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Chapter 4:

Hiryuu looked down at the Death Eaters from his rooftop perch and then over at Soo Won, "Shall we?"

The blonde man nodded and drew his sword and Hiryuu grabbed him and leapt down to the ground. His robes flared as he landed and dust billowed before he was gone again, his sword drawn and cutting people down where they stood. He saw Soo Won fighting and he smiled. The former emperor was quite the skilled fighter for just being a human.

He cut down another Death Eater and jumped backwards, landing behind Soo Won, "You good?"

"Yeah, just a bit out of breath. Their spells are quite troublesome to dodge or block."

"Yes, be careful. Don't let a single one hit you. They're quite nasty."

Soo Won nodded, "Alright."

Hiryuu leapt back into battle and the Death Eaters soon fled in fear. He stopped beside Soo Won and he heard several cracks as Dumbledore appeared and he smirked, time to set the bait.


Albus appeared with the Order of the Phoenix expecting a battle. What he did not expect was what he found. Dead Death Eaters littered the ground in puddles of their own blood, seemingly circled around two men that stood in the middle.

One man had hair the color of blood and he was wearing dark red, silk robes of an oriental design with black leather pants underneath tucked into knee high boots. In his hand was a long sword that steadily dripped blood to the ground, forming a puddle. The man next to him had dark blonde hair held in a side ponytail draped on his chest that had blood splattered through it. In his hand was a long silver sword with a golden hilt studded with rubies. He was wearing light mauve robes with dark blue hemming and they were also of oriental design, though splattered in blood. The sword also dripped blood to the ground and they both looked towards the group, though the redhead smirked and the blonde had a completely blank face.

Albus stepped forward since everyone else was too scared and spoke, "Ahem, hello, I am Albus Dumbledore. You are?" He got no answer and he sighed, "We were wondering who you were and why you were here. We don't recognize you." Silence met his swords and he saw the redhead's smirk grow, like he could talk and was refusing. He sighed again, "Why are you here?"

The redhead spoke for the first time, his voice deep and smooth, "Why indeed? I could be here for the sights. I could be here for the Wizards. I could be here to fight the man that sent those men. Or I could be here to deliver an...upsetting piece of news."

Albus frowned, "That's a lot of reasons. Could you clarify which one you're actually here for?"

The redhead cocked his head, "I suppose...I could, but what if I don't want to?"

Moody stepped forward, "Then we'll have to pull it out of you."

The redhead chuckled, "You wouldn't stand a chance, boy. You're much too young to face me."

"You're only maybe in your thirties."

"Am I?" He lifted his hand and they saw a clawed finger tap his chin, "I suppose if you think so." He smiled and they saw lengthened fangs, "But you never know and can't assume. That's a bad way to judge someone."

"You're a vampire then?"

Albus cut in, "Not that that's a bad thing. We don't mind inhuman peoples."

"I'm not a vampire." They thought they saw smoke trail from his lips at this, but they couldn't be sure. He cocked his head, "I suppose that I can prove that, but then you'll wonder what I actually am."

Albus' brow furrowed, "How?"

"By lighting myself on fire of course!" Their eyes widened in horror and then he suddenly alit. Fire burst on his palms and then danced across his skin and his hair seemed to turn to flowing flames. More smoke curled from his lips and the flames leapt through the air around him, sending sparks flying. However, he just laughed and tilted his head back as the ground around him scorched. The blonde beside him didn't move or flinch as flames went across his skin as well, not seeming to quite touch him.

Moody's mouth gaped, "H-How are you doing that?!"

The redhead tilted his head down as his eyes danced and flickered, turning bright green, "I am a God, a Dragon God, Hiryuu, the Red Dragon. The man to my side is Emperor Soo Won."

Albus' eyes widened, "Emperor Soo Won has been dead for thousands of years!"

"I am a god! Who says I cannot bring back the dead?!"

Severus shoved to the front, his eyes locked on the man's green orbs, wide in shock, "Those...are Lily's eyes. Why do you have the eyes of a dead woman?! I have never seen such bright green except for Lily and…" He cut off and staggered back a step, "...Potter. I have only seen those eyes on Potter. What have you done to him?!"

Albus put a hand on his arm, "Now Severus, just because-"

But he was cut off as Hiryuu spoke, "He's dead." They all froze in shock and he continued, "His uncle threw him from a cliff and caused an avalanche. He was crushed. His family murdered him in cold blood." They all paled and he turned, "Come, Soo Won." He looked at them, "If you wish to speak further, visit Hiryuu Castle in Japan and we shall speak."

Albus reached out to grab him, but there was a burst of fire not unlike a phoenix and both men were gone.


Zeno hugged him as he returned, "Zeno is happy that you returned, King Hiryuu! Did everything work?!"

Hiryuu smiled and ruffled his already tousled hair, "It went perfectly, precious."

Zeno smiled happily, "Zeno is glad!" He looked at Soo Won and immediately went over, picking at his robes, "Ooh, ooh, does mister want Zeno to wash the blood from his clothes?!"

Soo Won smiled, "I can do it if you so wish."

"No, no! Zeno will do it!" He yanked the over robe off and then grabbed Hiryuu's as well before he ran off in laughter, leaving a shocked Soo Won in only his under robes and a laughing Hiryuu. Soo Won snapped from his shock and then smiled and followed the redhead towards the dining room.


"Abi! Shu-Ten! Gu-En! No!"

He stood from the ground with tears streaming down his cheeks and looked at the sky. They were truly gone. He was the only one left, the only one who had remained the same.

Cries of monster came from around him and he reached back and yanked the blades from his back. If fighting was the only way to feel close to his lost brothers, then he would fight and he wouldn't let them down. He would guard King Hiryuu and his castle for them.

The blades dropped into a pile and the wounds healed as he felt yellow scales creep down his hand. The men charged him and he turned, slamming his fist into one's face and then spinning and kicking one into a few more. He would guard King Hiryuu himself.


He looked at the green haired boy sadly and put his cloak over the chained boy. To keep a Ryokuryuu on the ground like this was a crime, but unless he cut off his own hand to access his scales, he couldn't help him. If the boy wasn't freed soon, he'd come back.


The ball rolled and hit the blue haired boy's feet. He stopped and turned and Zeno smiled, "It's yours. Do you want to play?"

The boy smiled and picked up the ball, throwing it back, but he didn't speak and Zeno felt sadness rise up. They had treated him like a curse, a criminal. The poor boy. He'd play with him now.


The little white haired boy sneezed and wrapped his cloak around him and Zeno shifted in the branches, drawing his attention. The boy climbed up and he smiled, "I seem to have stolen your spot."

The boy spoke in a mumble, "It's okay."

Zeno nodded and looked at the sky, "It's beautiful, isn't it? The color of the dawning sky."

The boy stared in awe.

He suddenly felt a pit drop under his feet and he fell into blackness as fear took him. He hit the ground and no one was around. Emptiness surrounded him and then it lightened and he saw where he was. At the bottom of the pit was bodies. They littered the ground around him, lying in pools of blood, all of them with odd colored hair.

He recognized the face of one and he rushed over, "ABI!" He fell to his knees beside the blue-haired man and picked him up, but he just dangled limply in his arms, his beautiful golden eyes glazed in death. Zeno sobbed in horror and recognized more faces. They littered the ground around him, the bodies of his brothers.

Gu-En had a spear in his chest. Shu-Ten had been slashed across the chest. King Hiryuu was even there, dead with black veins running across his skin, poisoned. It moved to the generation he'd travelled with and he saw Jae-Ha filled with arrow wounds. He saw Shin-Ah with his mask shattered and his throat slit. He saw Kija with several stabs to the chest. He saw Hak with his spear shattered to the side and the blade buried in his gut, killed with his own weapon. He saw Yona with her special pin buried in her throat and he wailed in agony, screaming until his throat felt raw, but even then, he couldn't stop. It healed and he collapsed, sobbing, over Abi's body. Whispered apologies did nothing though and only death surrounded him.

He didn't know how long he was there when he felt warmth wrap around him and the scenes disappeared. The blackness swirled around him and he felt arms around him and he heard King Hiryuu's voice speaking in a soothing tone.

His eyes opened to be met with a warm chest that had red hair draped over it and he curled into the arms, shaking in sobs. A hand ran through his hair and he knew that King Hiryuu would never leave him again.


Hiryuu woke to heartrending screams and he immediately rushed that direction, bursting into Zeno's room. The blonde was writhing on the bed with tears streaming down his face, apologizing over and over to no one, and he rushed over to the bed.

He picked the blonde up in his arms and the apologies stopped as the blonde stilled, as if he felt the warmth. Hiryuu muttered soothing words as he laid down with his arms around Zeno and the blonde moved, before he felt him curl into his chest and start sobbing.

Hiryuu ran his fingers through the blonde tousled hair and tears dripped down his face at his precious Zeno's pain. After a while, Zeno looked up with teary eyes, but they widened as he saw Hiryuu's face and he reached up and wiped the redhead's tears away, "No, No, King Hiryuu shouldn't cry."

Hiryuu brought him close, speaking in a cracked voice, "I-I'm so sorry, Zeno. I didn't ever want you in so much pain. Oh Gods, I'm so sorry."

Zeno curled up in his arms, "It's okay. Zeno just had a nightmare."

Hiryuu closed his eyes, "I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry. Zeno is okay now that King Hiryuu is here. King Hiryuu came and the nightmares left."

Hiryuu pet the soft hair, "If I make the nightmares go away, you can sleep next to me whenever you want, Zeno."

"Really? Zeno can sleep with King Hiryuu?"

"Whenever you want, precious."

Zeno smiled, "Zeno will sleep with King Hiryuu every night then."

Hiryuu sighed in relief at the happy tone, "Yes, every night."


Albus paced his office in thought. He wanted to visit this Hiryuu in his castle to ask about Harry, but at the same time, it was extremely dangerous. Hiryuu was an unknown and he seemed dangerous and brutal. On the man's-dragon he said-own grounds, they would be in great danger if he was a threat, but it was the only way to get information.

Also the way he disappeared, it was too much like a phoenix's way of travel. Maybe Fawkes could help. He whistled then spoke, "FAWKES!"

There was a flash of fire and Fawkes appeared, but the phoenix immediately started flying around in circles, singing happily. Now Albus was confused. What was the phoenix so happy for? Fawkes chirruped and flew in loops and Albus spoke, "Fawkes! I have a question!" Fawkes didn't answer and he tuned into his familiar's thoughts to see why he was so happy.

'The Great Creator has returned! The Great Dragon! The Great Dragon has come back to us! The Great Hiryuu has returned!"

Albus tuned out with wide eyes. Fawkes knew Hiryuu?! And he spoke as if Hiryuu was someone to be praised. Wait, he'd said 'Great Dragon'. Did that mean that Hiryuu really was a dragon? He also said 'Great Creator'. What did that mean?


Fawkes squawked as he was startled and then landed, chirping as a voice spoke in his head, "You met the Great Creator?!"

"Yes I did. He was in Diagon when the Death Eaters attacked. What do you mean, Great Creator?"

"He created phoenixes."

"Th-That's not possible! He'd have to be thousands upon thousands of years old!"

"The Great Creator is as old as time itself. He is the Great Red Dragon, Hiryuu, the Creator."

Albus collapsed into his chair, "He's that old?"

"Yes, the Great Red Dragon is one of the Gods that created the world. The Great Red Dragon loved humans though and came to Earth as a human, but they enslaved him for his power. However, he broke free and his brothers, the other gods, granted four warriors their blood to free and protect him. He was the first to bring what is now known as Japan together as one large province, formerly known as Kouka. He went to sleep thousands of years ago though, died because he was a human, but he must have just ascended back to the Heavens and now he's back as a Great Red Dragon once more. He must love humans enough that he wants to save them from themselves in the form of Voldemort."

Albus listened to the story and then sighed, "And can he be trusted?"

Immediately, Fawkes screeched in anger, "Trusted! I would give him my Fire!"

Albus gasped. A phoenix's life was their Fire and for Fawkes to offer that much… "Alright, I'm visiting him tomorrow at his castle. Would you like to come?"



When Albus arrived at Hiryuu castle, it was to hear laughter. He headed that direction until he reached a garden. Running along the pathway was a redhead with a young blonde on his back. The blonde had his arms wrapped around Hiryuu's throat, laughing as Hiryuu held his arms out nd brushed the flower petals, sending the colorful petals into the air.

The redhead suddenly jumped and he watched in shock as he leapt at least twenty feet into the air, taking the boy with him. The boy laughed loudly in exhilaration and smiled and the redhead landed neatly on the other side of the garden. He pulled the boy off his back and held his hands, spinning in circles and laughing.

Albus smiled and then suddenly froze as he felt a sharp point touch his back and a deep voice spoke, commanding, "What are you doing? You couldn't warn us of your arrival? The King is playing with his son."

"He told me to come and I had no way to contact you."

"The phoenix on your shoulder can't flash letters as well?"

Fawkes trilled and lifted off, flying into the air. He heard laughter and the blonde boy pointed upwards. Hiryuu looked up as well and then his face flashed in recognition and he whistled, "Fawkes!"

Fawkes immediately swooped down with a trill and landed on the redhead's shoulder, rubbing his head on Hiryuu's cheek. The blonde boy 'oohed' and touched the phoenix before smiling and petting it happily. The point behind him stayed though and the man spoke again, "You may go forward, but you will be cut down if you hurt King Hiryuu."

"I understand."

The sword moved and he turned to see the blonde from yesterday behind him, Soo Won. Soo Won sheathed his sword and gestured towards King Hiryuu, "He knows you're here. Go and don't keep him waiting."

He nodded and went forward and Hiryuu turned towards him, pushing the blonde boy behind him protectively as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword, "You've come."

"I have. Fawkes seems to like you."

"Of course he does. I created his kind. Now what have you come for?"

The blonde boy peeked over the redhead's shoulder, watching him with bright blue eyes that seemed innocent and wise at the same time. He cleared his throat, "Ahem, you mentioned knowing something about Harry."

"I told you what I know. He was crushed. That's not what you're here for though. You're here to ask for my help fighting against Voldemort."

"Well, yes, but many people are lamenting over Harry's death. We wanted to get his body."

"You can't."

"What do you mean?"

"My men found him. My men handled his body and the Rite of Death here is a funeral pyre."

"So his body...has been burned?"

"Yes. It is considered a great honor to have the funeral pyre lit by the Red Dragon and there was indeed a ceremony to honor his life. We were not leaving him to rot for the British to come a month after he was killed. That is disgraceful."

Albus sighed, "I see. Thank you for handling his body with care. He was very special to a lot of people."

Hiryuu looked away slightly, "I know."

There were footsteps and a blue haired man came out, looking at him with golden, slitted eyes, "You are?"

"Albus Dumbledore."

"I am Abi." He turned to Hiryuu, "I have finished healing the sick in the nearby village."

Hiryuu nodded, "Thank you, Abi. If you need rest, feel free and I can wake you up for dinner."

Abi nodded and left them, taking his silver staff with him as Albus spoke, "He's a Healer?"

"Not like your weak British Healers. He heals everything with simply his staff and the power of the Gods." He smiled in amusement, "My power. I felt it draining when he healed me a while back."

"What happened to you?"

"I was shot with an arrow. Don't worry about me though. The person behind it has been corrected in his misconceptions."

He was still concerned, but he set it to the side, "Either way, yes, we came to ask you about helping us and because Fawkes wanted to see you."

Hiryuu patted Fawkes, who had travelled to the blonde boy, and then spoke, "Soo Won, what do you think we should do?"

The blonde he'd almost forgotten about spoke from behind him, "Logically, it's foolish to join someone else's war, but with the loss of life, I would say we help them. With the abilities of all of us combined, we should be able to win fairly easily."

Hiryuu spoke, "Alright, thank you." He looked at Albus, "Soo Won is the best tactician and strategist I have possibly ever seen. If he thinks we can win, then I have no doubts. We'll help you."

He sighed in relief, "Thank you. I run a group called the Order of the Phoenix that has spies already placed and has meeting often to discuss new problems that have arisen and strategize plans. Would you like to come to be updated on anything you don't already know?"

"I suppose, but with one condition."

"Which is what?"

"My men are all allowed."

He thought it'd be worse. He smiled, "We can do that easily."


Albus pulled out a coin, "I only have one of these, but surely you can call your men until I get more."

Hiryuu took it, "Yes, I can. How does it work?"

"The date and time of the meeting will appear around the edge. The meeting place is Number 12 Grimmauld Place, London."

"Alright." Hiryuu patted Fawkes, "You protect them, alright, boy?"

Fawkes trilled in agreement and before anything else could be said, he had been whisked away with a flash of fire.