Chapter 1: Michael Civello

A/N: So this is just an idea that popped into my head, and I started writing in the hopes it will help me get back my motivation/inspiration. I do plan to write more chapters for 'Naruto - The anti-social Shinobi' since it seems to be my most in demand story. But for now though I hope you enjoy this one.


Junior's Club

Michael sighed as he slowly sipped his drink.

"Is that all you got! Huh!? Come on! I'VE HAD BETTER FIGHTS WITH MY DOG!" *Bang! Bang!* His ears twitched as he tried to drown out the loud fight happening behind him. He didn't know why some blonde girl was rampaging around the club, but he really didn't want to get involved.

"M-MY HAIR! THAT IS IT!AHHHHHH!" *BOOOOM!* Michael raised his glass as a small salute to his boss, whom was just sent flying out the top floor window.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU!? HUH! YOU WANT SOME TOO!?" He turned his head to the side, looking at the girl who was causing so much trouble. Her hair burned bright, and her red eyes glared at him.

"No thanks." Michael wasn't intimidated, after giving his answer he turned back to his drink, taking a small sip.

"W-what?!" The blonde girl wasn't expecting that answer. Her anger vanished, turning into confusion.

"Jeez, these guys were weak, but at least they weren't cowards. But I get it, if I were you I'd be scared of me too!" The cocky tone, and smirk on her face make it clear she was trying to goad him into a fight. A fight he wanted no part of.

"Sorry, I'm not being paid to guard this place. So fighting you, isn't worth my time." Michael raised his glass to take another drink.

*Bang!* His eye twitched, the drink in his hand was now nothing more then shattered glass.

"Oops! Did I do that?"

*Sigh~* "You know I don't drink for free… You're going to pay me back for that one." Michael took a cloth out of his jacket, and wiped the liquor off his face.

"Oh? And who's gonna make me?"

*Sigh* "I guess we're doing this now." The blonde grinned as Michael stood up, finally giving her a good look at the guy.

He was slightly taller then her by a few inches. His skin was tan, and he was wearing the same suit as the other goons she fought. Black hair sitting underneath his hat, and his black eyes lazily stared at her. His beardless face made her think he was around the same age as her.

"Oooh, a pretty boy huh? Don't worry I'll try not to bust up your face too badly." The blonde raised her fist as Michael pulled out a small hand axe. The same type she saw the other goons using.

"The name's Yang by the way, try to remember that when you wake up! HHAAHHH!" Yang shot forward, her eyes and hair started burning once more.

*BOOM! CRASHH!* She was planning on ending the fight with a single punch, thinking he would be as weak as the other Henchmen. Which is why she spent a few seconds laying on the floor wondering how she was sent flying through a glass pillar. Lightening was sparking off her body.

She was so focused on punching him in the face, she didn't notice the hand cannon in his left hand. Until it fired a lightening based Dust bullet into her stomach.

Yang's aura had already taken a hit after fighting so many people. Taking a point blank range shot from Michael's magnum revolver, while using her semblance used up what aura she had left. Which is how she found herself laying on the ground in pain, struggling to breath.

"All you had to do, was walk away… But no… You had to fight me… Well I hope it was worth it." Michael sighed as he put his gun away, kneeling he started patting Yang down.

"H-H-HEY WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK-" Yang was cutoff as Michael pulled all of the Lien out of her pocket.

"I told you, I don't drink for free." Michael walked up to the bar, and grabbed a random unbroken bottle of brown liquor.


"The cops will be here soon… So I'm leaving."


"… Good luck."

"I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! YOU BASTARD!" Yang could only shout as Michael walked out of the back door.

"Yang!? Is that you!? WHAT HAPPEN!?"

"Oh hey sis! I-I uhh, need a little help… eheh"

The Next Morning

Michael sat on the edge of a bed, only wearing his pants and shoes. He sighed as he opened up a small black case, the case was small and thin enough to fit in the palm of his hand. The case held a custom electronic cigarette, one designed to be inconspicuous, perfectly resembling a normal cigarette. Beside the cigarette, there were several small dust vials, held in place with brackets.

After opening a hidden compartment in the cigarette, he slowly inserted a vial of pale blue dust, then he slid the panel closed. Bringing the cigarette to his lips, he took a deep breath, activating the device. Instantly the dust was vaporized, and the resulting mist filled his lungs. He held the breath, allowing the dust to send small shocks throughout his body. It was a strangely pleasant feeling, but after a few seconds he released his breath. Lightening based dust, it woke him up better then the strongest coffee ever could.

"Can I have a hit toooo~" A sleepy and sultry voice whispered into his ear. He turned his head to look at the naked black haired woman sitting up in the bed. He passed her the cigarette without a word.

Vale was the only major kingdom were smoking dust wasn't strictly illegal, but it was highly frowned upon. Something you shouldn't do in polite company.

"Mmm, that's the good stuff.

Michael finished buttoning up his shirt as he looked at the woman, the blankets no longer covered her body. It was clear she was showing off for him, trying to tease him a bit. Except while it was a nice sight, it was one he'd seen plenty of times, which is why he wasn't bothered. A woman like this, he had her number saved in his scroll as her price, never her name.

Michael opened his wallet, pulling out the lien he owed her.

"You're always so pouty in the morning!" The woman sat in the bed, crossing her arms under her chest. But the 'frown' on her face didn't last long, as it was replaced by a grin.

"How about a blow job, hmmm?I know how much you like thoosssee~ Will that make you feel better, hmm? It's on the hooouusssee~" The woman reached for his pants, but instead of finding his zipper, Michael pushed the Lien into her hand. She didn't take it, instead she pouted.

"Do I at least get a goodbye kiss from my favorite customer?" The woman leaned forward puckering her lips. Instead of a kiss, Michael slid the Lien cards between her lips.

She sighed, letting the cards hang in her mouth as he walked out the door. She wasn't lying when she said he was her favorite customer. Her work was dangerous, but he never crossed the line, and he always paid double what she asked for.

Michael's Loft

A freshly showered Michael walked out of the bathroom, since it was his day off he was simply wearing a pair of shorts. Popping his neck he walked up the stairs to the second level of his loft. The area was designated as his 'workshop'.

Sitting in Michael's workshop were four desk he used as workbenches, along with a small bookshelf pressed against the back wall. Each desk had its own purpose.

The first desk was for his weapons. This is was where he built and maintained his tools for murder. A few of them hung on hooks on the wall above his desk. From simple pistols, to a baseball that transformed into a shotgun. His most prized gun was the large chrome magnum revolver, that gun was hidden away in a safe.

The second desk was for his ammo. Michael hated store bought ammo, mass produced bullets were weak, since they were cheaply made and sold at a mark up. So he made his own custom bullets, they were much stronger then the ammo everyday huntsmen used.

The third desk was for dust. Instead of buying large amounts of powder. It was cheaper for Michael to buy uncut dust crystals, and turn them into powder himself. He would then refine the powder. A time consuming process, since one wrong step could blow him up. But refined dust powder was less volatile then store bought. Allowing him to make more potent ammo.

The fourth and last desk was for clothing. Michael tinkered with dust weaving, an extremely hard thing to do. After a year of trying, he was only able to create two working items. A pair of gloves, and a pair of dress shoes. Everything else had to be thrown out.

The bookshelf in his workshop was filled books about dust. When Michael was a child his parents ran a caravan. While there were many people selling different things, his parents' main trade was dust. He can remember traveling from village to village selling it. Helping his father carry it, and sort it. Watching his mother process it to powder. Dust was his obsession, he wanted to learn everything he could about it.

*Ring~ Ring~* Michael sighed as he put his screw driver down, picking up his scroll instead.


"Kid I got a job for you toni-"

"It's my day off… So no." Michael could hear the man on the other end sigh.

"Kid we both know you have nothing better to do, so why don't you come make some money at lea-"

"I'm busy…"

"We both know that's not true… I don't hear any moaning, so I'm guessing you don't have a working girl over. So that means you're either getting high while building something, or you're wasting your time reading."

"So? What's your point?"

"You really need to get some friends kid, or a girlfriend, or at the very least a pet. Dying of boredom is a real thing you know."

*Sigh~* "Just tell me what the job is, or I'm hanging up."

"Fine, fine. I need you to join some of the guys for a couple of hold ups. A few dust shops need to be hit."

"…Armed robbery… I thought you were calling me on my day off because you needed something important done…"

"Hey I'm short on men at the moment, had you stopped that blonde from tearing up the club last night, you wouldn't need to go on this job!"

"…Well I stopped her anyways… So you owe me for that… Just give me the where and when for this job."

With Junior

Junior sighed as hung up his scroll, he could feel a headache building up. The result of talking to Michael for more then two minutes.

"I don't like that guy." Junior turned to the two twins, the one that spoke was Melanie.

"He's a slow talker." Miltia spoke next while crossing her arms.

"And he moves slow."

"If he moves at all! I've seen him sit in the same spot for hours not even getting up to use the rest room."

"Girls… Try not to antagonize him."

"WELL! Why can't he just be normal?"

"…Listen I've known the kid for almost ten years now, and one thing I've learned is. Michael may move slow, but that's only because Michael doesn't have to move for anyone."

With Michael

Michael put his scroll down, only a few hours before he had to leave. He sighed as he stared down at his forearm.

When you officially join Junior's gang, you get an axe tattooed onto your body. Except Michael's axe was bloody, with small scratches on the blade. Symbolizing everything he has done for the gang.

*Sigh~* "I guess I should finish working on my shotgun bat… Fuck I'm talking to myself now… Maybe I should get a pet…"

Nighttime Junior's Club

Michael slowly sipped his drink as he looked over to the three men he would be working with. They were grunts by every definition, they had only been in the crew for less then a month. Michael didn't even know their names. He didn't plan on learning them either, not until they received their axe tattoos.

"Well well well, Junior! I love what you done with the place!" Michael turned his glaze towards the entrance, where he saw a loud man walking towards the bar.

From the man's bright clothing, to his eye catching hair, and mascara. Loud was the perfect way to describe the man.

"Roman… You're late." Junior all but growled at the man.

"Now now Junior, no need to be so hostile. You stand to make a lot of money if things go well tonight." Michael rolled his eyes, taking a drag off his cigarette, letting the ice based dust calm his nerves.

"Hey Michael, get over here." With a sighed he stood up, and walked towards Junior and the man Junior called Roman.

"So this is the famous 'Michael Civello'?" Michael took a deep inhale of his cigarette as the Roman circled him, inspecting him.

"Gotta say kid… Not impressed." Roman stopped in front of Michael, looking him in the eyes. Instead of speaking, the 'kid' in question let out the breath he was holding. The vaporized ice dust blew across Roman's face, causing tiny ice crystals to form on his cheek.

*SWOOOSH~* Roman's cane stopped less then an inch away from Michael's cheek, but the 'kid' didn't move, and he didn't flinch. Instead he took another hit of his cigarette. Not even moving as Roman's cane tapped the side of his face.

"Don't worry kid, I know first hand that sometimes it's the cutest and smallest ones that are the most deadly."

*ahem!* "Roman, don't you think we should go over the plan?" Junior interrupted the two, he noticed Michael was starting to get annoyed. To everyone else Michael simply had a blank face, but after pretty much raising the kid, Junior could tell. If he didn't get Roman out of Michael's face, he would attack.

"Oh don't worry Junior, the plan is simple. Your men and I are going to take a little walk. Right down the street to a small 24 hour dust shop. It's called 'From Dust till Dawn' I believe. We're going to go in, rob the place of all its dust, then we leave. I have… an associate in the area. She has a bullhead waiting, once we get the dust we'll head there load up, then move to the next store. Our aim is to hit at least two stores tonight. Any more then that, and even those dumb cops will get wise, and start guarding the others. Any questions?" Roman lit his Cigar with a smirk, Junior was the one to speak up.

"That's it?"

"I didn't want to make the plan to complicated, at least this way your men don't have to think too hard." Junior glared, but didn't say anything.

"Shall we get started? As they say, time is money."

From Dust till Dawn

"Please, just take the money and leave!"

"Shh, shh, we aren't here for your money... Grab the dust." Michael rolled his eyes, he didn't like robbing people. He especially didn't like robbing people that couldn't fight back. That's why instead of stealing the dust with the other men, he was trying to figure out which candy bar he wanted.

"HHHEEEYAA!" *CRASH!* Michael sighed as one of the grunts was sent flying by him, crashing into a wall. He looked over towards Roman, but the man in question was already ordering another grunt to attack. So he turned back to the candy bars.

"Hmm, I'm not really a big fan of chocolate… but it does have peanuts." A red blur flew past him while he was trying to decide.

*CRASH!* "Okay… Get her." Michael watched as the grunts rushed outside to fight, he was going to help. But once he saw the enemy, he grabbed the candy bar and walked towards checkout.

*BOOOM! BOOM!* "GRAB HER! HOLD HER DOW- AHHHH!" Michael ignored the sounds of fighting. (screaming) Instead he pulled out some Lien, tossing it on the counter to pay for his candy bar.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Forget the fact that you just paid for a candy bar while we're robbing the place!"

"We're stealing dust, not candy."

"FORGET IT! Why aren't you out there fighting!"

"I don't kill little girls."

"Do you see that massage weed cutter in her hands! That's no normal little girl!"

"Weapon or not, she's still a child, I won't kill her." Roman's grip tightened on his cane, Michael didn't react. Instead he smoked his lightening dust.

"Fine you bleeding heart bastard, you don't have to kill her. Just hold her off while I get away. We wasted enough time here, we have to call the night off." Michael sighed, taking one last hit of his cigarette. He walked towards the entrance pulling out his baseball bat, and shotgun combo.

"YOU! Are you trying to rob the old man too?! I'll stop you!" *BOOM!* The short girl in red shot her weapon behind her, launching her towards Michael.

*CLANG!* Michael swung his weapon as hard as he could, meeting the girls scythe head on.

"GAH!" And just like he predicted, the small girl wasn't be able to match his strength. As soon as their weapons made contact, her scythe was sent flying upwards. Causing her to shift her focus from Michael to making sure her weapon didn't fly out of her hands. Giving Michael a chance to kick her in the stomach.

"Argh~!" *crash!* The short girl stood up on shaky legs after being thrown into a street lamp.

"Just walk away little girl… You don't need to die today." Michael sighed as he words were met with a glare.

"I will stop y-" *Bang! Bang! Bang!* Since it was clear the girl wouldn't listen, Michael kept up the pressure, firing a few rounds from his shotgun.

*Clang! Clang! BOOM!* "Gah!" The short girl started blocking the shots on reflex, but unlike store bought bullets his packed a greater punch.

Since she wasn't expecting such a strong impact, she was only able to block two shots before being pushed back by the third. Knocking her into the lamp post once more.

Michael turned back to the store, he didn't see Roman around, and he didn't see any of the grunts either. So he could only assume they got away.

"Well it's been fun red, but I got to go." Michael turned to leave, but before he could take a step a blonde haired woman jumped in front of him.

"DROP YOUR WEAPON AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" The woman raised a riding crop, pointing it at him.

Michael frowned as he looked at the blonde. Only dumb criminals didn't know who she was.

Glynda Goodwitch, while most huntsmen and huntresses focused on killing grim. Glynda was one of the few that preferred to hunt people. She was famous for taking bounty missions targeting criminal groups, and dismalting them by herself.

"THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING! DROP YOUR WEAPON AND SURRENDER! OR YOU WILL BE TAKEN DOWN BY FORCE!" Michael could only sigh, he didn't have a chance against Glynda. Especially with his current weapon. So all he could do was surrender, and toss away his weapon.

*Clang!* "Good, now put your hands in the air and get down on your knees!" Glynda tightened her grip on her crop once Michael started to slowly reach into his jacket. But instead of attacking she simply frowned as Michael pulled out a cigarette.

*Bang!* Before Michael could bring the cigarette to his lips, Glynda lashed her crop at him. Blasting him in the chest and knocking him on his back.

"I warned you! Now stay down and you won't be hurt! You are under arrest!"

Vale Police Station

Michael could only sigh since he was sitting in an interrogation room, chained to a table staring at the two way glass. It wasn't the first time he'd been arrested, so he knew the drill.

He sighed because Junior taught him how to handle being interrogated. Junior explained everyone thinks they can stay completely silent, and ignore the questioning. But the ones that do that, are the ones that crack the fastest. His strategy was to talk, talk and talk. To talk so much you annoy the police, and if you can get them angry enough to hit you, it works better for your case.

Michael hated this strategy since he didn't like talking much, but he knew first hand it worked.

Michael took a deep breath as Glynda entered the room, her eye focused on her scroll.

"Well here goes nothing."

"You know, I've never been with a dominatrix before. Do you use that riding crop in bed?" Glynda looked up from her scroll as her eyes narrowed, and her frown deepened.

"How much do you charge? No wait, it doesn't matter. I'm fine spending extra on grade A puss-"


"Oh? You already know my name? But to be honest I don't like when prostitutes use my name in bed. Call me master instead." Glynda's eye started to twitch as she gritted her teeth.

*GRRR* "Now now, there's no need for that kind of talk." Michael and Glynda turned there heads to the door. Michael fought the urge to sigh as the man known as Headmaster Ozpin walked in.

"Are you her pimp? I'll be using her tonight. Are you sure she's STD free? I'm not trying to catch anythin-"

"Mr. Civello, please refrain from referring to my deputy headmistress as a prostitute."

"So she is a mistress huh. She looks a little angry, you know I thought dominatrix were in control of there emotions? She must not be a very good one. That's gonna effect the price you know, I'm not paying top dollar for a sub-par experience." Ozpin quickly raised his arm to stop Glynda as she was reaching for her weapon.

"Mr. Civello I'm aware of what you're trying to do, and I feel it's important for you to know we are not the police. We are not here to interrogate you, nor do we have any effect on your current charges." This caused Michael's eye to twitch.

"Why are you here then?"

"My name is Professor Ozpin, I am the headmaster of Beacon Academy. This is Professor Glynda Goodwitch, my deputy headmistress."

"The point Ozpin, get to it." Glynda's hand clenched her scroll tighter, Ozpin didn't say anything. Instead he placed a thick folder he was carrying on the table.

"Do you know what this is Mr. Civello?" Michael looked at the folder, his name was on the cover.

"A waste of paper?"

"This Mr. Civello is everything the police have on you. Armed robbery, breaking and entering, smuggling… Murder… I could go on Mr. Civello."

"Are you sure you're talking about me? I've never done any of that, oh wait I know. They must have missed spelled the name and put the 'E' in the wrong place… That's why you think they're talking about me, happens more then you'd think." Glynda opened her scroll and pressed play on a video, turning the screen to him.

*Bang! Bang!* The video showed Michael walking up to a man on the street, shooting him in the back of the head at point blank range. Then shooting him once more when he was on the ground. When Michael turned to leave, there was a clear shot of his face.

"Huh, is that a trailer for an upcoming movie? Camera quality is a little lacking but that's one handsome actor."

"You Mr. Civello, are far to dangerous for the Vale City Police force to handle. That is why they haven't approached you, but in a few months you'll turn 18. Once that happens you will legally become an adult in the Kingdom of Vale, meaning they would send this file to me. I would take this file, then hand it to Glynda. She then would personally apprehend you as part of a bounty mission. But none of that matters anymore, since you're in custody you will be charged. With this amount of evidence, you're looking at life in prison." Ozpin stopped talking in order to take a drink of his coffee.

*Sigh* "That's were you're wrong Ozpin… I've made so many enemies, and I'm no fool. I know that within a year… I'll either be dead because of them, or I'll be on the run after breaking out…" Ozpin put his coffee on the table, and placed his hand on the folder.

"I've read this entire folder Mr. Civello, and do you know what I see when I look at it?"

"You see a Vale City best seller? It's all fiction you know." Ozpin let a smirk cross his face as he picked his coffee up.

"Not quite, no what I see… Is wasted potential. I'll be blunt Mr. Civello, I'm here to give you a choice. Spend the rest of your life in maximum security prison… Or dedicate your life to a noble cause… I'm giving you a chance to attend my school." Michael's eyes widen slightly, before going back to normal.

"If you truly know about me, and the things I've done… Why would you ever offer me that?"

"It's simple Mr. Civello, I've dedicated my entire life to not only protecting Remnant, but doing what I believe is best for this world and everyone in it. I believe it's better for everyone if you're fighting the forces of grimm as a Huntsman… Rather then rotting in a 8 by 8 cell… At least that is what I believe, and I'm willing to give you a chance." Michael gave a sad smirk as he sighed.

"So my choices are… Become a Huntsman, and spend the rest of my life fighting soulless beast… Or go to prison and probably die, or escape and spend my life running from people like Glynda…"

"To sum it up, yes… Now will you except my offer?" Michael let out a small laugh as he leaned back in his chair.

"Well… This truly is an offer I can't refuse… Alright Ozpin, I'll become one of your soldiers, shouldn't be much different from my current life."

"You are aware there will be rules and stipulations for you to follow, and if you break any of them Glynda will personally throw you into a prison cell."

"Let me stop you right there Ozpin, if want me to give information… that's not happening, I won't snitch on anyone, so you might as well throw me in a cell now if that's what you want."

"Fret not Mr. Civello, that is not something I require of you, but there is something I would like you to do right now." Ozpin took a sip of his coffee as he motioned towards Glynda, Michael sighed because he got the message.

"I apologize Miss. Goodwitch. I was raised to protect, and treat all women with respect. I would never normally talk to any woman that way, but in this situation I wanted you to get angry enough to attack me. That way my Lawyer could use it against this police department and help my case. I hope you accept my apology." Glynda turned her head and coughed, turning to cover up her blush. She realized if Ozpin didn't stop her, she may have at least thrown him into a wall.

"Very well Mr. Civello, I will accept your apology, but do not let it happen again." Glynda gave a stern nod as she closed her scroll.

"Of course." Ozpin nodded as he picked up the folder.

"Very good, as much as I would like to continue this conversation… It's getting rather late, and we still have much to discuss. So we will have to pick this up tomorrow. You'll have to spend tonight in a cell, but we shall be here first thing in the morning to pick you up. Get plenty of rest Mr. Civello, we will have a busy day tomorrow." Ozpin and Glynda started walking towards the door.

"See you tomorrow then."

Once they were gone, Michael gritted his teeth as he gripped the table.


With Ozpin

"Professor Ozpin… I'm still not comfortable with this…" Glynda sighed as she crossed her arms. She could voice her opinion, but it didn't really matter. Ozpin was dead set on the idea.

"Now now Glynda… I know he insulted you, but-"

"This isn't about that! You read his record… Why would ever invite him into the school?"

"I wasn't lying when I told him why… I can't explain it Glynda… But there's a feeling in the air, it's… unnerving… Something is coming… something big, and if I'm right and not just being paranoid… Then we need people like him, a strong fighter. One without fear... I know I made this decision on a bit of a whim… But I know if things don't work out, well you'll be more then enough to handle him." Glynda frowned, she didn't like Michael. But he was still a kid, and in her mind, being able to take lives without hesitation shouldn't be something kids could do.

"Mr. Civello is still a young man, and I hope he takes this opportunity to turn his life around… but one thing is certain, this is going to be an interesting year."

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