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This is some sort of prologue.


"I wish all the erased universes to be brought back" asked 17.

Vados was surprised.

Her father smiled and asked the wish.

The golden dragon's red eyes glowed and it did as told. Vados' heart skipped a bit and saw through her staff. Her heart was racing. She saw all the fighters in Champa's planet but she was only focusing on…

"Hit" she whispered. Of course she smiled, he was back.

Everybody gave their farewell, and returned to their homes, some happy, some angry (like Mojito) and there was Vados, she couldn't believe it.

As soon as she arrived to Champa's planet everyone greeted her.

"Vados, you're back" Champa greeted her.

"Champa-sama, so do you" she responded trying to see behind him. Champa realized that and gave a step aside.

She was going to Hit's direction.

"Vados" he greeted.

What was that weird sensation in his chest? He forgot how it felt, he hadn't felt like that in a few centuries, what was its name again? Excitement? He thought he had buried such emotions a long time ago but there it was, he was excited, happy, to see her again.

"You're back" she whispered hugging him.

She gave him a small kiss on his lips. Every fighter from Universe Six was surprised and happy to be back, no one expected that to happen, specially Frost.

After awhile everyone parted, except Hit…

He was on the edge of the palace looking thoughtful at the dark sky, hunched with his hands in his pockets. Vados just walked next to him, and stood there watching the stars.

"You know… there is plenty of room for only two persons in this palace, one more person living here won't affect anyone" she said still looking at the starry sky.

"As I said, I work alone" he said.

"But that's not what I saw at the tourna…" she was cut off.

"But I can work alone… with someone" he said looking at her "the problem is… that the other person have responsibilities"

"The other person can get reed of them" she said winking "besides, I promised I would train you, I have a word to keep"

"But you said you would train me if I won the tournament" he said confused.

"Maybe we can change the truth a little" she said smiling at him. She put her hand on his cheek "I never thought I would be able to see you again"

He smiled too, damn she knew how to make him smile.

"It would be an honor to train with you, Vados" he said.

She smiled back.

"By the way" she said looking through her staff "I just builded you a house, if you don't mind"

He saw the staff and there was a tiny house with a cube next to it.

"Isn't that your favorite planet?"

"No one lives there, and not everyone knows about its existence so you'll be safe there, besides now there is a new thing that makes it my favorite" she smiled and took his hand "and I also left you a cube so you won't have any excuses in not coming and see me"

"I promise to come and train with you" he said.

"Come, I think is time for me to take you to your new planet" she said and they both traveled to that distant place.

The sun was raising, a new day was ahead. They got to the front of the house, which was at the edge of a cliff, they got in.

The house was small, only one floor. She showed him that it was everything he needed. One small kitchen, one small living room, one big training room. They got to the main room and it had a big bed, it was bigger than a king size, the wall left to the bed was completely made of glass and had a glass door who let the person see the magnificent oceanic view.

"Why is the bed so big?" he asked playing the fool.

"Don't play the innocent with me" she responded flirty "do you like it?"

"Is more than I could ever ask for" he responded "I already needed a place for myself, thank you"

She smiled.

"I'm glad you liked it" she said "I have to go now" she approached and hug him "I'm so happy you're here"

He hugged her back "so am I, are you sure you can't stay any longer?"

"No, I have responsibilities to do, sadly" she said "and you have some work to do"

"If you want to you can come, as I said, I can work alone with someone"

She giggled "you go first, if I have nothing to do I'll go" she winked.

They got out of the house, she went to Champa's planet and he went to do his job.

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