Chapter 6: Lighting The Fuse

Nighttime Team CRWN's Dorm

*creeeak~* The dorm's door slowly opened as Ruby peaked in. It was quiet now, but she was still to nervous to step in. Weiss rolled her eyes at the younger girls antics.

"If you're going to come in, then come in, stop standing out there like a creep."

"O-Okay!" Ruby quickly walked in, leaving Pyrrha to trail behind her.

Weiss was the only one in the room, sitting at her own personal make up vanity. She was in her nightgown, calmly brushing her long hair while looking at the mirror.

"Uhh, Weiss where's Mi-Sir?" Weiss simply hummed as she brushed her hair, not bothering to turn around.

"Um, Weiss is everything okay?" Pyrrha was the next to speak up.

"Hmm? Everything is just fine." Weiss continued to brush her hair without looking back.


*Swoosh~* The bathroom door flew open as an annoyed Michael walked out.

"There, you happy now Princess?" The boy in question was now dressed in the black basketball shorts Weiss bought him. As well as one of the black shirts she grabbed by random. Unfortunately for Michael, both of the shirts she grabbed had the word 'Superstar' printed in bold blue and pink letters.

"No, 'superstar' I'm not happy. Now get your stuff, and sit over here. First you'll be studying, then you'll start on your homework." Michael could only sigh as he walked towards his bed, where his school work laid. The two bags full of items from Michael's store also sat on his bed.

"Uh, Sir… What's that?" Turning back to Ruby, he saw her staring at his ankle monitor.

He never turned to hide it, he slept in his boxers after all. The girls simply never noticed it, they were too busy trying not to look at his half naked body.

"IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS! Y-YOU'RE A CRIMINAL!?" Weiss was out of her chair, pointing her brush at him. Michael could only sigh as he rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry Snowflake, I'm not a criminal."

"OH YEAH! THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT!" Michael's eye twitched, he just got done being chewed out for buying Weiss some 'risque lingerie'. (Or perverted rags as Weiss called them.) He really didn't want to be yelled at again.

"It's Ruby's fault, yell at her." Weiss instantly turned and glared at Ruby. Causing the young girl to yelp and take a step back. After narrowing her eyes at Ruby, Weiss turned back to Michael.

"You better explain yourself!"

*Sigh~* "Fine, but it's a long story, so I won't be able to study tonight."

"Oh yes you will! Being the partner of a criminal is bad enough, but I will NOT be the partner of a dumb criminal! Now explain yourself, and make it quick!"

"Fine fine… But I'm not a criminal, I was an undercover agent for Ozpin."


"Awhile back I was offered a job by a local gang leader. You don't turn down those kind of people, so I took the job and went to see Ozpin in secret. We made a deal, I joined the gang and got paid to give him information. But my cover got blown, so criminals know I was working for Ozpin. That's why I came to this school… For protection, I'm wearing this ankle monitor so if I'm ever attacked, Glynda will know and since It has a tracker she will be able to find me. It's annoying, but according to Ozpin it's only temporary." Weiss crossed her arms with a frown, but Ruby quickly stepped up before any yelling could start.

"It's true!" Weiss turned her attention to the younger girl.

"And what? YOU KNEW?!"

"N-NO! I-I… mean… sort of? Kind of? Maybe? Ionlyknewbecausehetoldmeandyangthenightbeforein-"

"RUBY! Speak clearly!" The cape wearing girl's rambling was cut off once Weiss shouted.

Michael shook his head, and walked over to his bed. He grabbed the two bags full of shop items, he turned and handed one to Pyrrha.

"What's this?" Pyrrha opened the bag, barely able to keep boxes of dust bullets from spilling out.

"HEY! We aren't done talking Mr! I still don't believe your story!"

"You can yell at me till your pretty little head turns blue, but it really won't change anything. Here you go Ruby."

"Th-thank you! But what's this for? All this couldn't have been cheap!"

"Fine! I'll talk to Headmaster Ozpin tomorrow! I'll ask him about your little story, and if it's not true! You're going to get an earful Mr!" Michael's eye twitched.

"Great, now I have to message Ozpin later. Make sure he and Glynda know my cover story."

"Knock yourself out Snowflake, just cool off before you melt." Weiss fought the urge to punch Michael in the back.

The 'criminal' in question patted Ruby on the head.

"Don't worry Kiddo, I got all this for free." Ruby's eyes lit up as she dumped the bag on the floor. She started sorting through the items.

"Quit standing around! It's time to study!" Weiss yanked Michael towards the desk, she was already holding his homework and notes.

"Do I get rewarded if I-"

"Quiet you!"

Midnight Ozpin's Office

"Hmm, that's quite an interesting story Mr. Civello. I must say, even I would believe it, if I didn't know the truth of course." Michael sighed as he stared out of one of the windows that lined Ozpin's office.

"Yeah yeah, I'm the master of improv, coming up with these stories on the fly… It's annoying… It was much better when I just killed people, and people left me alone."

"Well, unfortunately we can't all get what we want." Michael sighed as he walked over to the desk, he sat down and opened the book he was carrying.

"So, are we going to do business?" The book was labeled 'Inventory', it was one of the books he got when he bought the supply shop.

"Hmm, I suppose having extra supplies is a good idea, since the Vytal Festival is coming up."

"Sure why not… I have a ton of shit, so buy it."

The Next Day - Beacon - Hallway

"Haaaaa~" Once again Michael yawned loudly. He wanted to rub the sleep out of his eyes, but he couldn't because of the heavy stacks of papers and notebooks in his arms.

"Quit that! Yawning like a savage animal! And you better not drop my stuff." Michael rolled his eyes as Weiss hissed at him. Everything he was carrying belonged to her.

"Snowflake, it's only day two… How do you have so much cra-notes? I mean, I don't think it's possible… We haven't even been told this much info…"

"Hmpf, of course I didn't take these notes in the past two days. These are my pre-study notes."

"…Pre-study… Notes?"

"Yes, they're my pre-study notes."

"…At the risk of hearing you rant… I really need to know what pre-study notes are."

*Sigh~* "I suppose I shouldn't have assumed someone like you, would know how to pre-study."

"Someone who's incredibly good looking and-"

"A dolt!"

"Ouch, words hurt you kno-"


"Sorry sorry, go on Princess, tell me." Weiss crossed her arms, giving Michael a halfhearted glare.

"While I was waiting for the new school year to begin, I found out what Beacon's 1st year curriculum is. Then I studied the subjects, finding out any information I could. Taking these notes and made sure I'm ready for any school work or test this school can throw at me." Weiss puffed up her chest, with a proud grin on her face.

"…" Michael was left speechless as he look down at the white themed girl.

"Huh? What? Stop looking at me like that!"

*Sigh~* "You know, the name 'Snowflake' really suits you… Just like a snowflake, you're one of a kind."

"Hmm, I'll take that as a compliment, thank you."

As the two partners walked down the hallway, Michael's attention was on Weiss. He didn't even notice the tall orange haired student walking towards him, wearing a smirk on his face.

The tall student raised his hand up as he got closer to Michael.

*SMACK!* The orange haired student brought his hand down, onto the stack of papers and notebooks Michael was carrying.

*SLAM! SWOOSH~* Instantly, the notebooks slammed into the floor, and the papers were sent flying in the air.

The bully didn't say anything, he simply smirked as he tried to walk past Michael.

*BAM!* He didn't get far, since Michael punched him in the face. Sending him flying across the hallway.

*CRASH!* The student slammed into a wall, falling to the ground.

"MICHAEL!" Michael ignored Weiss' shout as he grabbed the bully by the throat, raising his fist, he was angry enough to kill the student.

"STOP IT!" Weiss yanked the back of Michael's jacket, he didn't budge, but it did cause Michael to calm down.

*SIGH~* The 'criminal' let go of the bully, then without a word he walked towards the mess of papers on the floor. Dropping down to one knee, Michael began stacking up the fallen notes.

"YOU BASTARD!" The bully stood up, and with clenched fist he tried to take a step towards Michael, but Weiss stepped in front of him. With her hands on her hips, and a scowl on her face, she blocked his path.



"SHUT THE HELL UP! AND GET OUT OF HERE! BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS MYSELF! YOU MORON!" Weiss' 'elegant demeanor' cracked as she snapped at the taller student. Behaving in a way she would normally deem as 'barbaric', and beneath her.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" The orange haired student turned his attention to Weiss, narrowing his eyes at her.

Even though he was more then twice her size, Weiss didn't flinch. Matching his glare with her own.

"What's going on here!" The hallway went silent. The only sound came from Glynda Goodwitch's heels clicking against the floor.

"Nothing Professor, this simpleton was merely asking for directions. Now that he knows where he's going, he'll be on his way." The bully frowned, but didn't say anything as he walked away.

"Children, I know it's your free period, but you shouldn't lollygag around in the hallway."

"Sorry Professor, we were just heading to the Library to study."

"Oh? So you're able to keep Mr. Civello in line? Very good Ms. Schnee, maybe there's hope for him yet."

"Thank you." A smug smile appeared on Weiss' face as she looked down at him.

"He's difficult, but once he's house broken, I'm sure he'll be much more manageable." Michael's eye twitched as the two ladies talked about him like he wasn't standing there. But he didn't say anything, he simply kept stacking the papers, causing Glynda to sigh.

*SWOOSH~* With a flick of her riding crop, all of the papers and notebooks began to float. They stayed in the air for a brief second before stacking up into a pile in front of Michael.

"Now, be on your way students, and Mr. Civello be on your best behavior." Glynda pointed her crop directly at Michael's face.

"I really want to make a BDSM joke, but I don't think I can't handle them both right now… Fuck it." Michael stood up, lifting the stack of notes, he looked Glynda with a smirk.

"Why? Are you gonna-" As if she sensed what Michael was going to say, Weiss started pushing him away.

"WE SHOULD BE ON OUR WAY!" Glynda rolled her eyes as Weiss hurried Michael away.

As the partners walked closer to the Library, Michael was able to calm himself down. He turned to Weiss with a smirk.

"You know Snowflake, you're kinda cute when-"


Beacon - Afternoon

Michael started to walk faster as he left Beacon's main entrance. For the first time since enrolling, he was alone. He was able to deflect Weiss' attention onto Ruby.

During their last class Ruby sat on Michael's left, and Weiss sat on his right. Ruby had fallen asleep, and while Michael wasn't proud of it, he knew an opportunity when he saw one.

He gave Weiss a swift poke in the side, causing the girl to yelp. The Professor quickly turned towards the sudden noise, but his attention was immediately focused onto Ruby. The young girl was drooling with a light snore.

It took several attempts to wake her, which lead to a scolding that lasted until the end of the class. Naturally Weiss was not happy, completely forgetting about the poke Michael gave her. The white themed girl started giving Ruby her own scolding as soon as the team got to their dorm. Michael was able to slip out once Weiss pulled out a notebook and pencil.

The Smirking Beowolf

A large cloud of ice vapor left Michael's mouth as he exhaled the deep breath he was holding. He sat on his checkout counter, waiting.

*Ring~* His wait was over as his shop's door opened, causing the little bell attached to the door to ring. A petite dark haired woman walked in.

Michael stood up, getting her attention, and causing her to smile.

"You know, this isn't the strangest place I've been called to, but I didn't take you as an exhibitionist." Michael didn't say anything, simply walking up to her. He reached past her, locking his shop's door.

"These past few days have been very annoying, and extremely frustrating…"

"Hmmm, I guess that means I'm going to have to work extra hard, Master~" Michael didn't say anything, instead he placed his hand on her back, leading her towards the camping section of the shop.

Midnight - Team CRWN's dorm

"And where have you been?" Weiss questioned Michael as soon as he walked into the room. Michael looked over to the girl.

Weiss was sitting next to Ruby at the room's small desk. The younger girl was nervously writing on a piece of paper, but she was interrupted when Weiss grabbed the paper.


"That was all wrong, you would know that if you weren't asleep during class."

*Thud* Ruby's head landed on the desk as she quietly mumbled, 'my homeworkkkk~'.

Michael walked over to ruby, placing his hand on the back of her head, he gave her a small pat.

"Cheer up Ruby, you don't need to be smart, as long as you're strong enough to beat the shit out of anyone that challenges you."

"HEY! Watch your language! And don't teach her things like that! Listen Ruby, it doesn't matter how strong you are. Even the biggest armies can get defeated if their leader is dumber then a bag of fire dust." Ruby grunted as she tried to smack away Michael's still patting hand.

"Don't worry Ruby, I'm sure you're smarter then a bag of fire dust." With one last pat Michael ruffled Ruby's hair, causing her to look up at him with a pout.

"You're so lucky I'm not Yang."

"Hmm, strong but probably as smart as fire dust? Yeah, I guess I prefer you." Michael turned to leave, but was stopped as Weiss grabbed his sleeve.

"And where do you think you're going Mr? Don't think I forgot about what you did during class." A small slight blush crossed Weiss' face, she was embarrassed as she recalled the surprised yelp she made when he poked her.

"Grab your school work, we have a lot of studying to do." Michael sighed, not even bothering to argue with the petite girl.

"Yes Dear."

"Quiet you!"


Michael sighed as he once again looked over Weiss' notes. He wasn't sure what made him madder. Weiss' perfect handwriting, or the fact that he couldn't understand any of it.

Michael was never properly educated, everything he knew, he taught himself. (Besides the criminal activities Junior taught him.)

"Who cares about the great war… I hope Ozpin doesn't expect me to pass any of these classes."

Michael turned to look at his own notes, his eyes caught a sentence he wrote. 'A problem caused by-' He ignored the rest of the phrase, his attention was focused on two simple letters. (A-P) He ran his finger over the two letters.

"I wonder how I would be if that never hap… If things were different." Michael shook his head, gathering the notes, he began to put them away.

The Next Morning

*Creak~* Michael's eyes snapped open, he fought the urge to groan. The feeling of going from completely asleep to wide awake was never one he enjoyed.

"Did I wake you? I'm sorry." Michael turned towards the whispering Pyrrha, she was sitting on her bed.

"What are you doing?"

"I-I was just about to get ready for my morning training."

"Morning training?"

"Yeah… Would you like to join me?"

"Hmm, I've never done it before."

"Morning training?"

"Training I mean."

"You've… Never trained?"


"B-but… You can fight… Can't you? I mean, you weren't afraid of that Death Stalker."

"I can fight, or at least I've never lost a fight before."

"But… If you've never trained, how do you know how to fight?"

"Don't know, I'm a natural I guess." That wasn't the truth of course, if Michael had to say why he knew how to fight. He would say it was because he had been in so many life and death fights. A person learns quickly when their life is on the line.

"So, do you want to go train with me?" Michael sat up.

"Sure, why not. I'm up anyways, doubt I'll be able to sleep again."


Michael sighed as he looked down at his weapons, unsure of what to pick. Pyrrha said they would have a light spar, while Michael had been in hundreds of fights, he's never had a single spar.

"Are you ready?" Michael turned to Pyrrha as she walked up to him.

"Yeah, I'm just trying to pick a weapon." Pyrrha tilted her head as she looked down at the four weapon cases.

"Do you really use four different weapons?"

"More then four… I'm not sure how many I've used… When I get bored I make new weapons to use, these are just the ones I've brought."

"Th-that's not…"


"Well, uh maybe-" A confused looked crossed Pyrrha's face as she tried to word her thoughts without sounding rude.

"Use your words red."

"Um, maybe it's because you're not properly trained, but…"

"But what?"

"It's just not a good idea to use so many weapons, and never fully learning how to use one… My trainer once told me a simple phrase, 'Equipped with one thousand knives, but none of them are sharp'… H-he told me this when I was dealing with a different sort of problem. But I think it fits here… You know?" Pyrrha's face redden as she struggled with her words. Michael just shrugged his shoulders as he reached down to grab a weapon.

"You might be right, but that's a problem for another day. I'll just use this bat for now. Come on, lets go smack each other around."


"If you say so."

Men's Restroom - Afternoon

Michael groaned as he used all of his strength to slowly pushed open the restroom door. The former criminal was completely exhausted.

When he agreed to train with Pyrrha, he didn't know it was five in the morning. Then during the training, he learned something about himself. He learned he couldn't fight unless he was truly going all out, or fighting to kill his opponent.

During his fight against Ruby, he didn't want to kill her, but he wouldn't have batted an eye if she lost a limb or two.

But during his spar with Pyrrha, he was nothing more then a training dummy. Every single one of his attacks were countered, while every single one of her attacks landed perfectly. He couldn't fight at this full strength knowing he couldn't kill her, knowing he had to pull his punches so he didn't seriously hurt her.

So after two hours of being beaten, and tossed around, as well as jogging, push ups and other various exercises. Michael and Pyrrha headed back to their dorm, were Weiss snatched him up for 'morning study'. He didn't even get a chance to use his lightening dust.

Needless to say, by the time Michael got to his first class he serious needed a nap. Unfortunately for him, Weiss made sure he paid very close attention to the Professors, and took plenty of notes.

*PSSSSS~* The sound of running water filled the restroom. Michael took off his jacket, hanging it on a hook attached to a stall door. He slipped off his tie, loosened his collar, then rolled up his sleeves.

Once he was finished, he leaned over the sink. Placing his hands under the water, then bringing his wet palms to his face. Allowing the water drops to cool his skin.

*CREAK!~* The restroom door swung open, and Michael heard foot steps swiftly walking towards him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to look up in time.

*BAM!* A fist slammed against the side of Michael's head, causing him to stumble, but he managed to stay on his feet.

Two people grabbed his arms, holding him in place before he could regain his bearings.

Michael looked up once his head cleared, the tall orange haired student stood in front of him, a smirk on his face.

*BAM!* A hard punch to Michael's gut cause him to fold over, but the two students holding him, straighten him up.

"How do you like that, huh you bastard!? Not so tough now that your little girlfriend isn't here."

*Cough~* Michael smirked as he looked up at the 'bully'.

"Oh? Is that what this is about? You're jealous? I get it, Weiss is sexy in her own way. But you should give it up, no way you could handle a girl like her. Just leave her to big brother Michael, I'll take real good care of h-"

*BAM! BAM!* A punch to his gut, then one to his face.

"SHUT UP! YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY!?" The smirk on Michael's face turned into a grin.

"I think it's very funny, what's this supposed to be huh? If you're trying to send a message, just break my legs. If you want to kill me, don't bother beating me, just go ahead and drown me in one of those toilets over there. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you're trying to do." The orange haired student fought the urge to take a step back. The look on Michael's face was, unsettling.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You freak!"

*BAM!* Another punch to Michael's face, but the former criminal grinned wider.

"COME ON! Is that really it? Pathetic! I've had foreplay that was rougher then this!" The bully grit his teeth as he raised his fist.

*BAM! BAM!* "You're doing this all wrong! Haven't you ever beaten a man to death before!? Stop punching with your arms, use your hips! Aim for my nose! Or my eyes!"

*BAM! Creak~* After another punch to Michael's face, the restroom door opened.

A boy with black and pink hair walked in, he stopped in his tracks once he saw what was going on.

"OOoo, you have an audience now. What's the matter? You got stage fright? Hit me some more!" The bully clenched his fist, but instead of punching Michael, he looked at his friends.

"Come on, lets go. It's getting to crowded in here, last thing we need is a teacher coming in." The orange haired boy turned to leave, walking past the dark haired boy.

"Are you okay?" The dark haired boy walked up to Michael.

"Yeah, he doesn't hit hard. I was already exhausted before this, if I wasn't…" Michael didn't finish his sentence. He wanted to say he would have killed the boy, but he decided against it.

"Come on, I'll help you back to your dorm. Your name's Michael right? Leader of Team CRWN?" Michael took another look at the boy helping him, he recognized him from Yang's team.

"Yeah, you're Ren right?" The boy nodded, but didn't say anything as he placed Michael's arm around his shoulder.

Team CRWN's Dorm

Michael used his scroll to unlock the door, Ren pushed it open.

"W-WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU!?" Of course Weiss was the first to notice Michael when Ren helped him limp in.

The white themed girl rushed over to him, helping Ren carry him to his bed.

"Mi-Sir!? Are you okay?" Ruby was the next to rush up to him, with Pyrrha right behind her.

"I'm fine, just need a nap." Michael sat on his bed, dropping his folded jacket, and tie next to him.

"You are not fine!" Weiss gently placed her fingers on Michael's chin, slowly turning his head to the side. She examined his face, which was now starting to bruise. A sign that his aura was low, if it wasn't these wounds would be instantly healed.

Michael turned and smirked at Weiss.

"Why don't you kiss it, and make it feel better." Michael's eye twitched as Weiss started to press her finger into one of his bruises.

"Hey Ruby, call the nurse. He's obviously brain dead." Weiss continued to dig her finger into his bruise, but she turned to look at Ruby. Who was no longer standing next to her, neither was Pyrrha, nor Ren.

"What the? Where did they go?" Weiss was surprised as she looked around, but they were no where to be found.

"Who knows, I'm going to take a nap Snowflake." Michael slipped off his shoes, then slid under his blanket. Not even bothering to take off the rest of his uniform.

"Hey! Wait you can't go to sleep after hurting your head!"

*Sigh~* "My head's fine, go away, let me sleep."

"Ugh, fine! Will you at least tell me what happen." Michael sighed as he looked up at Weiss, a lie popped in his head.

"One of your secret admirers jumped me, apparently I'm not good enough to breath the same air as you."

"W-WHAT?!" Michael immediately regretted his lie, he didn't expect to see real panic, with a hit of sadness in her eyes.

"I'm kidding Princess, it was just that orange haired idiot. Nothing to worry about." An angry frown appeared on Weiss' face, Michael wasn't sure if it was directed at him, or the bully. Weiss sighed calming herself as she crossed her arms, turning her back to Michael.

"Just go to sleep… Dolt." Before Weiss could walk away, Michael grabbed the bottom of her skirt without thinking. Of course he was reaching for her shirt, but laying on the bed her skirt was all he could reach.

"H-HEY!" *Smack!* Weiss quickly smacked Michael's hand away, a slight blush appeared on her face.

"A-AND WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GRABBING!" Normally Michael would crack a joke, which is what Weiss' expected. She was caught off guard when she saw the serious look on Michael's face.

"Weiss, don't do anything." That was all he said as he laid back down.

Weiss stood there, watching him for a few minutes. He must have been more exhausted then she realized, he fell asleep almost as soon as he closed his.

She frowned as his words echoed in her head.

'Weiss, don't do anything.' Remembering the words caused her to frown.

"Shut up you dolt, as if I'd let him get away with hurting my partner." Weiss walked out of the room, a scowl on her face.

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