Chapter 1: Friend to Enemy, and Enemy to Friend

"So, that's how it was," whispered Alice. Reese, standing near the lake, quickly turned to face her, it was two years after the last crystal was made. "W-what happened ...?" She was surprised. "After Rod and Laura traveled in their time, you stopped responding to your environment," Alice told her, "somehow dreaming, huh, I do it sometimes, actually all the time, you know ... you have others worried especially Kyra was quite worried about that and I had to calm Zoe down, they're all in the café and I decided to stay with them because I learned how to lose time. "" What do you have with them? happens' meant?
"While you were out there, I used ... my crystal to see what happened, while most of us did not know ... I wanted to know more about the last crystal and your motive, now I understand," Alice answered. "Is not that a coincidence?" Reese laughed. "I thought about the same thing. You're the only one besides the guards who know about it, so please, do not mention it anywhere. "

"Do not worry, I can shut up, I saw everything that happened in Akuno," admitted Alice, "and before the culmination of our story, now I understand." "You should not use your crystal that often," Reese said, "that can be dangerous for you." I'm tougher than I look, but ... are you alright? " Alice wondered. Reese looked away, her hands shaking. I did not mean to say it ... I did not know it could be painful for you ... I'm sorry, I'm just bad at saying such things .. " Alice voice trembled. It's okay, I have to go for it, I can not be cured. " But there are some kind of surgeries these days, right? We can still save it, I'm sure you'll have kids again. " All these words came out of Alice's mouth so fast. My body has been severely injured several times My organs are artificial It's a big risk for me And even if it worked, I'm not sure if I could endure a pregnancy Birth like that I'm ... ", said Reese. Alice knew she was totally honest, but why did she tell her that? Well, others would very likely freak out, Zoe, Kyra ...

"You're a really strong person," Alice reminded her, "just do not try to say that you deserve this or that ... yes, you did bad things, even a few people died, your actions ended Making Others Happy Like Dark says "Darkness can not exist without light and light can not exist without darkness." Just like shadows ... You can not know that a good thing is good until you do not have a bad experience would never meet 'Zepar would not be defeated, she would find someone else to do that, but they may not be able to handle you like this, and a strange feeling that Zepar would choose Kyra scares me Well, I'm kind of glad it was you ... I mean, no! "The Komatsu panicked. "Calm down, Alice, I'm not mad, if I think about it, you're right."

"You're the real hero, Reese," Alice said. "What?" Reese asked himself. "Let everyone hear, Reese Drake is a heroine of this story!" Alice imitated Zepar. "That's your sense of humor, eh?" "You are a hero and a villain, a protagonist and an adversary of your own story, you have made a mistake and most of us will not forgive you for a long time, but the truth is that you should forgive someone, you should just forgive one person, not yourself, but one day ... I know it's hard It took me five years to forgive and speak these words again, but it feels even better than Nicolas forgive me I could see myself. "

"Thank you, Alice."

"Yes you're welcome ..."

"Go to the others, I have something to do."

This small business lasted almost an hour, with 7 guards and 2 ex-guards calling Reese to go to the D-Lab.

She showed her back. When everyone was there, she said, "I have something to tell you." "Does any of you have Deja-Vu?" Wondered Sora. "This is happier than the last time Zepar is gone."

"We know since yesterday," said the others. "Without me," Jeff snapped, the ex-guard. Reese turned to them. She noticed how anxiously Wendy watched him. No wonder they dated earlier and they have a son together, but Jeff acted terribly and made them mad.

"By the way, Wendy, since we're all here, where's Gerard?" Lucy asked, "Do not tell me the kids have him." "He's with my colleague," Wendy replied, "Matt can handle it ... I ... Jeff ..." Wendy just could not move on. "Do not bring that up now, okay?" Jeff growled, "So you say she's dead, but how?" "You can thank us for that," Zakuro said. "Really?" "Do not pretend you're the hero," Cruz commented, "the real hero is ahead of us." He smiled at the researcher. She looked away, her cheeks were a little red. "Hero?" Dr. Owen wondered, "Is that true, Reese?" "I'm not a hero ..." Reese replied, "I ..." "What, what happened there?" Aki asked her. "I ... I wanted to outsmart Zepar, but she saw through it, she controlled me and took me to Akuno and forced me to hurt the owners," Reese explained, placing her hand on her sister's scarf Luckily, Zoe and the others came and rescued me, so I'm so grateful to them. "

"I will not let you do that, you're part of the team, my friend, my family, I can not let you down, we'll find another way to stop Zepar, I promise."

"I could defend myself ... I destroyed the last crystal and survived, I'm grateful to you, Max, Rex, Zoe ... Godzilla"

"You risked your own life to save her, that's crazy," Dr. Taylor her. "Like you would not do that for her, because I promised to protect her after all, I just fixed my mistake."
She closed her eyes, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

"And that makes you a hero," she heard Max's voice. When she opened her eyes, everyone was in the lab. "Did you forget what I told you, it could have been worse ... I'm sure Sister wanted to say that," Justin said. Alice froze in one place, unable to speak to that crowd. She hid her face in her hoodie.

Jeff just sighed and left before any of the owners could recognize him.

Jeff was startled when he realized who was behind the door, but he said nothing. He did not even dare.

"All of you can call yourself heroes," Cruz admitted, "each of us played an important role in this story, otherwise it could have been different, am I, Alice?" But the owner of the time crystal was sleeping ...? Seriously guys, wake them up!

"Well, I think that will never change," Niki laughed. "You're pointing to the alternate timelines, right, Cruz?" Dengyo spoke up. "Serious?" Sue wondered, "I know that I said that our lives are boring now, but only to hell?" "We've just defeated a destroyer in the world, give me a break for a while," Andy muttered.

"Then I have an idea!" Kyra encouraged, "we will sing!" "Really?" Nicolas growled reluctantly. "Can you seriously be my family?" "Kyra ... I think I'll avoid this event," Rex said. "Me too," Max joined.

"Only over my corpse," a voice from the door answered.

Godzilla went inside.

"Welcome Godzilla," Reese said.

"All right, well, then it will only be girls."

"Do not tell me ..."

"No way!" Sabi snapped, "You will not hear a song from me in front of people." "Infront of people?" Kyra repeated, "That's perfect, we can sing in the cafe." "Thanks, Sabi, you gave her a great idea," Ema said ironically. "Well, thanks, Sabi," Niki commented sarcastically.

"It's not such a bad idea," Zoe said. "I think so too," Bel agreed. "I ... I would go, b-but ... You know ... As Hermana said ... Not ... In front of people ..." Dark whispered. "Hermana?"

Wendy wondered. "Only three of them ...", Kyra murmured disappointed, "forget it! Others will cheer us up!"

The owners went out, Zoe stopped suddenly.

"Sounds fair," said Sue, "Uh ... girl, are not you going?" "Moment." Zoe ran to her sister and gave her a big hug. "That's not fair," Sue growled softly. "Just do not create superpowers that can cause the end of the world while we're gone," Zoe said. "Do not worry ..."

"Hey, not fair!" Kyra screamed and hurried to them. "I also want!" She crossed Reese's arms. "Kyra, go away from me," growled Reese angrily. "Good, good, but first ..." Kyra kissed her crush on the lips and went out. "Wait ..." Zoe noticed what had just happened to her sister.
Reese blushed. "Get lost," she said to Zoe. "What?" "Go out!" she repeated, casting a death glare at Max, Rex, and Cole, who were still in the room. "W-wow, wow, wow, I have a question," said Cole. "Out now!"

All four had disappeared in a few seconds.

"Stay calm!" Reese said, before anyone else could, "It's not what it looks like ... Kyra's just ... well, Kyra ... go. There's still something I need to do."

Godzilla went out now too. He just thought, "When the other kaijus show up, it will not get boring anymore."

Godzilla generally found it all very funny.

As she went out, Kyra smiled from ear to ear, Godzilla, Max, Rex, Cole and Sue, who heard everything behind the door, were somehow intimidated, Zoe still thinking about Kyra's behavior.

"Hey ... Kyra," said Cole, stopping. "Can you explain that to me?" "Huh, what do you mean?" Kyra asked as she looked at him. "That was really too much, you know ..."

"We'll leave you for a minute," Max said, moving away with the others.

"Kyra, why did not you tell me that you ..." "I'm sorry ..." "What else are you hiding, Kyra, what else do not I know ?!" Cole raised his voice. "I ... I'm over-sensitive, especially when I hear my second name, Lucy ... Because only my dad called me that, I saw him shot and when he died, my mind went totally black, me I've even tried to hurt and kill myself ... and I'm a bisexual man who crushes you and Ree, I thought you were upset because people talked about these things. "" Maybe if it was the first time " Cole snapped, "you lied to me and as I know you, I can not trust you." "But Ree does not want that," Kyra said. I can not trust you after that, you kissed Cruz right in front of me and now one of my friends! How ?! How can I put my trust in you? You break her. " .. I just can not stand you rummaging with someone else. Kyra ... I'm done with you. "

"What...?" Kyra was still making progress what she had just heard.

"Well that was no wonder," thought Godzilla, who overheard everything.

"You broke up with me when Kami kissed me, so it's my turn, I'm done with you, Kyra Komatsu!"

Cole turned and left without another word.

"C-Cole ..." Kyras eyes were full of tears. Her thoughts were completely darkened. She was shaking like crazy. "Wa ... Waaaaah!" She cried. Run away, back to the guards. "No ... Nooooooooooooo!" The owners looked back at their screams. Her sister quickly rushed to her, she knew that would happen, she saw it. Kyra ran into her mother's arms. Shouted, screamed, suffered. "I do not want ... Please, someone, finish this!"

"Well that can be something." Godzilla thought. More could not happen, and if it does, he is there.

"Kyra, what happened?" Lucy asked her and worriedly looked at Wendy, who was with her. "He ... Cole ..." No word came out of her mouth. "Kyra" Alice, not a very tall girl with short brown messy hair, wore a dark jacket with paint stains on it, she could finally find it, she was exhausted. It did not run, it was more like power walking.

"Kyra ..." In her sleepy brown-green eyes with pockets underneath, she was worried about her older sister. "Ali, what-" "Cole broke up with her, he was really tough ... he really pushed her," Alice explained, knowing more than the others. "I appreciate what I could see."

"What's wrong with you?" Max wondered when he came. He took a few deep breaths because he ran faster than the others. His red waistcoat with a yellow hoodie and black belt pockets around his hips was a bit confused by his speed, as was his spiky brown hair. He grabbed his red visor with Triceratops horns and closed his hopeful purple eyes as he caught his breath.
Alice immediately blurted out, "What's up?! You ask what's going on, then I'll tell you, Taylor, your brother, he's just an idiot for judging Kyra for what she is!"

Your friends just came to them.

"Alice, calm down," Rex tried to enter, but Alice did not allow it. "You stay out of here!"
"Ali, we should take Kyra home, let your brothers go away." "Okay ..." Alice nodded. "Wendy, are you going too?" "For sure."

Godzilla came to the group, he followed them. He stood in their way.

"Godzilla what do you want?" Snapped Alice. "Just inform me what's going on here," he said.

He wanted to inform himself about the situation, it was quite important.

"What is up?! You see that, you stupid lizard!"

That was the worst she could say.

Although her mother, Wendy, Kyra, Rex and Max stood by, they did nothing. Nobody insults the king of monsters.

Godzilla grabbed Alice and yelled at her.

He left her with fear.

Taylor's house, Coles room

The brunette closed the door of his room and hit the wall with all his strength.
"Damn it!"

A tear ran from his worried purple eyes over his face.

Komatsu's house

Kyra, still in her mindless state, sat on the couch with her mother and Wendy took care of her. The rest of Komatsus was gone.

Kyras pretty short blond and brown hair fell on her beautiful face. Tears were streaming. The purple scarf she always wears around her head was wrapped around her bloody wrist. Her entire clothes, denim jacket and shorts were covered in blood.

"Kyras bisexual ...?" Nicolas asked softly, "that explains a lot, but Cole does not accept that, it's terrible and I know what's terribly wrong." "He was really jealous, but extremely ..." "We have to stay strong for Kyra," said Justin.

"Do you feel better, honey?" Lucy asked her oldest child. Although she got sick because of Kyra, she kept her stern gaze. Her hair as red as Kyras blood was almost as messy as that of Alice from her unspoken fear. "Yes but..."

"Just stay strong and fight against it."

"Yes I will..."

"Kyra, everything will be fine, do not worry," Wendy tried to reassure her. As a doctor and Lucy's friend, Wendy was very experienced in such matters. She grabbed her short, raven-black hair lightly. Her one black and the other red eye, they watched the injured teenager.
"I'm just scared ... what if this happens again and I'm going to hurt somebody ...? I'm trying, but it's stronger than me ... I ..."

"You will not," Lucy said, "you will not hurt anyone because tomorrow we switch to rigorous mode, I will not just let you out forever!" She raised her voice, all these words motivated Kyra not to give up. Lucy's strong voice always helps children, she was one of the best teachers in the city.

Someone knocked on the door. Justin opened the door.

"Hello, is Alice and Kyra here?" Godzilla asked. "Y- Yes come in."
Godzilla came in, Alice and everyone else, became very quiet.
Godzilla saw Kyra. He took a glass, filled it with water. He then took a knife, stabbed his finger.

Alice, Kyra and Lucy were shocked to see some of the blood in the glass.
"Drink it." He said to Kyra. "What?" "Just do it, no discussion."
She took the glass and drank it. Godzilla turned to Alice.

"Alice I'm sorry that I've yelled at you, I'm very sensitive to that."
Alice nodded silently.

"I'll go, I have something to do."

"Thank you Godzilla," Kyra said silent.

He nodded and left.

Taylor's house, Coles room, evening

Cole, his shoulder-length brown hair lying on his bed, could not think, just staring at the ceiling.

He was unnaturally relaxing for him without doing practically anything.

Then someone knocked on the door. "Yes?" he growled. "Cole, dinner is ready," Max's voice came from behind the door. "Go away, boy!" "But Mom's going to be really mad ..." "Just say, I'm not hungry and damn it!"

Max just sighed. "Being separated from a girl does not mean you can behave like that, brother ..." He walked away.

Cole sat up and summoned all five of his dinosaurs. "Compy squad, go eat if you want," he said and opened the door. Gamma, the green Compsognathus with yellow stripe and Mitch, the gray Compy, stayed with him. He closed the door.

After a while he heard a soft knock on the door. "Cole, can you come out please?" his mother asked. "No, let me be!" he snapped. Aki did not give up easily, she had determination in her usually calm and worried purple eyes. "Cole, please, let's eat like a family as always."
"Leave me alone!" Cole screamed, "Go, I do not want to see you or talk to you.
His words were like knives for her. Her eyes were full of tears.

"He'll be fine," her husband tried to comfort her. She did not listen. "I have to ... I'm going to the bedroom, leave me alone ..." She walked away. "Aki ..." "M-Mom!" Unnoticed, Max wanted to run to his crying mother, but his father stopped him. "Max, we should give her some space ..."

Rex, Ace, and Chomp were watching as well, but they could do nothing. Cole behaved like an idiot and hurt everyone around him.
Sometimes you can not give up, you have to fight.
She knocked again a few hours later. Still a little anxious, knowing that it would not make Cole happy, she opened the door and entered his room. Cole sat on the bed and just looked away.

"Kyra just experimented, I tried that when I was younger, her name was Rose."
"What do you want?!" he snapped, "that will not make me feel better!" "Just listen to me," Aki said, sitting down next to him. "I know that feeling very well, when I was older than you, I found out that my friend was cheating on me, I was as angry as you and I obviously broke up with him, I was a bit scared ... me even missed him ... It felt like we were made for each other, but if that had not happened, I would never know your father ... I was not sad, I took it as a new opportunity for my future "

Cole turned slowly to her. "A new opportunity?"

"Yes ... If I stayed with him, I do not want to imagine what could have happened ..." She put her hands on his face. "That's why I have four great men around me." Tears filled her eyes. "I met the big man who gave me two incredible sons ... And ..."
Tears ran down her face, making him feel uncomfortable. He shook a little, beads of sweat appeared on his face.

"N-no ... do not cry, Mom, please."

"I'm glad to have you..."

She concentrated on his face, smiled at some growing hair around his mouth, and began to look like his father.

"D-do not do that ... For me ..." Cole sobbed and hugged Aki, "I do not want you crying ..."
"Even if every girl cheated on you, remember that there will always be a woman who loves you." They heard a growl on Cole's shoulder, Gamma. "I think she wants to say that there are two women who love me more than anything else in the world," laughed Cole.
Aki got up and went out. "Good night, Cole."

Mitch, who was lying on Cole's lap, murmured softly. "You are hungry, mate?" Cole wondered, "Maybe we have to eat all three, Mom, did you at least leave some food for us?" "I honestly did not eat anything either," Aki admitted. Cole stood up. "I'm sorry ... I apologize for yelling at you and ruining our family dinner ... I know how important it is for you, I do not even know why ..."

"It was your whole idea when you were a kid." "I totally forgot ... puppy, let's eat."

They went down, but were startled for a moment. "Honey, we have a guest of honor," said her husband.

Godzilla turned around. "Hi Cole," he said. "Eh hi Godzilla, what brings you to us?"
"Nothing, I just wanted to say that Kyra is feeling better." Cole was confused. "Okay?" "We'll sort it out someday, the only thing I can say is, you screwed it up a bit." Godzilla grinned.

"What's up to you?" "I'm determined to keep the team in order, but would not we rather eat?"

Cole nodded.