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Chapter 1

A prince appears

"A new student is coming today"

"l know, i wonder what he/she will look like"


The teacher had been talking about the new student going to Seishun Academy. Having a transfer student was rare in early June,

of course the school was famous to have the most competative and talented tennis players in japan, even tennis players would start to enroll in Seishun Academy and transfer students were barely be seen...



Ryoma rode the train to get faster to his new school his father went to.

He arrived and entered the school with his tennis bag had his name on it and the teachers led him headed to his new classroom.

Surviving the shouts of girls and very annoying classmates, he really had hardtime ignoring them and they even wouldn't let Ryoma take a nap even a little.

Then Ryoma just had realized...he was surrounded by pure idiots


...After classes...

Ryoma escaped when the class was over immidietly looking for the tennis courts, he didn't know the way and carefreely asked a guy near the lockers.

"Excuse me, where is the tennis courts?" he asked

"That way" the person pointed the way


he ran smoothly to cool his self and managed to be away by those crazy fangirls.

He walked and arrived front of the tennis courts, the 2nd and 3rd years were picking on 1st years, treating them like dogs to threatening them follow their orders.

He just ignored it, it's not like he cares and it had nothing to do with him .

He entered the courts and carefully placed his rackets on the bench, then a 3rd year approached him

"Hoy first year, you should start obeying your superiors if don't want to be embaressed being a weakling" he assertively talked to Ryoma like he was the boss, but Ryoma just casually relaxing drinking his refreshing grape ponta

Ryoma didn't care and ignored it, the bossy 3rd year was pissed and grabed Ryoma by the shirt

"Oy, brat, you must obey your superior, if you don't want to be ashamed"

"Yadda" Ryoma calmly refused and angered the boostfull 3rd year,

Ryoma spoked coldly

"Let go, i don't like being manhadled"

He let the 3rd year angered more and more, he let go of Ryoma and hold his tennis racket

"Then let's have a match, if i win, you going to be treated like a dog" he said cockily

Ryoma smirked and grabbed his racket on the bench, and walked to the court as he turned to the 3rd year

"Then if i win, what's my prize?" mocking the 3rd year

"Hmph!, cocky brat!"


A match between the freshman and the 3rd year started

"Brat, i'm going to make you taste pure defeat!"

Ryoma grinned

"Then...make me"

As the match continues


(n/a: let's just call the 3rd year 'He' or just '3rd year')

"Brat!, i'll give you a chance to let you serve first, you should be thankfull" He keeps being selfcentered

"Thanks no thanks" Ryoma lifted his head and glared at him with such eyes of pure terror

...some time later...

"Game, Echizen! 6-0"

The match ended really fast, it didn't even past 10 minutes, many students rushed to see the freshman who defeated a senior with just a little amount of time


Then the second match started, then minutes later

"Game, Echizen! 6-0" the referee was full of shock even the tennis players

The 3rd year was sweating a lot and ryoma didn't even break a sweat, just placing his racket over his shoulders looking down on his opponent



Several matches continued very shockingly


third match

"Game, Echizen! 6-0"


fourth match

"Game, Echizen! 6-0"


fifth match

"Game, E-echizen! 6-0"


Ryoma kept on winning over and over, sharply straight wins

"*huff*huff* Impossible!" he was very exhausted and could not barely stand, he couldn't even hit a single point again'st Ryoma

Ryoma was still standing relaxed, swinging and checking the strings of his racket, he picked up the ball on the ground "I'll be going for more so be ready sempai or should i say Su~per~ior" He tossed the ball but before he could hit...

"No! stop! no more!" The 3rd year surrendered, he doesn't want any more of Ryoma's unhuman serves

"Che, how boring" Ryoma walked out of the court and placed back his racket in the case and left the tennis courts with style, leaving all people remain speechless in silence...


The next day

in the tennis courts

The players were warming up there selves and the others having a match, but the most awkward was the others...staring at Ryoma while he exercise, warming up, drinking his grape ponta, and even when his swinging and checking on his rackets...there stares never end up dry.

Ryoma was annoyed

"Could you stop staring...i'm trying to have a quite and peacefull time"

They stopped staring and went to their own buisness, a player entered the courts and went up to Ryoma

"Have you seen the first year who defeated a strong opponent yesterday?" he asked


The player asked someone else, and after then...

"Hey! are you thinking that i'm an idiot!"He just found out that Ryoma was really the one who defeated the 3rd year

Ryoma just ignored him and the player keeps talking crap about...'he maybe defeated the 3rd year but he will not be as strong as the regulars' ...keeps talking and talking and Ryoma thought on his mind

" What's a Seigaku regulars they're talking about?"

Ryoma was still concentrating and thinking about his upcoming tournament in the next 2 days.

As he was hitting the ball on the wall in the same spot over and over and thinking about his tournament, he didn't notice the Seigaku regulars entered the courts and the people greeting them even the girls squilling, he just keeps hitting the ball in the same spot everytime

The Seigaku regulars who entered were

'Shusuke Fuji'

'Kunimitsu Tezuka'

'Shuichiro Oishi'

'Eiji Kikumaru'

'Takashi Kawamura'

'Sadaharu Inui'

'Takeshi Momoshiro'

'Kaoru Kaido'

All the Seigaku regulars

Fuji and Momo played a bit on the court a little far from Ryoma where he was still hitting the ball and still thinking on his tournament and not noticing the surroundings

While playing, Momo overdid his smash and went far...

"Ah...it went far" Momo wided his eyes, to tell that the ball was high and directly going straight towards the freshman... the other shouted to Ryoma to look out...

Ryoma didn't hear them but he noticed a ball going straight directly to him in such speed...but before it could hit him, he grabbed the ball that he was using and hitted it towards the other,

the balls hitted each other and made a loud sound, as it falls ryoma smashed hit it directly to the basket

"that was close"Ryoma let out a relief

The others were speechless and many of them made their jaws dropped, even the Regulars were amazed to be able to hit Momo's dunk smash with another ball

"Oh...you had sharp eyes" Momo went to the freshman

Ryoma was confused to the tall guy

"Kimi..dare..?" he asked

"Takeshi Momoshiro...is my name, you know that right?"

Ryoma is even more confused "Momoshiro?...Who's that?"

Momo was dumbstucked,

the regulars almost died in laughter to able to see Momo gotten a big hit better than the time he was spanked for being stupid

"Hoy, stop laughing!" Momo shouted back at his teammates

Then Fuji came up to him

"I'm sure you already know me right?"

Ryoma still confused

"No...I don't even know who you are"

A second big hit for Fuji, now Momo was and the other regulars were now laughing at him, Fuji came back to his team to silence them

now Eiji asked Ryoma

"Nee Ochibi.., do know the Seigaku Regulars nyaa?"

"No...i don't know about it"

The whole Regulars all gotten the third hit and the others dropped the things they were holding

Ryoma continued to talk

"The others were keep talking about it, but i don't know what is a Seigaku regular"

the fourth hit struck the regulars

then Ryoma asked them

"I'm very confused right now, What is that Seigaku regular thing they keep talking about?"

A perfect critical KO direct hit on the regulars...even Tezuka

the whole courts were silent, Ryoma showed a confused face...

but the thruth was...ryoma already know about the Seigaku Regulars and he only joked a bit with them...never imagine that it would went too far


(to be continued)