Hearts Shuffle

Chapter 6 Opening of the 18th Gundam Fight, READY GO!

The sun was beginning to rise. It was going to be a beautiful day but Sierra was not focused on the rising sun. She was prepared for her final day of training. She had left camp early to stand by the waterfall and look out on the beautiful lands of the Guyana Highlands. As the sun hit the waterfall, it reflected off and Sierra heaved in a large sigh.
"Are you ready for this?" Rei approached her from behind. He found himself looking her up and down. She had grown into a beautiful young woman and all he wanted to do was see her succeed on this final day. He knew that this was one of the last moments that the two of them could spend peacefully together. She was going to be leaving for the Neo-Japan colony soon and he would be leaving for the Neo-Germany colony. "I am ready. Unfortunately, if I succeed at this, it will be time for us to part." She looked down. She pushed her long hair behind her ear and turned around to look at Rei. He was quite handsome and the lighting made his black hair even darker. As her eyes met his she realized how she was looking at him and so her face turned back to the sky line.
"Yes it will be time for us to take our separate paths but it will only be for a short time." He watched as she turned away from him. He hated the fact that he had refused to look at her in a romantic way because she was so beautiful. She had Domon's long black hair but Rain's bright blue eyes. They were interesting and unusual characteristics but they were truly her own. "When we both return to earth, do you wish to travel together?" "Are we able to do that?" Sierra looked back into his eyes. "After all we will both be fighting for different nations and in different Gundams." She thought of her Lightning Gundam which had been taken to the colony and Rei's Blitz Gundam that was in the Neo-Germany colony.
"If we do not fight one another or work out some method of order, I'm sure we can pull it off. Like every other nation we land in one of us fights." He sighed. "I just really don't want to be separated from you. I feel that I need to watch your back." "I don't need you to watch my back, but if you want to travel together, that is fine by me but I do not need you to do this because you feel bad for me." Sierra became defensive. She hated it when people didn't take her seriously as a fighter. She was as strong as any other fighter that was in the Gundam fight. "I may not have completely finished my training yet and I have not yet found my Hyper-mode or my serene state of mind but I still can defeat any one I come across." "I know you are strong. I do not doubt that but I get an ominous feeling about this Gundam fight." He walked closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes. Oddly enough she did not have to look up into his eyes because they were the same height. "This is your last day of training, my last day in this beautiful environment. My last day alone with you." The two of them had been training alone for two weeks and now they had to return to the Kasshu house. He brushed his hand through her hair and pulled her into an embrace. "It is time I gave you this." He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her back so that he could once again look into her eyes. "You did a wonderful job these past two years and I know your 19th birthday is approaching. This is my present to you." His lips met hers. Her eyes shot open in shock but closed as the kiss deepened. They eventually separated and their eyes once again met. She innocently smiled and blushed from what had just happened.
"Hey don't get the wrong idea that was just a present. It's time to start kiddo." Rei walked forward and jumped off the waterfall. Sierra just stood there for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened. "Why did he kiss me?" She spoke to herself. "Was it just another joke? No it couldn't have been. Man that was one nice gift." She sighed and tried to clear her mind. "It's time to go." She followed Rei off the waterfall. Falling fast, feeling the cold water run next to her body, spraying her as she approached the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. She hit the water hard but she knew that this was not the end. She had two miles to run, another waterfall and then another four miles to run in order to get back to her home.
"Hey Sierra, just try to keep up." Rei winked at her and then took off. She knew that if she didn't beat him back to the house, she would never hear the end of it. "All right, let's go." She started to run as fast as she could. Feeling the wind go through her hair and watching the trees go past her. She soon got tired of running on the ground and quickly jumped to the top of the trees and jumped from the top of one tree to the top of the next. Rei never got out of her sight but she could not seem to close the gap between them. He had always been a faster runner then she but she had a better endurance. All she had to do was wait and the gap would close. The next waterfall came and she leaped off of it. This one was longer then the last, much longer and she prepared herself for the impact with the water.
The race continued and the two of them found themselves getting more and more tired. It was a difficult ending to their training but it was one that was necessary and they knew that. If they couldn't survive two impacts and six miles of running, they would never have the endurance for battle. The sun started to set as the house started to get closer. Domon and Rain were waiting outside for their arrival as both Rei and Sierra arrived at the same time.
"Sierra." Rain ran at her and gave her a large hug. "My daughter, you are finally home." Sierra smiled at her mother but found herself collapsing. "Are you alright?' "I just need to rest, that's all." She stumbled into the house and fell onto her bed. Quickly falling into a deep sleep which was well deserved.
"Is she going to be ok?" Rain looked at Domon and Rei. Both of them looked at one another and just smiled.
"She will be fine, because now we know that she is ready for this fight." Domon put his arm around his wife and headed back inside the house. "Rei, a shuttle is already here to pick you up." "I know." He looked towards the house. "Tell Sierra bye for me." He turned around and started to walk away but turned around and looked back at Domon. "Thanks for everything." "Hold on there," Domon ran to meet him. "I have something I want to give you before you leave. It is something I should have passed to you long ago." He raised his right hand and the King of Hearts crest shown onto it. "I was going to give it to Sierra, but she doesn't need it, you, Reiner Greenhorn, you deserve this. You are my truly my pupil." He placed his hand on Rei's and the crest transferred onto Rei's hand.
"Thank you Domon or should I say Master." He smiled as he stared into the crest that shown brightly on his hand.
"I do not need to be called master, Domon is fine, and you're welcome." Domon turned around and walked back to where Rain was. They returned to the house as Rei walked away and boarded the shuttle. It was going to be a while before he could return to this place and he only wanted to return after he had won the won the Gundam Fight which would be difficult since Sierra's dream was to win as well.

Sierra slept peacefully for a long time but when she did awaken the first thing she did was look for Rei. She checked all over the house but couldn't find him. At last she came to the Dining room where Rain and Domon were eating.
"Good morning Sierra. The shuttle is waiting for us to leave for the colony." Domon looked at his daughter. Her face was shocked that they were leaving already. She had expected a day of rest but she forgot how impatient the Neo-Japan government was.
"All right but where is Rei, I wanted to say good-bye to him." She looked around the room for him but once again he was not there.
"He left and told us to say good-bye to you for him. I'm sorry Sierra; he already left for his colony." Rain stood up and placed her dishes in the sink. "Are you ready to go?" "Yeah," Sierra frowned. "It's too bad that I didn't get to say good-bye." She walked outside and along with Domon and Rain boarded the shuttle and headed for Neo-Japan to meet with Commissioner Paiyna and Dr. Kasshu.

It was a long flight but at last they arrived. She stepped off the shuttle platform and was instantly greeted with flashing photographs and questions. Reporter annoyed Sierra but she understood why they would be so interested in her. She was the first ever female fighter for Neo-Japan and not to mention she was the daughter of the great Domon Kasshu. The man who had won the 14th and the 17th Gundam fights. He would have won more but he did not participate in the 15th or 16th because he was training her.
After getting past the reporters they arrived at the home of Dr. Kasshu, her grandfather. He was getting pretty old but still had a large part in the development of her Lightning Gundam. Over the past two years, he had been perfecting the weapons on this mighty Gundam and at last it was time for Sierra to depart in it and head for her battle ground on earth.
"Sierra, "Dr. Kasshu ran to his granddaughter. He loved her very much and was always excited when she, Domon and Rain visited. He knew that this was going to be her last visit for one year and in that one year she was going to have to fight and fight and continue fighting, until she becomes the fighter who wins the Battle Royale in Tokyo. "Hello Grandpa." Sierra gave him a hug but their happy reunion was cut short.
"Sierra Kasshu, age: 19, Height: 5 feet 11 inches, weight: 129 pounds, Pilot of Lightning Gundam, representing Neo-Japan. Are you ready to fight for your nation?" A man walked out of the shadows. It was the ruler of Neo-Japan, Commissioner Paiyna. "I'm sorry to end this happy time but it is time for you to descend to earth." "I understand." Sierra looked at her parents and Dr. Kasshu. She shut her eyes and took in a deep breath. "Hey I'll be safe and don't you worry about me at all, I'll be fine." She smiled again and ran giving everyone a hug. "See you in Tokyo." She jumped in the Gundam as the transport pod closed around it. The colony released the pod and it headed towards earth just as many other beautiful transports headed on their course to earth. Elaina de Sand headed towards Neo-France in her Blade Gundam. Anastasia Gulski towards Neo-Russia in her Blizzard Gundam. Lee Saici headed in the direction of Neo-China in his Gundam Inferno. Faye Crockett in her Gundam Haste fell towards Neo-American. Finally Reiner Greenhorn in his Blitz Gundam headed towards Neo-Germany.
It was time for the fight to start. Time for the 18th Gundam Fight to commence. At last it was the second generations turn to prove themselves worthy of being called Gundam fighters.
Stalker appears slowly in the middle of space just as he always did to explain what was going on in the world of Gundam Fights. He took a seat on his stool and started speaking. "I would like too, if I may, provide for all of you a brief explanation concerning the origin and purpose of the Gundam Fight. It all began about 80 years ago. People had left an intolerable earth to live inside colonies out in space. To avoid war among the colony nations, a competition is held. Every four years one representative from each nation pilots a machine called a Gundam and takes part in a match. It's called the Gundam fight and the pilots fight and they fight and they continue fighting until the nation represented by the last standing Gundam earns the right to rule all the colony nations. These space governments have come up with a war based on the principles of great sportsmanship. However, one problem still remains. This competition takes place on earth. That's right, this grimy planet on which we live. But this time around there seems to be many rumors that the daughter of the great Domon Kasshu has entered the fight for Neo-Japan. Interesting considering Domon is the man who defeated the Dark Gundam. An evil Gundam who once tried to take control of the earth. Evil seems to be stirring at the thought of another Kasshu entering the fight but I guess it's time for me to say my famous lines. Let's Get Things Started! 18th Gundam Fight, all set. READY, GO!" Next Timeā€¦.

Everybody it's the moment you've been waiting for. Sierra lands on earth, only to find that she is in Neo-Egypt. This ancient country has a few surprises awaiting her as she is challenged by the pilot of Solar Gundam. All Sierra wants to do is find Rei and keep their promise of traveling together. Will she be able to find him? Next time in Heart's Shuffle,

Battle in the Evening Sands, READY GO!