like a child's, "Zeno can't get bigger. Gu-En always made fun of Zeno for being small."

Hiryuu rubbed the blonde's messy hair, "Of course he did. Look at you. You only reach my shoulders."

"Hey! King Hiryuu is tall and Zeno is short! You're too tall!"

Hiryuu laughed as well, his laughter deeper and booming, "Maybe that's the problem. Everyone is simply too tall for my poor Zeno."

Zeno pouted but Hiryuu just brought him closer and his pout faded away to be replaced with a content smile. Shu-Long gestured with his staff as he unlocked the doors, "Please come with me, Sire, Lord Ouryou. Dinner has just been finished cooking."

They nodded and followed him from the room and he had to check several time to make sure that they were still there because their footsteps were so silent. They reached the doors to the Dining Room and he opened them and let the two into the room, "We are here."

They stepped in and a few people looked up, but they stopped as they saw the bright blonde hair and the bright red hair, as well as the silken robes. One stood reverently, his eyes wide, "The legends, they are true. Hair as red as the dawning sky and as bright as the rising sun."

One man grabbed his wrist, "Come on, Raito. Don't be ridiculous. They're just legends. These are probably visitors that Head Monk Shu-Long brought in for food."

Shu-Long stepped in, "No. These are not visitors. They are the owners of the castle. May I humbly introduce King Hiryuu and Lord Ouryou, the Great Red Dragon and the Great Golden Dragon."

Everyone in the room gasped in shock and the one that had grabbed Raito stood, "Can you provide proof that you're not frauds out for the castle?"

Hiryuu smiled, "Of course." He lifted his hand and there was a flicker before fire sprung up and his nails lengthened into claws. Red scales dotted his hand and the fire flickered across it and then up his arm, glowing bright red. Zeno gasped as he saw it, "King Hiryuu...is a dragon again?" His face lit up, "King Hiryuu will not leave Zeno again?" Hiryuu's flames licked his shoulders and hair and danced across Zeno's skin, not burning him as he giggled and smiled, "Zeno is ticklish!"

Hiryuu laughed as fire danced over his hands and leapt into the air, twirling and forming a small red fire dragon that soared around them both. Zeno touched it with wide eyes and it landed on the blonde's shoulder, before flickering and then vanishing.

The crown was absolutely silent, their eyes wide in shock, and the man that had spoken bowed his head, "Thank you."

"Of course."

Shu-Long spoke, "The legends of the Great Ouryou slumbering here for the past couple thousand years was true and he did not wake until the Great Hiryuu came down to Earth once more and now we have both of them with us like long ago."

Everyone in the room bowed to them respectfully and Hiryuu smiled. He was back among humans once more, but why did it feel like something was missing?