Sneezes and Sword Fights

By Joanna

Chapter 12: Healing Hands

Legolas had to admit that he was taken a bit by surprise at just how ferociously Aragorn attacked with his chair leg. Because he was not prepared for such strength from the King after watching him lay in bed day after day, he found himself pressed backwards toward the wall in the initial strike.

Annoyed that he'd been waiting hand and foot, beck and call, on someone who clearly had not been ill enough to warrant it, Legolas decided it was high time to turn the tables.

He growled in response and moved to defend himself with vigor, and the chair legs shuddered against one another as he pushed Aragorn back to the center of the room, admiring the deftness with which Aragorn dodged the table.

"Ready to surrender, sickling?" Legolas panted.

"I do nod thig sicklig id a word," Aragorn wheezed in response and pressed forward again and they circled the room anew, pressing then falling back, pressing again.

"Neither is Kig, but you seem fond enough of it," Legolas returned and ducked as Aragorn's chair leg came at his head. He felt the press of air from the wood just before there came a sound of shattering glass.

For a moment, both paused, dropping weapons to their sides as one of the large floral vases Arwen was so fond of, now sporting a large hole in its side, teetered on its pedestal.

Dumbly, and making no move to stop it, elf and man watched as it finally toppled over to the floor and separated into a million pieces.

"You dugged!" Aragorn accused after a moment of stunned silence.

"Of course I ducked!" Legolas snapped. "Did you honestly anticipate my standing still while you swung a club at my head?"

"Noooo," Aragorn responded indignantly. "I just did nod thig you quick enough to avoid id."

"I had time to drink a cup of tea and restring my bow, Elessar," he returned.

They both looked back to the flowery shards of glass littering the stone.

"You are going to receive punishment for that, I'll warrant," Legolas sighed.

Aragorn looked for a moment as if he might deny it, then sighed heavily and nodded.

"Do you wish to quit now, before you get into more trouble?" Legolas pressed in a moment.

"On your guard," Aragorn snarled in response and raised his club, and around and around they went.


And so it was that Arwen found them as she stepped into the room, after a guard had sent for her with reports of shattering glass and shouts from within the chamber. Two of her beautiful vases lay in pieces upon the floor, the flowers they had held scattered over them, almost as mourners place roses over graves.

She narrowed her eyes in disapproval as she looked toward elf and man. They were both red-faced, and her husband was glassy-eyed and dripping sweat, and so intent were they upon their contest of strength and manhood that neither noticed her.

She arched one eyebrow in disbelief as she recognized it was not clubs in their hands, for she had been preparing herself to scold the guards for disobeying her explicit order to allow no weapon to pass into the room.

Nay, it was chair legs. They were creative. She would have to give both the fools that much credit, she supposed. Not only were they destroying her decorative pieces, but perfectly useful furniture as well, it seemed.

Legolas was at the moment being pushed backwards by Aragorn, who looked as if he were battling all the orcs left in the world, so great was his concentration. Arwen watched as the elf leapt easily upon the table in the room in order to try to regain the advantage from higher ground, and she saw his boots leave a dark mark on the fine wood of the surface.

And she decided that they both must be destroyed.


Legolas found himself in an increasingly defensive role. Aragorn was swinging madly, lost in both the competition and bloodlust of the victory he sensed was near, and he was no longer sparring playfully but with full strength, as if with an intent to kill.

As Legolas leapt upon the table, a flash of midnight blue at the doorway caught his eye, and instantly he knew it to be Arwen and wondered how long she'd been standing there, seething. He glanced quickly at her, saw the look of wrath upon her fair face, and forgot his current foe altogether in fear of this new one.

Aragorn, either his senses still dulled enough by the Somneil root, or his ears too full of the roar of blood in his head, did not hear or see his wife enter, nor heed her presence now. He advanced on Legolas with purpose for the blow that would relieve the elf of his weapon and thus signal the end of the fight.

Caught in mid-swing, it was far too late for Aragorn to pull back the swing as Legolas paused suddenly, fingers still gripping the chair leg tight, but his attention fully focused on the doorway.

Though he realized his wife must have returned, Aragorn had no time for thought save that one, as his heavy wooden chair leg smashed down upon Legolas' fingers as they held the weapon.

All parties in the room heard the unpleasant popping sound in the moment before Legolas howled in pain, and staggered backwards, his feet quickly running out of table. His body folded as he fell from his perch and landed hard upon his rump on the stone floor, for he was unable to catch himself with his hands.

Blue and white lights danced in front of his eyes as he landed, and through his darkening vision, he sought a view of his fingers. For a moment, he remained as he'd fallen, as blood rushed out of his head and he swayed, sitting there upon his aching bottom as he surveyed his fingers. All of them, save his thumbs, were bent at unnatural and wavy angles and already swelling grotesquely.

He looked up to see Aragorn's face gone slack and pale with horror, them promptly closed his eyes and flopped backwards onto the floor in a dead, and welcome, faint.


First, there was a smell. A strange smell, sharp and acrid, and it burned his nostrils as he flared them. Annoyed, he tried to bring a hand to cover his nose, to wave away the unfamiliar scent.

And he nearly gouged his eye out in the process and motion sent a jarring pain through his finger. In an instant, he remembered Aragorn's blow catching him off guard and the fall from the table. He shifted and nearly cried out at the pain in his lower back and rear, dropping his hand back to his side.

"He's comb to! The smellig salds worked."

He heard Aragorn's voice from high above and opened his eyes in time to see Aragorn, Arwen, and the Warden of the Healing Houses bend over him. He was still stretched out on his back in Aragorn's chamber.

Twitching his fingers experimentally, he found them stiff and aching, but not unbearably sore. Raising his hands from his sides he discovered that in the time he'd been…asleep, for he refused to acknowledge that he'd fainted, though he strongly suspected that he had, either the Healer, Aragorn, Arwen or some combination thereof, had splinted all eight of his broken fingers. The long, flat pieces of wood latched tightly to his fingers prevented him from bending them in the least.

"How do you feel?" Arwen asked gently, her soothing touch upon his brow.

Legolas found he was not in a charitable mood. "How do you think I feel? Your husband has maimed me!"

"You are not maimed, Legolas. Elf bones mend very quickly. A week, two at most, and you will be back to your former arrow hurling self," Arwen comforted, but Legolas did not look away from the glare he'd fixed on the King.

"I ab sorry! You were subbosed to move in timb!" Aragorn protested, and looked genuinely horrified to have inflicted such damage.

"If you had not the senses and grace of a blind and deaf oliphaunt, perhaps you would have also noticed your wife had stepped in the room."

"And if you were faster thad a dead slug, you would have beed able to ged oud of the way," Aragorn returned, but seemed to find no real joy in the insult.

Arwen looked as if she might scold them, then took pity on both Legolas and Aragorn, both seemingly punished enough in different forms for what had transpired. At least for the moment. Later, oh yes…there would be a price.

"Come Legolas, let us get you into the bed," Arwen suggested and moved to help Legolas to his feet by placing a hand under one arm. The Warden moved back as Aragorn moved to Legolas' other side and did the same.

Legolas yelped in pain and pulled his arms free of his friends. "Leave me here!"

"Have you another injury?" Arwen asked carefully, looking Legolas over.

Pride and need warred in Legolas before he nodded.

"Well, what is it? Perhaps I can help," the Warden said softly, coming forward again. "Where are you hurt?"

Legolas clenched his jaw for a moment, then suffered the indignity of informing them, "my southern regions."

"Your feed?" Aragorn asked in confusion and moved to examine Legolas' boots.

"No," Legolas began.

"Your legs then?" Arwen persisted.

"Perhaps his knee?" the healer questioned and lay a hand gently across Legolas' knee.

Feeling his face flush with heat, Legolas mumbled. "My posterior area."

"Leave it to an elf," Aragorn muttered then asked bluntly, "you mean your arse?"

Legolas wished for death to take him. "Yes."

And Aragorn seemed to forget that he was supposed to be riddled with guilt and titling his head back, he roared with laughter.

"I think I've broken something there as well," Legolas whined.

It took both Aragorn, Arwen, and the Warden to do it, but before long Legolas found himself sitting on Aragron's bed on a throne of three pillows, with his splinted fingers sticking out from his hands like spikes on a porcupine.

"You will be sore for several days, and naturally, there is very little you can do for yourself with your hands so injured. You will need care," the Warden told him.

At Arwen's poignant look, Aragorn came forward and sighed. "It is the least I can do to offer my services in caring for the injuries I have inflicted."

"You have done quite enough, thank you," Legolas snapped, and tried to shift from one side of his bottom to the other so that he could stand the pressure of what the Warden had guessed was a cracked tail bone. "I will go to the house of healing."

"We cannot let you go to the house of healing when you will be so much more comfortable here," Arwen protested and sat gently on the bed beside him. "You must stay right here. You are our guest."

"I had forgotten. In the last days, I assumed I was your slave," Legolas muttered at Arwen who gave him a reproachful look.

"There is no need for a loss of manners," she informed him.

"Tell that to the barbarian you call your husband," Legolas snapped back and gestured with a stiff hand.

"I insisdt, mellod nee. I will give you the samb care and consideration you have gived be these last days."

Legolas looked with alarm into Aragorn's eyes and thought he detected just a spark of threat in those words.

"I promise," Aragorn added and Legolas looked to Arwen for help.

She was nodding in agreement though, and looking at Aragorn. "It is the least you can do, Aragorn, for being so careless. And when you are both well, you shall ride to the end of the earth if necessary and find me two vases like the ones you have destroyed."

Aragorn and Legolas glared at one another, for each had destroyed one vase, and each had seemingly forgotten the one he himself had destroyed.

The Warden opened his bag and withdrew a vile that seemed to contain the same revolting black liquid that Aragorn had been forced to take.

"This will help with the pain you feel, Master Legolas. I would advise you to take it," the Healer said.

"Oh," Aragorn smiled sweetly. "He will tag id."

And upon seeing the smile on that face, had he been able to move, Legolas would have bolted for the gates of Minas Tirith with all due speed and never looked back.

As it was, with his hands of no use to him and his rear end too sore for even slight movement, the elf suddenly found himself completely and utterly at the Kig's mercy.


The End (of this story…the saga continues soon in "Slings and Arrows.")

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