076. Letters



Jack orders Ruby to stay for the next photoshoot.

"Prep her," he says tonelessly, gesturing to the items on the bureau-table. Ruby's mouth curls up.

The high-def lighting whitens Jesse's skin unnaturally, giving her an ethereal, angelic look. Ruby gently combs and arranges that silvery-yellow hair into a loosened, stylishly mess plait.

"Is that your first paycheck?" she asks, distracting Jesse from her glass of clear, lukewarm water.

Ruby carefully slips a dissolving pill, sloshing it with a fingertip while a smiling, proud Jesse leans away, pulling open the envelope's flap.

"Yes! I'm not even sure what I'll—"

"Drink up," Ruby interrupts her patiently, tipping the rim of the glass to Jesse's lips, as the other girl stammers a protest but opens her mouth. "Good… that's good. You won't be getting a break for a while, so it's better you should enjoy this."

Within moments, the glass becomes drained. Droplets of now murky water clings to Jesse's lips.

Ruby tuts, dragging her thumbs over that perfect, rose-colored mouth, wiping her off. One of Ruby's thumbs presses inside her own mouth, suckling.

The drug works fast, relaxing Jesse without her being aware of it, complicit and floaty in her head.

She speaks to Jesse in low, soothing syllables, helping her undress and lay back on the makeup room's designer, pale blue sofa, running her palms greedily over Jesse's naked and milky thighs, parting them open. Jesse's toes flatten to the ground, and she doesn't force herself upright.


"We're almost done, I promise," Ruby coos. She probes her fingers softly against Jesse's vaginal lips, satisfied by the growing, warm slickness the deeper she goes. Her index and middle finger thrust inside Jesse, scissoring her open with careful, loving intent, feeling a little resistance.

She's a virgin — oh, how beautiful. Ruby grabs the dildo-like object, pulling out her fingers quickly and replacing it with the thicker, satin-smooth item.

At the end of it, three trails of heavy, rainbow-hued beads, hanging out.

Jesse squirms against the sensation of the new, rigid object seated inside her, crying out weakly, her heels now arching up from the floor.

"You're fine, I'm right here," Ruby tells her, getting up and pecking a kiss to Jesse's nose. Ruby's hand grasps loosely to one of her breasts, massaging it until she feels Jesse's nipple harden.



After another three minutes, Ruby feels the taste of the drug floating in her nerves, calming her too.

A solemn-faced Jack guides a naked, panting Jesse in the middle of the huge, canopied stage, arranging her position to his liking — keeping her standing, with her legs pressing together.

Even in the neon-lit darkness, Ruby's eyes land on where Jesse's thighs meet, the beads flashing sluggishly slow with neon blues and whites.

What appears to be small, bulb cord-lights twist around Jesse's neck like a oversized, thorny scarf, her fingers holding up a neon-blue bulb against her lower lip, flashing against Jesse's teeth.

The nicest part is Jesse will have no memory of this — but Ruby will cling to it, stubbornly, gladly.



The Neon Demon isn't mine. In the parade of fluff and happy we've been having for this project, there was definitely gonna be some dark themes. The visuals for this movie is incredible and bright, but definitely there's lots of different kinds of squick so fair warning if you check it out!