The Legend of Zelda: The Broken Hero

Chapter 1: Leaving Termina

In the Land of Termina, the Parallel World to Hyrule, The Hero of Time, Link, has just defeated the Mask of Evil, Majora. After the Battle, the Giant Moon being held by the four great Giants, burst into a ball colored light and shot off into the distance, back towards space where it came from, as all the townspeople that fled the town for safety rejoiced and cheered.

A little bit south of the Town called Clock Town, the young Thirteen year old Hero was laying unconscious as the two Fairies, Tatl and Tale, approached him. Link then woke up and shook his head, groaning.

"Ahh! He's awake!," Tatl said. As she said that, Link then looked over at the Skull Kid and saw him staring at the Giants.

"You guys... You haven't forgotten about me?," The Skull Kid asked. The Giants the looked at him and grumbled their language. Skull Kid then began to cry happily and shake. "You still thought of me as a friend?" Tatl and Tale then went to comfort Skull Kid as the Giants sang the Oath to Order and began to go back to their own regions of Termina.

After the Giants left, Skull Kid the looked to Link, "Did you... Did you save me?," He asked. Skull Kid then looked in the distance where the Giants left. "I thought they didn't want to be friends with me... But... They hadn't forgotten about me... Friends are a nice thing to have... Heh, Heh." He then looked to Link again, "Could you be my friend too?" Link nodded, then the Skull Kid stalked up to Link, sniffed him and said, "Eh-hee-hee... You have the same smell as the Fairy kid who taught me that song in the Woods..." Skull Kid then started laughing and said, "I know, I know! Let's do something!"

"Oh...," said the Happy Mask Salesman, holding Majoras Mask. "So the Evil has left the Mask after all..." He then looked to Link, Skull Kid, and the Two Fairies. "Well, now...I finally have it back. Since I am in the midst of my Travels... I must bid you farewell."

He then bowed and walked past Link and the guilty looking Skull Kid. Once he got far away enough he turned around and asked Link, "Shouldn't you be returning home as well? Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever... Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time... That is up to you." He then fully looked back to Link and bowed, "With that, please excuse me..." He then turned and walked a little way until he turned around again and said, "...But, my, you sure have managed to make quite a number of people happy. The Masks you have are filled with happiness. This is truly a good happiness." He then turned back towards Clock Town and walked for a while and then vanished into thin air.

Tatl looks at where the Happy Mask Salesman vanished and said to Link, "Well, both of us have gotten what we were after. So this is where you and I part ways, isn't it? You was kind of fun.'s almost time for the Carnival to begin... So, why don't you just leave and go about your business? The rest of us have a Carnival to go to." Link nodded and got on his horse Epona. He then nodded to Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tale, and rode off on Epona towards Clock Town. Tatl the shouted, "Link!" But Link just kept continued riding to Clock Town. Tatl the said quietly, "...Thank you." Tale then hugged his Sister Tatl as Link rode into Clock Town as Fireworks shot up into the sky.

As Link arrives in Clock Town, he is swarmed by the townsfolk as they ask him to stay for the Carnival as a thank you for saving Termina. Link agrees to stay for the day to see how his efforts payed off.

It's now 4:00 PM, and the party started to die down. All through the day Link was having fun, from watching Anju and Kafei's wedding from the distance, drinking Chateau Romani, to playing in the Zora Band for the late Mikau. Now it was time to leave Termina and continue his quest to find his lost friend. He brought Epona through the Clock Tower and found the big Stone Door was now open. As Link went through it, it started twisting and turning and he found himself back in the Lost Woods.

"Wait!," Link heard from behind him. It was the Skull Kid along with Tatl and Tale.

"Yes?," said Link in his quite and rare voice.

"Let's make a memory here. How about...on that stump there!," Skull Kid said excitedly as he pointed to a short but wide Tree Stump.

"Sure," Link said. So they started carving a picture of Link, Skull Kid, Tatl, Tale, and the Four Giants. After they finished they parted ways as Link got on Epona and rode through the Lost Woods. But may that Parting last forever, or a short time, that is up to them.