Housepets! Fight Against the Forces of Evil

Prologue: Encounters of the Fan Kind

A "Housepets! Comics" Fan Fiction

Based on the characters by Rick Griffin

By: Fenrir Black

There was a loud knocking on the door, King looked up from what he was doing and walked over. He gripped the knob but hesitated as if something horrible was on the other side. In his experience, if someone came knocking on Lindberg in was never good. He took his chance and opened it anyway.

King was greeted by a high piece screaming that pierced through his sensitive ears. "Oh my, God. It's him! It's really him." Standing on the doorstep were two humans. They looked like they were in their early twenties. One was a boy wearing a t-shirt that said, "I'm Not Anti-Social, I Just Don't Like You." The other was a girl with blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She wore a long light blue skirt and a matching blouse. They each had nametags around their necks. The boy's said, "Rowan Gains." The girl's, "Lisa Smith." Beneath the names was a picture of some type of animal with the letters AC written in large bold letters.

King gaped at them, waiting for his ears to stop ringing. "We are such big fans of yours. We love you so much," Lisa said.

"Do you prefer that we call you King or can we call you Joel. I always liked Joel better than King. I don't know why he changed it. I mean I know but still," Rowan waved his hands in the air as if to emphasize what he was talking about.

"Can I get your picture," Lisa said and held up her phone. With a single click, she captured King with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Oh, man. I have so many questions," Lisa began but was interrupted by Rowan.

"We have so many questions. Like what it is like being married? Wait no that was not it. What was it like when you beat Pete at his own game?

Lisa interjected and asked, "Can we see your puppies?" She immediately stuck her head in the house and shouted. "Bailey, are you there? Ace, Olive, Rook?"

Rowan pulled her back and said, "Don't be rude." Then to King, we said, "You really are just as short as they say. Can I pet your head? When did your collar buckle change to a square from a circle? Hey, how does it feel when people treat you like a dog even though you were once human? Do any humans even know about that? Does Bill know that you're the same guy who kidnapped his dog nine years ago?"

With that last question, King slammed the door in their faces and turned away. A loud yelling erupted from the other side, "OH MY GOD; he slammed the door in our faces just like he did to Tarot!" That was followed by another round of incoherent squealing.

Rowan and Lisa walked away from the Lindburg house with their phones out. "Got any signal?" Lisa asked.

"No, not surprising though. I don't think they have the same cellphone carries here," Rowan answered. "Where to next?"

"Well, I don't think Fox was home so let's go find him next," Lisa said and took off running down the street.

"Hang on," Rowan shouted after her. Lisa slowed to a stop and turned to him. He caught up to her and pointed at another house. "Isn't that the Wolf house?"

He gave her a wicked grin and asked, "You know what's there, don't you?"

Lisa's eyes widen, and she let out high piece shrill. They both jogged over the Wolf's front door and banged on the wood with rash excitement. "Come on. Come on."

The door opened and "FOUR FINGER DISCOUNT" Jack stood on the threshold. "Can I help you with something?"

"No, that's not what you say," Lisa said stomping her foot on the ground. "You're supposed to say, and I quote "Who ordered the well-marbled guy?" She burst out laughing while Rowan rolled his eyes.

"Ignore her, Jack," he said. "Um, we're new to the neighborhood and wanted to meet you guys. We heard so much about you that we had to see it for ourselves."

"Whatever. Come on it," Jack said stepping aside. Lisa recomposed herself and walked into the house, and Rowan followed. He leaned forward and whispered in Lisa's ear, "I brought a Taser in case something goes wrong."

"Why would you bring a Taser? We didn't even know we would be here when we left for the convention."

"I brought it because of the convention."

They smiled at the group of wolves staring at them. Rowan and Lisa recognized each one of them instantly. "It's so great to meet you all," Lisa said way too loudly.

Miles walked over with his arms spread out and a wolfish smile on his face. "It's so good to meet new people. A lot of folks tend to avoid us for some reason. Well, let me introduce you to everyone," he said. He turned to the others but before he could get another word in Lisa piped up.

"Oh, we know everyone already," She pointed at the wolves and listed off their names. "Daryl, Other Daryl, Lucretia, Elaine, Four Finger Discount Jack, Poncho. Say, where are the cubs, Rockstar Hawk, North Star, and Darth Vader?"

"Um," Miles said.

"Oh well, let's get a picture of us all together," Lisa said before running up beside Miles. Rowan ran to the other side.

He pulled out a long stick from the bag hanging from his shoulder. "Good thing I brought my selfie stick." He held it up, so the entire room was in the shot. Miles raised his finger like his was about to say something but before he could, Rowan clicked the button ten or twelve times.

"That's so great," Rowan said looking at the pictures. Lisa moved over and examined them as well.

"By the way, can you show us to King's room. There's something there that we need to see."

"You both should leave…" Miles said slowly. He pointed at the door. Jack was already there standing beside the open threshold.

Knowing that they were not wanted, Lisa and Rowan bid the Wolf family farewell. As soon as they were outside, Jack slammed the door behind them. They were sure they heard the sound of a lock clicking.

"Well, so much for the statue. Where to next?" Rowan asked putting his selfie stick back in the bag.

"I still want to find Fox next. Ooh, Ooh, do you think Spring and Summer will be with him?"

Rowan shook his head, "I doubt it. They probably all went back to heaven after the temple incident."

"Too bad. I wanted to meet them," Lisa said. She pulled out her phone and checked the time. "How much time do you think we have?

"Can't be sure. I mean we're the ones with the thing. It's not like he can do much even if he did know it was missing."

An hour later they found Fox interviewing a human. He had a notebook and pen in each paw. He had on his K9PD vest. The human was telling him about an accident that occurred a little before. As Fox jotted down notes, Lisa and Rowan rushed over and wrapped their arms around his neck. He dropped the notepad and pen on the ground. Rowan held up the selfie stick and said, "Smile." He pressed the button, and there was a soft click. While the two of them look happy, Fox looked like someone just tased him.

Lisa and Rowan stepped back from him. "Sorry, but we did not want to interrupt your police work," Lisa said. She reached out and felt Fox's arms. "Wow, you have gotten more muscular after joining the academy."

With that, they both took off down the street leaving Fox in a state of utter confusion and loss.

"Where to next?" Rowan asked. He began counting on his fingers. "We still need to see Keene, Peanut, and Grape, Fido if we can, and Tarot and Sabrina. And you know what I always wanted to punch Bino. It looked like so much fun."

"You can't go around, punching random animals. That's animal abuse," Lisa said. "But to be honest, I thought the same thing about Duchess."

At the Milton Manor, Keene was walking down the hallway talking to someone on his phone. "I don't care what it takes just clean it up. I never want to see that place again." There was a slight buzzing, and Keene looked at the screen. "Hang on," he said. "I have another call." With a few clicks, he said, "What do you want?"

"Boss, I thought you should know that two humans broke into the manor and were last seen heading your way."

"What, how did that happen?" Keene shouted into the phone. "What do I pay you for?"

Before waiting for a response, Keene ended the call. With an angry sigh, he kept walking. Two humans, he thought to himself. "Why would anyone come in here?" He stopped dead. His eyes widen with fear. "They here to rob the place," he said aloud.

Keene took off running. He came to the corner, but before he could get any farther, Lisa and Rowan stepped in front him. Keene ran directly into their legs and fell on his tail. He looked up to see them both grinning madly at him.

"I warn you I'm dangerous…" Keene stuttered, but before he could get another word out, he was lifted in the air.

"He is so cute," Lisa shouted and squeezed Keene's furry body in her arms. "Can you believe that he's the one who unleashed unspeakable evil on this world."

"What?" Keene screamed as he struggled to break out of her grasp.

Rowan bent down so that he was face to face with the ferret. "You know when you went to Pandemonium and brought back that little demon. You didn't think that would not come back to bite you. That would be poor storytelling."

"Security!" Keene screamed. "Anybody, help me!"

"Since you have a second, can we ask you a few questions?" Lisa asked but before Keene could answer she let lose a barrage of inquiries. "Are you good or evil because it's tough to tell? Are you ever going to give up on the human/animal equality thing because you know it was just a lie Pete made up? Were you always such a mama's boy?"

"AHHHHH!" Keene broke free and landed on all fours on the floor. He stood up and turned to them. He pointed with his paw and shouted, "I want you out of here. Get lost before I have you thrown out."

"Before we go, I have some questions too," Rowan said. "First, where's Breel?"

"Security!" Keene shouted with is paws cupped around his mouth.

"Let's go," Lisa said to Rowan when they heard the sound of heavy footsteps.

They turned to leave, but before they disappeared around the corner, Rowan leaned down and snapped a picture of him and Keene with his selfie stick.

Later, they came to a blue door. Before they could knock, it opened and standing there was Tarot with a sour look on her face. Lisa leaned over to Rowan and whispered, "Wow, she really does look like that."

"What was that?" Tarot said glaring at the two of them.

"Oh, I was just saying, um, how good you look," Lisa said laughing nervously. "Like you do all the time." She shrugged at Rowan. He rolled his eyes and smiled at Tarot who was giving them both dirty looks.

"What's going on here? I have been watching you both all day. You have done nothing but cause havoc and interrupted everyone's lives. Now, you're here to do the same thing to us."

"That's not true," Rowan said avoiding eye contact. "Okay, it is a little, but we are just such huge fans of you guys."

"How do even know about us?" Tarot said with his arms in the air.

Rowan turned to Lisa, and they exchanged nervous glances. "Should we tell her? That's not like breaking any laws or anything, is it?

"To be honest," Lisa began. "I don't care anymore. We've been to so many places today, but I have not gotten a single autograph. Maybe if we explain what's going on than we can get the ball rolling."

"Can we sit down?" Rowan asked turning his attention back to Tarot.

Rowan and Lisa took their seats on the floor. Across from them was Tarot, Sabrina, and Peanut. Apparently, both Sabrina and Peanut were in another part of the house but became curious when they heard Tarot talking to someone.

"Explain what you both are doing here," Tarot said. In front of her was her CrystalTab9000. "Where did you even come from?"

"I guess the best way to explain it would be to say we came from another dimension. One similar to the Gallifrax dimension but less fun if you can imagine it," Rowan told them.

"I thought the Galllifrax dimension was entertaining," Peanut said.

"Hush," Tarot to him.

"Anyway, we're big fans of the comics that feature you guys," Lisa said. Rowan reached into his bag and pulled out a thin book. He handed to Tarot who stared at it like it would explode in her face at any second.

"Wait, is that me?" Peanut asked leaning over to get a better look. The cover had an image of him and Grape wearing bath towels. "Where did they get that picture?"

"This is just the first issue," Rowan said trying to sound helpful.

"How many issues are there?" Tarot asked crushing the issue in her paws. Rowan let out a small squeal and clamped his hands over his mouth in horror at what she was doing to his comic book.

"Eight at the moment," Lisa informed her.

"At the moment?" Tarot asked. Rowan lunged and ripped the book from her paws. Tarot either did not notice or just did not care.

"Well, there's a new one every November. I expect issue 9 will be out later this year," Lisa said while she watched Rowan try to smooth the dents from the comic book.

"I can't believe this. Someone is profiting from our lives?" Sabrina spoke up for the first time since Lisa and Rowan got there.

"The author is Rick Griffin. We've never met him. Honestly, we don't know what he looks like."

"You see that is how this all started," Rowan said after putting the comic back in his bag. "We heard that he would be at a convention that was in town. Since we are such big fans of the comics, we wanted to get him to sign some of the issues."

"Not to mention we have a bunch of questions that need to be answered. I mean after ten years I feel like we have a right to know some things." Lisa crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, like how old is King anyway?" Rowan asked with a shrug of his shoulders. "I mean he must be over thirty by now. He was in his twenties when he was changed, and that was over eight years ago."

"We would have asked him ourselves when we were over there. But he slammed the door in our faces," Lisa told them.

"He does tend to do that," Tarot informed them.

"Parenthood has not mellowed him out at all."

"We noticed," Rowan and Lisa said in unison.

"And I really wanted him to sign the third issue." Rowan pulled out another book from his bag and showed it to them. Sabrina placed her paws over her mouth to keep from laughing. Tarot, on the other hand, looked scandalized.

"Let me see," Peanut said and took the book from Rowan's hand. He walked away from the others as he flipped through the pages.

"Well anyway, like we were saying." Lisa held her out hand in the air. "We were all ready to meet Rick."

"It was the only reason we even went the convention," Rowan interrupted and held out the nametag around his neck for the others to see.

Lisa shot him "shut up and let me finish" look. "We get to the booth, and there's no one there. I mean no one. No one was watching over the issues of the comic that were waiting to be sold or anything. Then Rowan here gets the crazy idea of 'Let's look the dude's stuff."

"Oh, no you don't," Rowan shouted and turned towards her. "That was your idea. You wanted to see his stuff. What was it you said, oh yeah, 'I wonder if he has any unprinted strips in his bag.' You told me to be the lookout while you rummaged through his bag."

"The details are not important," Lisa said holding up her hand to Rowan's face.

"I find this strange ring in the bag. Show them, Rowan." As Rowan searched through his bag, Lisa kept talking. "We were really wanted just to ask him some stuff. Then we found this thing." She pointed at the artifact in Rowan's grip.

It was a large ring of gold about the size of a doughnut. Engraved on it were a bunch strange symbols and images. "The only one we could recognize was the infinity symbol."

"Let me see that," Tarot said holding her paw out. Rowan reluctantly gave it to her. She brought it up to her eyes and examined each symbol. She would occasionally stop and tap on her tablet.

"Well, at first we did not know what it was. Rowan walked over and asked to see it, so I handed it to him. After a few seconds, he has the crazy smile on his face."

"Hey, it was not a crazy smile, it was an excited smile."

"Whatever," Lisa held up her hands like she was surrendering. "He says 'Lisa, maybe this is one of those magic dodads that Tarot uses.'"

"I did not say dodads," Rowan interrupted again.

"Will you just let me finish the story."

"I wish you would," Sabrina said sounding irritated.

"I grab hold of it, but Rowan doesn't let go. Then he says 'Maybe it responds to a voice command. Hey, doodad, show us Peanut.'"

Rowan rolled his eyes as Lisa continued. "Then the center of the ring changes. Suddenly we can see Peanut Irritating Grape at their house."

"Hey, I don't irritate her," Peanut shouted from where he was sitting across the room.

"Yeah, you do," The four of them said together. Peanut ignored them and went back to reading.

"Okay, so we're both freaking out. This was a genuine magic artifact like for real. Then Rowan says, "What else can it do?" I respond by saying, "Who knows really. We should it put it back before something happens.'"

Rowan made a noise that sounded like a laugh crossed with bark. "That's not true. You wanted to steal it."

"Don't tell them that." Lisa slapped his leg.

"I'll tell you the rest. She wanted to steal it, but I was curious about what else it could do. So I say kind of causally, 'take us to Peanut' like a question. The next thing we know there's this bright light, and we're suddenly standing in front of Peanut's house."

"We panicked at first as you could imagine," Lisa said. "This place is so vastly different from where we are from. After we calmed down, we knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So we went back to Peanut's house, but he must have had already left. We looked through the window and saw Grape sleeping on the couch. After a few selfies, we went on our way."

They smiled at Tarot and Sabrina with innocent looking expressions. "That's how we got here."

"To be honest, I do not see this artifact anywhere on the Magic Web. I cannot find any record of it either. I don't know how this Rick Griffin person got his hands on it, but it is seriously powerful." Tarot handed it back to Rowan who replaced it back in his bag.

Suddenly there was a horrified scream that sounded like someone was being stabbed with a rusty butter knife. Peanut rushed over to them and held out the comic. "He…He…stole Spot from me," Peanut stammered.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that." Rowan shrugged. "We normally skip over those parts anyway."

Peanut looked at him with a devastated expression. Tears formed in his eyes and he ran upstairs. They waited until there was a loud slam of a door being shut violently.

Tarot glared at Rowan and Lisa. It was a look that said, 'If I were still superpowered I would make you both regret that.'

"Maybe you should leave. Not just from my house but go back to your world," Tarot told them.

"I think that's a great idea," came a voice from behind Rowan and Lisa. They turned to see who spoke. They both gasped uncontrollably as they stared at the figure looming over them.

"It's him," Lisa screeched. She grabbed Rowan's shoulder and began rocking him violently. Rowan was too engrossed to notice or care.

"Great Kitsune," Rowan uttered with a weak voice.

"I see I have some fan too," Kitsune said with a sly smile. His red eyes glowed with delight. He wore his purple jacket and black shirt. All nine tails were out and waved around.

Lisa jumped up and almost tackled him. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. Rowan followed suit. He rummaged through his bag like he was trying to find a pen.

"We are your biggest fans. I love you more than anything else," Lisa told him. Tears were pouring from her eyes. "Rowan even has a huge man crush on you."

Rowan gaped at her like he had just been slapped. "Don't. Don't tell him that."

"Can you help us? There are so many more pets we want to meet. Not to mention we haven't gotten a single autograph. We still haven't met Maxwell, Fido, Res. Speaking of which is he back in Canada yet?"

"Don't forget Karishad," Rowan informed her.

"Oh, yeah him. What's his deal anyway? I know he's the weird supernatural cartoony character that everybody needs but still."

"Can you do something about them," Tarot said coming over to join the group. "They have been pestering everyone in the neighborhood all afternoon."

"Pester is a strong word," Rowan said.

"It sounds like the word I would use," Kitsune said holding his hand out to silence Rowan. "You both really should leave before you do any more damage to this dimension. Keene has sent the wolves out to find you both. Not to mention the K9PD is looking for you."

"Why would they be looking for us?" Rowan asked.

"Something about assaulting an officer on duty," Kitsune informed him. He raised one eyebrow for emphasis.

"Fine," Lisa said looking sullen. "But before go," she looked at him with a puppy dog face. "Can you do the smile. The one with the teeth. Show him, Rowan." She elbowed his side.

"This one," Rowan said holding out another issue. The most of pages were marked with colored flags. "I made sure to mark all the important places to have a better understanding of that game Pete and Dragon played. To be honest, I still did not get it."

"Not surprising you don't understand it. Half of the important details are not even listed here." Kitsune peered at the pages while rubbing his chin. "I know what you're talking about."

He gave him the smile they asked for, and they both grabbed hold of each other and began to jump up and down like someone had set their shoes on fire.

"My heart melts every time," Lisa said.

His smile faded away and he looked serious all of a sudden. "You both need to remember that your actions have consequences. In this world or your own. That is part of life. People and pets don't usually being attacked by rabid fans."

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked sounding concerned.

He winked at her. "I'm glad I could make your dreams come true. But now it's time to wake up."

Rowan laughed. "You really don't think that will work on us do you?"

The next thing they knew they were both sitting at a table in the food court of the convention center. They looked around and saw everyday people enjoying the convention. There was no sign of any of the characters they met.

"Was that real or not?" Rowan asked sounding groggy.

Lisa looked at him wildly. "Check for something kind of relic that proves that it was real. Like the statue or the feather." She stood up and pulled out all her pockets. She dumped the contents of her purse on the table and sorted through them.

Rowan did the same. He emptied his pockets and put each item on the table searching for something that seemed out of place. "Anything?" he asked when he came up empty-handed.

"Nothing, there's nothing," she shouted so loudly that a few conventions goes turned to look at her. She glanced at Rowan's bag. "The bag. Check the bag."

Rowan did as he was told. He dumped the contents on the table. Several issues of the comics fell on the floor, but they did not care. They shuffled through the belongings, but nothing came up.

Lisa gasped and looked at Rowan with a horrified expression. "It's gone. The ring. It's gone."

"I know I put it back. Do you think Kitsune took it? He may have given it back to Rick."

Lisa sat down looking completely defeated. Maybe it really was a dream. "I mean we have been obsessing about the comic and this day for the last few weeks. Maybe all that stress finally got to us." She placed her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands.

Rowan began cleaning up when he stopped suddenly. He turned to her and smiled. "The phones. The pictures we took."

Lisa did not need to be told twice. She grabbed her phone and opened the photos app. Rowan did the same. Their excitement soon faded as they realized that the pictures they took were not what they took.

"What's this crap?" Lisa screamed. On her phone were pictures of various scenes from the comics. She would recognize them anywhere. Some were even several years old. It was barely enough evidence to prove that anything really happened and definitely not enough proof to show that they were there. She banged her head on the table.

Rowan put the last of his belongings in his bag. "Maybe we should just go home."

Lisa looked up at him and sighed. "We might as well go back to the booth and see if Rick is there. We can at least get his autograph."

"Yeah, I guess…" Rowan's voice trailed off. He reached into his bag and began rummaging around wildly.

"What is it," Lisa asked looking worried.

Rowan looked like he'd seen a ghost. "The third book. It's not here."

"Do you think someone took it while we were out?" Lisa asked unconcernedly. "You can buy another at the booth."

"That's not it," Rowan said as he slammed his hands on the table startling her. "Don't you remember who had it last."

"This sucks," she said.


King walked to the door of the wolf house. He paused when he heard laughing coming from inside. He opened the door and stepped inside. He saw the entire family gathered around the sofa. Even Peanut was there. Miles had something in his paws that he was showing everyone. It was some kind of book.

"What's going on?" King asked.

Miles and the rest looked up at him. One by one they each burst into hysterical laughter.

Daryl was the first to stop laughing. He plucked the book from Mile's paws and lifted it up for King to see. King's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates as he stared at the cover. It was him dancing with his collar in his paws.

"King, you didn't tell us you were…" Four Finger Discount Jack began," such a ladykiller."

At that, all the wolves began laughing and howling. King had only two options. Faint or retreat. He chose the latter. But not before he ran over to Jack, who was rolling on the floor, and snatched the book from his paws. King was out the door in a flash. He ran over to the Lindburg's house and shut the door behind him.

Bailey walked in from the other room and gave him a worried look. "King, what's wrong." When she noticed the book in King's grasp, she asked, "What's that?"

"It's nothing," King said way too quickly. He was breathing heavily as he moved into the kitchen. He flipped through the pages, trying to keep his composure. When he realized what was in the book, he unceremoniously through it in the garbage. With a feral look on his face, he moved over to where Bailey was.

Later That Night

A tall figure opened the garbage lid and reached down to pull the bag from the container. He paused when he saw something haft buried under a pile of half-eaten food. The figure reached in and pulled out a thin book. After brushing the bits of food from the cover, he saw who was on it. He immediately flipped through the pages and as he did his anxiety rose. Then on page 50, he came to a dead stop. His grip tightened on the book so hard he almost punctured holes in the paper.

"King!" Bill screamed.

King woke from a dead sleep, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He could hear heavy footsteps coming up to his room. The bedroom door flew open, and light from the hallway drenched the room.

Bailey woke up. Rubbing her eyes, she asked, "Daddy, what's wrong."

Bill stared at King with pure anger. He slowly raised the book up. It was open to a particular page. Once King saw it he knew he was in trouble. He laughed nervously and said to Bill, "I can explain?"