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Another Tale of Time City

Time City

1 century after Vivian Smith's adventure in time city

20 years after the beginning of the second age when Faber John sent the Polarities out again.     

16 year old Vivian Genni Walker stumbled up the steps of the Perpetuum as fast as she could go. Even with the low weight function on her belt switched to as high as it could go; she was barely able to walk. Vivian was over 10 minutes late to her lesson with Dr. Rednalliw and knowing him, she would most likely be in big trouble. Vivian had stopped to talk with her friend and hadn't realized what time it was until it was too late. Now she would just have to face Dr. Rednalliw and another lecture about being late. By the time she had reached Seldom End, Vivian was completely out of breath and was too tired to knock on the door before entering. So she just banged it open and stormed inside falling onto the nearest chair. She glared at her younger brother Elio who was trying not to laugh but having a very hard time. Looking around she saw that her other brother, Sam, had skipped class again. Dr. Rednalliw cleared his throat and stood up. He loomed over Vivian, making her feel very uncomfortable.

"Er…I had to talk to someone. It was very important," Vivian lied and avoided Dr. Rednalliw's glare by staring at her desk as if it had become suddenly very interesting.

"I see," Dr. Rednalliw said simply. He strode back over to his desk and handed Vivian a long sheet of paper. "Study this and have it memorized by tomorrow."

Vivian nodded and scanned the paper. It was about Jonathan Lee Walker, Vivian Smith, Sam Donegal, and Elio the android and the beginning of the Second Age of time. Vivian groaned, Dr. Rednalliw and all the teachers insisted that the children knew the history of Time City by heart. They said the knowledge would be useful in the future but it seemed to Vivian that the teachers were afraid of something, as if they thought that history might have a chance of repeating itself. Vivian knew that this was impossible. The whole city new so much about the mistakes they had made that there was no chance of them forgetting and losing the polarities again. The document that tells the locations of the polarities is kept under tight watch and no one except the Sempitern, Vivian's father, was allowed to look at it. Sighing Vivian settled back into her chair and began to read.


            14 year old Alannari Smith sat down near Gnomon tower to read her history book that the teacher had assigned. Alannari sighed as she leaned back against the tower looking up into the sky. Although she normally loved reading, today she just didn't feel like it. The sky was a brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight, just like the weather people had predicted. That was one thing Alannari loved about Time City; everything was so predictable, quite unlike back home where she grew up; Back in dirty, grimy history where anything could happen. Ever since she had come to Time City with her Aunt and Uncle, everything seemed to go perfectly. Uncle Sunaiviv, Aunt Agni, and their daughter Naiviv were horribly hard to live with back in history but now they were bearable. And she was able to go to Duration; the best school in all of Time City. But in order to stay at the school she had to get good grades. And to get good grades she would have to read this book. Alannari looked down at the huge book that lay in her lap. The Life of Vivian Smith was the name of the book. How many times had Alannari heard that name? At least two thousand times by now, she sighed and opened the book to the first page.

            Vivian Smith was born and grew up in London. When the war started she was sent, along with hundreds of other city kids, to the country. She was ten years old at the time. Once the train arrived at the little town where her Cousin lived, Vivian Smith…


Alannari had barely read a single paragraph before she was interrupted. A tall boy who was rather pudgy stood in front of her, a smirk on his face.

            "Hey, Ri-ri," He said.

            "Hello yourself, Sam," Alannari said, ignoring the older boy.

Ri-ri was Sam's nickname for Alannari and he knew only too well that she hated being called that. Although Sam Walker was a couple years older than her, and was the Sempitern's son, he still didn't behave as he should, always teasing and bugging people, especially Alannari.

            "Aw, come on Ri," Sam said laughing, "You know I'm just teasing!"

            Alannari rolled her eyes, "I couldn't tell," she said, "Now just leave me alone so I can read my book, would you? I have to finish it by next week!"

            "Who cares about some dumb book?" Sam said, "Come on…there's a ceremony going on in a few minutes and I haven't used that hologram thing in weeks!"

Alannari laughed, she and Sam had found a machine that could make 56th century holograms a few years ago and once they had figured out how to work it they had been interrupting ceremonies with it ever since.

"Oh all right," Alannari said, giving in, "It is funny to watch your father try to ignore the hologram!"

Sam helped Alannari to her feet and, leaving her book on the grassy hill, Alannari followed Sam through the crowds of people waiting to see the ceremony. The hologram box thing, as they called it, made one type of hologram: a strange dancing green man who played the bagpipes. Sam started the hologram right in time. The parade of the important people in Time City had just come around the corner. When the Sempitern first caught sight of the hologram his face betrayed a look of shock and surprise, then anger, then back to its cool, calm look. Alannari and Sam fell onto the ground, rolling with laughter. The Sempitern's face when he first saw the little green man had never ceased to amuse them. Then, before the Sempitern could figure out who was the cause of the disruption, Sam switched of the hologram and started to run, pulling Alannari behind him.

By the time they got back to the Gnomon Tower both of them were so out of breath from laughing so hard that they collapsed onto the grassy hill. Alannari pulled herself up to a sitting position and reached for her book.

"That was all very fun but I really should start reading this book!" Alannari said still laughing.

Sam nodded, laughing a little. He stood up and jogged off to find someone else to bug. Alannari shook her head; someday that boy was going to get himself into real trouble.