Every single time I thought I had her all figured out, she would do something to surprise me. I pegged her as cold and unforgiving as the winters plains of her home, but the small smile on her lips when the littlest sister fooled around with their second youngest brother told a different tale.

I thought her foolish and naive, like the middle sister, until I saw her best the ward with a sword, only to then treat his bruises with a salve supposedly made by her own hand.

I saw only a pretty girl, sullen and dark as the man whom had sired her, before I truly saw her smile transform her features. The face, not quite long enough to match her Stark heritage, was suddenly all high cheekbones and dimples, her smile hinted at Valyrian beauty. But it was her eyes that changed the most. In the gloomy halls of Winter they appeared a dark grey, almost black, but her smile in the warm sun revealed their true colour to be a deep violet reminiscent of dragons or Daynes of old.

I thought I saw the beauty of the old line of the stony Dornish.

I thought I saw the child of a fallen star, one with the potential to rival both mother, father and uncle in beauty and skill with the sword.

Then all of a sudden she gained another companion, the white wolf was joined by another creature of legend, and suddenly all I could see was his smile, his silent contemplation, and his eyes.

Too bad I had already fallen for her

Written as a response to the prompt to write a short story starting with the sentence "Every single time I thought I had her all figured out". If it's not obvious, it's fem!Jon, RL=J and I had Jaime in my mind as the narrator (but it kinda works for anyone who visits Winterfell after the direwolf pups were found and Bran's fall who also knew Rhaegar...)

And yes, fem!Jon comes south with Ned, Arya and Sansa and somehow (don't ask me how or when, I didn't think that far) gains a dragon (colour scheme is up to your imagination, I thought of it as white with purple wing membranes and red eyes)

If anyone wishes to expand on this, be my guest, as long as you give me a link;-) I can't really ask you to credit me, this is way to generic for me to claim any original content...