Bad and good times

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.

There is something to be said about discovery and breakthroughs, there is less to be said; even if not less meaningfully, about overenthusiasm and lack of precaution when dealing with supernatural forces. This was becoming rather evident for one young boy that was rather tired and injured with a rather nasty looking second degree burn "guess it's not a good idea training my powers until I collapse". Yes, the reason for this lamentable state was that Harry has been training his "Electrokinesis" until late at night, literally until he collapsed from exhaustion, it was actually the first time this happened since discovering his powers, usually, he trained until he began to feel exhaustion but the previous day he had a major breakthrough, he discovered a "new power".

Since he began experimenting, he discovered that his power didn't limit itself to move things around, he could also strengthen his body to make it tougher and faster, he could focus in his eyes to see farther distances, and he knew he could also teleport from past experience, but he didn't experiment with that, that stuff felt pretty high level when he did it by accident and he decided to get more skilled with his other powers before attempting it.

Until now he was just recreating things that happened when he was younger and scared, but this was new, the ability to create electricity was something that never happened before. Harry had a scowl in his face when he remembered how his "new power" had manifested for the first time.

It was actually a placid afternoon, as was any that involved being away from the Dursley and he found himself in the library, one of his favorite spots for 3 reasons, first it was quiet, second, it had a good amount of knowledge that he liked to devour, and most importantly, Dudley avoided the place like a devil avoided the church, he had been reading stories about espers trying to get ideas to use his powers, so far the only useful thing that he had found was a few years ago when he found stories of oriental men who moved things around while meditating, and while he didn't need to meditate to use his power, he found he recovered rather quickly from the exhaustion when he did, so it was a good practice to go along with his training, it meant he could train for longer and become proficient quicker with his powers.

He was done reading for the day and in no precisely good mood was in his way to "the house" (he refused to call the damm place "home") when he saw a couple of kids running and 4 other chasing "not again... I swear the inability to learn will kill them one day" he used his power to speed himself and took other street with less people to not be seen running with his nearly 13 years old body at the speed of a professional track runner.

Harry knew it was going to be unpleasant, he didn't really enjoy beating the bully out of his cousin, that's why he just did it a couple of times, but the kids were by far the better company he had and they helped him with his research from time to time, so as far as Harry was concerned they were under his protection, and he would be dammed if he left his pig of a cousin bully them, so he waited around a corner and when the kids went past him, he intersected the pursuers " really Dudders? You never learn?" snarled Harry putting himself between the gang and the intended victims.

Dudley knew he was in problems when he saw the "hellspawn" as his parents called him some times, walking out of the corner with a look that said that he, somehow, was angry and bored at the same time, he liked bulling his cousin when he was younger, but that stopped five years before when he tried punching him for something he didn't even remember in the way back from school and Harry beat the pulp out of him, a broken nose and a couple of bruises went a long way in teaching Dudley that it was better for his health to stay away from "the freak" as long as it was possible. But that wasn't exactly a possibility, in this case, even the young and no precisely brilliant mind of Dudley Dursley knew he couldn't just show his fear of Harry in front of his friends/underlings besides, his primitive mind figured that the numbers could get his out of this peril.

"And what if I don't want freak? Will you fight us? The four of us?" said Dudley trying to not show fear on his face.

"Really Dudders? You think your goons can beat me?" asked Harry raising an eyebrow.

"Hey big D are you going to let him talk to us like that?" asked goon #1 a.k.a. Piers Polkiss a.k.a. rat-face. Piers didn't know much about Harry, he remembered that when they started elementary school he appeared afraid of Dudley, but one year later somehow that stopped being the case and now Dudley didn't bother him so neither did him, but he wasn't going to let the disrespect pass on as nothing.

"Of course not, it's time to teach Potter a lesson" said goon # 2 a.k.a. well... goon #2 Harry didn't even bother to remember who he was as he and goon #3 were fairly recent additions to Dudley's followers.

And that marked it, Dudley couldn't stop it anymore if he didn't want to show weakness even if half of his mind said that this was a BAD idea, besides, the other half wanted to put some fear into Potter.

Now, Harry Potter was not martial artist, he thought of getting training sometimes but never got around looking for it, besides even if he could extortionate the Dursley into paying for his training he didn't want to do it, it felt dirty somehow, and even though Harry understood that dirty methods are necessary sometimes, he was somehow influenced by all the reading about oriental philosophy, so paying for martial arts training with dirty money felt wrong so he didn't even attempt it, but in any case, even without more training than his morning workouts that he started a couple of years before (he figured out that with more stamina his powers may last longer... And they did, if only the ones based of enhancing his body, beside of being an actual training for said powers) he was pretty sure he could take care of a full grown adult that was somehow trained, he wasn't going as far as to say that he could beat some great martial artist just yet, but in any case, he wasn't precisely cowed by the 4 kids in front of him.

When the goons launched themselves to him, he reacted quickly and threw a kick to one of them in the abdomen careful to not break bones but hopefully leave nasty bruises and faster than the surprised goons could react he punched other goon in the face leaving him in front of Dudley "well Dudley, how is it going to be? You can promise that you will never bother those two again and I'll let you go, or I can bet you to pulp and make you promise it".

"You think you can get away with that?" asked Dudley feeling the fear run from his stomach to his throat "if you punch me again Dad is going to throw you out".

"Yeah I wonder about that, do you really think that dear aunt Petunia will risk the neighbors knowing that they kicked me out" asked Harry taking Dudley by the shirt and getting ready to beat him to a pulp when suddenly he heard a scream.

"Aaaiiiiigh"... A girl's scream

Harry turned immediately to find that Piers Polkiss the goon he failed to neutralize had Lydia Alvin taken by the hair "Leave him... Or I'll..." he paused, apparently, he hadn't considered what was going to be his threat "I'll harm her" was all the eloquence he was able to invoke.

Harry saw the situation and cursing his carelessness he considered his options if he dropped Dudley he was pretty sure that Piers wasn't going to leave Lydia alone, so it was either threat with harming Dudley or use a distraction and rushing to save Lydia, he considered in this pondering where was her brother, after all,she and her twin, even while fairly different were rarely apart from each other, it was then that he noticed it, the 11 year old boy clearly stunned and with some blood on his face holding his head and sitting on the floor.

In hindsight, t was from this moment that his anger began to build up. He took Dudley and said "you want your boyfriend Polkiss? Take him, I don't swing that way" and threw him to Piers who in exchange threw Lydia to the nearby wall "thud" was the sound herd before she dropped to the floor.

Now when he saw Lydia's brother in the floor he was more than annoyed but when he saw Lydia dropping to the floor he snapped, Lydia was pretty much the best human contact he had, she was the first human being that showed him what was having a friend felt like, Harry considered her and her brother the closest friends he had, so when Piers Polkiss harmed not one but pretty much his only two friends, well he signed for a rough time.

Enraged, Harry threw himself at Polkiss bashing Dudley to the side with a little bit of telekinesis and punched him on the face, sending him to the floor due to the power focused in his arms, but it wasn't enough, oh no, Polkiss harmed his friends and he didn't seem hurt enough to pay for that, still enraged and without control over his emotions Harry lashed his hand in Polkiss direction and sparks erupted from his hand striking the goon in the arm.

Fortunately, nobody but Harry saw exactly what happened, Lydia was holding her hurting head that had hit the wall, Lydia's brother Anthony seemed to be still stunned, Dudley was facing the floor and Piers had his eyes closed after the potent punch in his face, Harry processed all those facts in a couple of seconds after recovering from the surprise of his new power and decided to make the better of the situation "Next time you hurt one of them Polkiss, it may be something that cut a finger or two instead of giving a little shock" said Harry trying to imply that what he had used was a weapon of some sort.

Harry decided that it was a good that to call retreat a kneeled before Lydia "Lydia? Are you ok?" he asked to the younger girl.

"Mmhm... I-I think so... how is Tony?" Asked Lydia, Harry side glanced to see a still somehow stunned Anthony getting up on his feet and answered "he seems fine... if a little dumber than usual" Lydia grinned a little before getting up with the help of Harry.

"Let's get out of here" Said Harry taking the siblings by the arms and walking away "thanks Hars, those goons wanted us to buy them stuff, had been chasing us from school..." said Anthony after a while, he seemed to have a minor cut in his face that actually was made by tripping when he was distracted by Harry's arrival but besides that, he was fine "how is that your cousin was out of school after you? Didn't know you escaped from classes" said Anthony smirking at the end.

"You didn't know because I don't" said Harry with a grin "I have an agreement since two years ago with Ms. Hudson... ermm, basically I ace all the History exams and I'm not required to attend to her classes, well that, and I have to write essays about my research, but that help me improve my writing anyways so I see it as a plus" said Harry remembering Ms. Hudson saying that she had to pull some strings in the school to allow it, but that seeing such inquisitive mind explore freely was well worth it.

"Well hell, have to be you to pull that one off, wait a minute you are telling me that you have aced ALL of your history exams the last two years?" asked a very surprised Anthony while a not so surprised Lydia giggled.

"Actually three years, I approached her after acing all the exams for a year, I wanted to do the same with physics but I have the feeling that Mr. Richardson won't be as complacent so I never got around it" Said Harry in an explicative manner.

"Well, f course, I actually would be surprised if you took anything else that a perfect score at physics. Now that we are talking about it how about you're other subjects? When we are together in the library is either us aiding you in some crazy investigation through a mountain of books or you coaching us in physics" asked Anthony again.

"Nmhm... well those two are actually the only ones that I get with so much ease, sciences other than physics I don't seem to catch as quickly, I get good grades, but nothing special, my English is pretty good, not enough to ace all the exams, but close enough, same thing with geography, other than that... mmhm, I'm terrible at music, art… well I can draw but don't ask me to apply color, PE..."Here Harry looked a bit sheepish "I could get better marks but I don't want to show off".

Lydia nodded and smiled in a way that showed that she sympathized with not wanting attention. After a while they finally reached their destination, the Alvin House was a small but cozy home and when the Alvins knew that Harry helped their children with their classes they welcomed him like a nephew, Harry loved the few times that he spent there, it was nice eating and sleeping in a place where you were welcomed, upon arriving Harry stopped and said "errrn guys, do you think I can stay here for about a week or so?" asked Harry, the Alvin twins looked surprised for about a second, it was uncommon that Harry asked to sleep in their house rather than being invited, before nodding with a knowing look "yeah, after the beating that I gave them I'm pretty sure we'll have a repetition".

It wasn't the first time he made that request, the first time was actually two years prior when he gave Dudley a punch in the stomach for throwing his plate to the floor while he was going to his room to eat in peace, Vernon was so angry that screamed something about ungrateful freaks and "hell spawns" while keeping a prudent distance from Harry, he had learned his lesson when he tried to punish Harry for giving Dudley his first beating a year after he discovered his powers, and well, Harry didn't find it very amusing so he blasted Vernon to a wall and explained that, one: he wouldn't bother them if they didn't bother him, two: he was done doing the chores for them, he would keep cooking because he liked his food better than Petunia's, but that was it.

"Of course, you know that Mom loves you and Dad is always happy to have someone that likes to play Go so he is not about to complain" said Lydia awakening Harry from his reminiscences.

"Yeah that would be lovely, so I see you guys in a couple of hours. I have to go to the house to get my things and collect my rewa-ahem... receive my punishment" said harry putting a goofy smirk on his face while walking to the number 4 of Privet Drive while the Alvin twins gave him exasperated smiles.

As Harry had predicted when he arrived to "the house" and put his eyes in Dudley who was in the couch with an ice compress in the face, the latter returned the look with a haunted face with Vernon at his side looking red furious "Look what you did BOY I swear this is the last time we put up with your freakishness, you won't have food for a week and the next time I'm throwing you OUT!" barked Vernon at his nephew.

"As much as I want to get out of this hellhole myself, you and I both know it won't happen until I'm 16 and we get a court to emancipate me. Until then we have to put with each other, so I suggest we do this, I'll be gone for a week while you cool off and while I'm not here perhaps you could meditate in who is the better cook between me and aunt Petunia" stated Harry in a calm manner giving them a cold stare before going to his room to take the few clothes he owned and leaving the house as quickly as he could.

Harry suppressed a satisfied sigh when he left the house, he knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help to think that this had been a good day, he advanced in his research, he taught a lesson to Dudley's gang that hopefully would keep them down for a few months, he discovered a new power and he was going to spend a week away from "the house".

The sight of the Alvin house interrupted Harry's musings as he knocked the door and expected someone to answer.

Melinda Alvin was a rather pretty woman with raven black hair and a slender body like everybody in the Alvin family, she worked as a solicitor and was the one who advised Harry in the matter of the emancipation, she adored Harry nearly as much as she loved her own children, if asked, she would say that such love was earned, after all, it was not easy to raise a girl genius and a boy who wrote his first novel at the age of six, she was always worried about their ability to blend in and interact with their peers, so it came as a huge relief when Harry took them under his wing, now Harry himself was not a very social person, but he knew how to interact with people not as gifted as him, he said as a half-joke that if you could put up with the Dursley you developed patience to put up with any social environment, so the fact is that he could walk various social circles in the school maybe not in friendly terms but at least in cordial ones and he had no problems introducing the twins that he actually considered friends so they could get around without being bullied, that is without mentioning the coaching in academics that was always a plus.

"Harry! Lydi told me you were coming, come on dear, leave your stuff in your room and get down, there will be dinner in half an hour" Said the twin's mother indicating the room where he always slept when staying with them. Melinda knew the reason Harry was here, but she knew there was no need to breach the subject, it would not make Harry any favors and she knew her hospitality was all the thanks Harry needed for defending her children, Harry once confessed to her all he put up with the Dursley, it was the only time Harry had cried after discovering his powers, Melinda offered to open a legal procedure but Harry declined, saying that it was ok and that they mostly kept to themselves those days and that he preferred to wait to be sixteen and get emancipated.

One thing that amazed Melinda to no end was the fact that Harry didn't show hatred towards the Dursley, oh sure there was resentment and a great deal of disdain, but not hatred, he said they were too pathetic for that.

Melinda was thinking about all this when she heard the sound of steps in the stairs and saw her daughter getting into the kitchen to help her "I heard the door, did Harry arrive?" asked the girl to her mother.

"Yes, he is getting set in his room and should be coming down to eat with us" answered the mother as she applied the final touches to the diner and glanced back to see harry arriving.

"Can I help with something" asked Harry that was actually always happy to help in the Alvin house when allowed but knowing that the most likely was that he was going to be told to be at ease or be assigned a minor task.

"Well you can put the table while we finish up here" Said Melinda with a motherly smile that never failed to put Harry in a good mood, he really liked the woman, she was motherly but not invasive, she respected the fact that he was not normal child and that he was able and willing to make his own decisions, all of this while offering her advice and showing him affection, Harry suspected that she had her own load of hard experiences, the wisdom and understanding she showed was just not something you picked up in a book.

Michael Alvin arrived home always five minutes before dinner, which is to say at six o clock, Michael was a retired SAS officer that took a small business enterprise upon retirement. He was a proud looking man with dark blond hair.

"Harry! I was unaware of you visiting today, a pleasure as always" Michael at the beginning was not too fond of the young man approaching his little girl but that sentiment went away when it was quite clear that the twins saw Harry as a big brother figure and that Harry took them under his wing with the same feeling.

"Pleasure is mine Michael, I'll be staying for the week, if it's not a problem" Harry used to call them Mr. and Mrs. Alvin, but by their insistence, he started calling them by their names.

"Nonsense, you know you are always welcome in our home, that is of course as long as you are willing to play a game or two of Go after dinner" answered Michael with a sly smile, Michael was an avid Go player, and he was fascinated with the ease with that Harry picked it up, and Harry too enjoyed the friendly competition in an Intellectual game, they kept tabs on how many games they had on each other, so far Michael was wining with 48 games against Harry's 13.

"Always up to a challenge" answered Harry thinking not for the first time that this is how an uncle-nephew relationship should be.

Dinner at the Alvin house was a quiet affair, not because they were overly formal or stiff, but because they all enjoyed the food in partial silence, you could see in their eyes that everyone was quite content to have it this way, besides nobody in the Alvin family was loud, which was other reason Harry loved the family.

After dinner and a game of Go which Harry lost, he excused himself saying he was tired and retired for the day. When he was sitting in his bed after his nightly routine, he decided it was a good moment to try out the "new power"

Harry closed his eyes focused on the memory of the event. It wasn't very difficult to make out what made it different from his other powers, the first times he manifested telekinesis he was angry, he was lashing at everything and anything, but he was not actively trying to harm anybody, this time his heightened emotion were focused on harming an enemy

"Well this is cool" Said Harry to the little sparks that were wavering in his hand, in a couple of seconds he lost his concentration and the little burst of electricity disappeared "like training a new muscle I guess" muttered Harry letting out a sigh "well by the feeling it should be alright to practice as long as I keep it small, should go to practice to the some isolated place when summer holidays started" yes, then he would see how big he could make it, but that was for later, he still had two weeks of classes and luckily he would have most of his exams without the stressful presence of the Dursley.

The rest of the week at the Alvin's wasn't particularly eventful, Harry continued his research, presented his exams, studied with the Alvin twins, played Go with Michael, saw a couple of movies, played a game of Monopoly with the whole family, cooked his best food the couple times he was allowed and of course, practiced his powers.

It was actually pretty difficult at the beginning, for Harry a "new power" was like an atrophied muscle, it was the same with his other four power: "telekinesis", "strength-enhancing", "speed enhancing" and "vision enhancement" at the beginning he is not able to control it and is extremely tiring, but he already got to the point of being able of producing sparks without anger, that was the first step, producing his power without emotional involvement, that was the other reason Harry favored meditation, it was extremely useful at controlling his emotions helping him focus in producing his power.

Eventually, the week expired and it was time for Harry to return, he left with the promise to expend his birthday in their home.

His return to the Dursley's was awkward, at least for the Dursley that kept looking at him not completely sure of what to say, for Vernon and Dudley it was clear that they missed the high grade cooking of Harry. For Petunia, well, she only missed having a little more time to spy on the neighbors, Harry didn't concern himself with any of this, he went to his room, left his things around and went to prepare the dinner.

The last week of classes weren't particularly eventful either, they presented a couple exams, Harry gave his essays of the South Sea Bubble and the Punic Wars to Ms. Hudson who was always fascinated with his insight and always happy to offer her opinion which was one of the few that Harry cared about.

After the end of the classes Harry expended a couple of days refining his ability to control electricity and then went every other day to the abandoned warehouse in the most secluded spot he could find in town to train the potency of his powers, the sparks improved with practice and after a week of training he could produce lightning that traveled a couple of meters, which was not much, but was a start.

It was after one of those training sessions that he noticed that something was wrong, the Dursley seemed to be even more uncomfortable than usual when looking at him, like they didn't know what to do, it unnerved Harry a little, but he decided he was going to deal with it later, today he was spent and was going to sleep, apparently throwing sparks around used quite the quantity of calories.

It didn't take long to figure out what was putting the Dursley in such a state, there were owls outside the house... in the morning... four of them, the Dursley were looking nervously at the nocturnal birds and then at Harry before quickly looking away. Harry was about to question what the hell was going on when it occurred.

the windows of the house opened at the same time and through each one a letter entered the house, Vernon panicked and threw himself at one of those catching one before throwing himself at a second one, Petunia went into a corner with a face that said she was about to scream, Dudley put on a face that showed that he could use some additional grey matter inside his skull, general chaos reigned the house for a few seconds before Harry summoned one of the letters with telekinesis.

When the letter reached Harry's hand time seemed to stop for a couple of seconds, then Petunia's face change from panicked to absolutely horrified and Vernon was about to throw himself at Harry but was stopped by a warning glare by Harry, Dudley was still with a dumb look in his face. Finally Harry directed a look at the letter that caused so much chaos was surprised with what he found.

The letter was a high-quality yellowish envelope not commonly used in modern missives and presented in emerald green color and exquisite calligraphy was written the following:

Mr. H. Potter

The Smallest Room

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


Those were the first signs that there was something weird with this letter, the only persons with motives to write to him were the Alvins and Ms. Hudson, the Alvins didn't have any reason to deliver a letter in this envelope that was clearly not cheap paper, Ms. Hudson may do it just for the hell of it, but Harry seriously doubted she would select such method of delivery, besides she had no way of knowing where he slept, finally, he stopped his musings and decided to open the letter which for his surprise revealed several sheets of parchment that clearly shouldn't be able to fit in the slim envelope, Harry decided to think about that latter and started to read



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31, the ticket to use the Hogwarts Express and the pertinent instructions will be sent after receiving a reply.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

ANNEX 1: list of all necessary books and equipment.

ANNEX 2: map of Diagon Alley with the suggested stores.

ANNEX 3: list of prohibited items.

Harry raised his eyes from the letter and said "obviously you know what is going on" said Harry with an icy glare that said he was not up to games or lies "so I believe that explanations are in order".

A/N: I really like this tendency from some authors of putting a quote at the beginning of the chapter, it adds a certain mood to the read. What do you guys think?

I would like to explain the existence of the Alvin's. They are simply there as an emotional "last pillar" for Harry, even if he doesn't rely in them for everything they are like the silver lining, the reason for that even when he found power he didn't went Chucky with everybody around him. Human beings need positive social interaction in their life to keep their mental health, in canon this is disregarded, the abuse of the Dursleys treated as cartoon violence, and the effects of such treatment almost nonexistent. I wanted my character backstory and behavior to make more sense

A/N 1/29/2020: So I rewrote some parts of this, if you read this chapter before this note you may remember that originally Harry had pyrokinesis instead of electrokinesis, this wouldn't make much sense down the line storywise (like by 3rd year or so) so I changed it, and the introductory paragraph was pretty bad I think so I changed it too