Summary: A coming of age story, 17 year old Harry adopts Teddy as he tries to recover from the horrors of the war. Little did he realize that raising Teddy would lead to an unlikely friendship.

Tags: Family, Fluff, hurt/comfort, angst, friendship, Snape is alive. Forgiveness, coming of age, growing up, young father, teenage father, adoption, baby teddy, house elves, kid fic, happy ending, happily ever after.

Rating: T


Hello Readers,

This is a tale of growing up for both Harry and Teddy with a healthy dose of familial love, friendship, and forgiveness.

This is not Brit-Picked so please let me know if I make a glaring error.

Also, I didn't have Teddy's birthdate when I wrote out the first 15 chapters so his actual age isn't accurate (I believe I made him a few months younger).

Our story is set immediately after the Battle at Hogwarts.




Chapter 1

Finally alone, Harry sat down on his old bed in the Gryffindor Tower. He sealed the dorm room and charmed it to be soundproofed. His body ached, his head pulsed and throbbed. His thoughts were a jumbled mess.

Students, teachers, Order of the Phoenix members, Aurors, and Hogsmeade residents were on the castle grounds gathering up the dead and wounded. Death Eaters, the ones still alive, were being rounded up and locked together by spells and muggle chains.

Riddle's deformed body lay in a small room at the front of the castle. Professor Flitwick placed enhancements over the corpse and the room. It would only be accessible by Unspeakables.

The Great Hall had been converted into a makeshift hospital. Madame Pomfrey had put out a call for healers and they were arriving through the secured floo in the headmaster's office. Well, headmistress' office, now that Snape was dead.

Snape is dead, Harry thought as the pressure behind his eyes increased. Wandlessly, he dimmed the lights and laid back on the bed. His muscles were tight as he tried to stretch out. He felt the filth coating his skin, his open wounds oozing, but he couldn't find it in himself to bathe yet alone heal himself.

Staring at the burgundy canopy above him, he thought, it's over but it will never truly be over.

Not for him, not for the families and friends of the victims, not for the destroyed town of Hogsmeade. Not for the world, magical or muggle. Tom Riddle, in his quest for power and immortality, had cast a shadow on the world that would never be forgotten.

Despite the pain, Harry wouldn't allow himself to close his eyes. No longer holding himself stiffly, his body slowly sank into the mattress. His muscles relaxing slightly, leaving a burning sensation.

Tom Riddle, a dark lord. Then what was Dumbledore? A light lord? Harry sneered at the thought. Dumbledore hadn't been any better. Sacrificing people, no regard for the sanctity of life. The greater good, what good?

Cataloging lives, from his parents who were cut down in their home, to his beloved godfather, snatched away before his eyes, to Cedric, to Fred, to Tonks, to Remus, to poor little Colin Creevey.

And Severus Snape, the man who sacrificed his life to the cause. He gave his soul to Dumbledore while playing the perfect servant for Voldemort. It was his love for Harry's mother that he used to save her son, to save him.

Him, a fucking spoiled little boy who despised him at every turn. A boy who disrespected, insulted, and challenged him. A little fucking boy who called him a coward.

Harry felt the bile coming up his throat and turned over in time to throw up over the side of his bed. Violently heaving, Harry thought he deserved worse than this.


Sensing a presence, Harry closed his hand under the pillow expecting his wand but found it wasn't there. Hollering, he swung his arm up, ready to punch the intruder but quickly lost his momentum as his blurry vision recognized Hermione's outline.

"Mione?" He croaked out, his throat raw.

"Yes, it's me." She said as she held out his glasses and wand, "Nice wards."

He sat up while shoving the wire frames on his face, trying to not poke himself in the eye, "You okay?"

"Yes, no, I guess none of us are okay," Hermione mumbled as she sat beside him on the bed, "I wanted to check on you."

Slowly getting his bearings, he saw that she was worn out. Her physical exhaustion obvious on her face and in her posture. "Come here," he said, pulling her into his arms.

Laying back, he rubbed her back as her breathing evened out. Just when he thought she was asleep, she muttered, "you stink."

A few hours later, the light was creeping across the dorm room. Rubbing his eyes, Harry thought it was right after dawn. Hermione was still asleep, curled up under the blankets. He pulled them up higher on her and smoothed her curls away from her face.

Rummaging around in the student trunks, Harry found clean clothing close to his size. He made his way to the showers, bleary eyed, relying on his six years worth of memories in this dorm. He watched the dirt and blood sliding off his body under the hot water, it pooled and swirled around his feet before draining away. He felt a loss, a longing as it washed away. His body was clean but he wondered if his soul ever would be. He stood naked before the mirrors staring at his pale scrawny frame littered with bruises and cuts. Harry ran his wand over the cuts he could reach, watching dispiritedly as the skin knit together.


Returning to the dorm room, Harry held his pants up, trying not to trip over the long legs.

Hermione was sitting up in bed, her hair tousled more than usual. She took in his outfit and pointed her wand at him. His pant legs and shirt sleeves shortened. Tilting her head, she cast another charm, tightening the waist on the pants.


She got up and pulled her beaded bag from under her shirt. She rooted around with her entire arm inside the tiny bag until she found clothing for herself. "I'll be right back. Wait for me?" She asked as she headed out the door.

Rubbing his hair with a towel, Harry stared out the window to see parts of the castle crumbled to the ground and ashy smoke rising from the Forbidden Forest. 'How would they recover?' he wondered.

Some time must have passed as he stood by the window as Hermione returned, freshly showered. She had cast a drying charm on her hair and tucked it up into a bun. "Ready?"

Taking her hand, they walked together out of the tower and towards the Great Hall.

It was time for Harry to face the music.


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