The Awakening
By Kyizi

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me (except baby Sha'uri!), the story, however, is mine.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None that I can think of, but I'd best say at least up to the end of S3, just in case!

Summary: This is the sequel to my fic "The Touched". Will Jack be able to cope as a single father? What's happening to Cassie? Will Daniel be able to translate the book? And will he like what he finds? But more importantly.where is Sam?

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Notes: This will be structure much in the same was as The Touched, in that there will be a prologue and epilogue.not sure on the chapter count atm, but probably something like The Touched was.




She was cold. It wasn't something she knew consciously, because she wasn't completely sure she was conscious, only that she was cold. There was a chill that seemed to surround every fibre of her being and she couldn't even pinpoint what her being was at that precise moment. There was a bright light that ebbed around her, closing her in, cocooning her in the bleakness of infinity. It was harsh; bright beyond comparison to anything her mortal eyes had ever known. Time seemed endless and immeasurable, a day, a week, an hour, a year - everything was the same.

A stray thought nagged at her, begging remembrance but whenever she tried to recall it, it slipped further into the light, further away from her. Flashes of colour, or memory plagued her but seemed like a dream, something she had contrived during her endless exile, but it was nothing she remembered touching, or thinking, or feeling.

Suddenly she was spinning, seemingly out of control, as the light became a muddled cacophony of colour. She seemed to be falling but her surroundings were dimensionless, nothing to tell her she was right, but for the lurching of her stomach. She fell faster and faster. Her stray thought hurried to keep up with her. Her mind yelled at her, screamed for her to remember. And then she saw him. His face echoed about her as she fell into the depths of forever.



End of Prologue