Hi...so I came back after abandoning and deleting another of my unfinished works here. I am not good with commitment so that multi chapter story probably wasn't the best idea. I wasn't planning to come back anytime soon but browsing on Pinterest I got this short one shot idea. This was rapidly typed and not very well edited so I'm sorry.

Warnings: Kinda dark angsty Kusanagi

Disclaimer: K (K Project) isn't mine nor will it or any other show ever be mine

We had started as two, growing to three than to many. We spent many happy years together as a big group but we had been the original three. The three of us were together for a long time until one by one we were left with only one...me.

The temperamental redhead Mikoto Suoh had been my best and one of my only friends for a very long time. We were very different people but at the same time we meshed well enough together. Many were frightened of the large man even as a child not only because of his stature but his attitude drove people away as well. By staying with him many stayed away from me as well but I didn't mind, Mikoto was enough for me.

I was surprised later on by this kid, Tatara Totsuka for even approaching the imposing Mikoto Suoh never mind initialing a conversation with him. He was this continuously happy, optimistic kid in contrast to Mikoto who lacked patience and didn't even try to fit in with society. I never imagined he would become such a big part of my life later on.

Tatara somehow always knew that Mikoto was going to be a King. I never understood how he knew but he was always right. Mikoto became our King and we his clansmen. Along the way we created a home and made a family for ourselves. We were, we are HOMRA.

The first to leave was Tatara. His death was unexpected, there was no warning to it. One night he just didn't come home. It affected all of us since Tatara was well loved within our family. He was our heart, just as I was the brain and Mikoto our strength. Mikoto and I had to grieve silently and privately however, needing to be strong for the rest of our family. He and I only had each other for that.

That was why it was so devastating for me when Mikoto left next. It hurt our family deeply but I was still expected to be the strong one. I couldn't do it alone though. I fled. Alone I fled to Germany leaving my family in shambles with the excuse of wanting to do research because I was to weak to handle all the grief myself. I was a coward...and I hate myself for abandoning my family in our darkest hour.

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