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Prologue: Voldemort's Defeat

Cries of fear, anxiety and hatred were heard in the air as Voldemort attacked Hogwarts, hovering above the great hall, with fifty death eaters. The teachers ushered the students to huddle together, wands at ready. One stubborn student remained in his spot though, wand pointed at Voldemort.

"Potter! You'll kill yourself!" Snape hissed, trying his best to remain unnoticed by Voldemort. "No, Professor Snape. I should end this now. I already have too much blood on my hands as it is." The boy replied. Voldemort's eyes scanned to crowd below him, looking for the boy that had defeated him. Just that time twenty dementors came flying in.

Harry screamed in agony as the familiar cold feeling came over him. Everyone's eyes immediately focused on the boy. Harry concentrated on a happy thought. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" He yelled, and a white figure erupted from his wand, forming into a horse. It pranced around Harry, protecting him from the dementors' powers. The dementors felt the presence of the patronus and left.

Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the boy who lived. "I never expected this, much less from the boy who lived himself." Voldemort mocked. "I challenge you to a wizard's duel, Potter." Voldemort said, "Just you and I." As he flew down, landing in front of Harry. Harry felt his scar burn even more, but he took up on the offer.

"Of course, Potter, you understand that the use of unforgivables is allowed." Voldemort said. Harry nodded. He need not worry about unforgivables; he was given a license to use them, courtesy of the ministry of magic. The horse still pranced around Harry, as if it knew that Harry was about to face something dangerous, and is protecting him.

They did the dueling stance, and faced each other, wands at ready. "I'll end this now, Potter. AVADA KEDAVERA!" Voldemort yelled. But surprisingly, the horse stepped in front of Harry and formed a barrier around him, the rest of the student body, the school staff, and surprisingly three death eaters, namely Pettigrew, Malfoy and Snape.

The curse bounced back and hit a death eater. The death eater fell to the ground, dead. Everyone was gaping. "AVADA KEDAVERA!" Harry yelled, just before the green light from Voldemort's curse disappeared. The curse exploded like an atomic bomb, killing every person unprotected by the barrier. As the green light cleared, the sight proved true, Harry Potter had yet again, defeated Voldemort. Everyone cheered. The barrier started to disappear, but not before the Pettigrew was handed over to Dumbledore.

Harry managed to smile weakly before he collapsed to the ground, exhausted and unconscious. "Harry!" Ron and Hermione rushed to his side. They attempted to carry him to bring him to the infirmary, but Snape cut in. "Don't you realize that you will just hurt him that way? Wingardium Leviosa." Snape glared, and Harry floated behind him, as Snape maneuvered Harry to the infirmary.

Harry woke up in the infirmary. He blinked once. Twice. He tried to lift his hand to reach for his glasses, but a hand was holding it down. He tried to recognize the black blob. //Long hair. He's unusually tall for my age. Black robes.// Harry thought. "HOLY FUCK!" He yelled when he realized that it was Snape holding his hand.

"Harry, I suggest you watch your language." Dumbledore said. Snape pulled his hand away and handed Harry his glasses. Harry let out a small squeak when he realized that the headmaster was there. "Professor, how long have I been out?" Harry asked.

"One week, Harry. Congratulations on Voldemort. Remarkable talent you have shown, especially on the Patronus. I can only conjure white smoke myself. And to think that the Patronus only disappeared after you cast the killing curse. Pettigrew has been captured, and the trial for your godfather will be at the end of this month. Fudge has confessed to everyone that not only is he a Voldemort supporter, he also purposefully turned a blind eye on Voldemort's criminal actions, including Pettigrew's act of killing himself. Arthur was voted unanimously by the ministry to be the new minister." Dumbledore said. Harry smiled. "Congratulations, Potter. You're now the boy who lived a second time." Snape said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Harry shrugged. "If I might ask, Professor Dumbledore, why was Professor Snape holding my hand?" Harry asked.

"You'll be shocked by this, Harry. But you are bonded to each other." Harry's eyes bugged out of his head.

*End of prologue*

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