Forgive me father for I have sinned.

I've been wanting to do an IzuMina fic for a while now (I'm SUPER on board with this ship, I REALLY like it), but I didn't anticipate my first one being filled with lemons. Or maybe I did, dunno. This fic does serve a double purpose though, being that it will help me write lemons better for other stuff. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Once again, be warned, there are LEMONS in this.

For reference, both Izuku and Mina are in 3rd year at this point.

Disclaimer: I don't own My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia.

Late at night in the Heights Alliance dorm at U.A., the building could almost be seen to be abandoned, as there were very few lights on that could be seen from the outside. The only major exceptions could be seen from the second floor, those being a soft glow from the room occupied by Mineta, most likely watching something perverted, and the room two windows over, occupied by Aoyama which had an extremely strong glow.

The only other notable exception being another soft glow on the fourth floor, from the room occupied by Mina Ashido.

If one was to look inside of said room during the day, or when the lights were on, they would be able to see a room which many would describe as "tacky", but the owner of the room would describe it as "cute." A mishmash of leopard skin curtains next to a similarly printed set of bedsheets, capped off with a love heart rug, the room could be very simply described – it was very Mina Ashido.

Not that one would be able to pick up on these features in the darkened state of the room that it was currently in, as only the glow of a tablet could be seen, flashing images from a movie onto the two bodies cuddling on her bed. The bodies of Mina, of course, and her secret boyfriend, Izuku Midoriya.

How they'd managed to keep their relationship a secret from their classmates for just over 4 months was still a surprise to them, as living with so many other people often led to secrets being revealed about everyone. However, when they had started dating, Izuku had requested that they keep quiet about their relationship to their friends, with Mina begrudgingly agreeing.

Whilst she wasn't overly on board with keeping their relationship quiet to begin with, she soon saw the perks of her situation – living with the same boy that she was currently dating gave her many an opportunity to turn him into an embarrassed stuttering mess, a sight that she absolutely adored, whilst trying to be as sneaky as she could without arousing suspicion.

Many a time she would enter the elevator with Izuku, kiss him senseless on the way down, then stop just before the doors opened, leaving him blushing like mad and trying to explain away the colour that was drawn to his face.

Or that time they were having a movie marathon with their classmates and she'd kissed him on the cheek when she'd gotten up to go make some popcorn, resulting in him freaking out whilst she smirked the entire way to the kitchen.

Yeah, living with your secret boyfriend was fun.

However, on nights like tonight, the two of them had opted to just relax in her room and watch a movie, with Izuku managing to successfully sneak over without being spotted. As to why they'd chosen Mina's room, the answer was simple – they were more likely to be found out if they hung out in Izuku's room, as Mineta and Aoyama had habits of staying up late, whilst on the girl's side, the only three people who had a chance of discovering them were Uraraka, who shared the same floor as Mina, and Asui and Hagakure, who were directly above and below Mina's room respectively. Having successfully made his way over, they'd cuddled up together under her covers that were styled to look like leopard skin, started a movie and Izuku had fallen asleep, leaving Mina alone to watch the rest of the film.

Not that it particularly bothered her, she'd wanted to watch the movie, while Izuku had sleepily agreed and cuddled into her, his arms around her midriff as he held her close. She always liked when they cuddled, with him managing to make her feel like the safest person in the world as they lay together.

As the movie progressed and Mina kept watching, the two main characters began to engage in some promiscuous activities, as per the status quo for Hollywood. Mina continued to watch as the scene played out, becoming surprisingly graphic as it continued to progress. The Acid Quirk user continued to watch in surprise as she felt her womanhood shudder in excitement, the excitement further accentuated by the fact that she was lying next to the man that she loved.

A thought danced across her mind, tempting her to wake her sleeping boyfriend and follow the lead that the actors had started. A thought she shouldn't have entertained, as he was sleeping peacefully.

Well, maybe a little wouldn't hurt.

Twisting herself in his arms, she turned around, now facing the sleeping boy, his freckled face handsome as ever in her eyes, and cuter than she could ever imagine when he slept, she watched him as he slept, his expression showing how blissfully relaxed and unaware of the world he was.

Well, wasn't that about to change.

Mina started letting her hands roam over her boyfriend's sleeping form, rubbing up and down his chest as she felt his chiselled form underneath his pyjama t-shirt. Mina was glad that she was the only one in the class that knew that, hands down, Izuku had the best abs in the entire class. Feeling his frame with her hands, she could feel herself heating up with excitement.

His eyes began to flutter in his sleep, indicating that he was starting to wake up. From prior experience when she'd been worked up in similar situations, she knew exactly what to do to wake him up and immediately have him on board with what she wanted. She lifted her head and hovered over his neck before lowering and gently biting down on it.

Immediately waking up, Izuku recognised his girlfriend from what he could see as a result of the glow from the tablet, and he could feel what she was doing to him currently. In response, he started to roam his hands over her body, gently stroking up and down her back as she continued to gently bite his neck. He could feel her smile against his skin, indicating that he knew she'd succeeded in getting what she wanted.

His hands travelled south, reaching the hem of her short-shorts before he moved them cleanly onto her bottom, grabbing her perfect cheeks with both hands, causing her to raise her head with a gasp. He took the opportunity to capture her lips with his own, an action which she immediately reciprocated, their tongues dancing with one another.

He gently sucked on her tongue as she pulled away slightly, causing a shiver down her spine as Izuku massaged her thighs with his hands. She dove back in, tongues clashing together as she let her hands roam down to the hem of Izuku's cotton shorts, feeling the throbbing member poking at her through his shorts. She softly bit on his tongue, causing him to shudder in enjoyment as his member poked her in the thigh.

In response, Izuku moved his hands from his girlfriend's ass and moved upwards, sliding under the bottom of her t-shirt as he felt her toned stomach before continuing upwards, feeling the tips of her chest exposed.

He laughed, "Going commando, huh?" Prompting a small laugh from her as she raised her hands up, allowing him to slide her t-shirt off over her head, taking care not to get the shirt caught on her horns as he did so.

The second the shirt was off, she immediately crashed their lips together, humming in pleasure as she did so. Her hands continued to roam his body, feeling his muscles whilst he did the same, gently stroking up and down her spine with one hand, causing her to shiver in pleasure, whilst the other played with her rigid tips of her chest.

Placing her hand upon Izuku's member, Mina immediately noticed that something was off. "Looks like I'm not the only one, huh?" She asked with a smile as she lowered herself down to it's level, sliding off his cotton shorts as he removed his t-shirt. "I'll never get tired of this view, Izu." She laughed slightly, taking hold of his throbbing member in her hands as she began to massage it. Contrary to Izuku's shorter stature, he had a surprisingly large 'little friend' compared to other guys, thus requiring her to use both hands as she jerked him off, licking the tip as she did so, earning a groan of pleasure from him.

With Mina doing all the work, Izuku couldn't help but feel restless. What she was doing to him felt incredible, and he couldn't help but want to blow his load right then and there, he hated feeling like he was the only one on the receiving end. A few strokes later and he reached down, grabbing her arms, with a musky look in his eyes.

Mina, knowing exactly what he wanted, readjusted herself so that her womanhood, still covered by her short shorts, was now directly over his face, with her breasts resting on his abdomen as she continued to work her magic on Izuku's member. Izuku, meanwhile, slid off her short shorts, revealing her budding flower to him as he began to suck on it, playing with the hardening bud with his tongue, causing Mina to gasp in pleasure.

Taking the opportunity, Izuku's hands slid up and grabbed onto Mina's ass, roughly handling her perfect cheeks as he slipped a finger into her womanhood, gently massaging her insides with his finger, causing her to moan in pleasure as she attempted to continue massaging her boyfriend's manhood, but found herself failing as she began to be overcome by the pleasure being given to her by her boyfriend's work. Having slipped a second finger in as he continued, he felt the pleasure overtake her as she quivered in pleasure, barely able to make a coherent sentence to signify her pleasure.

As a last-ditch attempt to get her own back on Izuku for making her feel such pleasure, she took his member, harder than before, and began to suck on it, taking it as deep as she could go. Previously, she could barely manage half of his size, but with experience under her belt, as well as some suspiciously good advice from Tooru, she was able to take almost the entire thing, an action that she knew he loved the feel of.

Taking one final movement before dropping his load, Izuku gently nibbled on Mina's clit, causing her to convulse with pleasure once again, signifying her orgasm. The action of her convulsing must have been enough to drive Izuku over the edge, because Mina soon felt her mouth flood with his hot thick load. She felt her mouth fill up as he continued to shoot, his hips thrusting all the while, driving his still hard member further into her mouth.

Izuku lowered his hips to the bed, signifying the end of his own orgasm and giving Mina the all clear to remove her mouth from his member. Doing so, she swallowed his load, sighing contently as she got up to rinse out her mouth. She didn't dislike the taste of it, quite the opposite, but she didn't exactly want to kiss her boyfriend with remnants of his own sperm in her mouth. Returning from her bathroom, she climbed back into bed next to her boyfriend, their naked bodies pressed against each other as they held one another, falling asleep quickly.

What can I say? I felt like writing something a little raunchier than what I had wrote in Kallen the Loyal, and that was heading towards this kind of territory to begin with.

As for why this is called Sneak? Well, I kind of implied why in the story, but you'll have to wait until more chapters come out to see why.

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