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Chapter 10: Paris!! (part one)

Chapter 10: Trip to Paris

The rest of the week passed by smoothly, and soon the much awaited trip to Paris was finally afoot.

"Harry, are you sure you need to bring that much? I mean, we're only staying there five days and we've been given shopping money! Why do you have to bring that much?" Sev asked the boy, who was packing up his bags.

"Yes I have to bring this much, Sev! I'm not sure what fashion things are there, and the least I can do is fit in! And it might get cold! Or hot! Or -" Harry reasoned but he was cut off by Sev.

"Alright, I get the point. Just pack, alright!?" A slightly peeved potions professor said. "Okay. Sorry." Harry said and continued his packing.

Soon enough they finished packing and headed for Hogsmeade to apparate to the airport.

"Sev I think we should shrink our things." Harry said. "That's what you get for bringing so much, Harry." Sev said and shrunk both of their things and shoved them into Harry's pockets. Then they apparated to the airport.

"Hey, you know much more of this than me. Where to?" Sev asked. "Don't ask me, I've never been here either!" Harry argued. "But you were brought up with muggles! Why don't you know!?" Sev said, already getting even more irritated. A man walked by and tapped Sev on the shoulder.

"WHAT!?" Sev exploded. The man visibly trembled but stood his ground. "I'm sorry, but I thought I heard the word muggle." The man replied and turned away. "What do you know about it, sir?" Harry asked.

"Oh. So you're really wizards. I'm Edward Godenzi, I work here. I'm a squib." The man replied. "Nice to meet you, Edward. This is Severus Snape," Harry said, pointing at Sev, "And I'm Harry Potter. Well, now Snape."

At this the man froze. "Sweet mother of Merlin! I am honored to meet the two most respected men on the planet!" Ed exclaimed. 'Most respected?' Harry said jokingly through the link. Sev held back a snappy reply.

"Oh. Alright, but Ed, I think you should lead us to our flight now, we might miss it." Sev ordered. Ed nodded and led them to a closed door. He pulled it open. "Here, sirs, your private jet." Ed said.

"P-Private jet!? Draco only said a first-class trip! He didn't say private jet!" Harry excitedly said. "Well, we might as well take it or leave it, no?" Sev said. They got in and marveled at the sight of the well decorated and costly bought jet.

They took a seat side by side and cuddled. The cart of muggle delicacies came by, but when the guy pushing it saw them cuddling.

"AW HELL! NOT MORE OF THOSE GAY MANIACS!" He said, stopping in his tracks.

"Excuse me, but did you just call us maniacs?" Harry asked. "Yes. Why do you care!?" The man replied, dignified. "May I ask for your name?" Sev said darkly. "Don." The man replied. "Well, Don, if you don't want to be hexed to oblivion, you better stop this behavior right now." Sev replied.

"I'm not defenseless." The man said and pulled out. A wand. "I see you're a wizard. I'm Harry Potter-Snape. This is Severus Snape." Harry said again, and both of them pulled out their own wands.

Don smirked. "You expect me to believe that? I may be in exile and am not updated, but there are a lot of fakes out there. I won't believe you until you prove it." He said.

"Okay. Do you know who paid for this trip?" Harry asked. Don shook his head. "It was Draco. Draco Malfoy. I suppose you know him." Harry said. "I still don't believe you." Don replied placidly.

"OH COME ON! Harry, stop fooling around and just show him your scar!" The now very peeved Severus Snape exclaimed. "Alright. I was just trying to have fun!" Harry said and pulled up his hair to show Don his scar.

Don accidentally dropped his wand, but still held his ground. "I believe you're Harry Potter, but how am I sure if this guy's really Severus Snape?" Don said, slightly nervous from his bad display of behavior.

"Do you really want proof?" Sev asked. Don nodded. Sev pulled the sleeve of his arm up, and the now slowly disappearing dark mark was shown. "Okay, okay! I believe you! Hell, you didn't have to go THAT far!" The man replied and violently pushed the cart towards the two. He picked up his wand and left.

"You will not disrespect us - especially Harry - in any way. Do you understand?" Sev said darkly, pointing his wand at the cowering man's chest. 'Sev, that's enough.' Harry mentally said and hugged the man from behind.

They sat back down. "That was sweet of you, Sev. Thanks." Harry said. "Think nothing of it. I think we're landing. Wear your seatbelt." Sev said.

End of Paris part one