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Damn, it was a hell of a night. Everyone was gathered at the towns local bar and there wasn't one unhappy face in the room. The music was loud, everyone's laughter even louder and drinks were being thrown back quicker than the bartenders could hand them out. It was always a damn good time when everyone could get together like this and just enjoy being around family.

That's what they were, a family. Maybe not all by blood but Daryl Dixon would be the first one to tell you that blood doesn't mean shit. It was loyalty that made you family. It was being there for each other when life got too damn hard. It was helping each other rather the help was asked for or not. And, no matter what, you loved each other unconditionally.

He looked around the bar and that's what he saw. Each and every person around him was loyal to a fault, was always there for him whenever he needed someone and they loved him unconditionally, as he does every single one of them.

He was sitting at the bar drinking a beer. His best friend, Rick, was too his right, sitting by his wife Lori. To his left, was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, beth Greene. He had his arm thrown loosely around her neck while they flirted and joked back and forth.

"Have I told you yet how beautiful you look tonight?" He asked with a megawatt smile on his face , leaning his forehead on her temple.

He swears her bright blue eyes just got brighter, if that was even possible.

Damn, does she have the prettiest eyes.

"Not in the last 20 minutes," she said with a smirk, turning sideways on her stool to face him, pushing the cowboy hat he was wearing down over his eyes , playfully.

One arm is resting on the bar and the arm he had around her neck drops. He pushes the hat back up and then places his hand on her thigh, rubbing his thumb gently across her showing skin.

"Well then, let me change that."

He leans in and places a quick kiss on her lips.

"You are so beautiful."

How the hell he got so lucky to be with someone as amazing as Beth Greene, he will never know. But, he thanks his lucky stars everyday that he did.

"Ya might wanna be careful there, Daryl Dixon. The way your lookin at me and talkin to me, someone might think your in love with me."

"Oh, well, can I let you in on a lil' secret?" He asked, with a smirk.

She bites her lip and just nods.

Daryl looks around as if to make sure no one is listening, which made her giggle.

"I am in love with ya."

Beth placed a gentle hand on his cheek, giving him the sweetest smile he as ever seen. No matter how many time he says it, she never gets tired of hearing it.

"Well, ya ain't the only one with a secret, handsome."

"Oh, I'm not?"

She shakes her head no and leans in, her mouth right next to his ear.

"I'm kinda in love with ya, too."

She couldn't stop the smile forming on her face when she leans back and sees him smiling, too.

Before Daryl could respond another person interrupted him.

"How's 'bout I buy ya a drink, darlin?" One of the very few strangers in the bar asked.

It suddenly got somewhat quiet around them.

"Nah, man. She's covered already," Daryl spoke up. He kept the hand on Beth's thigh, rubbing up and down to comfort her when he notice her stiffen. Her given sign that she was uncomfortable. And, somebody making his girl uncomfortable wasn't okay with him.

"What? Can't the little lady answer for herself?"

"The little lady can but she doesn't have to when you already got your answer from him," she replied.

The stranger went to walk away, muttering," just trying to be nice, damn bitch."

Daryl threw back the last of his beer, placed his hat on top of Beth's head and got up from the bar.

"Daryl," came Rick's voice from behind him.

But, Daryl ignored him. He grabbed the man by his shoulder and quickly turned him around to face him. As soon as he did, Daryl threw his punch, sending the guy falling to the ground, blood pouring from his mouth.

"Don't say another fucking word about her and you don't come fucking near her again, ya hear?"

The stranger just nodded. Daryl nodded at Rick and the two men helped the man up, and led him to the door. Once outside, the guy quickly walked away, knowing not to test Daryl.

He walked back towards the bar where Beth was still sitting. As soon as he reached her, one hand went to the back of her head and the other to her hip, to pull her in for a very heated kiss. Thankfully, everybody around them had went back to what they were doing and weren't paying them a bit of attention.

Pulling back, he looked down at Beth.

"Ya okay, baby?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Thanks to you, I am."

"Wadda ya say we get outta here and go home?" He asked with a smile that dripped with seduction.

"Lead the way, handsome."

She hopped off the bar stool and his arm instantly went around her neck. He pulled her close and placed a kiss to the side of her head.

Damn, did he love this girl. His girl. And, he was going to spend the rest of his life doing so. Daryl Dixon sure was one lucky son of a bitch... hell, he was the luckiest son of a bitch because he is the one who gets the pleasure of spending the rest of his life with Beth Greene. That is, if she says yes.

Daryl smirked to himself as he leads them out the bar, thinking about what he has planned for tomorrow. Fingers crossed, it all goes according to plan.

But, tomorrow will worry about itself. All Daryl could focus on now was getting his girl home and finishing off an already good night the best way he knows how... with Beth Greene, in their bed, naked.

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