She had spotted her a few minute ago. At first, she had only seen her back and had noticed the woman she only assumed to be young was wearing a leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans accentuating the length of her legs, the white pair of sneakers on her feet adding a rather Rock and Roll like-style to her ensemble. She had glanced up from her laptop and back to her, waiting for her to finally turn around and see if her thoughts were correct; was this woman as beautiful as she seemed to be?

Looking at the screen of her laptop again which had now turned black, she lifted her gaze back up once more as a soft, singing laughter echoed through Starbuck's Coffee, a mass of pink-colored hair shaking on the woman's left shoulder as her head jerked up. She gazed longer in her direction, noticing the to-go cup in her hand as she moved to the side, the other woman she only assumed to be her friend now leaning forward to place her own order. But still, the woman had not glanced in her direction. C'mon.

A bejeweled hand ran through her pink hair and as she pushed them all back, the woman turned around in the search of something but bore her blue-colored eyes directly into hers. She smiled, lips curling up an inch upwards and illuminating her entire visage, brows thinly-shaped quirking up just a tad as she was unable to look at anything else but the beautiful creature holding her coffee as if her life had been depending on its survival. The eye-contact seemed to last an eternity when it only lasted a few seconds, so when pink-headed girl, or pinkie as she would now decide to refer to her, turned back around, it took Fang Yun everything she had to recall how her lungs were supposed to function, the breath she had held slowly being breathed out through her nose.

Shifting her attention back to her computer, she grazed the mousepad with her fingertips and glanced at the art she had created. After having seen what Pinkie looked like, her portrait of an imaginary character for the new idea of a comic book seemed tame and devoid of any beauty. And even her original idea now seemed boring…No one cared about a blonde-haired tougher than nails and straighter than an arrow woman controlling a multi-millionaire company somehow falling in love with a dark-haired PA — or personal assistant —because of her incredible charm. Her story was a lost cause, and she needed now more than ever to come up with a brand-new idea.

Dropping the stylus from her graphics tablet on the table, Fang ran a hand through her wild hair, picked up her coffee cup and swallowed a mouthful of the lukewarm beverage, carefully placing it back on the table before shooting a glance back in Pinkie's direction. However, as she saw nothing but an empty space, Fang's brow furrowed with disappointment. Never would she see Pinkie again. An exaggerated sigh escaped her mouth, but as the same laughter she had previously heard and locked inside her mind echoed once more, Fang became an eagle ready and wanting to look for its prey.

On her right side were a group of three man all dressed in suits, the word bank screaming from their outfit and haughty behavior. A little further away, next to the door sat a single girl, smiling at her phone and listening to music, based on the jerky movement of her head and the mouthing of lyrics. Frowning, Fang finally glanced to her left and nearly choked on her own saliva as she spotted Pinkie, her leather jacket now hanging on her chair and giving sigh to the pink-colored tank-top nearly glued to her skin, like her eyes were on her.

For a few moments, Fang did not realize how strange she looked like. Bug-eyed, she stared at the woman with amazement, unable to look at anything else but the shape of her strong jaw. However, as Pinkie darted in her direction with a frown, Fang flinched, reddened a few shades thankfully hidden by her tan and snatched the stylus back from the table, doodling on her tablet like a child or a dog being caught red-handed after a mistake. Idiot. Fighting hard for her cheeks to return to their normal color and hating herself for doing the exact opposite, Fang quit her Art Studio page without saving her work and immediately popped a new one open.

Only a few feet away from the girl, she immediately began to draw her and her friend, sketching as quickly as possible without being caught in the act once more. Shapes and shadows meddled and created the scene, the colors of pink, green, beige and black filled the drawing within minutes, perfectly representing the atmosphere of the Coffee Place…and the purity of her new muse.

"I'm not sure. I think Serah wants to go to Disney-Land with her boyfriend on the week-end." Fang glanced up from the screen, watching as thin lips delicately moved. "I'm not going of course. I don't want to be the third-wheel."

"You want me to come with you?"

A chuckled escape her lips as they curled upwards, her eyes shining brighter than the sun itself. "I'd rather just go with you. We should do that. Invite the guys from the office and just bail for the week-end."

"What would we say to Hammer?"


The two girls heartily laughed, Fang's attention being drawn back to her laptop. She had already been spotted once, there was no need to act like a stalker. Staring at her screen, the stylus grazed the tablet again and with a smile, added a dialogue atop of pink-headed girl's character sitting crossed legged at the table, a mug in her hand covered with rings saying let's go to Disney-Land this weekend and another further down the page, under the friend's character, let's do it!

Fang smiled, finding her art-work better than what she had done during the morning and did not hesitate to download it in a JPEG mode, immediately going on her DeviantArt profile and added the drawing to a file self-righteously called People of the world. Waiting a few more moments for it to download, Starbucks's Wi-Fi not helping to accelerate the process, Fang glanced back at her. Surprise hit her when Pinkie had been smiling in her direction for God knew how long, but awkwardly enough, Fang smiled back.

The chiming of her laptop drew her attention back to her screen, the picture she had entitled let's meet for coffee now visible to everyone following her, therefore more than one-hundred thousand and twenty-five people. Sighing, she picked up her coffee once more and gulped it in only two mouthfuls. Glancing at the digital clock, she pressed her laptop back closed, shoved it in a case and stuffed in down her bag, the graphic tablet quickly following. Picking it up from the ground, she brought her wallet out of her back pocket and tossed a few coins on the table before making her way out of the establishment.

However, she casted one last glance over her shoulder and gazed at Pinkie's nape with a smile. See you never, she thought to herself. And soon enough, Fang was sauntering down the street with a cigarette between her lips and a smile shining from her eyes, ready to go on with her day.

A small smile curled up her lips. Lying in bed with her iPad on her pillow, she scrolled down Pinterest in the hopes of finding some new artistic material she might've missed during the day. But after thirty minutes, her search came moot. Sighing, she ran her hand through her straight hair and pressed on DeviantArt as she chewed on her lower-lip, a last chance to amaze herself with some people's creations.

She had never been artist, or at least she had never really tried. Perhaps had it been due to a lack of artistic thoroughness or a lack of patience but marveling herself in front of what others managed to do with simply a pen and a laptop amazed her. Her passion for art had started six months ago when her best-friend, Jessica, pointed out to her the website she had never heard of from Adam or Eve, too busy working for Facebook in the management department to gaze at the wonders of the Universe. But the minute she had decided to visit the web-page, her interest had spiked like lava erupting from a flaming volcano and had since then not spend a day without visiting websites, commenting or adding to her wish-list. Art was in the eye of the beholder, and these people had it all figured out.

With her finger grazing the screen, she slowly scrolled down the page, pressing on a few designs and smiling at their meaning, leaving a comment expressing her amazement and going back to the main page immediately after in the search of anything new. But after forty-five minutes doing nothing but that, she decided it was finally time to get up from her bed and prepare herself something to eat.

Jumping from the mattress, she grabbed a scrunchie from her desk and attached her pink-colored hair in the form of a bun on the top of her head as she walked in direction of the kitchen, Jessica throwing her a smile and a quick wink. Right. She had forgotten that the only pieces of clothing she had worn had been her panties and bra. Pulling her tongue out, she rounded the island and opened up the fridge.

"What do you want to eat?"


"No," Lightning said with a smile, "we said no more pizza."

"You said, I didn't agree to this new law," Jessica taunted as she bounced to her feet. "But I don't know, what do we have?"

She gazed at the content of the fridge with knitted brows. Though consequently huge, it seemed that except for a few bottles of beer, wine and some vegetables, neither of them had remembered to go out and shop. Scratching her forehead, she gazed over her shoulder and gave Jessica a shrug.

"Pizza it is."

"Great, can you order? I'm almost done working."

Nodding, Lightning Farron went back to her bedroom and picked up her phone she had left on the bed, dialing the Pizzeria's number she sadly knew by heart and placed their orders that had never changed in the two years they had lived together. One medium Queen, and one Vegetarian. Tossing the phone back on her bed, Lightning bent down to pick up her sleeping shorts from the ground, as well as her tank-top from Yale University and covered up her body just a tad. Sauntering out of the bedroom, she picked up her laptop from the dining-table and crashed inside an arm-chair, giving Jessica the entire sofa, she had already invaded with papers.

Bringing her feet under her bottom, Lightning opened up the thin pink-colored laptop and inputted her password with only her left hand, the other too busy running through wet hair and straightening them between her fingers. Quickly, she pressed on the browser and brought her two hands over her keyboard, typing the word Disney-Land with a grin. Jessica, Isabel and Marcus had all agreed to the week-end excursion, Lightning having been made in charge to book the tickets, not needing to stay in a hotel as each and every one of them lived in the near vicinity of the resort located in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

Adding four two-day tickets to her cart, Lightning grunted as she placed the laptop on the chair, getting up again and going back to her bedroom for the umpteenth time to snatch her purse from the ground. Pulling out her wallet, she eyed her phone for a few moments. She picked it up, not in the mood to get up again within the following ten minutes only because someone would suddenly decide to call her.

Retrieving her laptop, she sat back down on the chair and inputted the numbers of her card and pressed pay with a pleased smile as the transaction was finished.

"Disney is booked."

"Awesome," Jessica said without glancing up from her papers, "will do us some good to take a break I'm telling you that."

She arched a brow. "We went to Las Vegas a month ago Jess."


Shaking her head ever-so-slightly, Lightning quit the tab and opened up several new ones, three being used to check out art and the other to land on her Instagram page. Going on the last one, she quickly scrolled through the page, fighting the urge to laugh at some of the most pathetic pictures people felt the need to download on the app, showing off their awesome lunches and perfectly shaped body usually followed by dumb quotes, making their narcissism less profound with words of wisdom. A shrewd technique but one that did not work on her.

Closing the tab, she clicked on DeviantArt for the second time today in the hopes something new had been added, her brows snapping up at the sight of a private messages dropped into her box. She clicked on the logo, unsurprised to read her sister's name. She clicked again and frowned at the message urging her to open up the link pasted.

Hesitating for a few moments, Lightning's curiosity finally got the better of her and with a soft sigh, opened up the link. However, the sound of the bell chiming throughout their apartment had the effect to make her flinch and bounce off the armchair, the laptop back on the seat. Sauntering towards the door, she looked through the peep-hole and turned they keys in the lock, putting on her brightest smile as she received the two already-paid pizzas in her arms. Politely thanking the delivery man, Lightning closed the door with the help of her foot and walked back inside the living-room, dropping the two boxes on the table and taking a seat on the floor.

"There you go," she said pushing the top box she knew would not contain her pizza, "one veggie for you."

"Thanks babe."

"You're welcome," Lightning said, picking up one slice of mushroom-ham-mozzarella pizza, her mouth already watering as the scent invaded both her nostrils. Taking a big bite, she chewed and swallowed, eyeing her best-friend driving herself more than insane. "Take a break woman, it's going to be cold."

"I know, I know but I need to finish this before tomorrow. It's driving me crazy."

"What do you have to do," Lightning asked after another tasty bite.

"Ugh, someone forked up the total income of last month so guess who's stuck recalculating everything again."

"Did you just say 'forked'?" A grin spread across both of their faces.

"I'm trying to curse less, so I'm following The Good Place's rules."

"Nerd," Lightning said.

"Useless lesbian," Jessica quipped back.

Arching her brow, Lightning gave her friend a questioning look. Stopping mid-chew, she waited and pondered the implication of her insult, Jessica only winking and grabbing her meatless piece of pizza, carrying to her lips like a block of C4 ready to explode. Rolling her eyes as she refused to give an explanation, Lightning brought another slice to her lips and silently chewed, glancing from Jessica to the papers spread on the couch.

"Why am I a useless lesbian," she eventually asked, not knowing driving her closer to insanity.

"Because," Jessica answered with a finger pointing at her chest, "the brunette this morning, you both looked at each other like teenagers and yet you didn't even make a move."

Flinching, the woman drawing on a graphics tablet popped back inside her mind, and a blush crept its way up her cheeks. Intent on hiding it, she acted as if trying to look for something behind her. But Jessica was no fool, and the giggle escaping her throat was indication enough.

"I was right," she said proud, "you found her pretty."

"Well, yes," Lightning admitted, the furnace her cheeks had turned to getting a degree higher. "She was pretty."

"Aw, you're always so cute when you're flustered."

"Fork off," Lightning said with a playful glare. "I'm not flustered."

"Tell that to your cheeks, you're redder than ever."

Groaning, she dropped the edge of the pizza in the box and snatched a pillow from the ground. Plunging her face in it, she waited for the warmth spreading across her body to lower, Jessica's amused laughter being of no help. She hated to be looked right through, especially when it came to enjoy someone's looks, or simply liking someone. Yes, when she had seen the woman with the pen looking in her direction, Lightning couldn't have helped herself but to smile, stunned by her natural beauty.

Maybe if Jessica would not have been there, perhaps would she have said something to her. Complimenting her or simply wishing her a nice day before disappearing through the front-doors of the establishment. But what would've been the point anyway? Los Angeles was a huge city, and the chances to cross paths again was thinner than a single hair.

"Uh Light?"

"What," she groaned again, her face still hidden by the pillow.

"I took your laptop to check something out but…Did you see it?"

"See what," she asked, the pillow falling between her legs.


It took Lightning a few moments to understand what Jessica showed her, but when she understood, all she could do was to stare deadpan at the drawing. There they were, Jessica and her having their Wednesday-morning coffee at Starbucks, dressed as they had been during the day. Grabbing the laptop from her, Lightning focused her undivided attention on the drawing, slightly chuckling at the two dialogue boxes before spotting the caption under it. People of the World – One look and my soul was on fire, Pinkie.

Her cheeks turned to flames again, but the smile spreading across her lips said it all. Looking at the artist's name, RagnarokYun, Lightning instantly decided to follow her and hesitated a few moments as she stared at the comment section. Letting out a sigh filled with anxiety, she pressed on her mousepad and brought her hands atop her keyboard, writing the only sentence May we meet again before closing the tabs back, pushing it away on the ground as if it had caught on fire.

"This sucks," Jessica said as she slouched on the sofa, arms crossed. "You're the only one I know who ever manages to have this sort of stuff happen to her."

"Nothing is happening," Lightning said, tilting her head to throw her friend a confused look.

"Please. This is like the beginning of a love-story you only see in movies," Jessica pestered, the jealousy in her tone putting a smile on Lightning's lips. "Stop making fun of me you tart!"

"I'm not making fun of you," Lightning assured, "but trust me, this is hardly the beginning of a love story."

With a reassuring smile, Lightning nodded once in Jessica's direction and picked up another slice of pizza. However, all she could taste was the coffee she had drank in the morning. How she wished Jessica could be right. If only this could be the beginning of a love story.