Yeet! So I figured out some things thanks to translations provided by a member of the twin princess discord.

As it turns out ELSA is the rightful sovereign of the Sunny Kingdom, Truth is the one who married into the family so that means I'll be changing even more stuff for TPP. That includes starting an entirely different timeline and new queens and ancestors of Elsa's who've been the leaders of the Sunny Kingdom.

Pandora and the others still appear, but of course, as Truth's and his family ancestors.

I was going to keep it with Truth being the rightful ruler, but then I decided I wanted to keep a little more in line with what Birthday originally intended.

Pros and Cons.


-Oswald gets to be happy

-Pandora doesn't get the throne lmao

-This makes deciding who the heiress apparent to the throne is easier (spoiler: it's Fine)

- Elsa and Oswald's relationship won't deteriorate and they get to be happy siblings

- The prequel stories for this route, I think, may prove to be more interesting than what I originally had planned.


- It'll take more time

- Someone has to get thrown under the bus and suffer if Oswald doesn't (spoiler: this time it's Rumor)

- I think that's it actually.

Truly the biggest con is that Rumor's gonna suffer, pray for him because I'm not merciful.

I think I'll still continue some stuff from the original as the "pandoraverse" since I already started working on that story line, it just won't be my main priority anymore.

That's about it for this update I think, any questions and concerns, you're free to leave a review or PM me. New titles of the new stories for this new timeline will be posted in another update once I got everything sorted out.

I'll see you all later~!