Charlie slowly came to the kitchen. He looked oddly composed, Alan thought. His relationship with Chelsea was probably the longest he ever had.

"You wanna drink?" Asked Berta with her usual accent, looking symphatetic.

"No, no, drinking doesn't solve anything." Charlie replied and Alan nearly gaped at him. Not a reaction he anticipated. But, he also didn't anticipate Charlie trying to drown himself in the ocean. Thank god the water was so cold, Alan really didn't want to waste his conditioner.

Later that day, they found themselves sitting by the kitchen table again. Charlie brought a bottle full of whiskey and poured both of them.

"You know, Alan, I just don't get it." Charlie said after a few rounds. "I actually tried to change myself . . . well, at least a little." He added, earning a nod from Alan.

"I even took your words to heart, you know, about the healthly relationship, one woman, no cheating and the other bullshit."

"But?" Alan prompted him.

"I don't know how to say it, but, you know - I like my life the way it is. I like drinking in the terrace, looking at the ocean . . ."

"But not swimming in it," Alan suplied dryly and Charlie laughed a little.

"Right you are!" Charlie lifted his glass and downed it in one gul and continued.

"What I mean to say Alan, every girl I was with, wanted something different than I. I don't know what it was, but they were still looking for something. They don't understand that I don't want marriage, or any change at all. Why do they try do change me?" He asked rhetorricaly. "It's like bussiness. You don't get angry at the music shop for not selling food, right?"

Alan looked at him, baffled. "I guess not?"

"You don't try to change the shop so that they start selling food. You just go to the grocery."

"Are you drunk already?"

"No, no, listen to me bro. I am who I am. I drink, I smoke, I eat unhealthy shit. I live here, quietly, peacefully. But they come and try to change me, like the music shop. If they loved me, they wouldn't do that. There is simply something I am offering. They come, pretend they want to take my offer, they pretend to love me, but after some time, they try to change everything I am." He whined.

"I think - I think that - it is really ungrateful of them." Charlie finished his sixth glass and poured another.

"Well, I - I suppose you are right, partially. But what about children? What about the purpose of life? The nature compels us to reproduce, as you surely know." Alan countered dryly again.

"Yes, yes, I get it. But my point still stays. I can see myself having a child . . ."

Alan sputtered.

"Eventually .. Charlie quickly added, smirking at him.

"Shit!" Alan now rubbed furiously his shirt with paper napkin, because he messed it with whiskey. "At least warn me before you say something like that!"

"And miss this?" Charlie laughed. "But anyway, I might want to have a child in some late future, not soon by any means, but . . . how the hell can I have a child with someone who is trying to constantly change me?"

Alan nodded thoughtfully, because while it was still the usual Charlie's bullshit, he actually had a point.

"So, you never met anyone, who didn't try to change you?"

Charlie shook his head, downing another shot. Then, he realized something and his eyes widened.

"What is it?" Asked Alan, concerned a little by his sudden change. "Are you going to be sick?"



"I actually met someone like that."

"You did?"

"Oh my god, she even mentioned few times the exact sentence, could you believe it?"

"What sentence?"

"I wouldn't try to change you." Charlie quoted.

"Someone actually said that? And you think she meant it?"

"Well, can't know for sure . . ." Charlie muttered.

"But who was it?" Alan then spotted someone standing behind the terrace door. "Hey look, Rose is here!"