077. Phone call



Icicles have formed out of nowhere, crystallizing around the cranberry-red berries on the trees, dripping wet in the afternoon, soaking-wet heat.

People run by, talking backwards and scratching their ears as if irritated by the noise. One man in a tan business suit unbuttons his coat, dropping his coffee as a flock of tropical birds swarm out from the depths, where his armpits are situated.

There's a yarn-knitted sunflower taking root out of Amy's jumper, as if blossoming to live. Wait, she's Amy. She means the other Amy.

Her mobile vibrates in her hands.

"… It's the Doctor," Amy says, glancing down with a frown. "He's figured out we're the paradox."

An unladylike snort.

"Blighter," the other Amy mutters, her nude lips tilting up as Amy smiles yearningly, meeting eyes. It's absolutely bonkers what's happened, but… …

She would absolutely kiss her double again.

(Consequences be damned.)



Doctor Who isn't mine. My first opportunity to write Amy/Amy lmao! I love cracky stuff in this show and I hope you enjoyed this too! Any comments/thoughts appreciated!