I hear sirens wailing from a distance, but cannot determine if they are approaching me, or leaving me behind. Before I can think any further a vicious and unrelenting fog drag me into a darkness I know all too well.

I feel awake, yet so asleep. My body finally feels at peace. There is noise all around me, but it is too hazing to make clear. I feel my body moving, not from my own will. I need to open my eyes, just a little, to see where I am being held or taken. The strength is beyond me. I try to move my arms, but warm hands contain me. I moan, but cannot form words. I try to fight, but am meet with an opponent too great. As it wins, the fog holds me down until I sleep again.

There is nothing but white. A darkened doorway resides at the end of this sterile hall. I feel a sense of familiarity but cannot place it. I walk down the hall, ever so slowly. I reach the door and feel the cold metal against my skin. I can feel it, just as I could feel the string of Vessel's blade on my cheek. I know something is wrong here. Something is not as it should be, or is it something that was and was never meant?

I turn the door knob and release. The door slowly creaks open and I suddenly remember why this place feels so real. This was once a very real place in a very real and painful time. The air in the room is cold and shallow, as if death lives here. But it does.

I look before me to see my brother, dying, and I am helpless to save him. Just as I was before. I run toward him but can never seem to reach him. I can save him. I must save him! We create miracles every day, I should be able to give one to him now. I should be selfish for once and save him as he would save me. I stop running, reaching out I try to give him the life he deserves. But he does not move, I cry out loudly and in audibly it seems. I bubble with rage and try to use my gift once more, as I did before.

Once to begin to succeed the ground falls from below and I am sent falling into an abyss. An abyss where all I can see is Vessel's cold dead eyes.

I awake with a jolt and try to catch my breath.