In all his sixteen years, Draco Malfoy could see colors.

He could see the vivid yellows, the neon greens, the blood looking reds, the dark and mysterious blues, the murky browns, the pitches of blacks. He could see them all.

But he shouldn't have been able to.

For, to see colors, you must have seen or at least touched your soulmate.

He's never seen his soulmate, but maybe he had brushed hands with them at one point, which is why he could see colors. Maybe they had walked by each other and their hands brushed, or they knew each other as children, or something along those lines.

It's said that when you're born, the world to you is a multitude of blacks, whites, and grays. Until you meet your soulmate, your world and vision will undoubtedly remain mundane looking. It's said that when you do meet your soulmate though, that a cacophony of colors just begin to appear. Like magicians with their magic acts, colors just pop into existence and stay your whole life.

There are also people, called the Soulless, who go their whole lives without a soulmate. They will grow up never crossing paths with their soulmate and die lonely and with a cold heart.

Draco thanks his lucky stars that his parents were soulmates, because then he might have never been born.

His father, Lucius Malfoy, was, and still is, the Prime Minister. He sticks to the books when it comes to family traditions and etiquette; he abhors when Draco isn't at his best at dinner or is behaving unMalfoylike. He's a strict but caring man who loves his family even if his facial expressions don't show it. His mother, Narcissa Malfoy, is a kindergarten teacher whose students love her to death. She's kind and warming to strangers and welcomes people with a bright smile and a "Welcome to Hogwarts, England!" if the town got any new town members. She, like Lucius, would lock her emotions up if the situation is too dire or if she's about to have a meltdown.

Most times, he wonders if he would ever tell his parents.

Maybe by saying, "Oh, Mother, Father, I've been able to see colors for a long time. Doesn't that rose simply look beautiful?"

Or, "I can see colors but I've never seen or talked to my soulmate."

Or, to just say it blunt, like: "Mother, Father, I can see colors."

Then he sighs and shakes his head and tells himself, Wait to tell them until you meet your soulmate.

He thought he would have to wait years.

Then the new neighbors came.

"Draco, honey, time to wake up!"

Grey eyes opened slowly, blinking blearily up at the fan that spun lazily above. A hand crawled out from underneath the covers and snaked over to his phone, encasing it before he brought it up to his face.


He groaned and rolled onto his, sitting up so he could slide out of bed. He shuffled across his room too his door, opening it and entering the hall. He made the small walk down it and then traipsed down the stairs and into the kitchen, where his mother is at the stove, making pancakes. His father is already sitting at the table, a copy of the Daily Prophet in his hands.

His mother turns to smile at him as he sits, yawning, a smile on her face. "Good morning, Draco," she tells him cheerily.

"Good morning, Mother," he responds, pouring a glass of orange juice and taking a sip. He adds, "Good morning to you as well, Father."

His father just hums as a response from behind the newspaper.

His mother sighs, turning back to the stove as she flips the pancake. Her apron is tied around her waist and on the front is written, Mother cooks best and you know it. He had gotten that apron for his mother three years ago, when he was thirteen.

She finishes cooking the pancakes, setting them on a plate, then making her way to the table. She sat down in her chair, setting the plate near the plate of bacon and the plate of scrambled eggs, smiles, and says, "Dig in!"

Draco gets himself two pancakes, two pieces of bacon, and a spoonful of scrambled eggs. He begins to eat as his father folds the newspaper up and sets it off to the side, a frown on his face as he gets his own plate. He waits for his father to begin talking, knowing that his father will eventually.

"The Parkinsons have gone bankrupt," his father said, cutting a piece out of his pancake. "It's said to be due from them spending too much money on their vacations."

His mother shakes her head, sighing. "Have you talked to Alexander yet?"

"No. He and his family are still on vacation in Russia right at the moment."

"Have you talked to his wife, Percilla?"

"Narcissa, why would I talk to his wife? He would think I was having an affair with her or some bumbling bullshit like that."

His mother rolled her eyes, giving Draco a small smirk, causing him to short into his drink unnoticed. "Oh, I don't think Alexander would think that. He is a very understanding man, much like you are, dear."

His father chuckled. "If you say so, dear." He turned to Draco. "Have you talked to Pansy lately, Draco?"

"She only called me to tell me she landed Russia and would bring me back a gift. Oh, and to at least tell her what my summer was like as well when her family comes back to town." He took a sip of his orange juice after he finished talking.

"Hm. I'll get in touch with Alexander if I can today." He stood up, pushing his chair in as he leaned liver to kiss Narcissa on the cheek and gave Draco a smile. "I'll see the two of you after work today." He grabbed his cane that was by the kitchen doorway and made his way out of the room, the kitchen door closing behind him.

Narcissa then turns to Draco, a wide smile on her face.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Don't tell your father yet," she says, "but we'll be getting new neighbors."

He stared at her. "Really?" he finally asked. "When? When will they be here?"

"From what Maria Zabini told me, they should be here today around noon. They have two boys around your age, is what she told me. Maybe you three could become friends." The smile on her face grows wider. "Wouldn't that be nice, to have new friends?"

Draco nods, smiling slightly. "Yeah, I guess so."

Now he just has to wait until noon.

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