Hard Day's Knight

A Disney General/Kingdom Hearts Fic by Andrew Joshua Talon

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit, fan-based work of prose. Kingdom Hearts and everything else is the property of Disney and Square Enix. Please support the official release.

Many worlds, one sky...

The reveal of other worlds existing was a bit underwhelming to Gosalyn Mallard. Being the adopted daughter of a globe trotting superhero tended to make you a bit jaded to such things. That it had become public was a bit more interesting, but still ultimately boring: The resulting riots hadn't even had any fatalities!

The whole other worlds thing opening up new possibilities for her through, that had been surprising... In a very good way. Her college education had been a lot more expensive than her father could handle. He'd taken on additional duties for SHUSH to make ends meet, but Gosalyn refused to let her father shoulder this burden all by himself.

So she enlisted in the Disney Knights and transferred to Disney Castle. All without telling her father. She was sure he would thank her later.

She stood in the exercise yard of the huge castle, only scratching a little at her exercise uniform. Her quiver was full of trick arrows, slung over her shoulder. Her combat bow was expanded, and she double checked her bowstring. She looked around at the other cadets, most of whom were older than herself.

A tall dark dog boy, twenty years of age, stood nearby dressed in red and blue exercise clothing. His hair was wild and untamed, which helped offset the inherent dorkiness of his two extended teeth. He wielded a sword and small shield, both with the symbol of Disney Castle upon them. He looked over at her and smiled. She narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Hey. Gosalyn Mallard, right? The transfer?"

"Yeah," Gosalyn said, looking a bit suspicious. "If we're going to do the upperclassman pecking order thing-"

"Relax, we don't do things that way here," he chuckled. He held out his hand. "Cadet-Captain Max Goof."

Gosalyn shook his hand back, smiling a bit. "I guess I expected more of a... You know, military start."

"We get that too, but a big focus is on flexibility since we're also diplomats, builders... Pretty much anything other worlds need us to do," Max said with a nod. "But if you want a trial by fire... You've come to the right place."

"Max Goof, Max Goof... Are you related to Captain Goof, by any chance?" Gosalyn asked.

"Ahyuck, ATEN-HUT!" Someone shouted, and all of the cadets shuffled into parade formation. Gosalyn followed, only a little slow. She stared in disbelief at the tall, gangly dog man who walked up with military precision in front of them. She glanced at Max, and back at the captain. The familiarity was undeniable.

"He's my dad," Max murmured. Gosalyn looked back, staring almost incredulously. This was the Captain of the Disney Knights? The warrior who had fought alongside the Keybearer? Who had defeated armies of Heartless? He was slightly hunched, his front teeth comically large and his eyes wide and trusting. He didn't look remotely dangerous.

Still, she'd fought enough strange villains to know she shouldn't underestimate anyone by appearance. So she stood at attention as he walked up and down the cadets.

"Cadets, ah am Captain Goof! And from this point on, you are Disney Knights to Be! You will work together, fight together, sleep together, eat together, and a whole other bunch of things together! If you do some things, you'll be disciplined! If you do other things, you'll be commended! So in either case, always have the appropriate tools needed!" Goofy nodded. "Now, the introduction to your squad is going to show just how crazy things can get! None of you know the other! You might meet lots of folks, and befriend them, and fight with them! And then fight other people with them! They might be beasts, hairless apes, mermaids, living cutlery-Who knows? It can get crazy! Nuts! Even... Goofy!" He grinned. "So, I'll introduce you to just how nuts it can get by fighting you all at once, ahyuck!"

Gosalyn blinked. "Surely he's not serious?"

"I'm always serious, young lady! And don't call me Shirley," Captain Goof barked at her, and she winced. "What's your name, cadet?"

"Gosalyn Mallard, sir!" Gosalyn shouted back, eyes right ahead.

"Hmmm... Hmmm... I like your bow," Captain Goof said with a smile. He plucked the bow string, and sighed at the sound. "B flat, my favorite!"

"Yes sir...?" Gosalyn said, blinking. Goofy cleared his throat.

"Now then! As I said, I'll be fightin' you all at once! You are free to use any weapon you've got! And free to use lethal force! I'll be refrainin' from it. Wouldn't look good on the ol' resume to kill the cadets, ahyuck," he laughed.

Gosalyn looked around and saw the other cadets were readying their weapons. Most of them looked confused... Except for Max, whose eyes were narrowed and smile was grim. A very heavyset cat man, dressed in a blue uniform, looked equally serious. As did a young redhead dog girl with flowing long hair, who wielded a staff.

"He's... He's kidding, right?" Gosalyn tried.

"Nope," Max said. Goofy continued to talk, and Gosalyn shrugged. She pulled out an arrow, notched it, and raised her bow to take aim at the captain. Goofy smiled.

"Remember! Lethal force! Come at me with intent to kill, and you'll go far, ahyuck!" Goofy said.

"Okay...? Goodbye?" Gosalyn managed. She channeled magic into her arrow, and it burst into flames. A Fire Arrow with explosive force would do some damage, but not too much. She let the arrow go, not seeing Max's eyes widen.

"Wait, no-!"

The arrow flew across the exercise yard, and Gosalyn spared a glance back at Max in frustration. "What?! He was literally asking for it! He-"

"SCATTER!" The catman shouted. Gosalyn looked back and saw Captain Goof catch the arrow, spin around on one foot, and toss it right back at them. Gosalyn's eyes widened as the arrow spun right at her.



Gosalyn's groaned, head screaming in pain. Her ears were ringing, and the entire world seemed to be spinning around her. She realized she was on the ground, and sat up. Her vision returned, blurry and unfocused. It all came together as she saw numerous cadets groaning on the ground around her.


She heard clanging, shouting, and the ringing of steel. She looked over where it was, and gaped.

Captain Goof was a blur, surrounded by his son, the catman, the redhead, and a blonde dogboy. All of them were swinging and striking furiously at him, and Captain Goof was dodging, ducking, parrying, deflecting, and limboing around the blows. He jumped up, narrowly avoiding Max's sword swing. Captain Goof flipped through the air, his body bending and twisting like rubber. He landed outside the group, and the ground underneath his feet was turned to mush thanks to a blow from the catman's gauntlets. He stumbled and staggered away, and yet even as the other cadets attacked him he was still a blur of activity.

And constantly encouraging his students with a cheerful grin.

"Great Earthquake strike, PJ! Tighten up that lightning blast, Roxanne! Good, good-Great shot, Bobby! Tighten your form, Maxie!"

Goofy looked over at Gosalyn with a grin.

"Nice to see you up, Cadet Mallard! Wanna join in?"

Gosalyn grinned, got back up, and readied her bow. She decided she was going to like it here...

Just another random thought.