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Hearts Shuffle

Chapter 1

A Strange New Light

Domon Kasshu wandered through the streets of the small market near his home. He knew that his beloved wife, Rain, had walked on ahead of him. They had argued for half an hour about her coming with him. He didn't think that she should be out of the house but through her charm she convinced him to allow her to follow him. He was now annoyed since she had not followed him, in fact, she had run off claiming that she had seen Argo.

'She must be going delusional in her pregnancy.' Domon laughed to himself but secretly his heart was extremely worried about his wife. She was after all nine months pregnant and due at any moment. On top of that, it had only been a year since the Dark Gundam incident and he hated when she wandered too far from him.

'I wonder though, why did she mention Argo? He and Nastasha have kept to themselves since their small wedding not long after Rain and I were married.' He looked around the streets hoping to spot his wife but no such luck yet. 'I heard that they were training in the coldest part of Neo-Russia because they are planning on participating in the next Gundam Fight but if that is true then it is impossible that they would be here. I know that Argo would not break his training just because he wanted to visit us.'

He heaved in a large sigh when he did not see her anywhere. He knew that in her present state she would not be able to go far. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spotted the short brunette hair that he loved so much. 'There she is.' He almost stared to run towards her but at the same moment he noticed that she was talking to someone.

'What is going on!' His thoughts began to run away from him. 'I would recognize that hair anywhere. My dear Rain is talking to none other then Chibodee Crockett.' He slowly walked towards them.

"Chibodee, what in the world are you doing here?" Domon couldn't hold in his confusion and excitement. The last thing he expected while shopping with his wife was meeting up with on the Shuffle Alliance.

"Nice to see you too Domon!" Chibodee let out a joyful laugh and lightly punched his friend in the shoulder. "I heard that Rain was pregnant and so I couldn't just sit around and wait for news about her having the kid. I have to be here when the little Kasshu is born."

'Little Kasshu,' Domon started to get lost in his thoughts, 'any day now, my son will be born and we will find out if the legend is true. We will finally find out if the first child of the King of Hearts receives a new Shuffle Crest.'

"Well now, you two sure didn't waste any time!" A familiar voice laughed gleefully as he walked up from behind them.

"Well hello Sai Saici." Rain smiled at her small friend. "I'm glad that you got my letter." She bent down and kissed him on the head as if he was her little brother.

"Of course I got your letter and you know that I can't just leave my Big Sis and Big Bro to fend all on their own when there is a little one on the way." He grinned up at his friends and patted Domon on the back. "Congratulations friend."

"I've heard that you have some good news concerning how you and Cecil have been." Rain laughed as a bigger grin spread across his face at the mere mention of his love. "Is it true? That you and Cecil are planning to get married after the 14th Gundam Fight?"

"Yes, what a wedding it will be!" He suddenly got very excited. "You shall all have to be there of course because what would a wedding be if one's best friends aren't there."

"I hate to interrupt your little rendevous but may I talk to the Mademoiselle as well?" Another familiar voice spoke and instantly they all recognized the accent.

"Yet another Shuffle?" Domon turned around but before he could speak someone else did the service for him.

"George de Sand, there you are." Argo walked up from behind Rain and smiled down at all his friends and almost burst out laughing at the apparent confusion on Domon's face.

"What the hell are you all doing here?" Domon shouted not being able to contain his frustration. He hated surprises, especially ones he wasn't prepared for.

"Domon," Rain scolded and smiled and her husband's impatience. "Is that any way to great our guests? If you must know, I invited them."

"She's right you know bro." Sai Saici patted Domon's back once more. "We are all here to see you and sis and to welcome the little one."

"Is that the reason you're here?" Chibodee laughed and instantly everyone sensed a joke on the way. "I'm just here for the free food and to see what Rain looks like pregnant." They all laughed but the laughter was cut short when Rain started to collapse.

"Rain!" Domon ran to catch her. "Rain, what's wrong?"

"Domon," Rain grasped her stomach, "I think that my water just broke." She was doing her best to hide her pain but everyone could see it in her eyes. She was in a lot of pain and very afraid.

"We've got to get you to the hospital." Domon picked her up and looked around to his friends.

"Don't worry Domon, my car is just around the corner." Chibodee smiled at him and started to walk down the street. "I'll drive you guys there." Thus the Shuffle crew walked down the street and all tried to fit into Chibodee's car and away they went to the hospital to await the baby.

"What's taking so long?" Domon shouted. His anger was getting the better of him. "It's been eight hours!" He was angry that the doctor had kicked him out of the delivery room when the threatened the nurses.

"Domon, just relax." Sai Saici sat comfortably in one of the waiting room's couches. "Babies don't just pop out in a minute. It takes time for these things to happen."

The rest of the Shuffles nodded in agreement and soon Domon sat down next to Argo but no sooner had he sat down then the doctor walked out of Rain's room.

"Doctor!" Domon jumped up and ran towards him.

"You may see her now." The doctor stepped out of the way to allow Domon to enter the room. He laughed to see how fast Domon opened the door and walked in.

Domon looked at Rain. She was pale and looked exhausted but even despite all that, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. In her arms was his child, his son was finally in the world. He took a step forward to allow Rain to know that someone was in the room. She looked up and smiled at him.

"Domon," her voice was even more exhausted then her face let on, "Domon, meet our daughter." She calmly looked at him in his state of shock.

"DAUGHTER!" Domon shouted. 'I can't take anymore surprises today.' He stepped forward once again. "The doctors said that it would be a son." He was very confused but could see the worried look now on his wife's face. He could tell that she was worried about what his reaction might be. "That is alright, I will still raise her to be a little fighter."

"I know that you will raise her to be a fighter. It wouldn't be right any other way." She smiled but soon her face changed again. "But now we face a predicament. We had picked out boys names and now I don't know what to name her."

"You're right, we can't name her Kyogi or Shwartz." Domon cocked his head as he thought about what the name of his young daughter would be. Suddenly he was faced with a decision he could not come up with.

"So, what do we name her?" Rain looked down at her daughter. "After all we expected, she to be a he."

"But she is a girl flesh and blood." Domon smirked as he thought about a name. "Maybe we could call her Allenby."

"Maybe for a middle name," Rain suddenly got defensive, "but I am not planning on naming my daughter after your old love interest." She glared at her husband angrily. "Maybe we could call her Seitt."

"Calm down, Rain, I was only kidding. I would never do that to you." He rested his hand on his wife's shoulder. "We could call her Sierra."

"My mother's name?" Rain looked up at him questionably.

"I think that it suits her." Domon smiled at his wife as he waited for a response from her. He did not want her to still be mad about his Allenby comment.

"I like the name Sierra." She rested her hand on top of Domon's. "It's settled then, her name is Sierra Allenby Kasshu."

"She'll be a great fighter." Domon smiled once again at his wife as suddenly a bright light started to shine from her hand. Neither could make out what the light was because they were almost blinded by how bright it was.

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