From the POV of Kagome.

Today was the day that we had to present our poems. A week ago my teacher had assigned my class a poem to write. It could be about, adventure, war, anything. I had never been that good at poem writing so I wasn't exactly looking forward to this.but decided that since I had to do it anyway it may as well be my best.

When I got home souta was playing some video game with monsters in it.seemed boring to me..sometimes I even wondered why he let that thing rot his brain when it isn't even interesting! But moving on I decided that I needed some inspiration and house wasn't exactly say the least. And the most inspiring place I could go to was Inuyasha's time! That place was interesting anyway.

So I grabbed a few things and jumped into the well. When I climbed out I decided I had totally made the right decision.this place was the most interesting place I had ever been! The sun was up high and shining through the tall trees that surrounded me. Till I was rudely who else.*sigh* inuyasha.

"hey wench! I was wondering when you'd get back! We need to find more shards.I think we have a lead on one in the next village." said inuyasha before I interrupted him.

"no, inuyasha. Now I KNOW how important finding the shards are to become a full demon.or whatever it is you want form it but for now I want a break. I need to write a poem for school anyway." I said while walking off in some random direction.

"HEY WAIT A MINUTE! YOU CANT.hey.whats a poem?" asked Inuyasha while scratching his head.

I laughed and turned around. "'s a bunch of words.that you write when you feel strongly about something. The ends of the lines can rhyme too..they usually are about love.and stuff.." I stammered, not quite wanting to continue that thought with he who unknowingly holds my heart.

"And well I gotta go write bye!" I said before waving goodbye to inuyasha and trying to find a nice place to sit and wait for some kind of inspiration.

Little did I know of the little spark of inspiration that had popped into Inuyasha's head.

Inuyasha's POV

After Kagome had told me about the poem thing I decided that maybe I should try it out. I started towards the village where Miroku and Sango were staying with Kaede. I thought maybe one of them knew more about what one of these poems was and would help me write one.

After walking quite a ways I found Miroku.Greatttt maybe the pervert has some ideas.

"hey pervert" I said causing mirkoku to look up at me from what he was doing. "Inuyasha, we are friends, I wish you would not address me as that" he said in that calm voice only Miroku could make. "well, then I need help with something." I trailed off. "What is it Inuyasha? Does it have to do with Lady Kagome?" he asked curiously.

Damn, why did he have to be so smart?

"Ahh it is isn't it, Inuyasha? You don't have to hide it you know. In fact its pretty obvious, as is. Don't bother."

"finnne, Miroku. It's about kagome alright? I want to write her.a poem thing. She told me about them when she came out of the well. Its for when you feel strongly about.something..could you help me write one about her?"

~*~*~to be continued~*~*~*~
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